ONLY EATing food with LETTER of our NAME!

– You’re going to have
to buy all the foods starting with a K – I have a lot of S choices (screaming) – You want Spam for dinner – Mmmmmmm – [Mom] You are eating a
tortilla with just ranch – Looks like a Cheeto, oh I got it! – [Mom] And that’s your lunch (upbeat music) – Alright TOA squad (cheering) – Good morning, alright today, Mom is a little bit stressed out, she’s got a lot of work,
a lot of stuff going on and I think I want to let
her lock herself in her room and work her buns off. We are going to go
grocery shopping right now and we are going to buy
all the meals for the day so Mom doesn’t even
have to worry about it. K? – Yes – Here’s what were gonna do. Klai, what letter does
your name start with? – K – You’re gonna have to buy all
the food starting with a K. Shae, what does your
first name start with? – S – You gotta find food starting with a S. Evee what do you have to do? – E. Buy stuff. – Rykal. – R. – And you have three meals
of the day plus one dessert. So, we’re gonna go in and
everyone gets to buy all the meals for the day. You have twenty minutes, we will start the timer when
we get inside, let’s go. – Alright Cora it is first
meal which is breakfast, what do you want for your breakfast? – Cereal – Cereal, all cereals start
with C so basically you can get any cereal. – This is my breakfast. – Look here’s a small package of eggs. – Okay so, I’m having a hard
time so I’m gonna get this Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl, so Jimmy Dean. I got breakfast. Jumex juice, good enough for me. – We’re doing Kix. Kix is delicious. – Well radishes. Radishes are actually really
good to me surprisingly right? Radish will be for part of lunch, Okay? – Guys I have to get
everything that starts with W. Like watermelon. – K, super yummy. – [Girl] You have a lot of S choices. – Yes I do. Strawberry awake. Boom. – We should do two cantaloupes. Okay, that’s heavy, okay. – [Girl] So Evee, you’ve gotten
eggs, and english muffins. – (screaming) Extra! – We’re just gonna call that
the jalepeno cheddar cheetos, that’s my lunch ish. – Actually, we are going to
go to the like yogurt section, because I think that
yogurt would be delicious. – K guys, we’ve got good
watermelon, (knocking) It’s perfect – Silk almond milk – [Boy] Oh you should get soy milk – No, soy milk is bad
for you guys, so coconut. – Wait Klai stop! Cheese balls. – [Klai] You want to do cheese balls? – Yep. – Now, we just need dinner. – Kool aid freeze pops? I’m very much having that for my lunch. – Raspberry fruit bars! Boom! Alright and I think I
want root beer floats. – Okay guys, I’ve got everything. Got breakfast, watermelon. White corn tortillas, ranch in it, lunch. Dinner, these. And then dessert, white, I mean vanilla, with some Wild’s Coyote ranch. – (gasps) Yogurt! I can have yogurt. – [Klai] You want corndogs? – Corndogs. – K guys, I’m gonna have easy
cheese and muffins for lunch, and dinner, I mean breakfast and dinner. – Yeah, there’s lots of them. – So, we’ve gotta find
a cereal that starts with the letter C, or K I meant. We’re gonna go for the Krave stuff. – [Boy] Realgood! – I don’t know if this will
count, but here’s my dinner. Eight snack size pizzas. – [Boy] You want Spam for dinner? – Spam! – Alright, I have an idea. If I can get some jam or some jelly, and then some Jif peanut butter, that’s J, and that’s
peanut butter and jelly, that can be the rest of lunch right? – Cereal for dinner, I think that’s going to be what happens. – [Boy] That doesn’t have a soup on it. – Ramen noodle soup. – [Boy] Dang boy. – [Dad] Whoa, what’s the difference? Let’s go jelly. There it is, boom. Creamy Jif! Okay, now I need dinner, I have no idea what to do for dinner. So, let’s go to the prepackaged ones. – K is so hard you guys,
like I had to look up letter, like what foods start with the letter K, and there was only like fifteen things. – [Girl] We’re done! – Not only is it just
jambalaya, its jazzy jambalaya. That is in the cart, that is dinner. Do I need two? Maybe I need two. Let’s get two, cause its just so jazzy. All right, I’m out. Let’s just go check out. Ready? Let’s go. I have Jimmy Dean for breakfast, jalepeno chips with some Jumex juice, Jif and jelly, some jazzy jambalaya. – K, Cora’s got cereal, cantaloupe. – [Dad] Cheese balls,
okay, corndogs for lunch. – That’s Cora, mine is, Paw Patrol Kix, Kool Aid freeze pops, Krave cinnamon crunch for dinner. – For breakfast and dinner with – [Dad] Evee’s english muffins – For breakfast and dinner
and this goes in that, eggs for my uh yeah – [Dad] Uh ok, how bout we
do this, we move that here, and we do this one, so you
don’t get crazy cavities, that looks better to me. – My turn! Watermelon, white corn tortillas with
Wild Coyote ranch in it. – [Dad] Wow! Those are two W’s, okay. – I’m having this for dinner. – [Dad] What’s that? – Wild I don’t know, and
then I’m having this. – Breakfast, boom! Awake – [Dad] What is this? Oh, Silk, okay, and strawberry. – That’s Spam, that’s for lunch, soup, chicken flavor soup and Spam. Strawberry pops with straws for my drink. – [Rykel] With strawberry
yogurt and strawberry lemonade. – Strawberry yogurt – Rice Krispies for breakfast,. Radishes and red bell peppers for lunch. Red gatorade for lunch. Realgood pizza and raspberry fruit bars for dessert. – Mom, Mom, Mom its
breakfast, its morning, can we eat breakfast? – [Mom] Um I heard that
Dad took you shopping, and its looks like you
have to eat everything in your letter. – Yay! – [Mom] So what does
Klai have for breakfast? – Paw Patrol Kix. – [Mom] Uh Rykel, what’s your breakfast? – Rice Krispies. – [Mom] Rice Krispies for R. Wyatt, what’s your breakfast? – Watermelon – [Mom] Shae, what’s your breakfast? – Everyone else forgot their
milk, I got coconut silk milk with strawberry awake cereal. – [Mom] Cora, what are you eating? – My favorite breakfast. – [Mom] Is that cantaloupe or is that, oh, cinnamon toasters, okay go sit
down in the around the bar. Evee what’s for your breakfast? – English muffins with cheese on it. – [Dad] Oh my goodness. That is getting crazy. Shae, getting it going. – With coconut milk. – [Dad] Cora! Sharing the love. – Cause you love it. – [Dad] Mmm hmm – Paw Patrol! – [Dad] Just digging into
that bowl of rice early in the morning. Breakfast is served,
let’s see how we handle the other meals. – Wait, I don’t have breakfast. – Why not? – I’m waiting for my
watermelon to get cut. – Oh, do you need me to cut it? Mom will cut it. Things are getting real over here. Whoa! Whoa, Mom’s hard core. – I’m done. That was
delicious Paw Patrol cereal. And I am ready for the day, my stomach is. – If you call it Paw Patrol
cereal, that does not start with a K. – It’s Kix, Paw Patrol cereal. – [Mom] What is Dad eating? – This is my Jimmy Dean
breakfast, I don’t even know what that means. I’m not
a fan of microwave food. – [Mom] Your j food? – Yeah. All right its lunch time, so, I’ve got my jalepeno chips, I’ve got my Jif and my jelly,
now the kids said that I’m not allowed to have bread
because there’s no way I can claim bread has a j in it. And then I’ve got my Jumex
juice so that’s j j Jumex juice. Doing a nice base of peanut
butter and jelly jelly jelly. Oh look at that, let’s eat it. Wow, that sticks to everything. I have to do it one more time. All right you guys, I
think that’s about as much as they put on my sandwich when
the kids make me a sandwich. So here’s sandwich number two. That’s a big spoon. Whoa, okay now, I need
some of these to get a jalepen my yo face mister Shae. So now, these are super good. Have you guys tried the jalepeno um ch – Whoa! – That was my, ha ha, look look look look look look look look! Guess what this is? That looks like a cheeto. Ooh I got it! I got it! – Lunch, it’s lunch time. I have hot dogs, two hot dogs. Mmmmm. What I love is, is when I
put dip in it, it’s better. – Lunch time! I have red bell peppers and radishes. – Lunch time I have got my
strawberry banana chobani yogurt. – I got white corn tortillas
with wild coyote ranch in em. – And Wyatt’s gonna eat em. – [Mom] Wait, legit? That is just a tortilla with ranch? You are eating a tortilla with just ranch. – Yup – [Mom] Wow! Wow for Wyatt. And you’re eating popsicles,
that doesn’t start with k. – I have got Kool Aid freeze pops. – [Mom] Kool Aid. And that’s your lunch? How many Kool Aid freeze
pops are you gonna eat? Just one? Oh! – I’m already almost full – [Mom] Oh okay. – Guys! This is the weirdest
lunch I have ever had, but its pretty good. I should have this next
lunch, or for dinner. – Hey guys, for lunch
I’ve got this runny egg that Shae made, thank you Shae, and then I’ve got some Extra gum. K let’s see if this really isn’t runny. It’s runny. Num num num num num, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy. – All right guys, I’m getting a bowl out, because for dinner I get to have cereal. I get cereal again because
there was no other food, and I wasn’t gonna eat
pickles and key lime pie like I did for my video. I want something new,
and cereal’s pretty good for dinner in general so,
I get breakfast for dinner. Two cereals in one day,
I’m pretty excited. – Hey guys today for
dinner I’m going to eat my English muffins again. By itself this time, I don’t
want easy cheese on it. That’s all my dinner, that’s all. – So guys, I for dinner got wild cod. It’s so good, it’s like the best thing. I just think it’s gonna be
like, bleh, then I try it. It’s awesome! – We do not own milk you guys, I’ve just been eating it plain. It’s taking me a long time,
cause I eat them one at a time and I suck on them and
then I go to the next one. You know I’m not sure
how I feel about these. They definitely taste more like a dessert, rather than like a real
cereal for like breakfast. – So guys, I have got cheese
balls, a ba a bowl full of cheese balls, and I’ve
one more thing of cantaloupe, but I can’t cut it cause I’m not really good at cutting big things, so I’m, my Mom’s gonna cut it. – So I just heated up
the water or boiled it, um, and then it has been a minute. Um, and since I have put the
water inside these things, and now I’m going to have ramen. (funky music) – All right so I have Realgood pizza, so eight snack size pizzas, and I have two boxes,
so I’m gonna make it. All right guys so, I got
it out of the package and I’m preheating the oven to 375. (techno music) – All right squad, so, I’ve
got my jazzy jambalaya. Always afraid when I
open these types of cans that I’m gonna like cut myself. All right, pouring in
this, pouring in this. Oh I’m making a mess!
It’s going everywhere! Rach is not going to be happy with me. – [Mom] What are you doing? – Nothing, everything, making dinner! – You’re food looks a
lot better than the teens and the other people. Would you eat jambalaya from a can? – Yes I will. – I somehow made it out of this without having to play this game. – Oh my gosh this is so full here! – I saw a lot of people eat
some interesting things. Klai ate a lot of cereal for her k. Rykel had some pretty normal things, like she had like vegetables, um and since its dinner time I guess Dad’s having jambalaya. If you guys wanna see me
do a challenge like this comment down below or if we should do something
different because I think – I challenge Mom to
eat hamburgers all day. Breakfast hamburger – Gross – Lunch hamburger – Gross – Dinner hamburger – Gross – Maybe even a hamburgler? – [Man’s Voice] Five minutes later – The big reveal. Did it spill, it did spill,
oh, it almost spilled again. But look there’s paper towels down. – [Mom] Don’t get that on your clothes. – [Dad] Oh my gosh, it
would ruin all my wonderful pink clothing. So for the first time in my entire life I have agreed to change my eating habits. I like to eat as much as
I want whenever I want, but to do it properly, and so I’ve never been like
no sugar no rice gluten free, I’ve never done any of those things, so what I’m trying now is this
whole thirty thing that Rach said that’s why this has
been challenging for me, so there are a few pieces of celery that I have to pick out
and there’s a sausage, I’m allowed sausage, but
no rice no sugar no dairy, so there’s a little sausage
and some celery in there. Definitely not like its from
a restaurant, but from a can. – I want to try. – Oh it’s spicy! – Is it? – Oh I like it. She just did it, she did
it, and, wait for it. – Oh – You’re like, eh the texture, but then the kick comes in you’re like hm. – Ahem, yeah – Spicy – It’s burning the throat. You know what this is like
an interesting meal plan. I have everybody choose
the day of the week and it’s a special day of the week and this is like a fun
parenting thing we do and they get to choose
the breakfast, lunch, and dinner so, like Monday is Klai’s day, so she gets to choose
breakfast, lunch, and dinner of whatever she wants to
cook and of course like if they want to try a new
recipe I can help them cook and we do cooking lessons
and that’s really fun, but they get to choose
so a lot of the times they don’t complain, so I thought this, I think that this is kind
of interesting, you can like – You have a lot of times,
lunch is a bell pepper. – That’s true. We have a
lot of like quesadillas with just like carrots or something, but we balance out because there are some really really really
like veggie packed meals, like Shae the other day
made stuffed bell peppers, so I think this could be an
interesting like meal plan you could choose a letter for the day and have to like create
some really cool meals with that letter. What do you think Dad? – And like a month ago I – I’m actually liking this – Made lasagna – That’s true with a lot
of help, parental help – Yeah a lot – Shae made lasagna,
but it was really yummy. – Lotta help from my friends. – I don’t know if you
guys liked this video, this was a fun kind of
like routine, change it up, kind of day, we want to know what you think we should do next. – Thank you guys for watching. I hope you can epic day,
we had a blast today. We’ll catch you on the flip side. – That’s right. Mahalo everybody. – Bye! (upbeat music)

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