My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: DIES

75 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: DIES

  1. These videos are the highlight of the season for me! Watching them allows me to put my wish list together in a snap. I am wondering what stamp set you used on Lawn Fawn's Quilted Backdrop. So cute! Thank you so much for all you do Jennifer. 🙂

  2. I would love to see a video tutorial for the MFT Cross stitch rectangle pattern you showed at 28:02 in this video. It is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Amazing choices, how did you narrow it down when there are so many companies with fabulous dies? I could easily pick out half of what you got here!!! (Have you ever heard of the die company called LDRS? They have unusual dies at great prices. )

  4. I just added up all the ones I wanted…$188! Yikes. Mortgage first, then dies. Mortgage first, then dies. Mortgage first, then dies. Just walk away Jenny

  5. Wish I had access to all of these dies as you guys in the US. The cost of postage is a killer to get them to Australia if I can't find them here. Thanks for these great videos. I rely on your reviews to buy the best dies and stamps.

  6. Phew….WOW…that was amazing!!!!! There is a lot to digest in one go so i will save this and go through it again just in case i missed something lol. I am in die Heaven. Thank you for a clear concise video and making it so easy to understand. TFS.

  7. Such a fun list–See many more that I "need" to add to my stash. Thanks again for doing this series. I'm sure it's a ton of work, but I look forward to it every year.

  8. Thank you, Jennifer – these are some of my favorite things of the holiday season, and I know they must take forever for you to put together. I truly appreciate you, and the work you put into these videos!

  9. Whew! I wish I could watch this but I wanted the very first die I just cannot justify spending $29.99 on one background die. It makes me very sad. I love making cards!

  10. Wow, I'm blown away with all the product you've reviewed and the whys.
    Thanks so much for the series and the detail at your blogs amazing.

  11. Loved the video but missed the reveal wheel die set (I think it is by lawn fawn). I don‘t have it, yet, but I‘m obsessed with it. Watching every video showing it 😄

  12. It's lovely you spend so much time showing great products, so thankyou for that Jennifer ! Super ideas for many things there.

  13. I always look forward to these videos. You've listed a lot of my favorites also. Thank you for sharing, and for your time.

  14. Not to take away from your great video (now have a much longer wish list), can I just say I LOVE your nail color! Lol. I really enjoy your "my favorite…" videos!

  15. Oh man I’ll have to be very careful not to purchase everyone of these! Lol I’ll only get one! NOT😂😂😂😂

  16. I always look forward to this series! Thanks for taking the time to put all together! So much incredible information! You’re the best , Jennifer'!

  17. Love the Tim Holtz skeleton leaves the best but I can't afford these so just watching and wishing is enough for me….. Tfs

  18. Jennifer, I so appreciate that you take the time to provide us with these types of video’s. They are so amazing and so many come out each year
    , it’s nice to have a resource to refer to when I’m trying to decide what I would like to put on my wish list. I know that these type of video’s are very time consuming! Your the best, Jennifer! Thank you ~ katz baugh

  19. So many great dies, I have not seen very many of these previously. I appreciate that you can introduce us to new products in one video.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration, best wishes for the new year.

  20. Would be nice to have a beginner tutorial to see how to adhere these small, fragile letters and phrases without ripping them or getting glue everywhere!

  21. Jenn, thanks for this dies compilation. Wishing you health, joy, and continued success in 2019! 😘🎆🥳✨💕✨🎊👍🏾

  22. Jennifer, I can't thank you enough for these favorite things videos. I learn so much from them. I, too, had some health problems this holiday season, and honestly I don't know how you managed to do all these videos. I am trying to get my energy back up and looking at these videos have inspired me to get off the couch. Happy new year and better health in 2019.

  23. Thanks for sharing, again. I really appreciate all you do to support and promote all of us crafters. Have a tremendous 2019!

  24. Love your videos! Just found you via Instagram. I’m so bummed though, because all 5 items I wanted to purchase from this video are all sold out😞

  25. Awesome! Glad to see this. I love to see if you and I like the same things….as it turns out, we do. Thanks!!

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