Kaathadi Tamil Full Movie

Kaathadi Tamil Full Movie

– Why are you calling him? Let’s also a take photo, mother! No need.
– Sir, please take a photo of us. Okay, go. Is my photo good? Mother! Car has run over the child
and speeding away! Someone please call an ambulance! Who are they, sir? Parents? Parents! Sir, you resemble your mother. No, everyone says I resemble
more like my dad. They’re lying,
you’re like your mother, sir. I wanted to ask you something,
why did you dump trash on your head? What’s that hairstyle?
– It’s fashion, sir. I’m young, so latest fad. What latest fad? Follow my style,
Australian hairstyle How great it is! Total freedom! No tension at all! Shall I narrate the story? Wait, still there’s a minute
for auspicious time to begin. Brother, in a meeting? I’m not in any meeting,
two boys are here to narrate story. I’m listening to their narration. English film?
– No, Tamil film I’m going to make an English film
with Arnold. Because his remuneration is small. I’m searching a heroine for him. Know a thing about films. Small waist gives low collections,
big waist will rock box office. Fantastic, brother.
– I’ll play hero of my next film. India will go crazy! That’s why I’m learning to speak in Hindi. Book Katrina Kaif as my heroine. Lover will take the bride! Who am I to you?
Fear…something is happening… How is my Hindi? Bollywood would get shaken up!
– Don’t rag me. Publicity must be high decibel like them. You’ve men for it, right?
– Ready, brother. I’ll come, cut the call. Brother, my payment is still due. Cut it, don’t irritate me! Opening shot is two men are going
to narrate a story to a film producer. Like you….like him! Yes, sir.
– Carry on, please. While narrating the story,
suddenly the man next him to points a gun. What gun? Small gun gives small money,
big gun is big money! But, we’re having a small revolver only. Come on, get up.
– Get up I say! Come on, get up. Daddy, are we taking your
hard earned money? You made money by begging in Palani, right? Did you speak Hindi too?
Speak now! Chicken…chicken….special chicken… Serve him the chicken. Are they going to eat again
after using toothpick? Okay…okay…okay… Take it! Amul Baby Hero’s ‘Big Waist’ Catch them! Pay for food!
Catch them, boys! Aroma of Nethili fish is alluring… It’s overwhelming me… It tempts… Chinese sound adds volume… Seth! Why are you pushing the scooter, Seth? Saving petrol. You’re very smart, Seth. If you rob the rich and
give it to this poor man, you’ll rock like MGR in
the film ‘Malaikallan’. Taking vessels as pawns… Looting money and taking away
everything he lays his hands on… Dancing the wind like
the thread of kite… Stealing everything he sees… Seth! Don’t look at us like that, Seth. Just came to check if the jewels
we gave is here or not. Are you angry on us, Seth? What’s this? Golisoda police is here! Money never cheats… Nothing can happen without money… They stole clothes given for ironing, sir. I don’t know what I lost,
please find something, sir. There’s no God like money… No…no…sir…
I’ll change like that. Like who? They say something like approval… ‘Apoorva Sahodargal’. I’ll become like the one who betrays
partner and tells truth in court. Do you want to become approver? I’ll become an approver. Sir, I was studying in Ooty Convent School,
but he gorged out my eye of wisdom, he made me a thief to steal homes, he made me pick pockets
and rob even little kids, he ruined my life, sir! Infact I became a thief because of you! Are you accusing me in court? See, what I’m going to do with you…3 All of you come here! My husband has called from Dubai.
– Hey Periyasamy! What are you doing in Dubai? Your wife is killing us
with loud noise! Yes, I’m using the
make-up kit sent by you. Mother, move!
– Son, it’s your father! Oh no mother, he’s a cheat! He’s going out to play
with neighbourhood kids. Sister, is it call from brother? Can’t bear this torture
early in the morning! I’m wearing the Dubai nighty
you bought for me. Trust me.
Won’t you believe me? Wait, I’ll give phone to sister Rani,
ask her.- Give me. Tell him sister, I’m wearing the nighty. Brother, she’s telling truth. She’s wearing the nighty sent by you. Dazzling, brother. Don’t you’ve any other work? Are you all Anglo-Indian women
to wear nighties? Go away! Wait…wait…I’ll give the phone
to brother Sakthi. Look at the women! Sakthi, my husband from Dubai. Sakthi, my husband from Dubai. Hey, the dress is very nice. Hey, the dress is very nice. Not dress but nighty. How are you doing, bro? How are you doing, bro? We’re fine, how is Dubai?
– Did he send any scent? Very nice. What happened to your passports? That thing!
He’s big time trouble, bro! He’s making us go from pillar to post. Okay, look after my home, bro. Did you let only your house on rent?
You gave an alarm too. Your wife tortures us loud phone calls. Saying my husband is calling from Dubai. If I don’t call her, she’ll torture me
to take her to Dubai. That’s why I talk to her on phone. Look after my wife and children, bro. Forget about me, Thupakki is looking
after your wife very closely. Bro! Brother-in-law! Hereafter I must call your
as brothers-in-law. My husband, talk to him. Hello bro! My wife is like your sister.
Take care of her. Who? This beauty in nighty? To hell with her and her face,
she’s not of my type. Hey you…
– No use…no way… What are you looking at?
Mind your work. What’s wrong with my face? Who is he? He’s talking about you only. He’s asking me not to fall for her.
That’s why I cut the call. I say cut the call. Govt. General Hospital – Kavanur
Mortuary Can’t you understand if I tell, Muruga? I’m advising you as a friend. It is very risky to conduct surgeries here. Your child’s condition is
deteriorating every day. She died leaving with a child. I wanted to live happily with child
but it too has heart problem. Where can I get so much money, doctor? Is there any way to treat
in our hospital, doctor? You know this hospital doesn’t
have that many facilities. That’s why I suggest again, use services of a good surgeon
and good hospital for surgery. Surgery and medicines
may cost you few lakhs. Arrange funds as much as you can. I’ll arrange for funds
for whatever I can. You’re no different from my son.
Both are equal to me. Doctor, our hopes are with you only. Isn’t the dot beautiful on doll, doctor? Very beautiful, Pavi.
– Not Pavi…Pavithra. But I’ll call you as Pavi! Didn’t go to school yet? I do study well in school, right dad?
– Yes. But, why don’t they let me
participate in running race? They say I’ve heart problem, daddy. They’re bad boys. My wish is you must grow up
to reach greater heights in life. My wish is you must grow up
to reach greater heights in life. We don’t want all those running races. Thupakki, white shirt is super! It’s great to enjoy song with dance… Thupakki, yellow shirt is very good on you. I’m sparing because you’re my house owner. If not I’ll sand paper
your last few strands of hair. Is my white shirt yellow to you? That’s what I said in Tamil, right? My Tamil is classical language… He’s doing too much! I’ll bash him with this toilet bucket. I’m warning you to take the hit. Pavan Kunju’s wife is….
very good for sex life? What’s this adult board? Look at Saravana stores owner! He’ll always welcome with folded hands. Have you started it early morning itself? Buddy, you turned bright
entire neighbourhood How is it, uncle?
Stole from MLA’s home. It fits you perfectly. Not just you, every girl in the
neighbourhood said that. Isn’t it good? Attack him! Come….come, my dear… Destination is not far…
come with me… You’ll experience happiness and
admire nature’s beauty from top… My dear….come with me… Buddy, it’s Karthavarayan! Go*walk in! He’s the guy who stole my bag. Hey calm down! I know everything. My boys! What’s up, Sakthi and Thupakki? Did you see how I brought you here? Did you steal bag? Yes, boss. Return the bag and get going. We’ll return in 2 days, boss.
– What? 2 days? Brother, we’ll return it tomorrow. Slipper would wear out! It must be here in 10 minutes
or else you’ll face music. Okay, boss, we’ll bring it now.
– Okay. Thupakki, your white shirt is very nice. Palaniyappa, you’re epitome of wisdom…. You’re a scholar of Tamil wisdom… Who is that street girl, boss? The girl you trapped is damn sexy. Is it post paid or prepaid? Look at her sacred thread! Don’t cry….don’t cry… Bloody rascal! Fell in love while in college,
made me fall for her, I killed my father-in-law,
burnt mother-in-law, I tied knot with her with
a priest conducting marriage. How dare you call her
post paid or prepaid? Don’t cry…don’t cry, dear…
– Why, man? You’ll melt in tears,
your husband is with you. Forget those little boys!
– Go, seek forgiveness. Why are you blowing here?
Go, bash them! What’s that noise? You’re doing too much
as if this is first time for us. Can’t you ever control
your wagging tongue? I don’t know why but I can sleep well
only after getting bashed up black and blue! But one silver lining is,
that man’s hand is damn lucky hand. Okay buddy, good night. Long live future Chief Minister! No….I’m scared.
– Nothing to fear, just an injection. No! Small injection,
it’ll be just like an ant bite. No, I don’t want, I’m scared. That’s all! Would he give us our passport or not? When will we fly in air? I think we can fly by holding
the wings of a dragon fly. You’re too much. Wrong! Isn’t that car belongs to Karthavarayan?
– Yes. How he thrashed us! We mustn’t spare him,
let’s run away from here. Stop…
– No, he’ll thrash us again. I’ll take care of him. Hey, don’t bite me. Hubby, look out there! Hey constable, you took bribe
just now, right? What’s so urgency to bang car again?
– Who is it? If you shout, I’ll punch you. Thupakki, hit him hard!
– Okay, Sakthi. My hand! Don’t move. Where did you get your head butted? Why are you butting again?
It’s paining me. Brother, Prakash is on line. Did you tell him about head injury? Hello brother Prakash. Nothing like that, brother. I was turning left in my car…
what’s that noise? Stop it, man. Bloody! Not you, brother, boy here. I was going straight, suddenly
a pregnant dog crossed my car. I applied sudden brake and
injured my head, brother. In fear, it delivered puppies on road. Not much pain, my thick hair saved me. But puppies were very cute, brother. Sorry brother, got your material? I’ll come…come…
I’ll take car, brother. Get Sakthi and Thupakki to my home.
– Why get them now? Nothing, I thrashed them
the other day, right? It is hurting me. Bring them, I must seek forgiveness. Can’t you stay away from troubles? Karthavarayan is thrashing
you always, right? Why are you getting into
trouble him every time? His men are searching for you guys,
do you need this? Is he searching for hitting him
with a bottle? Buddy, thought of escaping
to foreign after getting passport. Would he leave us?
– He will not. Don’t have any such ideas. Are you gentlemen to go
to foreign easily? Bloody crooks! It’s not that easy.
It’ll cost you dearly. There were many cases on Prabhu. He spent money to close the cases,
he went abroad. Steal money to escape to foreign country. If not Karthavarayan will finish you here. Yes, he’ll hang you upside down. I’ll hang you first.
Sleep! Okay, you go, we’ll take care.
– Go carefully. We must hit something big
and escape from here. Give me, where can we get so much money? All are beggars in our area. Child kidnapped from car,
demanded ransom of Rs.10 lakhs. Parents paid Rs.10 lakhs ransom
to free their child. A girl is your lucky charm,
you’ll go abroad with her help only. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. Tell me, bhai. How are you, Chetta?
– Please take your seats. How was your Malaysia trip?
– Fantastic. Can we see the material?
– Okay, get my tab….quick. Come fast! Look at this.
– Give me, sir. Tell me, Seth.
– Recently I went to Hong Kong. Baby, give me the phone. Phone? Are you happy?
– Yes. Okay?
Let’s finish deal on phone. Will be fine if we get the material
as quickly as possible Okay, carry on. Bye, sir.
– Bye, Seth. You left the door open! I’ll slap you. Sir, Baby is missing. Search properly. She’ll be somewhere here only,
I’ll search for her, sir. Run, man! Hey Baby, don’t cry.
If you shout, I’ll kill you. I’m an angry man! He’s calling so many times,
shall I answer the call? Don’t answer it now,
let’s talk after crossing city limits. Hey, get up! Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Did you see a little girl
getting down from that car? Your daughter?
– Yes. Can’t look after daughter properly?
How can you call yourself a father? He’s keeping on calling, Sakthi. Give me that phone. Your daughter and phone are with me. Come tomorrow to the place I’ll tell,
pay ransom and take your daughter. If you go to police,
I’ll kill your daughter. I’ll pay how much money you may ask. Leave my daughter,
where are you, man? I’ll tell you tomorrow. Not tomorrow, I’ll bring money now,
please tell me, where are you? Please tell me,
I’ll bring money right now. Leave my daughter.
– If I say tomorrow, I mean it. Hey you…you…. Switch off the phone first! How come you got transformed
into a dreaded villain in a jiffy? We’re kidnapping for the first time,
we mustn’t look like novices, right? Am I a hero or villain? I’ll make fun of you, get going.
Start the vehicle. What this tune is? Tell me, Sakthi. I’m thinking about how much ransom
I must demand from her father. You’re worried about tunes. Why sweat so much on it? Why not ask Rs.60000?
– Rs.60000? Yes, buddy. Boys from Mint area kidnapped
Saroja sister’s son, they demanded Rs.50000 as ransom. When boys of Mint area asked Rs.50000, for the status of our area,
what’s wrong if we ask Rs.60000? You silly dog! The car he was driving is
worth more than Rs.2 lakhs. Then, we should’ve hijacked the car. I don’t know to drive car, right? Mad man! Sakthi, let’s ask Rs.10 lakhs. Rs.10 lakhs….what if he goes to
police thinking ransom is too big? Why would he go to police
if ransom is big? He would go to a financier Seth, right? Do they lend money in police stations? I mean he’ll complain on us. You’re right.
He will. Rs.5 lakhs….let’s ask Rs.5 lakhs. What you do is,
you’ll go tomorrow, you’ll take money from her father
and come back. I’m scared, boy. Didn’t I talk to him on phone bravely? You talked bravely on phone,
if you go personally, you’ll lose heart. I’ll take care of the child,
you collect the ransom. I’ll take care of the child,
you collect the ransom. No fights, let’s toss coin
to decide as usual. Anyway you’re going to collect ransom. Elders suggested tossing coin
to decide such things. You go. Let’s do a rehearsal of collecting ransom. You*re great. I’m the girl’s father,
come, let’s do a trial. Watch my act now, I’ll shock you. Hello sir! Did you bring money? Hey mad man, what are you doing there?
Come out I say! If I come out, won’t he recognise my face? Hey you, come out. Did you bring money? Why are you ruining the scene? If we act like this,
he’ll know we’re novices. Do it stylishly, cool and effectively. Like me! Watch now! Did you bring money? Show me. Look Sakthi, how much money! If we get so much money,
no need to stay in this slum. We can live happily in foreign. Why did you tell the name of our area? I used only the area name,
did I tell him we live in Nehru street? We’ll get caught, don’t play games. Nothing…they’re feeling hungry, me too! Shall we have dinner and
carry on the rehearsal? I’m also feeling hungry,
come, let’s go. She’s sleeping all the time,
she’s not raising any alarm. Don’t worry about her,
drive carefully, I’ll take care. Does she fear us or not? Watch the road…
fear makes you go silent. Who is that? Catch him, Sakthi! Who the hell are you, man? Tell me the fare, I want to go quickly. Calm down. Madam, you look like a
police officer in this dress. Who are you guys? I’m Ramesh….
– Suresh. Where are you going? We’re going to shorten
my father’s loincloth… Tell me the truth.
Where are you going? Marriage…
– Death… Madam, bride didn’t like the groom,
so she hanged herself to death. So, a marriage function turned
into mourning house. Don’t know what to do, madam! It happened suddenly, madam. What are you blabbering?
Are you drunk? No madam, to tell you the truth,
we’re going for a drink now. Go away.
– Thanks, madam. Buddy, she saw her, go fast! Gag the girl properly. She saw her. Go fast….faster… Run…run…run… Stop or else I’ll shoot! Who are you guys? Who is that girl? Come here, dear. What is your name? I’m hungry! Shall I get cake piece from bakery? You kidnapped her, right?
Don’t you’ve sense to buy food for her? Infact we were going to have food, madam. How much ransom you demanded
from her parents? We asked Rs.500, madam. For haircut and shaving. We too are hungry,
thrash us after having food. Please madam, start the vehicle. Madam, if you switch on FM radio…
– I’ll thrash you now. Wake him up! Greetings madam! Got anything to eat?
– Yes, serve madam, boys. Greetings madam, please sit here. Grace of madam! Free food. I’m feeling sleepy, sister.
– You can sleep, eat first. Free us to eat freely, madam.
– Shut and eat silently. Buddy, I think madam didn’t
watch film ‘Myna’. Eat well now,
we’ll get only millet balls in jail. You asked me to eat but
taking away my share too. Get me some gravy!
– I’ll bring, brother. Two Kaldosa, Vadakari..hot Boty… We don’t serve all that, brother. Get it from next shop,
what else work you’ve here? Where’s the gravy I asked? What else do you have? At least egg? Get at least thick dosa, I’m telling him
and he’s ignoring me. Useless bugger! Where is she? Police! Then, she…? She’s running away! Catch her! Stop, you fraud woman! Come fast…hit her with a stick.
Stop… Hey, you fraudster! Stop, you fraudster! Stop! You’re a cheat, is the gun real? Call her father! Call now! Listen carefully! If you want your daughter alive, come tomorrow
to the place we tell with Rs.50 lakhs. Rs.50 lakhs? If you go to police,
you won’t get your daughter alive. Look, let’s share the ransom 50-50.
Okay? You asked him Rs.50 lakhs,
how can we both get 50 each? Trying to cheat us? 25 lakhs to you and 25 lakhs for me.
– 25! There’s a garage nearby, let’s go there. She’s a fraud.
– Let’s go. Walk carefully,
there are snakes around here. You’re also a cheat?
Why not free us? Are you joking? Let money arrive tomorrow,
I’ll think about it then. How far we’ve to walk, madam? We’ve to walk,
will you please keep quiet? Are you married, madam? Why? Will you arrange my marriage? Open the door. I know an eligible bachelor,
who is always with me. That’s why… This side. Whose house is this, madam?
– My brother’s house. Won’t he come here? He would be an army man. Look at her, she’s sleeping like a log. Why are you tearing good cloth? What are you doing? She does everything perfectly. Tie the rope tightly. Tell me, what number this is? I don’t want it, madam.
I’ll close my eyes. I’ll hit you. Why did blindfold us?
– I’m changing dress. Did you see her?
– I did. Changed the dress? There was a police woman here,
where is she? Bloody rascal! I’ll kill you. Why not just say, it’s you! Sir, got the signal from this area. We can catch them….go…go… You didn’t invite me for
the marriage also… Go away, boy! Sakthi, pick up the gun. Pick it. Get up…get up… Get up! Get up! Give the keys. Give the keys! What happened to you? Give it to me. Sleep… He got lost in sleep. I said go to sleep. If you behave like this,
I’ll not give your share of Rs.25 lakhs. No, madam. Let’s go for a leak. Come I say! Sakthi, wait a second. Hey you, get up! Why are you disturbing my wife? I’ll shoot in your mouth. Get up…get up…
or else I’ll shoot you. Spent a nice time with you… Shut up and go to sleep. You must get tea tomorrow morning. Sakthi, key is her pocket, right? Okay, buddy. Look, how swift he’s now! What? You may be very tired, I’ll get the keys. No need, I’ll take the keys. No, I’ll take it.
– No, I will. I will take out the key.
– I’ll shoot you, Thupakki. I’ll take it out.
– No away, let’s toss the coin. Coin is missing! We mustn’t find the coin. Come on, get up guys!
– I’ll take out the keys! The girl is missing!
– Girl is missing?! Free us! We’ll both go this side,
you go that side. Baby….baby….baby…. Are you hiding here, Baby? Baby…Baby….I’m your brother,
tell me, where are you hiding? Did you find her? Where are you, man? Baby, you ruined all our plans. Where are you, Sakthi? Found her?
– No. You didn’t tell me,
what tree this is? What are you thinking, buddy? What if she goes away with girl
after letting us search for her? You’re right, let*s go. We misjudged her. What misjudgement?
Look at her face! We lost Rs.5 lakhs for her. We would’ve got at least Rs.5 lakhs.
– Mad girl! Baby, give the gun to brother.
I’ll load it and return. We can play police and robber game.
Give me, please. Baby, Deepavali is quite long away. Please don’t take me to that man! Why? He’s not my father. Who are your parents then? My name is Anitha. When I was a little girl, my father looked after me
and my mother very well. My father and mother loved me so much. My father suddenly died
after suffering an heart attack. We didn’t have any relatives. We were struggling for food also. My mother came to Chennai with me. My mother struggled very hard
to send me to school. One fine day…. Sir, please buy kerchief. No need.
– Just Rs.10 only, sir. Mother, look there,
he’s taking photograph. Keep quiet, Rs.10 only for two, sir.
– No, please. I’ve ladies kerchiefs too,
we’re in the sun since morning, sir. Sir, one photo please! Is photo good? Mother, signal is red there,
I’ll go there. Anitha, stop….don’t run.
Don’t run, Anitha. Stop! Stop! Mother! Mother! Mother, get up… Mother! Sir…orphan’s dead body… Mother! Madam…God bless you, madam! I’ve to take the body to village
to cremate it. Please donate generously! Sir…donate for a dead woman! Must take the body to village
to cremate it, sir. Donate generously, sir! Sir! Sir! Orphan’s dead body, sir. No money to cremate also, sir. Sir, I must take the body
to village to cremate it. Take it. I want that girl. Get up, mother! Mother! Don’t touch it, it’ll stink! Sir! How long will you take?
I’m getting late. I’ll not come. Mother! Mother…mother…. Look at them, mother! Mother! I’m sacred, mother.
– Don’t worry, he’ll take good care of you. Is it sour to go in car? Leave me, I’ll not go. Go…
– I want to garland mother’s body. Don’t cry, you want to garland mother, right? We can come back for it.
Okay? Hi dear! Look, what all I’ve bought for you! I want to garland mother. Want to garland mother, okay. But I’ve a condition for it.
You must come out with me. You must be happy and keep smiling. I don’t want injection, I’m afraid. He took me in flight and
if a surgery is done on me. I was waiting for an opportunity
to escape from him. But these two guys kidnapped me. When that man takes me out anywhere,
I was really scared, sister. I want to garland my mother’s grave, sister. Don’t harm me, sister. Sister! Hey, open the door!
Who is inside? Open the door. Police! Will you open the door or not? Open the door! They’re not police,
they traced us using the cell phone. Let’s enter from backside. Open the door….
Open the door! Pick it up! Don’t hit me…don’t hit me… You said just boys, they’re having gun. Gun? Shoot them with their gun. Give the phone to the girl. Hey talk to him. Talk to him. I said talk to him.
Talk to him. I’m warning you to leave the child. The girl who warned you,
run a bullet through her forehead. Okay, sir. How dare! Do you want to leave Rs.10 crore
worth material so easily? Brother, liquor bottle. Leave it.
You may drink it. What nonsense this is? Why are you laughing? I’ll kill you. Who is he? Don’t leave her! You go away with the child. Catch her, she’s running away. You run! Go…go… Go! Come quickly! Come quickly! Come…come…come… Are you back? They managed to escape, sir. What the hell! How?
– They escaped in your vehicle. You let them escape and
gave them a vehicle also. Inform all the boys in business,
order them to nab those boys. One more thing, I don’t mind if the
little girl dies, she must be here at any cost. Cut the call. Start it
– It’s not starting. Come…come… Supply only what I order.
Don’t listen to him. He’s a mad man. Old man, you’re torturing me for long time,
you want coffee or tea? Coffee for me and tea for him. Don’t talk to me like you talk to him. You’re saying him, who is that guy? Look, I’m different from him. Whatever you may be,
you asked for tea, right? Take your tea. Tea for him and coffee for me. With very less sugar. Where is he? Call him.
I’ll make him drink myself. He’s inside me.
– Inside you? – Yes. Why are you confusing me? Have tea and leave the place. Take it. This is coffee, right?
– It’s tea. Give it without his knowledge,
I’ll drink it.. It was bad omen to see my wife’s
face today on waking up. Your vehicle is going away. Let it go, it’s his vehicle anyway. Oh no, my vehicle…
Don’t go…stop….my vehicle… Run away! Please come back, mother. Who else do I’ve in this
world other than you? Where am I to go, mother? Anitha, we’re there for you. I’ll bring down the moon…
add sheen to it… I’ll fill it with my life and
present it to you… I’ll make a bed of foam
from sea waves… I’ll admire the beauty of
my sleeping little angel on it… You’re a cloud in the sky…
wind will caress you… Flowers would pray to God
for your long and happy life… You’re my life and breathe…
you’re the nectar of my life… Vast world is open for you…
why are you so sad, my angel? You’re the painting I love the most…
You’re an epic poem of silence… You’re my world… There’s no place for death
or fear in your life… My life turned meaningful
after meeting you… My dear…my darling,
I’m your mother with a moustache… It’s delightful poem
when you started walking… The moment you leave my life,
it’ll be the end of it… They have neared us,
I’m sure they’ll definitely catch us. Because she’s worth Rs.10 crores. Before they catch and torture us,
we must take it out. That will be safe for us. Is it so easy to take it out life a zip? We need a doctor for it. We’re kidnapping a doctor. What? Kidnap a doctor? Okay….we’re kidnapping! Okay. An elderly man is coming,
ask him the way to nearest hospital. Is it ice vehicle? Hello sir! Who is it? What’s it? Why did you smear cow dung on your body? Cow dung? It is sandalwood, boy! Tell me, where’s the nearest
hospital here, brother? Why did you ask like that? Only he knows all such things.
– Who? Even if police, they’ll meet him first. Even if Collector comes,
he’ll also meet him first. Even if military comes,
they’ll meet him first to ask address. Because only he knows everything. When he walks tall….
entire village would revere him! We too, sir. Don’t talk to him casually
like you did with me. Talk to him with respect. Is this enough?
– No, much more. Is this enough? Who is he, sir?
– It’s me! Why did you do like that? It’s a matter of shame! Please, father..please…
– No, if anyone sees, they’ll scold me. Please, father… I’ll give a great pose next time,
I’ll remove the coat now. Please father, I want to show the
photo to my school friends. Please father! Okay, take a snap quickly. I told you to laugh like a doctor,
you’re laughing like a dacoit. Laugh like a good man, father. Got it, dear? Yes….bye, father. Baby, phones are not allowed in school. Go carefully, dear.
– Bye, father. Who is it? Is it concealed on his back too? Who are you guys? Jokers! Why did you kidnap me? It was wrong to kidnap you,
if you want hit us, doctor. But please listen to me with patience. Something is concealed on her back
to smuggle it into India, doctor. If we remove and return it,
the girl’s life will not be in danger. We kidnapped you to take it out.
Please doctor, save the girl. Doctor, please help me. If you help me, doctor,
God would surely help you. Dear, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a helper
in doing post mortems in mortuary. These guys are… What you did is big crime? Is Govt. staff so simple for you? But still I’ll help for this baby. Doctor is not in town now. He’s on a pilgrimage to Sabarimalai. You go to Semmalai along with the girl. I’ll inform doctor on phone. Find way to Thamaramalai and
Semmalai is nearby. He’s very good doctor,
he’ll take care of everything. Thank you, doctor. He said he’s not a doctor. Leave it, let her call as she wishes. My daughter too is just like her. She called me doctor and
made me wear this coat, to take photo and
brought me to this situation. What’s your daughter’s name, doctor? Pavithra, she’ll be of your age. May I ask a riddle? Can you get answer from Pavithra
and tell me? There were 10 parrots on a tree. A man shot at the birds. 9 parrots flew away,
but one didn’t fly away, why? Why?
– I don’t know why! Because it was dead parrot. Sending desire in the wind… Make a bed of flowers… Who is that? What’s up, madam? You don’t worry, dear… Come out…who is it?
– Who is it? It’s Karthavarayan! Who is that?
They would’ve hit my vehicle. Please talk and manage them, brother. Don’t worry. Open the door….come out. What?
– Don’t get angry, sir. Hit your vehicle unwittingly. Are you a doctor? Sir, sorry…sir… Your daughter?
– Yes, sir. Say sorry. Hit you unwittingly, sir. Sweet baby! I’m sparing because of you.
Go…go… Okay, sir. Tell me, brother. Why take so long to answer my call? My car got hit by another vehicle. Don’t tell silly reasons like kids
about car hits. Do you’ve sense? Unknown three men have kidnapped
the girl who was with me. Unknown three men have kidnapped
the girl who was with me. Two boys and a girl. Rs.10 crore worth diamonds are
concealed in her body. They kidnapped her without
knowing the matter. I’ll send you the girl’s photo,
I don’t know what you do, I want the girl. You send the photo, don’t worry,
I’ll find her wherever she may be. Rs.10 crores! What are you saying, brother? Rs.10 crores is going away!
Start the vehicle! Flat tyre, brother,
taken the tyre for vulcanizing. Oh no, Rs.10 crores is
going away saying sorry. Madam, please stop near the road corner. I’ll catch a bus to my place.
My daughter will be alone. Uncle, tell Pavithra I inquired about her. Okay, dear. You don’t worry,
God will not let you down. Okay. He’s here, brother.
– Stop. Where are you going away? Where’s the girl in the van? I don’t know, sir. Give me the stick, you don’t know? Where is she? Tell me. I swear I don’t know, sir. Shall we finish him, brother? Kill him. If you don’t tell the truth,
I’ll kill…. No need of it, I’ll tell you the truth. They’re going for a surgery
near Semmalai. We’ll do the surgery, you go. Come on, boys. Look at his face! Buy a bottle of liquor on the way,
only then we can travel well. God, they must meet the doctor
before these men find them. Tell me. Don’t worry, brother.
We found them. Come to the place I’ll tell you. Don’t spare them.
I’m coming. Please come here. Which way to go to temple festival?
This way or that way? Take this road, go straight,
you’ll hit uphill, after going down the hill,
20 kilometers from there. How to reach Thamaramalai? If you go straight in this road
without any turn, you’ll find a lake,
take right there.- Okay. Is it? Sister, please stop for a minute. What? Brother on bike has
my mother’s photo, sister. I want to see my mother’s photo, sister. What are you saying? Please turn back the vehicle. Why the van is going reverse? Van is drunk! Please come here. What’s it, madam? A man asked you address, right?
– A biker. Where is he heading to? Do you’ve any personal wish, buddy? I do, buddy.
– What’s it, buddy? A lonely mountain! Green grasslands all over the place! Chill breeze! Milky waterfalls… Crystal clean water is rushing like glass… Carry on… Colourful fishes are swimming in it… Buddy! White rabbits here and there. Spotted Deer jumping around. Colourful flowers! In a place filled with fragrance. In a fragrant place? I’m alone…
– Alone? That girl too… Don’t shout, rabbits may get scared. What are you talking about?
Flat tyre, remove the wheel. Sakthi, I’ve another wish also… Fool! If you talk about
mountain, waterfalls…. I’ll break your face. He gets angry on hearing my wish. Film inauguration! He? Black Tavakalai! Oh no, is he the next hero? You made fun of me. Turned serious scene into comedy. Golden chain is fake… Film note is fake… Gave a jerk… I’m always top… Hey you, monkey! You cheated us by showing currency notes. You black tortoise! Hit him…break his goggles. Not stone is hitting him,
his slippery head is saving him. Where’s cow dung? Rip off the poster, buddy. How did you get a stick? Buddy, mark left by our hit, right? Isn’t he acting perfectly
as if nothing happened? Bloody! Brother, you told sister you hit a car mirror. As if you’re a judge!
Bloody! They’re running away, catch them. Brother, no use in catching them. Rs.10 crore worth material is going away. Yes, brother. Sethu is right. Take this for as drink… They picked my pocket. Rs.10 crores, brother…10 crores…
– Rs.10 crores?!- Yes, brother. Anyway you’ll come to my area, right? I’ll come for you. Rs.10 crores1 Brother…brother… Brother…. Can you remember me? You took our photo near signal,
my mother died in a car accident. Do you’ve that photo? Please give me, brother. That’s the only photo I have
with my mother. If I can see my mother,
it is possible only by you, brother. I’ve attached all that day’s
photos in my mail, if you stay here tonight,
I’ll give prints tomorrow morning. Come tomorrow to see your mother, okay? Thank you, brother. What are you doing? Petty shop man said no stock
of mosquito coils. So, I’m drawing coil to chase mosquitoes. Okay buddy, good night. Don’t you’ve mother and father, Thupakki? Baby, that’s a long story. Would I’ve a son or daughter, Swamy? You’ll have a son, Muruga. Do you know God of Death
resides on his tongue? The moment the child calls
a relative by relationship, that relative will die instantly. What are you saying, Swamy? If he calls grandpa, grandpa would die. If he calls grandma, grandma would die. If he calls mother, mother would die. Not only that if he calls father,
father would die. Muruga, you’ve a son! My dear…my darling… My darling… Say father! Say father! Aren’t you my darling? You’ve a prince like son. When it grows and calls you as father… You would die! Because when my grew up
and called me father, I died and was reborn again. Darling, say mother! Say mother! What are you looking at? Say mother! Mother! Few days after my mother’s death,
my grandparents came to see me. Look, something is sticking
on child’s mouth. Mother-in-law, please don’t remove it. My dear…my darling… I’m going to Madras leaving this place. What about the work here? I’ll do the same work in Madras
as undertaker. Then, who would do your work here? I hardly get any work here. Early I had work at least once a week. I hardly get work yearly once only.
What can I do here? I must run a family, right?
– Say grandpa! Say grandma! You say grandpa…let me see. One of them would die,
finish the work and go. Say grandma, dear. Grandma! Grandpa! Both? Start playing! Take it out! My sister who was your wife is dead. My parents who came
to see you are also dead. So?
– Who do I have now? I’m planning to marry. I came to take the dowry given
to my sister. Your uncle is here, dear. Say uncle! Say uncle…
– Say uncle, dear… Say uncle! Say uncle! I’m asking you to tell…
– Uncle! I said uncle crying. Uncle! I grew up little! The sinner who gagged my mouth,
he tied my hands now. One fine day… Hey son, look your father has
bought a balloon for you. Where did he go away? I untied myself. Father! Hubby! You left me! Father! Army man was very fine,
but he died suddenly. Why did he die? Are you suspecting me? Suspect me! You committed a sin, Sivagami! Broken after knowing the truth,
my father left me forever. Why did your father’s neighbour died? You can’t understand that, go to sleep. Don’t you’ve anyone? My mother! When I was an infant, she rolled me in a yellow cloth
and left me in a goods train, the train stopped in a slum, a good hearted woman
picked and raised me. she gave me a fond name also… Vijay?
– No, it must be Surya. Deva’s men would’ve searched
for you, right? Don’t believe him. I’m drying my clothes on this tape only. I know this story.
– Don’t get caught. You’ll get a thrashing, go to sleep. She’s not sleeping, but asking questions. Don’t you’ve anyone? Late night, right? Feeling sleepy, right?
Come, let’s sleep. Won’t you do as your brother says? We’ve chosen to be robbers. Inspector is our accomplice.
Adjust with him. He wants you also along with bribe. How long can you live on stealing cars? No…I’m a police officer. Return my uniform and gun.
What’s this, man? No, that is department gun.
Return it to him. Won’t you listen to me? You’ve become a pimp of your sister,
aren’t you ashamed of it? No! Why take so long to answer the call? Okay…okay… What is our son doing?
Is he asleep? I’ve bought cricket bat for him.
– Isn’t it like our friend’s voice? Is he playing with it? Did you’ve dinner? Yes. Would I be in Dubai only? I would in Hong Kong by morning,
I’ll buy a Kangaroo, taking a U-turn, I’ll visit USA,
return after visiting England. What can I do? I’m getting
transferred every day! Okay. How long I’ve been asking for a necklace? Am I not interested to buy for you? Have we rented the upstairs
to Buddha and Vivekananda? Both are crooks and robbers. So, I’ve saved entire savings
in one place. I’ll bring it entire money at a time.
Give me a kiss now, my dear. Shall I kiss you now? Hey buddy! What am I to say now? Sit down! Who are you, man? Are you asking me, who am I? He’s trying to talk, lips are moving,
beard is moving, but no voice. What’s his problem? Are you making fun of him?
– Kulfi ice? It is sold down there. You lied to your wife about
working in Dubai. Are you selling balloons near a temple? Speak! Can’t you hear me?
– Talk loudly, please. He’s irritating me.
Hit him, Sakthi. He’s down with serious disease,
he’s smart with curly hair. Couldn’t you’ve consulted a doctor
in his young age? Buddy! Boss, blood on your lips. Go to hospital. I’ll mind my business. You go! Call his wife now. 9Why are you standing here?
Go! Can you recognise us now? My darlings! I can forgive for lying about
working in Dubai. But you sent a Sheikh’s dress
for your father-in-law. I can forgive you for that. It was for the love I’ve
for my father-in-law. Enough of your tales, I’m feeling sleepy,
let’s talk tomorrow morning. Sleep! Did you kidnap such a big child? Not that girl but this girl. Will you sleep now? Mosquitoes are biting here,
can I sleep next to the senior girl? You can sleep but before that
I’ll ask permission from Saroja. No…no…I’ll sleep here only. Sleep here with your tail between legs! Buddies! I’m flying away from you. Bloody rascal! I’m ready to get thrashed by my wife
rather than die with a bullet with you. If you wanted to run away,
you could’ve told us, right? You left a note on balloon. Don’t search for me.
I’m going home. I’ll tell the truth to your wife. Useless bugger! What are you doing there? If we see a crow, we must rap on head
or else someone would slap us. You too do it. Have you also gone mad along
with your uncle? Don’t you’ve sense?
I’m changing dress, right? What are you looking at?
Go, man! I told you, right? Why are you so angry? You’ve been slapping
ever since we got into the jeep. I opened the door unwittingly,
how many times should I get slapped? Do you know how painful it is? Look at my cheeks,
how red it has turned! I’m tolerating everything for you only. Did any honeybee sting your head? You’re lamenting alone here. Buddy, she’s always slapping me! Such arrogant girls become so soft
once some man marries them. Instead of someone else marrying her,
what if I marry her? Give me your hand,
congratulation….go…go… Lord with my hairstyle,
save him from that girl. Nothing….I want to ask you something. I’ll finish her first and
then I’ll do it for you. Not that. Baby is orphan, you too are! I’m also an orphan. I want to marry you and
give a new life to you. I can marry him but not you. Why did you say you can marry him
but not this man? What did she tell you? What did she tell you, dear? That is… I’ll not tell..I’ll not tell… You’re my darling, right? Tell me, please…
– Don’t tell him. Please tell me quickly. My mother’s photo! Mother! Mother! Sister….sister… Mother! Did you see how beautiful my mother is? Come….my dear come… Look, who is here! Boys from our area! Who? Sakthi and Thupakki! Who is she?
The girl in jeans very beautiful! I thought dreaded goons would come. I came with weapons too. But you’ve come. Normally, you used to be petty thieves. Why did you go for diamonds? Do you know from you kidnapped the girl? International criminal, he smuggles diamonds
by concealing it inside human bodies. Not the body worn but children’s body. You’re infact very smart
to kidnap the girl from him. Okay, leave the elder and
younger girls here and go away. I’m scared, brother. Don’t get scared, dear,
uncle has bought tom-tom for you. Elder girl, I’ve something different for you. We can’t give the girl, get lost.
– What? Yes, you duck mouth!
– Duck mouth? Bash that loose tongue! Catch them! Start the vehicle! Super brother! Greetings, brother! Sister! Sister! Sister! She changed our life, please leave her.
Poor girl! Harm us, but poor little girl, brother. Leave the little girl, brother. You want diamonds, right? We came here to take it out
and give you. For God’s sake, leave the child. Brother, you take that girl,
I’ll take care of this girl. No….leave her….leave her… Go away! Come, let’s go! Sir, they’re coming! Catch them! Boys love you so much! Sister! Sister, come quickly! Go! Do you want to go to them?
– I’ll go. Do you want to go? Do you want to go? Go….go….go… How dare! Go quickly…go quickly! Go quickly! Open the boot! Bloody rascal! Did you kill her? Mustn’t spare him for killing a child. Take right turn! Go this side…go… No, don’t take the diamond! Anitha, stop…don’t run! Stop! Had my mother been alive,
I wouldn’t be facing all these troubles. He couldn’t have kidnapped me. Is she still alive?
She’s alive! Go to hospital. Sir, I’m in hospital,
I’ll call after post mortem is done. Who are they?
Relatives of the dead man?- Yes. Were they such good men? How many are done?
– Finished, last one is underway. Gang war, they shot each other, sir. Watch out! Catch it, Thupakki. You catch it. Your vehicle was not taken
by humans but four aliens. Aliens? Just now I’m out of asylum! Again? How dare you call us aliens!

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