Keanu Reeves’ Head Turning Comment On The Script For Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves’ Head Turning Comment On The Script For Matrix 4

It’s been 16 years since Keanu Reeves put
down his leather duster and sunglasses as he walked away from his role as Neo in The
Matrix trilogy. But now that he’s returning to the familiar
dystopian universe to become “The One” once again in The Matrix 4, he’s sharing his thoughts
on the new film. Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Reeves
spoke up about the script for the fourth Matrix film, which was officially announced in August
2019. As Reeves walked the red carpet for Semper
Fi, the upcoming British drama film produced by his sister Karina Miller, he told ET that
he’d read the script for The Matrix 4. “Are you happy about where Neo is at? “Yeah, no, absolutely. It’s very ambitious as it should be!” Admittedly, there isn’t a lot to go on with
Reeves’ comments, but it’s still thrilling to hear that he’s getting pumped up about
returning to one of his many career-defining roles. Plus, “ambitious” is definitely an interesting
word considering that the original Matrix trilogy changed the sci-fi movie genre, ultimately
defining an entire era of action sequences, special effects, and world-building. Thought very little is known about The Matrix
4 yet, we do know that the film is set to push even more boundaries and deliver insightful,
incisive, and interesting commentary on our current society. As Lana Wachowski noted when announcing The
Matrix 4, the ideas that she and her sister Lilly explored 20 years ago with the first
film are even more relevant now. When the first Matrix film hit theaters in
1999, audiences were blown away by the extraordinarily intricate world which presented a reality
that wasn’t actually real. The world everyone thought they were living
in was revealed to be a computer simulation created by machines that humans tried to overpower;
everything in this fake “reality” is created for humans by those computers. When he’s given the chance to escape the Matrix
and learn the truth, Neo sees the dark real world where the sun is blotted out and humans
must survive by hiding from the machines both inside and outside of the Matrix itself. In the end, it turns out Neo is “The One,”
a fated hero who can actually control the Matrix while within the simulation, thereby
being the only person who has any hope of stopping the machines in their tracks. After The Matrix: Reloaded was released in
2003, the trilogy seemed like it came to a definitive end with The Matrix: Revolutions,
which hit theaters later that same year. At the conclusion of Revolutions, Neo sacrifices
himself to save humanity and bring an end to the human and machine conflict. With a conclusion that final, it seems strange
that Reeves could possibly return for a fourth installment. But we know that both Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss
are firmly aboard The Matrix 4 and will reprise their roles as characters who were last seen
dying, so clearly the minds behind the new film found a way to resurrect Neo and Trinity. Reeves has certainly kept busy in the years
since he last played Neo. After appearing in various romantic comedies
as well as Richard Linklater’s adaptation of A Scanner Darkly, he produced a documentary
entitled Side by Side and earned his first directing credit on the underrated Man of
Tai Chi. However, thanks to two stuntmen from the original
Matrix films, Reeves returned to his action roots in 2014 with John Wick, which ended
up becoming its own trilogy. Alongside these butt-kicking projects, Reeves
has taken the time to appear in some comedic projects as well. He starred in Destination Wedding and made
self-parodying cameos in the Netflix original films Always Be My Maybe and Between Two Ferns:
The Movie. He may have bounced around genres since the
Matrix trilogy wrapped, but Reeves has planted himself firmly in the pop culture canon with
his recent film appearances. There’s truly no better time than now for
a Reeves-led Matrix 4, and we can’t wait to see what it’s like. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves’ Head Turning Comment On The Script For Matrix 4

  1. I can't wait but I'm a little worried. I don't like his inflection when he said "ambitious". Hopefully seeing The Matrix 4 will wake people up from the matrix

  2. The problem in this world isn't the need to choose a pill.

    The problem is … everyone has had both and they need to vomit.

  3. There must be a glitch in the Matrix because Looper says "sisters" Lana and Lily directed the previous Matrix movies. Umm, they were dudes then know as Larry and Paul.

  4. What is Keanu "dies" at the end of John Wick 4 and after the credits he wakes up in a pod freaking out, end scene… wich turns out the be the beginning of the matrix 4….

  5. I still watch the first film and still find alot of similarities between the movie and reality..

    The message is always something I love about it

  6. Most probably a prequel. I’m guessing animatrix type of movie. That would explain why the dead are back in action. Plus it could go on into more details about the other versions of neo.

  7. Would be cool if the twist of the new matrix is basically everyone is still in the matrix even after the end of the first trilogy. Humans as a living organism is actually extinct and the only thing carrying on is the human consciousness that is uploaded into different levels of the matrix system.

  8. Keanu Reeves buys some spoons from Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Looper: We could potentially see more spoon benders in Matrix 4.

    Keanu Reeves seen signing some autographs onset with a pencil

    Looper: Potentially Matrix 4 takes place in the same universe and John Wick.

    Keanu Reeves hasn't been seen eating on set

    Looper: Matrix 4: Neo might be essentially a machine in Matrix 4.

  9. I'm really glad Keanu Reeves is back in the Matrix only if the same actors and director are involved. He wants nothing changed.

    Potentially we can see the same quality from people with a much better camera and SFX technology.

    It sucks only one of the Wachowski is coming back to direct. Lana is in, Lilly doesn't want to do sci-fi anymore.

  10. As much as I think the story had a good and proper ending……I would love to see Neo and Trinity having their own happy ever after tbh…

  11. 3:50 mins about the fact that Keanu said it's ambitious. The rest of the video is just a filler. Wow. How dare you how dare you make such videos 😀

  12. I hope that we wont be bombarded by virtue signaling and transgender propaganda, like so many other shows and movies of late, spare me. Particularly given the fact the the Wachowski brothers have now decided to wear dresses and live within a Matrix of their own creation.

  13. I hope they don't use too much of the real world in their movies.

    That's what's wrong with most movies today, we're not getting time off from the craziness that is our lives, we're being beaten over the head with the same BS in fiction as we are in the real world.

    Saved a lot of money on movies because of that.

  14. If you don’t understand how the older characters could possibly be alive again in the upcoming matrix movie, then you didn’t understand the preceding ones.

  15. Looper – “Keanu Reeves makes a head turning comment about Matrix 4!”
    Keanu – “It’s ambitious.”
    Also Looper – “Admittedly, it’s not a lot go on…”
    As long as the Wachowski Brothers don’t allow real-world politics into the script, I’m down for another Matrix movie, but frankly, I liked where it ended.

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