Letter to September 2019

Letter to September 2019

Dear September, we started our time
together with a long vacation that took us to New York for a week. There I
ignored all the touristy to-do list things and spend most of my time walking.
Enjoying the High Line, the Hudson River Park, and Central Park. Aside from walking I also read a lot, as that was the plan. A fun surprise was meeting up with booktube friends who happened to be in town at the same time. It was just wonderful hanging out and talking face to face. No matter how much I worry about things
being awkward beforehand they never are. And I’m still grateful they reached out to me.
Coming back I had another week off, where I had
planned to do so many things. Yeah, that never happened, because I was hit with
the worst readjustment issues ever. I struggled getting back into my timeline,
being tortured by jetlag, tired, and constant lack of energy. When it was time
to go back to work I could feel my whole body rebel and express its resentment of
the situation and the job. It was a challenge to get over and I can’t say I’ve completely left it behind. On vacation I got to live according to my
own rhythm again and things weren’t so hard for me.
But I don’t have an alternative to the current situation, so I’ll just have to
keep trying and find ways to be more myself with that job. It’s an ongoing
process, I know, but that’s for October to deal with. Cheers, Wiebke

6 thoughts on “Letter to September 2019

  1. I love listening to your letters each month. They are so heart warming and so relaxing to listen to them. Thank you for doing this.

    Have A Very Wonderful Day 🙂

  2. Love your red tennies! Yay for blue skies and sunny days with lovely paths to explore! Thanks for taking us along with you. Happy October!

  3. Your vacation plans sounds like the perfect getaway. I understand what you mean about work hours messing with your naturally schedule. I’m transitioning from one job to another so I had 2 weeks off. I’m absolutely dreading giving away so much of my precious free time to slave away at a desk. Alas the bills have to be paid.

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