Kutrame Thandanai Tamil Full Movie | Vidharth | Aishwarya Rajesh | Pooja Devariya

Kutrame Thandanai Tamil Full Movie | Vidharth | Aishwarya Rajesh | Pooja Devariya

Distant voice: Ok… So…. You deserve more?. What? Hey… am I cheating on you? No matter what… You shouldn’t have
left our marriage. What? Send it. You think only your brother
knows lawyers? I will send you the divorce notice
before he sends it to me.. Hang up… I said hang up… I said hang up… Hello… Why are you smoking in balcony? How can we live around? Get in… Mmch…What? TV remote is not working. This is not the one. There must be another remote. Come and get it . Ok go…I will come now. (Ladies chatting) Aaah… Hey…Can’t you see
me sitting here? Why sitting on the pathway? Look how rude he is. Hey… Heyyy..! Walking with your motorbike? Need any help? Why man?. You go on bro.. Come this side.. Place your chin here.. Open your eyes wider.. Don’t move…. Retinitis pigmentosa…. This is a rare case.. It is known as “tunnel vision”. It feels as if you are looking
through a pipe, right?. Hmm…yes…. How much can you see now?. I can see about this much…. Can’t see the Table ?. If I look straight, only
you are visible…. Mmm…Hmm…. It’s around 32 degrees.. Bit extreme for your age.. How long its been like this?. Since my childhood…. I always thought, this is
how everyone sees.. Didn’t you check with
any other doctor?. Once , I consulted a
doctor in my village.. he gave me some eye drops.. Thats it.. MBBS…. not an opthalmologist?. Didn’t you check in a
proper eye hospital?. No…. Are your parents blood relatives? Were they relatives
before marriage?. No…. I’ve never met them.. One more report has to come.. Come back in the afternoon.. Give me a Cigarette?. Can’t you work after
handing it to me?. What is this then?. Kept it in front of you, right? Didn’t notice it.. Third floor.. Hello…. Hello…we are calling
from HDMC bank, sir…. We haven’t received your credit
card payment for this month.. When is the due date?. It’s been three days
past due date.. What’s the balance amount?. Mmm…Rs.20300.. For now you can pay 5% of that
amount which is Rs.1800.. You can pay the rest next month… If you are ok with this, we will send our
person right away. no extra charges.. I will leave from home by 9.30. He will reach by then.. Kindly check his ID, receipt hologram
before paying him the money.. Thank you sir… Manager : If it is a missed call
,call him in half an hour… . STAFF: OK Sir.. Ashok nagar, 3rd avenue.. you should be there by 9.30 am. Hello.. Hello…Sir, I came for
credit card collection… Ok…. But the house is locked.. Yes…I left already.. But you asked us to come.. I asked you to come by 9.30. You come late but you expect
me to pay on time. What? When will you be back?. It will take an hour.. Ok sir…I will wait.. Did you go to collect money
or investigate him?. Why didn’t you return when
no one was there?. Looked like he was there inside. So you called him
and said that there was someone inside
his locked house?. Why do you care where he is? Your job is to reach customer’s
place on time…. That’s why we bought you a bike. Sorry sir…. I told him about this
job only by 9 a.m.. why are you supporting him?. Does it take half an hour
to reach Ashok nagar?. Ravi: Sir…. Hmm…. I need 2 hours break.. Break? For what?. 2 hours…. I will be back.. Its more complicated
then i expected.. But i have to tell.. This condition will get severe… I mean…. your vision will diminish.. Will I get completely blind? Hmmm….. But it may take some
years for that.. For your stage…. eye transplant is the
only option…. Eye transplant?. Is there….. No other options.. The medicine I am giving is for
the eye irritation alone.. Get a second opinion if you need. The eye transplant will
cost around…. Rs. 3,20,000.. Quit alcohol…. Dont drive.. Not taking the bike home?. No…I will go in Auto Rickshaw. Excuse me…. can you please help me
cross the road?. What sir? Is everyone
moving too fast?. Yes.. (Ladies Chatting).. Brother…. Are you fine?. Yes.. Rent is due.. Date is 8th already.. I haven’t received my salary. will pay as soon as I get it. Alright then.. Sir…. You…Why did you…. One call and I’d have
been in your office.. It’s ok…. Happy birthday.!.. I wanted to give you a
surprise visit….. Thank you so much
sir…Please come in…. It’s late already…I’ve to leave. It’s ok…come inside…. No swetha.. I got to go really.. just come inside.. Hey…. Didn’t you go in bike?. I don’t drive these days.. I go only in Auto Rickshaw.. PASSENGER : Please move.. Ah..sir.. We are calling from
Collection Office.. Madam… I was just
thinking of you…. You did call back in half an hour.
Appreciate your punctuality.. When should I send the
collection boy, sir?. Collection boy?. Customer drooling over the phone. I can’t come sir…. The collection boy would
be coming…. it’s ok madam I will pay
directly to you.. You tell me where to meet.. RAVI: Anu, give the phone
i will talk to him.. If you are free, I can send
the person right away.. Last time I called this number
– a guy picked up.. who is he, madam?. This is a landline number, sir…
everyone here has access to it.. Give me your mobile
number then….. Ah… my number?. Hello…. Sir, collection boy speaking. Where should I come?. Sir…!.. Why did he hang up?. So you thought he’ll
drool over you?. Yeah…Ravi…. Come on in…. How are your eyes?. What did the doctor say?. Sir…give me some water, please. come in…. What did they say at the hospital? I went there.. They said eye transplantation
is the only option.. Else I might lose my
eyesight completely.. Hey….. Nothing bad will happen.. Doctors say things to earn money. Don’t get confused.. Be good and good will come to you. Operation will cost
Rs.3,20,000/-.. I have no idea what to do.. (murmurs) Rs.3,20,000/-…. Just apply for a loan in
your office, right?. Yeah… want to apply.. Sir..outstanding amount
is Rs.15200/-.. Ok…then…. I’ll pay Rs10000 now.. Why do you leave a balance?. Only then you will come
next month…. you are the only person
who visits me…Mmm?. Did your son call you?. Yeah…he called me…. before I deposited money
in his account.. Tell me why you
need money first? Just give it to me…. Tell me why you want it… To get drunk…right? Showing off because
you have a job? Don’t complain at home. Tell me then, how much did you want? Sir… Rs.3,20,000/- I thought you will ask for
the pending salary… but you are asking the entire
revenue of this company. You do have a good
sense of humour. Vasanthi! Vasanthi – Yes sir, MANAGER – Get the
collection file. Vasanthi – Coming sir. Why do you need so much money? Who was that guy? That… was my elder brother. What does he do? He was driving a Taxi before… and now he snatches
money from me. I’m sure he is onto
something bad. Is your dad still working? He stopped working
long time back. Meet these people before you
come to office tomorrow. This is the
residential quarters… you can get down here… Isn’t she there? Who are you? I live here…in first floor She is not in town. No I saw her… She was here this evening. Hello. Mister… What do you want? I told you she is
not in town, right? Ok…answer the Police then. One minute… Come inside. Please… Come inside… I am Vijayprakash. Ravi. Call her…I’ll leave
once I see her. I know this girl already. Just a few hours
back, she called She was very disturbed
before she hung up. So I came to check
what bothered her. Why should I trust you? You have to believe me… If I did kill her., I wouldn’t be talking
to you like this. What do you want me to do now? You don’t have to do anything. Go home, and I’ll leave too. There is no connection between
us and this incident. Why should I lie? To get caught? Who is asking you to lie? I’m only asking you
to remain silent. You don’t have to
do this for free. Name is Swetha. She was living by herself. She has been staying
here for 3 years Door number 4 Door lock is unbroken and
nothing seems to be stolen. Did you note down ground floor? Should I note house
owner details too? Yes sure… This house is 400 meters
from the main road. Shall I note as west facing? Yeah sure. Be careful… come carefully… Open that door there… everyone move back… all the ladies move back.. get in carefully… close the door now You mentioned that a young guy
used to visit her house… did you tell this man about him? Why should I tell him that? He is ready to pay me
for being silent… Why bother then? Didn’t anyone notice you
both in that apartment? I don’t think anyone saw us… Fine… how will you contact him? He got my number… He said he’ll call me soon. Why are you being so
nice to a murderer? He doesn’t look like a murderer. One thing is clear though… you’ve decided to get
your operation done. Not really… Let the police
find out all this. Yes absolutely… Most convenient excuse for you. Are you telling me
not to get money. Ravi… There is no Right or Wrong. You’ve made a dicision. You want me to say
the same thing. Needs define Morality. Careful… its hot. Constable : How long have
you been living here? Five years, sir… Were you here on
the day of murder? No Sir…I Had gone out And you madam ? Yes sir…I was here Who all visited
that girl’s house? There were few. Hey… Sir…We don’t keep
checking on our neighbours. Why did you stop her
from giving information? We have lots of
work to attend to… We don’t want to be
involved in all this. How can we find the murderer
without any cooperation? You never seem to know
what to talk…get inside. Lemon rice. I cooked it myself. it has come out good today. What is this? I am a pure non-vegetarian… take it back. Shut up and eat. I rarely cook this well… Hey… Why haven’t you married yet? Hello… Hello, Ravi! Yes and you are? Vijayaprakash Can we meet.? Yes sir… ok Come infront of Residency
Hotel at 2’o clock ok Bloody… Idiot… Thanks! You’ve done a big favor for me. How much do you want? Rs 3,20,000 Happy? Hello… What happened? Got the money. Oh…did he give you the money? Then he is the murderer… Who cares Sir? How much did he give? He asked me. You’d have asked what’s
needed for the operation. Sir, how did you guess? There was no answer
when I called you… So I thought he might
have killed you too. Mam… You press clothes for this
entire neighbourhood? Yes sir… and for that murdered girl? She never used to
give me clothes, sir… Don’t lie, madam… Why should I lie sir? Mr. Ravichandran… Please come. Operation amount is Rs 4,82,000 How much? Rs 4,82,000 But the Doctor said Rs.3,20,000 Surgeon fees is Rs.3,22,000 sir. Anaesthesia fee,
pharmacy, bed charges, and you’ve to stay
in ICU for a day. all this adds upto Rs
4,82,000 seems to be correct. Can I meet the doctor? Not right now sir. Operation cannot be done
without anaesthesia… they are usual charges only… Come back after arranging
the full amount. Mrs. Thanikachalam… Hello… Hello Sir, this
is Ravi speaking… Which Ravi? We met a couple of days back. Yeah…tell me. Sir, I need some extra money. Ravi…ravi… you helped me and in return… I paid the amount you asked… there is nothing
left to discuss. Ok Sir. Did you get drenched in rain? She was a nice girl… didn’t even get her
clothes back from me. She died that night itself… Heard that there was blood
all over the house… the stench had permeated
the whole area. No one came to receive
the body it seems. You knew her right? Actually… I saw you near that
house that night. You must’ve seen somebody else. Open it completely. Can I come with my shoes on? RAVI : Thats ok. Where do you work? Credit card collection firm. What’s your name? Ravi Are you a bachelor? Hmmm . . . Have you seen that girl before? I’ve seen her…but
never got acquainted. Another police : Sir… house on top floor is locked. Check again. They might lock
the door and hide inside. I did sir. No one’s there. Move on to the next block then. Constable : Which
bank do you work for? It’s not a bank sir… Credit card collection firm. On the day of murder, did you
notice anything abnormal ? Like someone screaming or
loitering around the house? Mmm hmm Usually, what time you
come home from work? No fixed time…I can
come anytime I want. Ohh… What a work!! You can come and go anytime. Its delightful to hear. Not like that, sir. timings depend on
the collections. (on phone) Tell me… have you reached the station? Fine… Write a complaint and
give it to the constable. Hey – write the complaint
as if he hit you. Constable : I am on the
way to the station… Ravi : Sir? There was a Person in
her house that day. Hang up…I’ll call you back. Sir… He is the witness in
that girl’s murder case. Come inside. Is this the guy you saw? Yes sir. Are you sure? I’m sure he is the one. Ok come. His name is Arun right? Yes sir. What did he say
in his statement? Sir… Lady Police: Good morning sir. He has never seen
that girl it seems… and he has never been
to that area at all. Who is standing next to him? His advocate. They claim they don’t
know anything, but they bring an
advocate along. (sheepishly) you are right sir… What was the message sent to
this guy from the girl’s phone ? “This is my new number – Swetha” What does he have
to say about it? He claims he didnt reply as it
came from an unknown number. And the girl bought this SIM
card on the day of murder. this was the only message
sent from that SIM. What’s your name? Ravi… Have you seen this guy
in that place before? I have seen him a
couple of times… How were they… together? They did seem a little intimate… LITTLE intimate? ….
what does that mean? Fine… Give your statement and leave. Come when we call you… Ok sir. Thank you What did other residents
in that apartment say? The girl was not
friendly types… 2 or 3 people used to visit
her house regularly… no one seems to know
anything beyond that. Then? Even if lightning
strikes next door, City people would say they
were busy watching TV shows. They used to fight with each
other often…Should I? Write everything you saw there. (Phone Voice) the number you have
called is currently switched off Anu… I need a phone number. Vijay Prakash. Age would
be around 45 years. can you search with Company
or Agency details? Sir, Help us sir! Please sir… Help us sir! Please sir… Sorry! I dont have any coins… Sir What are doing here? Waiting for a friend… please move Hello sir… One minute, please. I am Balan. You identified ‘Arun’ in the
girl’s murder case right? Yes Can we sit inside and talk? Please come.. Parents these days only want
to make money for their kids.. They are not concerned
about anything else.. Consider this case, he is the only son and very pampered too.. He is accused of murder
at the age of 27. Were you interested
on that girl. huh? And you are? I am Arun’s advocate’s junior.. like a junior… however you want to call it. I have seen that
girl few times… but I don’t really know her. Why do you ask? Arun never told me
the truth entirely. I would have advised him to
give the statement accordingly. What truth? Sir you are the only eye
witness against Arun.. You don’t have to lie, when asked in court, just say… you’re not sure if it was him
or you saw him from a distance. Say something like that.. Give me your advocate’s number… Let me call him … I will talk to him myself… No, no, let me call
him right now.. Sir Advocate : Tell me Balan. He wants to talk to you sir.. Advocate : Ok Hello.. Advocate : Tell me Mr.
Ravichandran… Hello! How can I trust you? Your junior is not even
giving me your phone number.. Advoate : Listen to me Ravi.. You don’t know
about the police.. When everybody is
being silent… if you give a testimony, you will be their
first suspect.. Me as well ? Yes… that’s why I avoid talking
to you directly.. Fine… how much money can you give? Advocate : Money
is not a concern.. stay on our side. Tell me an amount… Advocate : Pass the
phone to Balan. Is he still on the line… Advocate : Balan, quote him
the amount we discussed.. Ok sir.. ADVOCATE : Lets discuss later. Ok sir.. Sir You cannot expect much for
a trivial eyewitness. But for you… I can negotiate upto
Rs.50,000…Yeah? Hold on one minute… Sir Sir Tell me how much you expect? You left without
saying anything? RAVI : The way he addressed
me was irritating… and he kept asking
how much I wanted. You should have asked… under this circumstances,
they will pay anything. It’s ok…eat. How did they find
out where you live? Dont know, Police sweared that
even my name wont leak. They’ll say anything… since there’s no one to
argue from the girl’s side, they’d cite random reasons
to close out the case. Didn’t the police find out
about your condition? Why? You stumble even in
broad daylight… I don’t stumble in
front of others… I’ll look at it like this
and…pick it up like this. I thought you were naive… but you really are smart. Someone has fled after
committing the murder… and you used that loophole
to fulfils your needs.. Poor girl. She is the
one who suffered. Do you want one more Dosa? No, I’m good.. Sir, the witness Ravi
has come to meet you.. What for? He wants to talk to
you about something.. I thought tomorrow…(thinks) Ok ask him to come He is alone right? Yes sir. Fine. I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I’m scared sir. There wont be any
problem, right? Why? Did someone contact you? No.. I heard you suspect people who voluntarily
provide testimony… Who told you this? Don’t get confused
unnecessarily Ravi… Even their sexual affair will be
proved in the Postmortem report. Just be strong and
sure in the court.. I will ensure you dont face
any issues…understood? Hello, Detective.. RAVI : Hello.. Are you busy? Was in the middle
of something,..why? 13 numbers matched up with
the name you gave me… ANU : note it down. Yes, tell me… 15… Hello… Is Vijayprakash there? What? Vijayprakash? Who are you, who you want? Vijayprakash? Vijayprakash? Sorry, wrong number Vijayprakash? wrong number Vijayprakash? Hello… Lady on phone : Prakash
group of industries…. Is Vijayprakash there? Lady on phone : And you are…. I am Ravichandran speaking… I am Ravi speaking… Ravichandran… Inspector : (to constable) She had
been working here for 2 years… She was his direct secretary… He was paying her
Rs.18,000/- as salary.. ok sir. Then… Where would you both go
for tours regularly? Those were not tours… It’s an official trip… Sometimes Singapore and… How long would these
tours generally be? 2 days… Sometimes 4 days… Has that girl ever spoken to
you about her personal life? We don’t talk about such things But she has called you
almost everyday… Sir… She is my personal secretary… At times we have to talk… Go ahead. 2 mins…Please. She has made out calls to
another phone number right? whose name is it in? The girl’s name itself sir… Really? INSPECTOR : Did you try
calling that number? CONSTABLE : It’s
always switched off, INSPECTOR : Did his fingerprint
match with any from the house? CONSTABLE : There were
no other fingerprints in that place apart from
that girl’s and Arun’s… He is saying that she is personal and
secretary and he is confusing us. INSPECTOR : How many years did
you say she worked for you? 2 years.. Ok, sir…thank you… Who told you to
identify that guy? Actually I went to the police
station to snitch against you… but I change my mind as I could still smell your
money in my hands… Why did you say you knew him? RAVI : not to speak
against that guy right? If I get him caught… you will be the most benefitted. you will be the most benefitted. He doesn’t look like
he is a murderer. I just meant he
looks innocent… RAVI : He is a big shot too… People from his side
came to meet me. Heard he was the only son… Poor guy, he shouldn’t have
been involved with the girl. How much did they give? They are ready to
give me any amount… But I refused… I wanted to meet you before
I decide on anything.. I wanted to give you Rs.
5,00,000 the other day. This is the receipt
for what you paid… Your Serial number is… Will call you once we
get an eye donor… And you’ll have to come
within 3 hours’ notice… I presume you’ve been
told all this earlier. What is that 331? Your Serial number, sir… You are the 331st person
in the waiting list So, will I get it only
after 330 people ? Yes sir… So, when will I get that? I cannot say for sure… It
largely depends on the donor.. It can be 2 years… and there are even people
waiting for 6 years… Are you trying to trick me? You keep saying different
things when I come here. 1 minute… what happened? He got angry once I
told him the procedure. Sir, We don’t decide it… Blindness division decide it… Did I pay today to
wait for 6 years? One minute.. Don’t get angry,sir… Speak here. Please come over here… Take your hands off.. Come along, sir.. Take your hands off.. Sorry… Come along, sir.. Why are you shouting sir? Please come over here… not just here this is the
procedure everywhere… Hospitals take money in advcane
so there’s no trouble later You mentioned 2 or 6
years delay only now? Can’t you inform beforehand? Sir… there is a way
out of all this…. If you spend some
money, your name can be included within
the first 10 numbers…. How much? Rs. 5,00,000/- Must paid before operation. fixed rate.. Arrange the money and I
guarantee your operation… Watch where you are going.. Sorry brother… Excuse me… My sister’s daughter who is
living in nearby town… Her husband has a got
a job in our area… She is looking for
a house right now… It wouldn’t be nice if she has
to look for a house elsewhere… Please vacate the house soon. Your total time here
is 7 years 3 months, so your Provident Fund
total will be Rs.32,000. Are you going to quit? BOSS : Whats your problem now?
Why do you want to quit? I am unable to work sir.. I am not keeping well.. Take some time off then… We’re giving you less
customers to attend to right? Are you quitting because I
did not sanction your loan? Nothing like that sir Okay then… you can go… You also can leave … Ravi..come here. Ravi : Greetings sir… Ravi, are you coming
back from work? Yes, sir Do you normally get
back around this time? No Sir…I came back
earlier than usual. Can you write down your address
and phone number here? Sir, I had already
given it to you It wasn’t clear….Write
it again. Give him a pen… Here…sir… What’s the problem
with your eyes? What are you getting
treated for? I’m talking to you… I can only see things that
are in front of me… Things in the sides
are not visible. but there is no problem
with my vision. And whatever i said that
I saw are all true. Make sure Arun’s people
dont find out about this.. They’ll hold onto this
as an argument in court… Lack of evidence is a big
headache in this case already… And dont attend
treatment for a while. Hello.. This is Ravichandran speaking. Balan : Here.. What ever you did
is correct sir. If you had not behaved
like that earlier, they would not have
agreed to this amount.. Even when you were
talking on the phone.. I thought you were
being very stubborn. but fantastic move sir.. We should be the ones
fixing our rates. BALAN : Watch the floor.. Advocate and Arun’s
dad are here… Sir, Mr.Ravi. Advocate Seetharaman… Hello.. This is Arun’s father.. This is Arun… Of course. You’d have see him Please… Sit down. It’s ok It’s ok, please… Sir, They’ve agreed to give you
five lakhs that you asked for… Take Rs.75,000 as advance
payment for now… We will settle the balance
once the case is over… You agreed to give me the
entire amount today..right? It is not that we
don’t trust you.. It’s difficult to arrange such
a big amount in short notice.. The case is still
going on right? It’ll be settled… BALAN : Yeah.. That’s it.. No sir… Mr. Ravichandran, why don’t we try this? We can keep the money
in a bank locker.. Let the key be with you.. You can take the money yourself
when the case is over… No sir…Please
give me the cash. ARUN : Dad.. She was a bitch.. She was hanging out
with me for my money.. Why are you spending money on
eyewitness for such a lame case… ARUN’s DAD : Hey Arun,
what are you talking … It’s ok sir.. I will leave.. No No.. please sit down… Be patient sir.. There’s one lakh in here.. Please take it for
the time being. We will settle the whole
amount once the case is over.. Tell me clearly.. What did you see in
the house that day? When I was returning home, I saw Arun leaving the girl’s
house in a great hurry.. He looked very angry. ..uh..uh.. then? RAVI: Then i turn back RAVI : I saw the girl close
the door and go inside.. Advocate : Ok.. hold on.. so after Arun
left Was the girl still inside the house? Yeah.. She came, closed
the door and went inside. This is more than enough.. Just say the exact
same thing in court, I’ll handle the rest. So…you have decided it then. You are going to bribe and push
back 330 people in the queue. and get operated for your eye. Hmmm? ‘Needs define Morality’ You said it yourself. I also told you to ‘Think Good’. RAVI : So? try roaming around
half-blind..then you’ll know. RAVI : You can sit comfortably
in your house and give advice… spending all your money
on making dolls… I may not be helping others…
But I’m not hurting anybody… Have you even registered
to donate your eyes? Say…Will you be alive
another ten years? Leave here… Don’t
come here again.. Anu… Why are you standing here?…
No office? I lost my job Why? I got you some phone numbers
the other day..right? The manager saw the paper in which
I had noted down the number… My brother keeps beating me
up because I lost my job… I’m not sure if the reason
behind this is them or you. and I don’t want to know. But when they’re ready to pay
Rs.5,00,000 without doing anything. How much should you pay? In court, I can prove that I
did not commit the murder.. Your name will be tarnished beyond
repair before the case gets over… Do you even know
how many big shots have been brought to shame
due to alleged affairs? You are not single like me.. Your daughter……she is
around 8 years old right? What will she think of
you when she finds out? Your wife.. She seems
to be very happy.. you love your
family a lot right? The money you pay me is the price
you pay for your entire life.. Your’s is love marriage right.? How much money do you want? Rs 25 lakhs Do you know the level
of influence I have? Do I look like a fool? Bloody bastard.. I’ll tear you to bloody pieces… Son of a *****. My only mistake was that I
had a relationship with her. Everytime I was with her, I
wanted it to be the last time. But I couldn’t stop there I don’t know if the reason was my
age or the way she handled me. Advocate : According
to IPC section 302, The defence argue that Arun has
killed the girl named Swetha In this regard Please permit me to call upon the
concerned Police Inspector.. Based on the information I got
around 5 am on June 22nd, Me along with 5 constables
from my station Went to the scene of murder. We found Swetha’s
dead body there. Victim’s age 25. Immediately, We brought
in the forensic team collected finger prints
and other evidence.. I interrogated everybody
who knew the girl, and collected relevant details. I filed FIR on April 16 and submitted
the charge sheet to the court.. Based on the letter
received from Inspector. Me along with three
other doctors, performed postmortem on Swetha’a
body under my guidance. Based on the report… The primary reason of death is, 4 inch deep wound on the neck. Due to a piercing on the
abdomen with a sharp tool, causing damages to
the intestines. The victim would’ve struggled around
half an hour to one hour before death. I will submitted detailed
postmortem report to the Court. Advocate : How long have
you known that girl? For about six months.. how would you describe
your relationship ? We are just friends. Is it just friendship or
something beyond that? It was just friendship. But we also did have
physical relationship. Ok What happened on
the day of murder? We met as usual on that day. Then? We started talking, but at one point it
turned into a fight. So, I just left. What did you guys fight about? She asked me if we
could get married. I refused and left the place… Please make a note
of this your honor.. No no…Nothing like that.. Only answer what you
are asked for.. In police investigation, you
said you didn’t know her. I said that out of fear.. Even now you re doing the same. No sir… You fought with her and when she
insisted on marriage you beat her up. Then you murdered the
girl and fled the house. This is my opinion. No… That’s all, your honour.. Fine… How many times have
you seen Arun in that house? I have seen him multiple times.. At times I’ve even seen him leave
the house early in the morning.. So, you have been watching
that house day and night? No.. I smoke in my Balcony…Thats
when I saw all this. Ok, what happened on
the day of murder? I was returning home from work and I saw Arun come out of the house
angrily and leave in his car… After that? After that, I went home. Did you not see the girl
come out of the entrance? Advocate : Objection,
your honour.. No, After that there was
no movement in the house What? Wait.. Fine… I’ll give you the
money you asked for.. But one condition. You must leave to a
far away city… I should never see you
again in my life.. JUDGE: In Swetha’s Murder Case, based on the arguments put forth by
the defence and the prosecution, Arun has agreed that he had a fight
with Swetha on the day of murder.. But he claims that
it was just a fight and it did not lead to a murder This
is not acceptable by the court. Moreover, the defence witness
Ravi has testified that he has seen frequent fights
between Swetha and Arun. Based on all the evidences and
testimonies presented so far, the court believes that there is reasonable
doubt that Arun has committed the murder… So the court rules against the
prosecution in this case. The accused will be given a lifetime sentence
based on IPC 302 and a fine of Rs.40,000. In case of lapse in paying the amount, he has
to serve six months additional jail time. What? Can you not see
what I am showing? Why did you hide this from me? Swetha, come get on the bike.. No that’s ok, I can
go by myself.. Arun : Hey, wheres your house? Just here… There? Yeah, Come home.. Some other time.. Ok, bye.. see you later.. Hey, When can we meet again? I will give you a call… Ravi I did love you for real… I’m not denying that.. But when I think about
living with you it does not feel right to me… That MD (Managing Director)… wants me to hang with
him if I need the job.. And Arun… After all that he did to me… he’ll marry only the girl
his parents find for him. Even now, I’m not judging you.. Why? Go ahead and judge me… Yes… I am a bad girl… Please leave all
of this behind… i’ll accept you for
what you are… First of all, see if you can fix your
half broken vision… Then we can consider about
you giving me a life.. For your status I shouldn’t even
have left you come near me. After few years What are you thinking about? Doctor : Hello, You are the patient
with Glaucoma, tunnel vision right? Yes, Doctor.. How are you feeling now? I have paid the fees and
waiting for the operation now… Oh..Have you paid the fees? Yes..why? Sorry Don’t mistake me. There are certain things
about the hospital that I cannot talk
openly about.. There was a lot of
pressure from Management I don’t work there anymore.. I suggested you to get a
second opinion.. right? Didn’t you ask for one? Uh… No… There is no cure for
your eye problem… Even an eye transplant wont help
as this is a retinal issue. (Voice Over) You intend or not?
you have done a mistake. You can escape the law for
the crime you committed. But your conscience will
start questioning you one day. See if you can
escape that curse.

100 thoughts on “Kutrame Thandanai Tamil Full Movie | Vidharth | Aishwarya Rajesh | Pooja Devariya

  1. யாருதான் கொலய பன்னுனது. அந்த சீன்ன காட்டவே இல்ல……….

  2. രാക്ഷസൻ കണ്ടതിനു ശേഷം ഞാൻ മാത്രം ആണോ ഇത് പോലുള്ള ഫിലിം സെർച്ച് ചെയ്തു കാണുന്നത്

  3. There is one word in Indian culture and/or tradition which is termed as Dharma. Majority of our spiritual works says illegal involvement with opposite gender is the most harmful of all.

    A married man going behind another women is wrong


    A women encouraging a married man is also wrong.

    Great acting by Hero – Vidharth.

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  8. Great script ,Good acting…Must watch!! Moral according to me is that sin and punishment are a coin with 2 sides…..
    The punishment is directly propositional to Intensity of the sin!!like for hero the punishment is life long can’t even see his child’s face …
    Live and Let live thats all we can do ,never do a sin in conscious state of mind,we never know what is stored for us !!

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