LA FAQ D’OCTOBOY !! / FUNNY MOMENTS – Best of Splatoon 2

LA FAQ D’OCTOBOY !! / FUNNY MOMENTS – Best of Splatoon 2

Hello everyone We are live today for the fourth time in a row. For Mr Grizz’s special event in which he gives us random weapons and if we are lucky, we are granted a special weapon So let’s see who is the luckiest among us. – You? – I have one of the worst weapons I could ask for this mode I am not lucky at all Arkeyl has some problem with the Switch he is using… Because it’s mine It’s my second Switch, and it ran out of battery. So we are going to wait a little. – Let’s make a FAQ
– We can do that “Why is Octoboy never talking?” – Weeeell… I am talking… – Ah! Got hit by a fry pan – And did you like it? – I’m gonna get sucked up! I got suck up. – … And did you like it? – I loved it So, while we are waiting, I’m gonna advertise my own video released yesterday it was edited by Leo Paul who’s here, actually. – That’s me! – That’s a best-of live, so if you are here today it means that you like live sessions, it seems. – If you like live sessions, you like all the funny parts of them, so it means that you may like the best-of this live sessions – And there is some editing to make.
– There is some editing, indeed. – And you like Octoboy. – Yesterday’s video didn’t get that much views – Ha! But… there are a fair amount of likes regarding its number of views. So, feel free to increase its statistics.
– My future is in your hands. – His fate. Is he going to end up unemployed? That’s your call! Press 1 if you want him to lose his job Press 2 so that Leo Paul keeps his job for one more month. Inkling Boy said: the new weapon stinks! – Ha … Well, you have a great sense of smell! – Macasquette’s amazing one-man shows! Macasquette’s shows, 10 hours of never-ending laugh Every friday afternoon at the Olympia [French auditorium] It’s going to be a smash! – There is a very interesting theory from Patrick Splatfest with the word “Pulp” wich looks like the French word for Octopus (=Poulpe) So here’s my theory… We are controlled by oranges… Well, yeah, great… – I’m playing the guitar with, uh… – Where are you kills, guys? Can you tell me? – I did it for Science, ok?
– Ok – I am experiencing some… weapons I absolutely don’t know. – Arkeyl is having fun with my cat.
– Ha, you are together, right? In the same room? – Yes! – Cool!
– I’am not.
– Leo Paul isn’t. – I am isolated… I’m in the bathroom.
– LMAO who is he actually? Just kidding, don’t judge. – … judge. – Judd? EvilSquid’s amazing one-man shows… – Let’s change the weapon, since we are saying we are going to do it for a while. – We’re here for the show We are first and foremost products of entertainment – That’s nicely said… – And so, if mammals disappeared, how is Judd still here? – Ooh lala… Maca Please, tell me you’re joking! You read the Sunken Scrolls, didn’t you? You saw EvilSquid’s videos, didn’t you? – I was about to say it
– There is a mass of EvilSquid’s videos now Please say it again, EvilSquid – Wait until we are all dead – We’re screwed! – Put the blame on Maca – Yeah, that’s his fault, he doesn’t know where Judd comes from – I can’t remember! – Judd is a survivor from the ancient world, because somone put him in a cryogenic machine so that it opens 10,000 years later. He is said to have lived for 2,000 years amongst Inklings, but here’s my personal theory: It is not a one and only Judd, but there are many of them who came after the previous one And right now, we are living the transition from one Judd to the other. That’s why we have Judd and Lil’ Judd. And when Judd is gone, Lil’ Judd will become the new Judd. And this will go on and on. This is my theory. You know, in Splatoon 2, you can read on one scroll that Lil’ Judd comes from the same machine as Judd. And there is a scroll from the guy who put Judd in the machine. And he said to him: Judd, when you wake up, if you feel lonely in you new world, push the button again, turn off then on the machine, and you will have a new friend. This would explain why they succeed one another. and why he… What a bad player I am! why he would be 2,000 years-old, actually. Because we can see him on the scrolls which are 2,000 years, and Judd was already there at the time. – Mmm… Well, it’s not a cat, then. Because his kitty comes from the Octarian world. So, you know, that’s not possible. [Refering to Maca’s first intervention missing in the best-of]

100 thoughts on “LA FAQ D’OCTOBOY !! / FUNNY MOMENTS – Best of Splatoon 2

  1. Hello! J'espère que le best-of de Juillet vous a plu!
    Je tiens à remercier premièrement EvilSquid pour me donner carte blanche totale dans tout ce que je fais (rassurez-vous, il me tape qu'uniquement quand je fais des fautes d'orthographes :v ) et aussi à vous parce que je vois que vous appréciez ce genre de vidéos!
    Si tout se passe bien! Il y aura d'autres best-ofs le mois prochain et pendants les périodes vacancières de cette année! (parce que moi je vais à l'école et il faut pas arrêter d'apprendre 😮 )
    À très bientôt!

  2. regarder cette video en retard on adore 😂 Leo paul en montage on adore 😂😂 Faut que j’en regarde d’autres 😭

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