Japanese company UNIQLO Opened First Store in India, Delhi, Vasant Kunj! So many Anime T-shirts!!!

  04 Nov 2019   ,

This is mount Fuji. Mt. Fuji! Hello! Welcome to my channel! My name is Mayo. Today, I am going to go to UNIQLO India! UNIQLO is a fashion retail company in Japan Which has opened their first shop in India a week ago. Today, I am going to show you how “UNIQLO INDIA” is. OK?? Then let’s get started! The entrance of Ambience mall is also decorated in a Japanese way. This is called “TORII” in Japanese. One type(which exist in Shrine) of Japanese entrance. Let’s go inside! I’m entering Ambience mall after three years. I’m getting inside of UNIQLO shop. Let’s check out what Indian UNIQLO offers! I want to check out “KURTA COLLECTION” Indian UNIQLO offers Indian clothes as well. I want to see them. OH! KURTA Collection! KURTA Collection! The collaboration between Indian and Japanese clothes. How is it? The color will not go away after washing. Because this is Japanese UNIQLO quality. You can wash this by washing machine without worrying about colors. This is really important. Many of my clothes became waste because of color migration. I have to check the price. This is really expensive for me. Let’s check out some Japanese T-shirts. Let’s see if they have Tenkinoko(Weathering with you) T-shirts or not. Where are they? Winter is coming. Do you wanna get a down jacket? Very good. When I was living in India for a year,, I didn’t want to buy a jaket. I didn’t want to buy stuff that I only need for 2-3 months. It was really cold. But now. I can buy this. Actually, this is my favorite. I wear this in Japan. This is really warm and light. I don’t know which kind of material is in it but it is really warm. This is really warm and the jacket can fit into this small bag. It means this could be really small and it is perfect to carry when you go out. I recommend this a lot. OK! I will show it to you. This is the third floor. This UNIQLO is huge. Even I can enjoy a lot! (I already visit UNIQLO 100 times in Japan) OK, let’s check out some stuff here. Here we have UNIQLO T-shirts. I know what you like. This is Pikachu and this is also Pokemon. This is also Japanese Anime. Which is called うる星やつら(Uruseyatsura). Japanese Anime. This is an old Japanese Anime and it is great. 銀魂(Gintama) Watashi wa nihonjin desu.
I am Japanese Some people say that I am from Manipuri. They say “Manipuri girl is trying to speak Japanese and pretend Japanese girl”. But I am actually a Japanese girl. How can I make you believe that I am from Japan? But it’s ok. Let’s go next! This is Mount Fuji. We call this “FUJISAN” FUJISAN! Actually, I climbed Mt. Fuji once. Mt. Fuji is 3776 meters high.(Not 5000M) WHich is the tallest mountain in Japan. It takes 1 or 2 days to climb to the top, It is really beautiful. That’s that. This is My Hero Academia T-shirt. I haven’t seen this Anime yet. Please watch it. I will also watch it. This is The basketball which kuroko plays T-shirt. This anime’s fans can buy these. This is not so expensive. This is Attack on Titan T-shirt! This is Hajimeno ippo (Fighting Spirit) T-shirt. Hahaha This is good. Look! This is really cute Donald duck T-shirt! This is really cute. The weather is getting cold. So long sleeves shirts are nice! This is Tenki no ko T-Shirts! I watched this Anime movie yesterday. I am going to watch it today as well. And this is THAT Anime’s T-shirt! Actually, I tried so hard to find these T-shirts but I couldn’t find them. Because this Anime is very famous in Japan, too. so they sold out really quickly. But Today, in INDIA, finally I found this for the first time. I am so happy! So I will definitely buy this one today. After this shopping, I am going to go to the cinema to watch this Anime movie. So I will wear them and see the movie. This is one design which I will buy for sure. Maybe, this one is also Tenkinoko design. This one is Kimi no na wa (Your name) T-shirt. I also looked for these T-shirts but I couldn’t find them. Today, I found them. Price Here, it is written. I am looking for you who I have never met. Your name. What should I buy? Actually, I already have this. If you follow my instagram, you might have seen it. Your name T-shirt. This string is the one that Mitsuha uses to tie her hair. This is that string’s design. And it is written here, Kimi no na wa(Your name) Isn’t it great? And, what do we have here? This is also your name T-shirts. It says “お前は誰だ” Means “Who are you?” This was also used by characters in the Anime Movie. The characters wrote messages on the notebook. This is that. There are so many T-shits here. Which one should I buy? Please tell me your opinion. I liked this the most. What do you think? I will buy this one. ♪ Singing Lion King’s song. I don’t remember all of the song. These T-shirts are really great. Can you tell which kind of design it is? This is Pokemon design. This is one of the Pokemons. This is really cute. The design is a traditional Japanese type and it is also an Anime character. You can buy this if you want Japanesy and Anime kind T-shirts. Look at this! This is Inuyasha T-shirts. Inuyasha is one of my favorite Anime when I was a kid. I am surprised to see this t-shirt today. This is maybe for women. for men? No, this is for women. The size is a bit small and the color is pink. This one is really cute. If you want to make your girlfriend an Anime Otaku, you can buy it and give it to her. This is really cute. Detective Conan. There is always only one truth! Conan says “真実はいつも一つ(There is always only one truth!)” This is the T-shirt from that famous dialogue. This is also from Detective Conan. When I was a kid, I had crush on this character named “怪盗キッド(Kaito kiddo)” I really liked him. He left me for some other girls. Another Pikachu T-shirt. How many times do I say “PIKACHU”? I will go crazy by saying Pikachu for too many times. This one says metamon soda. You might know what metamon soda is. I don’t know it. What is this character? This pink one. I don’t remember the name of this character but it is also one of the pokemons for sure. There are so many Pikachu here. I like this one. There are some small pikachu Isn’t it so cute? This T-shirt has traditional Japanese drawings. Those are traditional Japanese women. They wear different traditional Japanese clothes. It’s good, isn’t it? If It’s a little chill, you should wear this! I like this one. This is blue and white. The change (Gradation) of colors is nice. This is called AIRism. By wearing this, the sweat will dry up really quickly and your body stays cool. This is called HEATTECH. Your body stays warm by wearing this. It is good to wear in winter. Those two types of items are Japanese people’s favorite. The materials are different. This is AIRism. It is very thin cloth. This is HEATTECH. This is also very thin buy it is different from AIRism. It makes the body really warm. I cannot explain the different scientifically. Most Japanese people have AIRism or HEATTECH. We wear them a lot. Look at this! This is NARUTO T-shirt! Actually, this is BORUTO T-shirt. But this is for children whose ages are 10-11 years old. Can I wear this or not? Do you want to make a bet? No? You think I cannot wear this? Are you calling me fat? It’s a joke. There are some different Anime designs for kid’s T-shirts. You should check those out as well! You can design your own T-shirt on this device. I will make my own T-shirt which says my channel name. Mayo Japan. Orange doesn’t look good. It is good, isn’t it? It looks good. This is my very first T-shirt for my YouTube video. I am very excited! I keep talking in a loud voice and keep taking out many T-shirts. But UNIQLO staffs are really nice to me. They smiled at me and told me to leave the T-shirts unfold. I am really comfortable shopping here as well as vlogging. Japanese customer services are great and UNIQLO brought the same services into India. It is the concept of “Customers are gods”. Staffs keep smiling at customers and say “Thank you” UNIQLO must have brought the education of customers services into India. I really love great customer services. My T-shirt is getting printed. Let’s see how it will turn out! She is setting up the T-shirt. My T-shirt is coming! It looks really good. My handwriting is not good but that is why this T-shirt is artistic. No? I think this handwriting is a bit artistic. I really my T-shirt. I will sometimes wear my T-shirt and make videos. It’s good, right? I also bought Tenki no ko T-shirt, I wore that T-shirt and went to the cinema to watch Tenki no ko. In India, select city walk(Delhi.) That T-shirt is also really good, Both T-shirts are amazing. I am really happy . There are so many UNIQLO shops in Japan. There are 817 UNIQLO shops in Japan. The huge number of UNIQLOs. Seriously, there are so many UNIQLOs in Japan. And, overseas, 1379 shops. So many. Other than Japan, China has the most UNIQLO shops. It has 711 shops. China has the most UNIQLO shops. There are so many UNIQLO shops all over the world. I am a big fan of UNIQLO. I started wearing UNIQLO when I was a kid. Even now, I have countless UNIQLO clothes. Designs of UNIQLO clothes are really great. But the real reason I choose UNIQLO is that the quality of materials is really amazing. That’s why I buy from UNIQLO. I showed a lot of UNIQLO T-shirts in this video. but UNIQLO has everything. T-shirts, pants, underwear, suits, and others. I also wear UNIQLO suits. I have a lot of UNIQLO clothes. Some of them are suits type. These are just 50% of my UNIQLO suits collections. This one is a top. This one is a skirt. I wear those together. I can wear both separately and together. This is a jacket. I can wear this top and this jacket. I wear like this. This one is really stretchy Like this, it stretches well. Normal suits don’t stretch so people get tired of wearing them for a long time. UNIQLO suits stretch well and still, they look formal. We can get comfortable and relaxed. I really like those comfortable suits so I buy them a lot. I like those clothes and I guess 70% of my clothes are from UNIQLO. I don’t know the exact percentage but I know I have a lot of UNIQLO clothes. I am so happy that UNIQLO entered Indian market. People in India now can buy UNIQLO clothes. If you want, please go to the UNIQLO store in India. OK? That’s all for today. If you like this video, please like my video and subscribe to my channel. OK? Thanks for watching my video! See you again soon! Mayo Japan!

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