“Marmee’s Song” – The March Family Letters – Ep: 9

“Marmee’s Song” – The March Family Letters – Ep: 9

Jo Have you seen my guitar? I thought I left it…is that on? yes, but hear me out. You’ve been putting off your video to Marmee but that’s just because you’ve had time to build it up in
your head I thought if I set it all up for you, you
could just sit down and play the song you is so beautiful and I know
Marmee would love to hear it but it’s not just Marmee watching the
videos there are strangers too judging and what if I make a mistake or they’re bored or they don’t like me of course they’ll like you, what’s not to like? the way I sing, the way I speak, the things I say I could tell you the thousand other reasons that have sprung up in my head I’m sorry that was badly put. Are you
scared when you play for me? No Well, you’re just playing for me and an inanimate piece of mechanical
junk that just happens to be way over there and is probably not in focus anymore
anyways. We’ll do this together just like I promised you can sing your song and I’ll accompany
on the egg shakers Please don’t. You’re rhythem is terrible [Theme Music] Ever since you went away The house has kind of seemed to change It’s too empty and quiet when you’re gone ‘Cause you’re the one that I go to I always confide in you Didn’t know what to do, so I wrote this song Marmee come home to me I worry every time you leave I count the days till you return safely Come home to me It’s not that I don’t have anyone To talk to here, and I’ve begun To appreciate everything we have The house is full of songs and books And plays and laughs and loving looks But we miss you so I sing on your behalf Marmee Come home to me I worry every time you leave I count the days till you return safely Come home to me Come home to me Come home to me Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

100 thoughts on ““Marmee’s Song” – The March Family Letters – Ep: 9

  1. My favourite episode, void of the cringeworthy dialogue and the absence of chemistry between actors… Maybe I will stick around.

  2. I'm enjoying this series now
    As I've said before I have no idea where it's going which is a first for me with one of these
    Usually I've read the book

  3. I really want this show to succeed, because modern-day adaptations of classics is an awesome thing, but it's been nine episodes now and I still feel like the actresses haven't quite memorized their lines yet. There's always at least one delivery per episode that seems stilted and unnatural. They don't seem like sisters – they seem like actresses who are pretending to be sisters. I'm sorry that I don't have anything more positive to say.

  4. That song put tears in my eyes.  It's exactly the kind of song that a teenager would sing to a mother that was serving overseas. Bravo. 

  5. 1) oh my GOODNESS, beth's voice is amazing. wow.
    2) i'm so in love with the way jo always makes her sisters feel comfortable, especially beth
    3) loved it when beth was gaining confidence throughout and would look at the camera more
    4) jo in beanies. that is all.

  6. How about we just have the show filmed in an artsy montage with Beth narrating in song over the whole thing? That would be awesome! Favorite episode so far, BY FAR. 😀

  7. Beth has a great voice, and the song is beautiful…

    Just… the delivery for maybe half the dialogue seems somewhat awkward. Perhaps it's the body language that's off? They all seem like they're used to stage.

    However, I'm enjoying it, even if it doesn't feel as authentic as LBD or EA. There's still that distance and sense of disbelief that I just can't shake. They don't feel like real people

  8. The acting is still a little eh but the beginning was sort of adorable 🙂 and she has a good voice except for a few high notes, I liked how she started looking at the camera more and more as the song went on. It was a nice touch.

  9. This might be my favorite sister, loved her song… I think if you've ever had a family member deployed overseas you can relate to this even more. This would certainly make their mother teary eyed I believe!

  10. Some episodes are better than others, but I see this improving. I never thought in a modern adaptation Jo would dress like 90s grunge, even her makeup with that hideous dark lipstick a few episodes back.

    I get the adding music since Beth is musical. She has a nice voice. Hopefully the songs won't be cheesy-sometimes-off-key like in the Emma series. I love singer songwriter stuff but those were painful.

  11. Beth, you didn't have anything to worry about. That song and your voice were both amazing!

    And can I just say Beth may actually be the prettiest among them 🙂 

  12. this was the best episode… Beth's voice was beautiful. She is my favourite sister both in the books and in this. I do hope we see a lot more of her singing. Please keep singing Beth, we love your voice! 🙂

  13. This episode broke my heart because Beth is officially the only part of this series so far that I am really enjoying. I'm sticking around because this is a beloved story and I have faith that it will continue to get better.

  14. So I like this so far but goodness, Beth might be the main reason I fall in love with this adaptation. She did a great job!

  15. Yay, finally, an episode with BETH!!!! She's my favorite character, and so far she's the only one who's pretty much the way I pictured her. I think I finally get why she plays guitar––if they're a military family and move a lot, a guitar is much more transportable than a piano. Great voice!

  16. I'm enjoying the web series, but this episode and the last remind me why I don't like the book. The end is void of my favorites.

  17. So far I'm liking Beth and Amy the best. I like how their characters are being portrayed. I feel like Jo and Meg are a little "in your face" which is hard for me to handle at times. But it was refreshing seeing Beth in this episode. She's sweet and softspoken. I'm biased about her being a pianist, but after actually seeing her perform with the guitar I can see how that works with this adaptation. Still holding on to watching the series, hoping it'll improve in other ways, since this is one of my absolute favorite classics.

  18. I like Beth, but I feel like this actress's "resting bitch face" is too strong for the character. That was the great thing about Claire Danes's portrayal – she had innocence written all over her face the whole time. Also I hate to say it but can we get less Jo in these?

  19. Love this episode! And I love the sound of Jo's voice. It has this rich, caramelly quality. Could listen to her speak all day.

  20. Yo……So Beth…….I'm assuming most people here know what happens to Beth…..are we still going to do that? Because I could barely handle that emotional trauma as a 5 year old. 

  21. I think the actress did a spot-on job so far as Beth. She sounds beautiful, and shy and nervious, and that is how Beth can be. I think this is wonderful so far!

  22. This just captures the dynamic of Jo and Beth so well. Beth brings out the tender side in Jo and Jo makes Beth feel safe and like she can peek out at the world. About to bawl over here.

  23. Best episode so far… I rather like Beth. She seemed the most like a modern version of the character. I kinda expected her to be even more soft-spoken but I guess with recording there's a line for as soft as you can go. As much as I prefer the piano, an acoustic guitar is a well-chosen change.

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