Making a Monogramed Topper with Candy Melts® candy

Making a Monogramed Topper with Candy Melts® candy

Hi my name’s Lisa Deszcz and I’m a product
manager here at Wilton today I’d like to show you how easy it is to
make beautiful monograms cupcake toppers like this one you can customize them with any letter
you’d like to start out you’re going to want to grab your favorite cupcake and then you’re going to go ahead and make
your design I’ve chosen an L for Lisa I’ve placed it on top of a cake board and
on top of it I’ve put some parchment paper down now you’re ready to melt your melts, so take a decorating bag and put in the cap and coupler this microwavable cap is really great because it keeps your microwave mess free by containing all of the melts inside the
bag so put your wafers in put them in the
microwave at half power 30-second intervals making sure to knead the bag in between you’ll know that the Candy Melts are ready to
go when they’re nice and pliable like you see here take off the microwave cap it screws off very easily and screw-on the writing tip okay and now you are ready to
trace so go ahead and follow your pattern and trace your latter the thinner your lines are the that the more fragile they are so if you
wanna go over the lines a couple times to making a little bit thicker you can do so when you’re done if you
want to make them really smooth just give this a
nice little tap like that, and then you’re going to pop it in the
fridge for about three to five minutes or until the Candy Melts have hardened when they’re done they’re going to look
like this and then you’re going to take your
spatula and you’re going to just gently remove
it from the parchment paper comes off really easy and then place this right inside of your cupcake and there you
go an adorable monogramed cupcake these
products and more fun and easy to do projects can be found at check it out

12 thoughts on “Making a Monogramed Topper with Candy Melts® candy

  1. This is LAME! Wilton is such a prestiged company and cannot upload a decent HD video?! Come on Wilton! Btw, nothing against Lisa, but you could had found someone more experienced to do this. I'm a beginner who has taken all of your courses and can pipe better than that! 

  2. I love all Wilton's products.But it's more expensive to get here….like to candy melt is about US10 per bag…and i am going to have fondant cupcakes class next class is almost US100…..All the products and classes are so expensive in Taiwan……..I'm hoping your company can open more stores here. Please…….

  3. How do you stop them from re solidifying in your hand. I was trying to pipe the other day and they cooled in my hand too quickly..

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