My letter to Muivah | I stand for peace #say_no_to_war (English subtitled)

  27 Oct 2019   , ,

This very light’s brightness might be at it’s apex but if I close my eyes it’s strength completely negotiates with the will of my eye lids, as it sadly depends on my eye lids to prove over the dark There is only one truth but, if you are told that the other side of the truth will be by your side, then even the clear, truthful and honest light would be blocked just to empower the other side of the light to get dressed from the favour I am Meitei, I grew up in Kabui village at sangaiprou. my family stayed in a rent, run by a Kuki family My dad’s best friend, Ali he was Muslim. Race, skin colour, religion & belivies are the best fuels for political business to be kept running. Today, my best friend – he is Naga today he didn’t pick up my call Just because other Naga’s would be angry if he is close to a Meitei We Meiteis never had discriminative feelings, the hills and valleys were just like in books but with the coming of hinduism, the native definition of brotherhood was erupted. And Pabung Muivah got the wrong definition of Meitei coz of them Pabung Muivah, there was a time when Meiteis were bathed with the blood of hinduism, which led to the rise in discriminative feelings amongst Meiteis. I completely understand your anger, Pabung. But, things have already changed. That’s just just a thing for the past. In most of the big catholic schools in Manipur, both the hills and valley kids study together. Both the brothers are growing up together in the best of their ways now. I am not against anybody but what’s going on now Manipur will be finished. Just because hills and valleys were not in good terms during your days, why are you trying to ruin our generation’s relationship? Most of my friends are Naga, why they are afraid to voice out that they are not supporting your idea? for that matter, we Meiteis enjoy there best of the given democracy to voice out to any of our leaders when they try going off the track. Pabung, please reconsider, in this war – only with poor will face the vibrations. Hitler’s undivided love for Germans and you undivided love for Nagas that love will be the one to fuel your anger to do something beyond acceptance. In the very mid-night of 1947, India and Pakistan tore apart they fall apart – and because of that there are so many families crying even today. Think about our generation, we don’t want to grow up inside the walls of hatreds. Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, once said “separation is an ugly attachment.” Manipur will never break but what we call Manipur might changed with the consequences geographically. Don’t forget that one wrong step of yours will make this generation spit on your grave. Manipur is ours, its also for the youth and the coming generations. All of you oldies will leave this earth soon, Stop teaching us hatred for we are in love now. Thank you, Meitei enemy is not Naga, Naga’s enemy is not Meitei. Mother Manipur can never be divided. the reason why the issue is not settled till now is because it’s an issue which works well to create political issues while election campaign Don’t change Manipur to SECOND KASHMIR Please rethink your decisions.

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