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  1. Is Letter Of Explanation and Cover Letter the same?, want to know which is which and how to write letter of explanation, What major questions must be answered in the letter of explanation ? Am i to do medicals and police check before submitting my documents via online Application or wait till they tell me to to avoid time length? thanks as i anticipate your response.

  2. Can you please email me a copy as well. I would like to use this a baseline to add a lot of explanation to my application. Incredible video, thank you very much for adding tremendous value! Email : [email protected]

  3. Thanks but I think it seems like a summary and the officer already has all these information. Instead I think we should try to clear all the blurry points of our application here…

  4. Hi Mam, QQ, if we need to submit LOE to explain any details about spouse or depend child, should we upload loe in same place where primary applicant's space. If yes how do we need to name the file to separate it.

  5. This was very helpful, thank you but i would like to ask how do i convince and explain to immigrations about my plans of going back to my country after finalizing my studies.Which part does it fall under in the LOE and how to i go about it? Looking foward to your feedback. Available @ [email protected]

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