Kaala Koothu Tamil Full Movie | Prasanna | Kalaiyarasan | Dhansika | Srushti Dange

Kaala Koothu Tamil Full Movie | Prasanna | Kalaiyarasan | Dhansika | Srushti Dange

‘Antics Of Time’ ‘Bharathiyar, Boys Higher
Secondary School, Madurai – 2’ ‘Write down this formula’ It’s zero Not zero, 6 Hey! Don’t cheat Why are you fooling me? I saw the page number ‘Only if you concentrate, you can
become a doctor or an engineer’ If you continue like this… …you can only serve ‘chutney’
in your mother’s eatery! Don’t giggle
I mean you too Understood?
Listen carefully Fine, I accept I’m out
Your turn No need
Let’s listen to him Only then we can be
well settled in life Madcap! If this man
had really studied well… …he should be a doctor
or engineer, right? He’s himself a dunce, no wonder
he ended up as a teacher here If he can get a job
you think we can’t? ‘True’ Sir…sir? Good morning, sir Yes…? – Which is grade 6-C?
– ‘This is the classroom’ This is my grandson
He has joined school today Please keep an eye on him Get inside As if we don’t have enough oafs
one more to the lot, huh? He seems really pathetic
Don’t rag him, let him be I’ll take leave, sir ‘City life, different from
life in a village-‘ When you rub both together
you realize the- [school bell rings] You brought ‘idli’, huh? What have you got? Curd rice I feel like eating some more If that’s so, you have no other go
but to steal the teachers’ lunch! Get that
Let’s eat Why aren’t you eating?
I’m asking you Don’t want, huh? Help yourself to it [school bell rings] ‘I won’t join you
to play this evening’ ‘- Why?
– Tomorrow is my birthday’ ‘I have to buy a dress
and chocolates’ Jolly! Buy Èclair candies That’s too expensive
My father will never buy it for me He’ll buy only cheap candies – Yuck!
– Will you eat only Èclairs? Not like that Let me drop you We’ll keep talking
and walk to school Okay, then go in time
safe and sound How does he know you? He squealed on us, huh?
About eating his lunch? They have moved into the house
that was locked next to mine He is an orphan My mother wanted us
to befriend him Make him our friend
and what do we do? ‘Don’t grab
Take just 1’ Everyone gets 1 candy
You can’t take more than that Hey! Mind you
Only 1 candy Take Take a candy
Today is his birthday He must be a loony case His parents must have preferred
to die than bring him up I think Let me go
You’re hurting me It’s paining
Don’t…let me go Stop fighting Get up [school bell rings] Sir, are you looking
for your grandson? He left long ago – He bashed up his classmate
– What do you mean? The teacher punished him He ran out as soon as
the school bell rang ‘Go…go home’ Why are you hanging around here? He’s the one Why did you hit my son? Can’t you hear me?
I asked you a question Why did you hit him? Answer me Sir, why are you scolding him? What did you do, huh? ‘What happened in school?
Unless you tell how will we know?’ What happened, Hari’s amma? He bashed up my son’s face
in a brawl in school He isn’t the kind to be violent So you think!
Look at my son’s face We are bringing him back from
hospital, that too on his birthday Is it your birthday, my child? Today is his birthday too ‘He didn’t even wear
the new shirt I got him’ ‘Why should we talk to you?’ Call his parents Why are you?
Ask his parents to come here Call them Bro, his parents are dead Why did you hit him? Hereafter both of you
shouldn’t fight, alright? Whatever it is tell this ‘amma’ Okay? Let’s go Kids will sort it out by themselves See you ‘- No one reprimanded you in school?
– They made him kneel down’ ‘Boys, repeat what I say now’ ‘Okay, sir’ ‘In the olden days’ ‘In a village’ 2 friends lived next to each other Tell me Hari, get your bag Okay, sir How can you alone escape? You listen to this man
boring us to death ‘Why did you leave me and go, ma?’ Go…go away Get lost! [school bell rings] “Like clouds unfailing
in the skies sailing” “We’ll walk hand in hand
On our journey in this land” “What other strife
will they face in life?” “Who has the answer though?
2 little lives yearn to know” “As shade from sun’s scorching rays” “As an umbrella when it rains” “Who will come to our aid in this place?” “To be comforted by a shoulder” “As a pal and partner forever” “Only this true kinship
A golden gift of friendship” “No assurances anticipated” “Not even a tad disappointed” “God in our journey
will determine our destiny” “Like clouds colliding
in gray skies joyriding” “On this land we’ll stride
Hand in hand alongside” “Who befriends whom here
based on circumstances peculiar” “Bonds tighten to adhere” “Whatever fate unwritten
who is to preach unbidden?” “Is this a shadow
or truth’s halo?” “Tears or smiles, in unity
Go hand in hand 50-50” “Wonder who taught this
A new decree it is” “Ties of kinship a million
Kindred spirits a zillion” “All these fade in comparison” “This friendship is enough
Hardship we faced however tough” [mobile rings] Hello, anna I’m very much at home What is the matter? ‘Oh my God! Okay, bro
We’ll go’ Hema? – What, pa?
– I have to go for a funeral Ask your ‘sleepy joe’ brother
to drop you in school I’ll pick you up in the evening If necessary,
you take my vehicle ‘- Bro…anna?
– Pccht!’ – What…?
– Please drop me in school Why? What is he doing? He has to attend a funeral it seems So he asked me
to go with you Which fellow kicked the bucket
in the morning? – Get ready, we’ll go
– I am ready You get out of bed, bro Do you let a man sleep
peacefully in this house? My old man is going out
somewhere it seems I must drop Hema at school Leave the bike outside I have left home – Hema…?
– ‘Coming, bro’ Let’s go Bro, appa asked us
to take his vehicle This old rattletrap? No one in this world
will ride it other than him You’ll be better off walking! Zip your lips and come – Had breakfast, bro?
– Not yet Don’t go anywhere I’ll come and drop you – Bye, bro
– Take care Teasing these young girls Do you have a heart at all? ‘Get lost, nosey parker’ Who is that fellow?
He is spoiling for a fight I’m unable to hook his sister Leave it, as if she can
elude us forever ‘We’ll tackle her then’ ‘This is Muthu, where are you?’ – Where are you?
– ‘I’ve come to the college shop’ You stay there I’ll drop Easwaran,
get refreshed and come Give me a cigarette, bro Snuff your cigarette
Your girl is watching, right? So what?! She was staring daggers at you You continue to smoke! You are up to all the mischief and
then you blame her shamelessly That’s the joy of wooing Otherwise there’s no spice! Forget that, in another few minutes,
your girl will show up promptly Looks like this girl has bribed
the Corporation for a speed breaker! – Okay, bye
– See you ‘Friend, how about tea?’ ‘Friend, how about tea?’ I must go home and eat, see you Bye, da Stop…stop…please I need to talk to you Go, if someone sees us
you’ll get into trouble Please, bro What…?
Make it fast Er…I want to…say You love him
That’s it, right? Express your love to him Why squirm in front of me? I get all jittery
the moment I see him You must help- Should I love him instead of you? Okay, go I’ll talk to him tonight But it is his decision totally Just like you stopped me today… …do the same and
find out how he feels If he turns you down
you shouldn’t pester him, okay? Get going Bro…? Bonus, huh? Are you a student of this college? – No
– Then what brings you here? Same work as yours Get up
Sarcasm, huh? Better clear out Go without turning back Come here If you wish to come here,
you must listen to me Go and get 2 peanut candies
and a cigarette for me 1 cigarette, bro You could’ve asked for
peanut candies and cigarette earlier Are you showing off? What the hell…? You’ll get it from me one day Clear out now Go Ragging juniors like this! Bro, give me a cigarette I was waiting for you
and feeling so bored Just to kill time
I was having some fun You…were ragging them? Then what? They ridiculed you
Such a gasbag you are! I’ll be back Hey! You go home Did you study well? Don’t talk to me Hey, for what? What is it now? I saw you like a goon
in a ‘lungi’ and cigarette in hand Only if you wake up, shower and
look for a job, you’ll find one You think they’ll come home
looking for you? All your classmates are working Aren’t you ashamed? If that is so, you should
feel ashamed too – What about me?
– Your classmates have… …a baby in their arm
and pregnant with another You’re still loitering
with a note in hand If you had listened to me,
we could’ve had 4 babies by now Even now it isn’t too late Are you ready? Why did I even start this? I’ll punch your face Getting angry? Okay, forget it – Better come tonight
– Where to? I told you last week Our temple festival and 1st time
I’ve taken a vow Do you even remember that? Don’t whine, I’ll come What time should I be there? 8:30…come at 9
It should be fine Okay, see you You’ll come
without delaying? We’ll come
You leave now – Where to?
– I believe some festival in her area Does it mean tonight is cancelled? It’s enough if we go
at 9 it seems – We can handle that
– Okay Tell me – Would Pandi have left by now?
– Yes, ‘ka – Will you call him?
– Is he a kid or what? This won’t work
I’ll tell you what to do Akka wants to talk to you Have you left,
my dear brother? – I’m leaving now
– Come before it gets dark – Drive carefully
– Don’t worry, akka ‘Okay, talk to you later’ – Hello, uncle
– Come, my dear – How are you?
– I am good – Hi
– Aunt Kayal sweety pie
Gautam darling How are you? Where’s akka? ‘- She’s inside
– Making coffee, Gayathri’ How are you, my dear? I am fine, grandpa Take blessings from grandpa It’s alright, dear Bless you with love and laughter – Freshen up and come, child
– Okay, grandpa Where’s appa? In the temple
making arrangements – Listen
– Please sit When does Gayathri finish her studies? By end of April or May, pa As soon as she completes,
we must get her married to Pandi Pandi is getting older by the day Sure, pa We will do as you please – Get it fast, okay?
– Sure [whistles] – When did you come?
– Just now Wait I asked Muthu to get some booze
We’ll have a shot and go – So soon?
– Festival in Gayathri’s area She has invited all of us We’ll guzzle it down and go That’s a temple festival Then why booze now?
We can drink tomorrow Don’t be silly Are we carrying out the vow? We’ll just stand in a corner
and watch the show She won’t even come close to us! Her whole family will be with her She won’t even notice us So no problem at all [folk music] – Where did you buy it?
– Anbu’s shop Talking of Anbu’s shop,
I remember That councillor’s son stands there
and teases all the girls who walk past One day we should
break open his skull Only then he’ll fall in line First open the bottle You’ll get one tight slap from me You wanted us to
have a quick shot That’s why I hurried ‘This is our offering to the Almighty’ ‘After the prayer
the ritual commences’ ‘Pray to Goddess Shakti’ ‘Praise be to Goddess Shakti’ ‘Make way for the ladies’ ‘Menfolk, stop hovering around’ ‘Move aside’ Okay, what have you decided? About what? That girl who stands daily
and looks at you soulfully You must take a decision, right? What can we do? She’s just having fun
Don’t take it seriously She isn’t fooling around She stopped me on the way
after I dropped you What does she want? You must say
‘yes’ or ‘no’, right? She wanted me to ask you What do you want me to say? Don’t you like that girl being happy? If she flips for me,
you want her also to die? What are you trying to say? Didn’t you get it? If someone cares for me,
they have to die That’s the pattern
from my childhood Don’t talk like you’re a seer I’m there for you Does it mean I’ll die? If you don’t shut my mouth, will I die? There is so much more to face Even if I die… …you cannot live If I die, you have to die
immediately, no other go You can’t escape, buddy Tomorrow morning
that girl will ask you If you like her, say yes
We can handle it Pour me a drink Let’s go soon, otherwise
she will yell and make me deaf! Dance to your tune! Stop it…enough Don’t disperse One more beat
Allow us to dance ‘Let the procession begin’ Goddess Shakti
Only you must save everyone Let us leave Hey, wait He’s asking you to stop Just walk along with me
I’ll handle him Can’t you stop
when I ask you to? What is your problem now? Who are you?
What do you want? Who…huh? Don’t act pricey After last night, I don’t
even know your name – Shut up and leave
– What do you mean? Ask all the flowers
in your garden, my dear Ask every single grill
in your window, my girl Ask your coconut branches
right now, sweetheart They will sing only my name! Your gift of the gab
can’t pacify me – What is she saying?
– She’s soooper mad at me Why…? All because of you You got me piss drunk If we danced without even
being aware, what can we do? Did our feet dance? Don’t we have to respect
the booze that went in? Explain this to her properly If we booze, our body will dance
and make merry automatically She’s well educated
Doesn’t she know even this? Wonder what they teach in her college! I’ll give you one tight rap Don’t bug me
get me a cigarette Okay, fine ‘Bro, 2 cigarettes please’ Don’t come 1 minute What is the time? 5’o clock 5, huh? You told me, why wait?
Then get going – See you tomorrow
– Okay, bye Hey! Wait Can’t you take ‘no’
for an answer? Go away Wait for me You think you’re some big shot Why did you talk
to my professor? I just asked her the time That’s so important! You’ll let off steam only at me Moment you saw your madam
you get cold feet, you’re in a cold sweat You get scared
and start blabbering! As if I was scared!! My eyes won’t lie X-ray eyes! Go home in time They may be worried
their little boy is missing Fine, you’re forgiven Even I don’t have anyone
to call as my own “She blindfolds me into a forest” “This eye-catching enchanting nymphet” “Tying my hands together
she dumps me in a river” “Slipping from me delightedly
Lovingly, lightheartedly” “She blindfolds me into a forest” “This eye-catching enchanting nymphet” “Tying my hands together
she dumps me in a river” “Slipping from me delightedly
Lovingly, lightheartedly” “Boon or penance?
You fell into my palm, princess” “Emotional ties or soul connect?
I embraced you to protect” “Night or day, my missy
Thinking of you, I went crazy” “Is this a dream or dream come true?
I pinched myself and laughed too” “Like the earth rotating
I revolved around you, darling” “You pet cat I evolved into
Every 2nd second following you” “I prayed to God diligently
to be united with you duly” “After you merge with me
I’ll give you my wish-list daily” “Talk to me for a while
Let me woo you in style” “Be kind enough to
take my heart with you” “She blindfolds me into a forest” “This eye-catching enchanting nymphet” “Tying my hands together
she dumps me in a river” “Slipping from me delightedly
Lovingly, lightheartedly” “Only because of you
I realized my femininity new” “I blushed in front of you, dude” “Your glance that gushed into me
made me lose my balance, lady” “Knit my fingers in yours approvingly
Make me the love of your life lovingly” “Inhabit my heart and mind willingly” “Will you grace me
with your presence daily?” “If you stand before me
I melt, in your hands I’m putty” “She blindfolds me into a forest” “This eye-catching enchanting nymphet” “Tying my hands together
she dumps me in a river” “Slipping from me delightedly
Lovingly, lightheartedly” “Boon or penance?
You fell into my palm, princess” “Emotional ties or soul connect?
I embraced you to protect” “Night or day, my missy
Thinking of you, I went crazy” “Is this a dream or dream come true?
I pinched myself and laughed too” “Don’t eye-chat and entice me
Don’t ignite a fire in my heart fiery” “Don’t gesture wordlessly
Don’t stir up my shyness sinfully” “Shall I tease you head to toe?
Shall I explore you and show?” “Shall I ask you a riddle with my eyes?
Search in between for the answer wise?” “Don’t kill me with your words, lassie” “Dazed and dazzled, I spin dizzy” “Bashful and blushing I go crazy” Has he come? Not yet He is here Listen to me
Tell him clearly Don’t mess it up, okay? Okay, I’ll go now I need to talk to you Go, someone might see us together – Doesn’t matter
– I’m not the man you think I am I know what I’m doing I’m not gullible
Neither is this a game What do you want now? Don’t be harsh I want to marry you I want to spend a lifetime
with you, that’s all Yes or no
Say something If you don’t like me
I’ll just walk away I won’t disturb you I like you Hey! What happened?
Why are you crying? I’m asking you Why are you upset? Did he turn you down? Then why are you crying?
What did he actually say? He said ‘yes’ Then why should you cry? I don’t know Madcap! Father has come I’ll go inside What is this, pa? Some relative of aunt Susee it seems She’s keen he should
marry our Revathi ‘His photo, dear’ What did you tell them, pa? I didn’t commit, I took it
just to respect their request Why rush her into marriage now? Yov! I don’t understand
a word, clear out Don’t get you You’re so fluent in English Do you know English at least? What use is it to me? He thinks you’re a duffer
of the first order What?
Wait, I say Wait Tell me a, aa, in Tamil Don’t you know
the Tamil alphabets? Are you mad or what? How will he know
Tamil alphabets? What about you? I’m a hard core Tamilian from
Madurai and you ridicule me Are you a crazy coot
in capital letters? Your rattling tongue
is your biggest asset – Or else even a dog won’t respect you
– True that Tell me Where? I’ll be there Who was it? That girl What does she want? She wants to talk, she will be
waiting for me at the corner shop Right, have a ball! Good morning, bro What? My father has gone
to Trichy for a meeting – He will be back only at night
– So…? Will you take me out somewhere? All that won’t work out You could have sat
at home than fall for him For my sake, please Have I asked you for any favor? Just once Okay I’ll take you I underestimated you! Try, try until you succeed! Proverb is true You drop bro at home
I’ll wait here for you No, thanks, dear
Your affection will do I can find my way
You have fun – I’ll drop you
– I can go, you enjoy Okay, let’s go Isn’t this your bike? Why is ‘Hari’ written on it
and not your name? What does it matter
if it’s my name or his? It’s all the same I bought this
only for his sake Why would I even need a bike? Whatever! I have 2 wishes
just like Hari anna – Will you fulfill them?
– Depends on what? I want to see you clean-shaven
instead of this bearded look Is this even a wish? Let it be anyway Okay, it’s alright
You look good like this too But this wish of mine
you have to fulfill What? You must not
drink alcohol hereafter Won’t you wish for something do-able? It can be done
You will if you set your mind You shouldn’t drink hereafter Promise on me Let’s go Shall we eat something on the way? I am hungry I am hungry Hey! Drink I don’t want – Why?
– Don’t force him Pour another round for me Don’t be a glutton
It won’t vanish Take a small swig – No need
– Why? This girl put her hand on my head
and said I shouldn’t drink hereafter Don’t show off! I’m also in love for many years Not like this Ignore him I’ll be there
to drink with you Do you have a choice? Who will fall for your face? No one will give his daughter either! Why the hell don’t you just die? Forget that You don’t want
Easwaran’s share, right? Troublesome tramp! What kind of creature are you!
Fine, drink it up [loud belch] 9th wonder!
You’ve brought me out here Just like that Those who fell in love yesterday
are going overboard! – We are good for nothing
– Whom do you mean? Easwaran As far as I know, he has never
taken even 1 day off from work Yesterday that girl
pleaded and got her way He nodded his head
and went out with her They ditched me
c/o sidewalk! I can digest even that He refused to drink last night I asked him and he claims
she made him promise! How many times I would have
told you not to drink? Did you ever pay heed to
my pleas? Don’t talk to me She was extra smart
She made him promise Your gray cells don’t
work overtime You are a dunce You have to promise now You shouldn’t drink from today
And if you do, forget me I wanted to spend time
with you, I deserve this! Tell me Is that so? I’ve stepped out now Why don’t you walk back?
Stick to the sidewalk Call me if you need help – Who was that?
– Hema – She wants me to pick her up
– Why don’t you? She’ll come home
After all, our area Whatever, she’s a girl
Why leave her like that? Your parents have left you
to manage by yourself? You don’t classify as a girl You are a rowdy Don’t bug me
Come along Hema is walking back
from school alone ‘Acting pricey?’ ‘Hari, where are you?’ ‘There is a brawl
in front of the shop’ ‘Come soon’ ‘Your nephew is being beaten up
in front of Anbu’s shop, bro’ Go home…go Hey…dai! Listen to me – Listen to me
– Who are you? Take your hands off Which area are you from? Do you know who he is? – Yes, akka
– Where are you? – Your son has been bashed
– What do you mean? – Yes, ‘ka
– Why do you get angry? They came into our area and hit him ‘We should teach them
a lesson, here and now’ Election is round the corner I’ve got the mayor’s seat, pleading
and falling at so many feet I’ve spent 30 to 40 million If I resort to unnecessary violence now
it will all go down the drain What are you saying, akka? Can’t let them go scot free No one will respect us then ‘You don’t create any ruckus there’ Be patient Let the election get over Then we can show them
our true colors, clear out from there Do whatever! Lady Luck favored you today As if one day you won’t
fall into our clutches! That will be your doomsday! ‘Let us go’ ‘Nephew’ ‘I’ll take care of them
Don’t worry, come’ Why are you still
thinking of that now? – Forget it
– Misbehaving with girls Scumbags! Imagine if I hadn’t gone there Can he do anything
if his mother is a councillor? Nothing drastic happened, right? Don’t brood over it, please Okay, I need to tell you something – Can I tell you?
– What is it? Tomorrow is my birthday I’ve prayed to God
I’ll visit the temple with you Will you take me? Day after tomorrow, we are going
to my mother’s hometown I’ll be back in 4 days Anything specific? Just like that We went when amma was alive My father wanted us
to visit her hometown Okay, I’ll leave now
My father will come back We will go to the temple
in the morning? We’ll go Shall we go? I don’t have that habit You don’t have to You do it for me Go ahead “My forehead with ‘kumkum’ for you to adorn” “What penance I must have done
I am blessed now to be born” “In a month to unite with you
In this birth to share a love so true” “To live with you is my dream
To flow in your bloodstream” “You gave me this love so exclusive
You merged within my soul inclusive” “I will walk as your sole mate by your side” “In your mind I am the only soul to reside” “I am your loyal shadow eternally” “You’re the quest in my life unquestionably” “I am the earth, my only love
Yearning for rain from above” “You drenched me, o’ ravishing
with the first showers, so refreshing” “I melted in your love, relishing” “My heart softened with compassion
In my mind’s corner with emotion” “You changed me with your true affection” “You gave me this love so unique
You merged within my soul like magic” “Your soul mate I’ll be
For many a century” “My forehead with ‘kumkum’ for you to adorn” “What penance I must have done
I am blessed now to be born” “In a month to unite with you
In this birth to share a love so true” “To live with you is my dream
To flow in your bloodstream” “In the distant mountain shines a light
just like your face glowing bright” “Like a leaf aloft in the waves sailing
my mind floats in your love unfailing” “Like rain soaked baby’s chatter” “My mind weaves its way hither and thither” “You are my lover, tall and fair
who runs his fingers through my hair” “Thanks only to you
my love over-brims, my beau” “In my solitude you gave yourself to me” “To bond with me perpetually” “Time for 2 hearts merge as 1 symphony” “Love’s rhapsody
in heavenly harmony” Stop…stop What happened? My father What’s up? Not even
changed your shirt? Hey! I was talking to you What’s wrong? Today On the way back from the temple
her father saw us together She went home with him I don’t know if she is okay What are you saying? When did this happen? Hello, it’s me My father didn’t scold me He didn’t ask me
anything either I called to tell you
we are leaving in the morning When I get back, without postponing
come with elders and ask for my hand ‘I think my father will agree’ Okay, I’ll hang up now Come back safe Who was that? Her father didn’t ask her anything They are going
out of station tomorrow She wants me to meet her father
when she gets back Is that so?
We can handle it Who is the elderly person
we can take? We’ll take my old man You know he is allergic to me Fat hopes! – What’s wrong?
– Wait, I’ll tell you Let’s discuss this in the morning If my father disapproves
I will tackle it He went with his girl
on his bike in the morning Her father saw them together She wants our elders to
meet her father and talk Not going to work today? 1 minute
We need to talk to you What does sir want? ‘I don’t want anything’ A girl has fallen in love with Easwar ‘He likes her too’ ‘She wants us to bring our elders
and talk to her father’ They are out of town now Come and talk to her father
when they get back Anything else? That’s all
You can go to work You’ll get 1 tight slap from me Why are you keeping quiet?
Is it true, whatever he said? Then shouldn’t you
have told me first? Why is he over-enthusiastic? I wasn’t sure if you would come for me? That’s why I was hesitant Who else will come
if not me? ‘I look upon you as another son’ ‘Tell me when
We will go’ Why are you so rude to him? I was shaken up
in case he thrashes us This is how he should be treated If we had spoken to him
showing our apprehension… …he would have driven us up the wall
with mythology, trying to reform us He agreed to come
That is a big deal for us That’s true Imagine getting him married
and watch him squirm feeling shy! What does he lack? He is the new groom When did you finalize?
You never told me Not yet, they are back now
We are going tomorrow Conduct yourself with decorum there How else to talk? Talk properly Don’t be your usual
loud mouth and blabber Get lost, darling!
I know what to do Only I know you know nothing Selling salt to the sea, huh? You’re crossing your limit, get lost! Bro, make sure
he doesn’t bungle it She seems to know me inside out, eh? – He’s missing?
– He will come You look soooper, bro Only now he looks human Tell him also Why this terrible disguise? Her wish was to
see me clean shaven Looks like you will end up
being hen-pecked! Okay, let us go ‘1st go to the temple
Let us pray and then go’ ‘Start the auto, Shanmugam’ She’s real pain! Pccht! Madcap! Doesn’t even
pick up the phone! Gayathri…? – Why haven’t you gone to bed?
– Just like that, ma – Sleep, dear
– Okay, ma ‘Forget that’ Where are the other 2 musketeers? He was quiet
You created a scene Don’t interrupt What a disgrace
because of you How are you insulted? We are the ones suffering Will you lose your status
if he’s your son-in-law? Show respect – ‘You don’t talk’
– Whaat? You shut up or I will
break your teeth Who will respect you
after what you did? Hey! Look here
Answer me You asked us to bring our elders over
Then what do you take us for? – Hey! Come
– Yes, I asked him to come Even now this is what I am saying I don’t want this Please leave I won’t disobey my father ‘Why are you making it ugly
standing out on the street?’ ‘I said ‘no’
Please leave’ ‘She doesn’t want it seems’ ‘Who asked you to come here?’ ‘Will you listen to me or not?’ You don’t know how to tackle this
We shouldn’t spare them ‘Come away from there’ You go in Say something I’m talking to you Don’t bottle it all up Spill it out If you keep drinking
nothing will be solved Can you hear me? Cat got your tongue? At least cry your heart out – You’ll feel lighter
– Not possible I can’t cry I couldn’t cry, when I saw
my parents dead How will I shed tears for her? If you can’t cry,
are you a beast? Yes, I am an animal That too a cursed animal ‘Hey! Take it easy’ Hey! She is here Where is your phone?
How many times to call you? What’s your problem in
telling me what’s wrong? Everything is over That girl ditched him! When we went to her house… …she was simpering
at another chap Are you drunk? Leave that aside Then…? You swore on me
you won’t drink He is feeling miserable Why do things always
go wrong for him? So you are fine with
whatever happens to me Nothing will happen to you Don’t even look at me Let go of me I don’t want you Walk away from me Anyhow you would have also
ditched me after a while You’re doing it now All girls think alike Get lost! Are we the guinea pigs
for your experiments in love? What? What did you say? ‘In such bad taste’ You dare hit me? Wait, I say Hey! Come back Sit down If she isn’t there for me… …can’t I survive? ‘Don’t let your heart heave in pain’ ‘I’ll be there for you forever’ ‘We don’t need anyone else’ “My dear water lily awesome
Why did you blossom?” “In my path, by your own wish
you sowed love for us to nourish?” “Without you even daylight
seems dark as night” “Nights without you, my dear
cool moon is hot as coal here” “I wilt in the barren land ahead
I wait in the path you tread” “Down memory lane my life streams
like a brook over dissolved dreams” “Heart too heavy
to swim in this reverie” “Still…my mind drowns daily” “Even if I try to hide my strife
memories continue true to life” “Even after a break up, love will follow” “Like a faithful shadow” “I die though I’m breathing again” “I smile though I’m writhing in pain” “Memories follow
as keep sake memento” “Try as I might, I regret
her face I forget to forget” “This is my plight, I confess” “My mind is an unholy mess” “Water lily, you touched a chord” “In my path, of your own accord-” What…? When…? Where is he now? No damage on our side, right? – Is he hurt?
– Who is it? Okay, I’ll deal with it We’ll leave now Whom did you ask was hurt? I believe our Ravi
severed someone’s arm What have you done? Nothing to worry
Inspector is known to us Instead of the station
sent him to the hospital – Where is he now?
– Inside Why buy trouble? He lacks the guts to
do this job properly He’s tarnishing our name
to all and sundry Is this the solution? What if he had died? It’s alright if we lost money But what about
honor and respect? I went to sever his head But settled for his arm Tell him Ask him to stay quiet Speak to our lawyer? He’s asked someone else
to surrender tomorrow It isn’t safe for him
to be here for a while This problem will only magnify I’ll take him to Madurai You handle everything here – Where is the doctor?
– He’s inside College looks so deserted! That’s right Sir…hello? Why is the campus deserted? College is closed today Why is it a holiday today? It isn’t a Govt holiday either ‘We are closed for 10 days
Study holidays before the exam’ Whose permission did they take?
Won’t they announce it? Let it be
Who are you? We… …will let you know Study holidays it seems ‘Closed for 10 days apparently’ ‘Okay, let’s go’ ‘Why is her house locked?’ I am so confused You think they have gone out? Call Kumar – Why…?
– Call him Ask him to call me
as soon as they return Oh! It’s Kumar Are they back? Thanks, buddy ‘I am at akka’s place’ That’s why I’m being very patient’ If you continue
like a broken record… ‘…don’t know how
I’ll react if I see you’ ‘Fine, hang up
I’ll come and deal with it’ ‘You made me win
with your loyal votes’ You stuck posters all over
and created a hype Yes, sister I’ll help you to the best of my ability My brother Mari is here ‘Inform him’ ‘- I’ll get the news at once
– Okay, ‘ka’ – I should only hear people praise me
– Sure, akka I don’t want my name tarnished – I’ll take care
– You are responsible Akka, finalize the mall
in our area please Mari, look into it
Finalize it I can’t take care of it Get someone else to do this alone Why are you saying this? That’s how it is You take leave
I’ll take care – Okay ‘ka
– See you, bro Okay What is bothering you? You said it is election time and
to let go of the man who hit your son I’m unable to show
my face in my area ‘They are deriding me to my face, for not
taking my nephew’s assailant to task’ You don’t know What should I do now? Let me first finish off
the thug who bashed him Then I’ll do whatever you say I’ve just now become the mayor If you create any problems now… ‘…the higher officials
will pull me up’ Just lie low
and keep quiet Hey! Nephew ‘Hey! Open the door’ [indistinct conversation] Tea, buddy Why are you tense? We can handle it ‘I am fine with
whatever bike you buy’ Getting a new bike, huh? ‘Yes, uncle, my marriage got fixed’ ‘- I’m so happy for you
– Bride’s father spoke’ The bride’s family is
coming tomorrow ‘- You must also come
– Sure…for sure’ ‘- Don’t forget, uncle
– I’ll definitely come’ Can’t you lower your tone?
Move aside We are minding our business
You’re butting in Will you clear out now? Don’t react, uncle Bro, this is a different problem – You carry on
– Come, uncle Why are you picking a quarrel? It never rains but pours! I’ve never been without
talking to her for so long Don’t worry
We’ll deal with it Whatever I do,
she will be mad only for 1 day Then she will come and patch it up I am at my wit’s end Be patient
Just for today College reopens tomorrow You can meet her
and talk it over Don’t fret
Stay cool Here’s the money – See you, ma
– ‘Eat and go, dear’ I am already late
I’ll take care Will you go on an empty stomach
to write your exam, dear? I’ll ask uncle to drop you Eat and go, dear Uncle will drop you in college
Just eat a little bit Please eat, dear Otherwise your mother
will starve till you get back Eat, I’ll drop you – I told you I’m coming
– Eat fast – She hasn’t come
– Let’s wait and see Who is he? Her uncle Why is he dropping her in college? Do your exam well
I’ll pick you up I’ll get back on my own I am anyway free
I’ll pick you up in the afternoon Okay, uncle ‘A house raised in Madurai, with the aid
of jacks, presided by the mayor’ Wonder how this female
won the election Be alert, buddy She might create trouble for you
for beating up that boy That was ages ago Don’t say that She would have kept quiet
due to the election Forewarned is forearmed, right? – Yes, Pandi?
– Father suddenly fell unconscious at home – What are you saying?
– Don’t know why Doctor suspects a heart problem He told us to go to Madurai – Where are you now?
– Just crossed Andipatti Godspeed
I’ll inform akka And make all the arrangements
in the hospital Akka, father fell down
unconscious suddenly What happened?
He was fine Is Pandi with him? Nothing to worry Pandi is with him, I’ll go now
Come with your husband Father, how are you now? I’m much better, dear – What did the doctor say?
– Block in his heart He must be operated
within a month Nothing to worry though Why do you want to wait? Can’t you agree for the operation? No, my dear Till Gayathri and Pandi get married
I don’t need any operation Finish the surgery first and
the rest will follow auspiciously Don’t confuse both issues That won’t work out I want to witness this marriage After that I’m not bothered
whatever happens to me Why are you saying this, pa? You are okay, aren’t you? You don’t know anything My dear son-in-law,
tomorrow is an auspicious day Let them get engaged tomorrow Let us perform the marriage
immediately after New Moon After that I will listen
to whatever you say Why are you hesitating now?
This was already decided, right? That’s okay, but how is it possible
to arrange everything in 1 day? What is all the fuss about? Let’s call close family members and
perform the engagement at home I won’t agree to any operation
unless I witness this marriage ‘It’s up to you now’ Okay, we’ll do as you wish Let appa stay here We’ll take him home
for the auspicious moment ‘I will look after
all the arrangements’ Okay, pa Gayathri will be home anytime now I have the key
Let me leave now – See you, dear
– I’ll take care Go home safe, dear Stop here Where did you all disappear
locking up the house? How long do I wait outside? I went to the hospital Whaaat?
Why, ma? Come inside
I’ll explain What happened, ma? Grandpa has a block in his heart
He fell down unconscious Pandi uncle brought him here What are you saying?
How is grandpa now? He’s okay now, but the doctor said
he needs to be operated within a month So why don’t you
get him operated? Only after he sees you married
he’ll agree to the surgery it seems He is being very stubborn He simply refused to be
persuaded by any of us You and my brother Pandi
should get engaged tomorrow He wants to see you married
within a month Why this rush to get me married? We have to agree
for grandpa’s sake I have an exam tomorrow, ma
What did my father say? Everybody has given the go ahead Write your exam in the morning This is only in the evening Okay, come ‘Yes, aunt, it was a sudden decision’ ‘Please inform your husband’ ‘You must be here early tomorrow’ Sure, I will
Okay, see you It was decided all of a sudden That’s why I could not
call you in person Okay, Kamala Ma, I have to return
this book to Priya You are getting engaged tomorrow
Why exert yourself? It is her book
She needs it for the exam I’ll tell her about
the engagement too Okay, come back soon Okay, ma How is father now? Did he eat anything? He is feeling better now Has Gayathri gone to bed? – She has gone to Priya’s house
– At this late hour? She had Priya’s book
She needs it to study for her exam She went to return it and
invite her for the betrothal Okay, I’m starving
Get me something to eat Let me serve you What do I do? She’s torturing me She knows very well
I can’t live without her Still…she is being such a pain Take a swig Everything will be okay This wretched drink is
the cause of all my misery And when in misery also
this devil only eases the pain What’s wrong with you? Show me your hand Are you out of your mind? I swore on her ‘Hereafter I won’t touch it!’ What have you done to yourself? You could stay away for 10 days
without meeting or talking to me?! Not like that I was so mad at you
I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t even understand
what’s happening around me Suddenly my mother says I must
get engaged to my uncle tomorrow What do you mean? Just take me away now I’ll come away with you Otherwise I’ll kill myself I have no idea what to do Will you go to college tomorrow? Yes, I have an exam to write Go home now
We’ll think of a plan Don’t worry
I’ll handle this What do we do now? Take him to a doctor
and get his hand treated Forget my hand Just do as I say I’ll discuss with Murugan and Ramar Let’s attend to your hand first Find out where Murugan is
and go meet him If anything needs to be bought,
do so and come to the temple Be on your toes Talk to Kumar also Ask him not to come
but stay right there Be diplomatic If there is any problem in
her house, ask him to call me Kumar?
I’m Muthu speaking Park your vehicle
to the side please, sir I am leaving right away All the best, friend I am already stressed about it We are here for you
What can happen? We can deal with it Go to the office room and
change into your wedding finery You’re making my senses reel today! Tell me your names and stars Hari, sun sign Gemini Gayathri, Pisces [reciting a mantra] Wear the garlands “This very moment, my dear
our souls will unite here” “This minute is enough for me
Our love will shine eternally” “You are my soul-link true
my heart yearns anew” “Isn’t my world yours too?” “Every nanosecond of our precious lifetime
Shall I be the core of our love sublime?” “Let us light our life with love
You and I will be ‘we’ now” “Let us ask for a boon from above
for our love to blossom and grow” Let’s go straight to Murugan’s house
Then we can discuss what to do next Priya Where is Gayathri? She didn’t come to college today
What happened? What do you mean? I was the one who
dropped her this morning – You wouldn’t have seen her
– She sits in front of me She didn’t write the exam Sir, come here Didn’t I drop a girl this morning? Tell her, she claims
she didn’t come at all The girl you dropped
was picked up by 2 boys What do you mean? Did Gayathri come to
your house last night? No, she didn’t Come in, sis-in-law ‘Where is anna?’ Please take How are you? Pandi, Gayathri is missing She didn’t even write her exam ‘The watchman says
2 boys picked her up’ Something is wrong Wait, I’m on my way back – What happened?
– You attend to the guests Where the heck are you? Start immediately Are you mad or what? Yes! I am mad Till I find the rascal and kill him
I will act crazy! – What happened?
– Nothing How can you say it’s nothing? – Nothing it seems
– Cool down, come in Gayathri didn’t attend college She didn’t meet Priya last night
Watchman says she went with 2 chaps – And he says it’s nothing
– Let’s go inside Aiyo! What happened? Get some water Why are you worried?
It will all be fine If so, our child’s happiness is important I’ll take care of it Be calm, brother If I hear you did anything rash
I’ll turn violent, be warned Go inside all of you Until I find Gayathri and bring her
no one should step out ‘Get up’ Ask that councillor
from Ward 30 to meet me Okay, akka – Did my son eat?
– No, madam Why haven’t you
eaten as yet, my dear? I am asking you Why haven’t you eaten? Get out of the room
I don’t want to see you Shouldn’t treat your mother like this Are you really my mother? Only your bloody mayor’s post
and money matter to you You care two hoots for me Why this sudden show
of concern now? Don’t say that Do you think I’ll spare
the chap who hit you? Mari…Mari? From today forget about this I’ll tell my brother
I’ll deal with it Okay? Did you call me? I want you to finish off
the chap who hit my son tonight This will do I’ll take care of him Uncle, I’ll come along Take rest, nephew
I can handle it on my own He won’t live to see
the sun rise tomorrow Put in a word to the inspector I’ll handle him
You carry on Get up Watch your step Now why do you have this
‘doomsday’ look? I was thinking of
my mother and uncle He calls her ‘mother’ too He has never called her ‘akka’ My grandpa wanted me
to marry my uncle Such a long story
just for a simple query? Is everything in life
a game to you? My poor mother!
Wonder what she’s doing Tomorrow when you tell her
you are married, all will be well Tomorrow isn’t very auspicious – Birthday for both of you
– Exactly That’s why I said so Just because we are born
will it be auspicious? Whatever I’m feeling sleepy Hey! Wait a minute Did I get married
so you could sleep here? It’s our wedding night
Now clear out Where will I sleep? On the street Okay, see you We’ll go to Ramar’s house
See you in the morning Let’s go ‘Don’t overdo it’ ‘Don’t glare…go’ “In the pupil of my eyes I protect you
Tailored in my tender heart true” “Into your breath I’m here to breakthrough” “Locked in my mind securely
Thoughts of you killing me soulfully” “I’ll treasure and will it to you willingly” “You slid my mind magically
into your lap mesmerizingly” “Even every single breath within me” “Will you come now, I’ll gift you instantly?” “In the pupil of my eyes I preserve you
Embroidered in my tiny heart, my beau” “Into your breath I’m here to merge anew” “Locked in my mind safely
Thoughts of you killing me daily” “I’ll treasure and will it to you willingly” “I should see you
from every point of view” “Lost in love, I should flip
Sweat from my forehead to drip” “Where your 1 track mind weaves
leave me alone, don’t tease” “When I come close to you ardently
you move away from me gently” “At that moment when we unite together” “Miles between us however
will be less than a millimeter” “When tender roots in passion
instill bliss in the heart as fusion” “Tears of pain if you shed
I’ll wilt too, my beloved” “In the pupil of my eyes I protect you
Tailored in my tender heart true” “Into your breath I’m here to breakthrough” “Locked in my mind securely
Thoughts of you killing me soulfully” “I’ll treasure and will it to you willingly” “Your special scent when I sense
desire flares in my heart intense” “Desires I stored in my treasure trove” “Your kisses will satiate, my love” “You glare at me warmly
You embrace me heatedly” “After you have become
the apple of my eye, awesome” “Any man I happen to see
looks like a woman to me” “Wherever I’ll be
I want you with me” “In this birth you are mine solely soulfully” “In my eyes blissfully-” She’s killing me! “Thoughts of you flocked
in my mind safely locked” Tell me how! Will you compile it and will it to me? “You slid my mind easily
into your lap effortlessly” Hey! The chap who bashed my nephew
has to be eliminated tonight itself All of you bring your weapons
and come over to Garuda bridge What do you mean? When? Hello? What do you mean? Who asked him to go there now? Gayathri, don’t cry [distressed sobs] Look! There he is Follow him Hurry up
Don’t lose him Drive faster Don’t let him escape Nab him
Don’t let go Quick! Don’t lose his trail Fast…fast…faster Enclose him You go straight Gayathri…? Hey! Ga- Aiyo…! Why could you do this to us? Amma…! Hey! Why did you come here? Why did you come back? Stop Let me go How dare you walk in here
after what you did! I need to see my mother You can’t see her
Get lost! I need to see my mother I won’t allow you You can’t see her Go away
I won’t allow you I want to see my mother Go away ‘Don’t stand here’ ‘Get lost’ Appa…! Father I never imagined
all this would happen Appa, ask them to
let me see my mother Father, can’t you hear me?
I am talking to you Ask them to let me see her Please tell them to allow me, pa Who is your father? She brought you up
with such tender loving care You uprooted our family’s dignity How can you call me ‘father’? Just let me look at amma
Just once, appa, please I will go and pay my last respects Get out! Don’t even stand
in front of our house If you see her
her soul won’t rest in peace Get out of my life ‘Don’t stand before me’ I don’t want to see you Get out of my life “This very moment, my dear” “Our souls will unite here” “This minute is enough for me” “Our love will shine eternally” “Let us rest in peace together” “Search for another world far better” “If we are born again on earth” “Let’s be husband and wife in that birth” Hari Hari Hari ‘If someone cares for me,
they have to die’ ‘That’s the pattern
from my childhood’ Move… ‘Even if I die…’ ‘…you cannot live’ ‘If I die, you have to die
immediately, no other go’ ‘You can’t escape, buddy’ ‘Human life is of supreme importance’ ‘It is natural to bond
with kinship in friendship’ ‘The false pride and prestige
we nurture within us…’ ‘…is the cause more often than not
for ‘honor killing’ of true love’ ‘To quench this murderous thirst…’ ‘…let these lives be the last
to shed blood on our soil’

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