Kanata no Astra (2019) – Anime Review

Kanata no Astra (2019) – Anime Review

What makes an anime special? Well it could be many things like good writing,
memorable characters, simple things like the score, or even growing up with a series. Kanata no Astra is a very special anime, and
it’s very special for many reasons that I want to cover in this review for the series. But before we get into that, I would like
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into the review. Synopsis On a trip to the planet McPa a group of teenagers
and students arrive at their destination, now on planet McPa they see a mysterious orb. But when the orb chases them and consumes
them they are sent 5000 light years from planet McPa in the middle of outer space. But luckily for them they find themselves
a derelict spaceship and use it to travel from planet to planet. Their goal is to use the ship to get themselves
back to their home planet in one piece. But there is a traitor amongst the group,
how will the stranded students get back home in one piece? This is Kanata no Astra Background Based off the manga of the same name, Kanata
no Astra is a 12 episode Sci-Fi Space Adventure from the studio which brought you Assassination
Classroom, Lerche. The series was also directed by Masaomi Andou
who is most known for directing Gakkougurashi. You can find it subbed and dubbed on Funimation
Now. Story Kanata no Astra is a very special anime, and
I can’t tell you the exact reasons behind me saying that because… alas… spoilers. The dreaded spoilers, always making it hard
for me to give you guys a full picture. But I am going to try anyways to paint you
that picture. Kanata no Astra is special because for one
the setting is in Space. Now it’s not like we’ve not had space
anime before, one of my all-time favorite anime ever is Cowboy Bebop and Planetes, so
the industry at this point isn’t some spring chicken when it comes to the setting. But while that may be, we very rarely get
anime like Kanata no Astra, let alone the twists and turns the series decides to put
on the genre itself. While on the outside looking in, this may
seem to you like an unsuspecting adventure through space using friendship and all of
those tropes… it’s nothing like that at all and that at the same time. The series uses this to make you think it’s
one thing, but after a certain point Kanata no Astra starts to show its true colors and
we get a glimpse of what the series really is in Episode 5. This is the episode that sold me on Kanata
no Astra’s story because in the first four episodes, it was sorta… mediocre. Characters were actually dumb, like, I can’t
stress this enough the characters and their writting in general had terrible logic which
made me question who was writing this and if they’re drunk or not. And these were simple things like the cast
not wearing their helmets when they obviously should be, I could go on and on with my criticisms
of those first four episodes. I cannot stress enough how poor their writing
is in terms of the logic used and the massive holes it leaves. Thankfully though, not many plot holes abound
for the rest of the series as episode 5 really shows you why this series is something you
should spend your time with. Then later on the show kicks it into high
gear and really shows you just how original and unique this story is. Much like how Cabin in the Woods doesn’t
reveal to you what the show is actually about, Kanata no Astra takes inspiration from something
like that to hide away its secrets from unsuspecting viewers like myself and likely you. I am being very cryptic here and this is on
purpose, but for those who have seen this show will agree with me as well that this
show is something special. By episode 9 you’ll be begging for more
episodes of this show and even before then you’ll be hooked by the mystery Episode
5 puts in place. Characters Like I said earlier, the weakness of this
series initially is its characters and how poorly their logic is. Simple things that should be corrected with
a simple re-draft were kept in for some unknown reasons and this is undoubtedly a mark on
this show. But later on the shows strength becomes its
characters and for what it’s worth, some of them are my favorites of the season. I can’t really mention this characters name
as that would be a spoiler, but a certain Russian became one of my favorites. As well as characters like Kanata and Yunhua
who I sorta ended up liking for one reason or another. Initially it’s sorta hard to like some of
these characters, but once the episode 5 switch happens I feel they only get better and better. Art Lerche is behind the art and while I have
seen some people call this show mediocre and certainly the CGI is mediocre, but I disagree
with the art style being anything but mediocre. The character designs have a certain classic
appeal to them much like the older Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime. There is a certain roughness in their refinement
I really do appreciate a lot. I personally think every character in this
anime from the main cast looks spectacular. They’re all just really attractive anime
people and it’s really hard not to like a cast like this who look this good and also
are quite funny and emotive. I think my favorite designs in this anime
are Luca, Aries, Charce, Zac and a certain Russian I can’t speak much about. As for backgrounds they’re sorta… not
the reason to watch this show. It’s strange, you’d think a space anime
would show the beautiful nature of… space… but alas it’s just not the focus in this
anime. And the backgrounds are just kinda there too,
and while they are good backgrounds I get the feeling they’re just simply not the
focus and therefore come off as sorta… there. It’s kinda sad really, I am a huge fan of
space and the great beyond so I wanted to see more of that great beyond ya’ know. But at the end of the day, the show is about
these people, space is only there because it’s the nature of the world they live in. Animation Like I mentioned earlier the show has sorta…
mediocre CGI and thankfully it’s only the ship so you won’t have to deal with it much
at all. Otherwise the shows animation is actually
quite well done here. While no KyoAni or Ufotable, the show really
shows off the strengths of the show which isn’t really it’s animation. Much like how the backgrounds aren’t really
meant to be anything special, the animation isn’t meant to be much more than what’s
meant to be… there. Now that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have
its moments. Episode 1 features exceptional animation and
the characters highly emotive nature is often one of the best aspects about this show. Every character feels alive and unique. Take Aries as an example, you can count on
her being one of the most emotive in the show and she’s animated beautifully. Score Not sure how this happened, but Kanata no
Astra has TWO people scoring this show. Nobuaki Nobusawa who has scored; Dagashi Kashi
and the much maligned Steins;Gate 0 and the other person scoring is Masaru Yokoyama who
scored this seasons Fruits Basket (2019) Season 1 and Fate/Apocrypha. And to be honest, I really enjoyed the score
in this show. I felt it was really well done and showed
off how a good score can really make a show or scene seem better than it actually is. This score though is kinda really needed though
as I think a bad or mediocre score here would have tanked this show quick. So expect a really good score. English Dub So the dub is by Funimation and you just know
the dub will be good for a show like this and it is, it’s actually very good. Every voice fit and with direction from Caitlin
Glass it’s no wonder why it’s so good. Josh Grelle voices Kanata, Megan Shipman voices
Aries and outside of that we have a great newer cast of voice actors I’m not very
familiar with. But one of them stood out and that’s Ulgar’s
actor, Christopher Dontrell Piper who was very good in this anime. Also Sakyiwaa Baah (sorry if I mispronounced
that) as Quitterie was fantastic as well. Yun-Hua’s voice actor even sings some of
the songs that were originally in Japanese in English for some scenes. Voice acting was handled by Dawn Bennett for
Yun-Hua. Overall I think the Dub for this show is exceptional
and is yet another dub that I think stands toe-to-toe with the subbed version. Closing In closing Kanata no Astra is an anime we
need more of. This is a show that really stood out in this
season which was already jam packed with lots of good anime. In any other season this anime would have
been one of the most talked about anime but it was outshined by Demon Slayer and others. I would say absolutely give this anime a watch,
it’s one of the most unique anime I’ve seen in a long time and I enjoyed a lot of the
show even with its glaring flaws.

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  1. Honestly EZ has really gotten me into the space genre. I should check out this series and some of the other space series that are good.

  2. This anime blew me away! I agree that the first few episodes were kinda weak, but they went to maximum overdrive on the second half. Not perfect, but pretty awesome! What an unforgettable journey.

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