John Boyega Reveals How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay

John Boyega Reveals How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay

-You’re a stud. This is a movie
star here. I love that suit. -Look, man, the paycheck
came through. [ Laughter ]
New suit, new suit. -This is the final
“Star Wars.” -Yeah, man, it’s the last one. -The last one in the whole —
the whole saga. -It’s the end.
It’s the end. -What does it mean to you
to be part of this? -It’s a — it’s a humbling
experience. A life-changing experience and
something I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life,
it’s just been amazing meeting great people,
having good fun, and most importantly
entertaining you guys. It’s been really, really cool.
-Yeah. It’s been great — [ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you very much. It’s been great watching you.
-Thank you. -Do you have any, like, standout
moments when you’re, like “oh,” the first time you
met Harrison Ford, or Carrie Fisher,
or you and Daisy. Anything, like, “Oh, that
was a cool day.” -I think a really cool day
was, you know, us being on the new horses
that they have in “Star Wars.” They’re, like space horses,
but they’re called “Orbaks” and they’re, like really big,
really, really fast and we had, like a really cool
cavalry charge with explosions
on the Death Star. [ Laughter ]
-What? Are they real robots
or are they, like — -They’re horses in costume. So, the horses were wearing,
like fur and then they had, like, some motion capture things
going on in the horses’ face and they added horns
and stuff to it. It’s just so, so, so cool,
just charging down on that. -J.J. Abrams
doesn’t fool around. -He doesn’t mess around.
He uses all of the budget. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And more, and more, right? -And more and more.
-Yeah, exactly. Oh, he’s a talented dude.
-He is. -Last day, emotional,
I’m assuming? -Very, very emotional.
Very, very emotional. I actually wrapped kind of
like two shots before Daisy. So, me and Naomi Ackie
had a pickup shot to do, and then Daisy had her scene
and I waited, and then me and daisy wrapped
together, and I said a gorgeous speech. It was absolutely amazing.
Everybody was in tears. [ Laughter ] However, Daisy’s speech was
absolute nonsense. [ Laughter ] -You’re saying that because
she’s not here. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I am, I am. Yeah, she cried throughout
the whole thing. We didn’t understand a word
she was saying. But it was emotional
nonetheless. [ Laughter ]
-Was she really? -Yeah.
-Aw. -You know, we’ve had such fun
just being around each other and it’s just been, like six,
seven years of work, and you create, you know,
really, really cool friendships. -Yeah, and amazing experiences,
like you said, just meeting the fans alone.
-Yeah. -People, kids are
dressing up like you Halloween. -That is nuts, man.
-Isn’t that weird? -Nuts.
This time it’s cheaper. Halloween becomes
cheaper for me. Because, all I have to say
is, “I’m Finn at home.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -I’m at home.
-I’m Finn relaxed. I’m Finn relaxed.
-I’m Finn in sweatpants. Yeah, exactly.
You’ll never see this costume. -Look — -Yeah, you got a great
costume forever. -Really cool. -You can’t say much about
the new movie. Can you, or no?
-Oh, no, no, no, apparently so. And right now I’m under
extreme eyes. Everyone’s got eyes on me
because of a recent situation so I can’t say much.
-I heard about the situation. -Hmm.
-And I’ll say what I can say about it, but —
-Yeah, sure, sure, sure. Open up, mate, you know?
-Sure. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You leaked the whole script
to the Internet. [ Laughter ]
And almost, like, ruined it for all the fans out there.
-Guys, guys, no. Why would I — me?
I would never do that. I just — -What happened and how scared
were you? -I left the full script
under my bed, and then I was moving apartments
the next morning, and so I forgot the script
under my bed. We weren’t shooting, by the way,
we had wrapped up. It was all in the past,
and I just forgot about the script, and then, yeah,
someone sold it on eBay. [ Audience ohs ]
-For how much? -Hey, look, Disney
bought it back. They bought it back.
[ Laughter ] It was like — it was something
silly, it was, like, you know, like $85 or something. So, they obviously didn’t know. I think they were basing the
price on my name being on the pages.
[ Laughter ] Not on it being
a “Star Wars” script, and I don’t think the person
ever read the pages. They just thought that it was,
like, something cool, tried to sell it
online to make a few bucks. -Your name is, like, kind
watermarked on all the pages. -On every single page.
[ Laughter ] So, when I received the call
from my agent saying, “Mate, I’ve just received a call
from Disney and all the big — the gods of the movie industry
that you work for, that your livelihood comes from,
saying that you lost the most powerful script
in Hollywood right now.” -Seriously. This is going
to make a billion dollars and you’re gonna mess it up.
-I know. I know. A way to feel your organs
and your big toe, mate, I’ll tell you that.
[ Laughter ] -Who called — who ended up
calling you from Disney? -Well, Femi, my agent, had
spoken to several different powers-that-be. These powers include Bob Iger,
Kathy Kennedy, just people that, look,
these are normal, casual — And apparently they were at
Galaxy’s Edge going for, like, a tour of the place and — -When this happened? -Spielberg was there as well
apparently. [ Laughter ]
And so, you know, let’s just say they’ll never
work with me again. -No, that’s not true.
That’s not true. -No, no, we’re cool.
-I heard you actually met J.J. years before you did
“Star Wars.” -Yeah.
-You actually met him at his production company,
at Bad Robot? -Yeah, yeah.
I was taking meetings in L.A. at the time and I went down
to Bad Robot to actually meet J.J.’s
producing partner, and then as I’m waiting in
the lobby, J.J. and Tom Cruise end up walking out
of the editing room, ’cause they’re editing
“Mission: Impossible.” So, obviously I’m looking
at Tom Cruise thinking, “That’s Tom Cruise.”
[ Laughter ] And J.J. Abrams stops me
and he goes, “Oh, I loved you in
‘Attack the Block.’ I’m going to find you
something.” Now, listen. In Hollywood,
they always say they’re going to find you
something. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-It’s never really true. -Yeah.
-So, I’m thinking, move away, little man.
That’s Tom Cruise. [ Laughter ] Little did I know —
my ignorant self — little did I know that
that guy was gonna actually come through and…
-Change your life. -…and give me some
“Star Wars” magic. -Absolutely.
-Yeah. -And I heard your family’s
going to come to this premiere as well?
-Yep, so if anyone’s going to be
at the London premiere, best know it’s
going to be loud as hell. I apologize on behalf
of the Boyegas. We’re going to make
a lot of noise. -The Boyegas are allowed to make
a lot of noise. -Oh, yeah we will.
-They should be proud of young John Boyega.
-Thank you, man. -I want to show everyone a clip. Here is a scene from “Star Wars:
The Rise of Skywalker.” Take a look. ♪♪ -We spotted the fugitives. [ Whirring ] -[ Grunts ] [ Blasting ] ♪♪ -Yes! ♪♪ [ Whirs, beeps ] ♪♪ -Oh!
-Oh, they fly now. -They fly now? They fly now!
-“They fly now!” -They do.
[ Cheers and applause ]

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