Meghan Fashion –  Prince Philip crash: Hidden details in Duke’s letter REVEALED – ‘EXCUSES for his a

Meghan Fashion – Prince Philip crash: Hidden details in Duke’s letter REVEALED – ‘EXCUSES for his a

 The Duke of Edinburgh sent a note of apology to Emma Fairweather, 46, who suffered a broken wrist in the collison on January 17  In the 181-word document, which was sent six days after the crash, the Duke begin the note writing “Dear Ms Fairweather” and signed off as “Yours sincerely Philip”  However, forensic handwriting expert Ruth Myers studied Philip’s handwriting and has revealed some significant personality traits According to his penmanship, Philip “will find excuses for his actions” and is “secretive”, Ms Myers has claimed She also believes the 97-year-old grandfather has a “desire for approval” and a “short fuse” when he is provoked Speaking to the Daily Mirror Online, Ms Myers said: “Prince Philip’s handwriting indicates a writer with a good intellect who tries to exercise numerous built-in controls over his strong depth of feelings to keep him compatible  “The angular writing denotes a critical and somewhat forceful personality, having strong likes and dislikes “He likes a challenge and can inspire others with his initiative, high standards and enthusiasm, his creative ability with artistic leanings helps him to accomplish and achieve goals with zeal and fervour “However, he has a short fuse and when provoked can retort with caustic comments.”Anxious to maintain a good image he appreciates the importance of his role in life having a desire for approval  “An individual personality he may show indifference to conventional commitments and is unlikely to change an opinion or decision even in the face of logic or reason “Ms Myers added: “He does not always face up to problems and will find excuses for his actions by denying difficulties and rationalising by avoiding them and thereby his conscience is clear “Sensitive to criticism although hurt will go his own way. It is difficult for him to forgive past injustices “Prince Philip can relate readily to others but in reality he can enjoy working alone and is happy in his own company selective in his choice of friendship  “Lover of good living he enjoys luxury and quality appreciating and enjoying deeply all that influences the senses “Although he is communicative he keeps his own counsel and his conversation will be guarded as he is able to conceal pertinent facts he will be secretive and thus able to skirt issues “Philip was driving a Land Rover Freelander near the Queen’s estate in Sandringham when he crashed into an oncoming Ford Kia on 17 January The driver, 28, suffered scrapes on her knees while Ms Fairweather was left with a broken wrist  A nine-month-old baby in the car escaped unharmed.Philip claimed he was dazzled by the “low sun” and failed to see the car coming in the opposite direction However, Ms Fairweather said the day was overcast.She previously told the Daily Mirror Online: “He’s tried to give an explanation so I appreciate that, whether I agree with it or not “It is a difficult letter to write – to know what would be the right thing to say without making me more upset ”Ms Fairweather has instructed solicitors to pursue a compensation claim for her injury

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