Jake Tapper: I thought this Trump letter was a joke … it’s real

100 thoughts on “Jake Tapper: I thought this Trump letter was a joke … it’s real

  1. That letter proves how terrible the American education system is, we should be glad there were no spelling mistakes or that it wasn't in crayon I guess….god, the bar is set so low for this guy

  2. Dear people, the recent Turkish operation in Syria, this letter, and the so-called conflict between Turkey and the US is all 100% staged, Trump and Erdogan work together but try to show the opposite on the media, they manipulate, they plan, they lie, even the Turkish operation was not true, they have never been in conflict against any army they just stood somewhere near the border, it is all a lie, all manipulation, their goal is as it has always been, robbing people, stealing their rights, not working for peoples, not finding solutions to social problems, make people starving, their plan is their plan, they both work for the project of the 'great israel', Erdogan is absolutely hated in Turkey, he robbed people as you can not imagine in the last 19 or 20 years, people are all in debts, food is more expensive than anything you can imagine, if you want to buy acceptable food once you have to put 20% of your wage in it I'm not lying, and it's just once, and the rent or anything else is very expensive, in Turkey there is amazing increase of food price, transport price, power cost every day, Erdogan is a jew puppet he says 'justice' and this and that outside the country as planned by jews, I mean he could say it in New York last time, but they just play it differently in front of the camera and absolutely differently behind the camera, that's what you have to understand, this is why they have spread phones and computers everywhere in the world too, for mass manipulation and nothing else, but they will never ever win, they will lose, their plan will lose, the truth of life, of real religion (religion really lived in its pacific understanding) and social peace, social justice etc will win

  3. He says in the letter "General Mazloum" will talk Erdogan. That guy is adopted son of captured PKK leader and he is also a wanted PKK terrorist. PKK is recognized terrorist organization by USA. So he basically admits funding terrorist groups. What a joke.

  4. More Democrats hating on Trump as usual because he is successful, every time our POTUS is successful the Democrats simply hate it and have the good old Trump derangement syndrome.🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽

  5. all of you are pathetic, you nit pick the stupidest things. NO ONE ELSE IS HEARING WHAT YOU ARE. you all have completely lost objectivity

  6. To all of those that believe President Trump is causing so much harm, quit getting all of your information from the fake media. Just imagine how life would be with crooked Hillary in the White House. For one, we'd probably not have any free speech since the 2nd Amendment would have be gone right from the start. Then you'd not even be able to use the "free" healthcare with all of the illegals in the country getting priority treatment. Start preparing yourselves for Trump 2020.

  7. I’m an editor. This letter is just… breathtakingly horrible. Has he just fired his entire Communications staff or what? How could they let this walk out the door? The wording indicates a low reading level and the tone is all over the place. “Don’t be a fool! I’ll call you later.”

    Dear God, this is so embarrassing. And what’s more embarrassing is that there are so many people who don’t see that.

  8. I can't believe he says to Erdogan, "You don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, …." Erdogan has every intention of being responsible for slaughtering thousands of people. He sees the Kurds as terrorists threatening his people and his country. Of COURSE he wants to be responsible for killing them. He believes he will be hailed a hero for doing exactly that. Erdogan is a murderous dictator who already has plenty of blood on his hands. And our "stable genius" thinks he can just suggest that might not be the "right and humane way" to respond? And threatens (LOL) to look upon him forever as the devil??!! Whoa, I bet Erdogan was just scared silly to hear THAT. What a great comedy this would be if it weren't such a tragedy.

  9. CNN is a joke..It's just a tool …Syria was an illegal occupation which was there only to protect Israel..Now the wheels are in motion to get rid of Trump and put someone in there who obeys orders..Then you will send your children to war once again and in return you get a photo a flag and a box…

  10. In years to come, children won't be read the story of King Midas. They will be read the story of President Trump – everything he touched turned to shit.

  11. I don't understand why anyone is so confused by this. It reads like his tweets, or any transcript of his speechs. That's how dude talks, did you think he would magically become eloquent behind closed doors?

  12. I don't see anything wrong with that letter tbqh. CNN just keeps attacking our president for anything these days, it's sad to watch.

  13. What's sad is that Trump doesn't even have anyone who will proof-read his 8th grade writing… What makes me mad is that the 25th is not even being mentioned. If not for someone like Trump, for whom did the forefathers have in mind when they came up with the 25th? I suppose it's much like our inability to recognize mental illness and take it seriously in this country.

  14. that's the kind of letter a man of great wisdom, the best wisdom with the best words, a letter only a man of great and stable genius could compose. It's perfect and I showed it to Stephen Miller and he fell immediately to his knees begging for me the President, your President who's the greatest President ever, to write one for him too. At least that's what I think he wanted

  15. Cnn is fake and so are all mainstream news outlets are all anti our elected president Trump. All traitors and pedophiles must be executed for their crimes against the people of the United States of America. No mercy and no PRISON inly death.

  16. General Mazlum?!

    Hello, American amigos, can I see his resume?

    How this terrorist, sought by the Turkish authorities as organizer of terrorist actions on Turkish soil became a general?

    For the letter – I am not surprised at all with the wording, neither with the support of some Americans for this letter. Just shows that America is a country with unlimited opportunity, where seventy odd years old "genius" with "very large brain" who knows "the best words" as "never seen before", mature as a 5 years old boy and insecure as a 15 years old girl can become a president!

  17. Trump is right. Donald J. Trump is the best president in US history. Mr. Trump presidency is a God sent for America. May the grace of the Lord be upon our president Donald J. Trump. Haters will hate no matter what. Jake tapper, you will make a great soldier in Syria.

  18. News Breaking:
    More testimonials revealing Trump Lies from Ukraine Officials.
    ..and concern both foreign and domestic

  19. Erdogan is a crook and radical Islam sympathizer, so he is a fool and a murderer. At least Trump has enough guts to say it.

  20. The most important sentence in that letter is "I've worked hard to solve some of your problems." Why is everyone hung up on the "tough guy" bit? The real message is in the middle of the page.

  21. As stupid as this letter is Donald Trump is incapable of writing a paragraph, I am sure he dictates this staff to somebody else and they match his style type it and send it.

  22. So what if he saved hundreds of thousands of lives. So what if he got the Turks and the Kurds to the bargaining table and achieved in three days what a decade of interference failed to do. The Kurds stubbornly refused to back away from the border and The only reason that Turkey wouldn't drive them back by force is because we were in the way. We moved, The Turks drove the Kurds back from the border to create a buffer between the ancient enemies. When Turkey overreached the point of that buffer, he threatened to destroy Turkeys economy. It wasn't an elegant letter because it wasn't an elegant occasion. Time will tell whether this is a lasting solution. There is much condemnation in the way that the President handled this. Time will tell. Jake tapper should have told you these things but the days of journalists explaining complex issues in laymans terms without bias are over. It's okay because I got ya.

  23. CNN is the fuc$ing JOKE…they STILL expect people to take their lies at face value. The only people dumb enough to do that are the supporters in the comments….

  24. The art of making yourself look like a bumbling fool in a deal.That is the art of this deal !
    Letter is Soooo Presidential !
    Sooooo Trumpian. Hmmmm,
    Think Trumpian will be a word that may find a way into American english. Replacing Quixotic but meaning same.. Yup, since Quixote is French but Trump is American through and through.

  25. The Bitterest Draught.

    As our nation and the world finally sees the end of an American presidency that is without a doubt, one of the worst in our collective national history and by the farthest measure, the ultimate failure in modern times.

    What we need to face now, is to be frankly honest with ourselves as a nation. How did such a horrible person achieve the highest office in our land and then accomplish such despicable policies?

    If the United States is to be measured by our leadership, how will the rest of the world see us and in fact, how do we look at ourselves? This presidency has diminished us: our friends and allies no longer trust us; our enemies profit and find constant weakness; the world can rightfully ridicule us.

    Domestically, the institutions that comprise the pillars of our republic has been under constant abuse and corruption by this administration, that is unparalleled in our entire history. A citizen could not find an instant throughout all of our trials and tribulations to match such outright disregard, contempt and lawlessness.

    Our moral and ethical high-ground, that has been tested and failed at times, but still provides that beacon that forms and informs our policies have been torn asunder, reduced to a mockery, we have become under this administration, a sad joke.

    Long before this administration existed, the US embarked on a world wide system of alliances, treaties and trade deals that took a number of decades to create, a network that benefited everyone, in general, bringing our world into a new age of cooperation and connectivity.

    And that system which has been so successful in America's success is now being brutally assaulted by a president and his functionaries that seems to not comprehend the simplest and basic understandings of global economics.

    History will note what happens after this president is removed from office, be it by impeachment or by the ballot box.

    It will be forever etched into that mental place that Americans don't like to talk about. Our Mistakes. President Trump is to be owned by us as a country, that moment that we failed ourselves and the world. Our modern day version of "our peculiar institution", for you uninformed, that meant slavery.

    But, now let us talk about the future.

    Put plainly, some consequences will be dealt with fairly easily, some might be a bit more complex and take time, a good portion will require heavy lifting and take significant time.

    Sadly, some of those consequences have already cost lives, both domestically and internationally. That can not be fixed or even be justified, this administration has been the worst version of everything critical said about America.

    There are costs and consequences to attitudes and polices adopted by governments.

    Lastly, one of the most sacred bonds between nations and allies is the shoulder to shoulder military loss of blood and that fundamental bond.

    America sacrifices its brothers in arms for what?

    That trust will never be regained.

    In the end, we've yet to see the bitterest draught pulled.

    All the best.



  27. You know what’s funny? For such a stupid guy it would seem that a news network with a 62.3 billion dollar budget could take this idiot down. Yet here we are, desperately reaching for straws again and again, attempt after failed attempt. Well at least you guys will have his second term in office to work on it. You guys are almost as successful at this as the Democrats are at running California and Baltimore.

  28. Yet another example that America has voted into power, and is being led by a person with the communications skills and logic of a teenager (a moronic, self-absorbed, unhinged one at that). Countries around the world have now seen how America treats their "allies" and how much one can rely on them. Your country is a joke, your leader is pathetic and now you stand utterly alone in the world. The next time Al-Qaeda, or ISIS or anyone else you've treated like s**t over the years attacks you you'll get zero sympathy or help from others. Enjoy America, you are well on your way to being "great again".

  29. THis guy is so tribal allready by the looks. Reason doesnt matter to him. If the world was made up of personalities like that, we would still be living in caves. Only critical REASONING leads to scientiffic discoveries.

  30. The problem is this is the same network that tried to call TULSI GABBARD a Russian asset…….So they have ZERO credibility !

  31. This is President Trump's style. Easy on the judgement! Honestly thought it might work, because he talks in a sincere way that leaders like Erdogan understand! I thought it could work, we'll see.

  32. More smokescreen covering up their corruotiin by a Democrat socialist police state advocate. Why not talk about the number one killer of unarmed civillians in America, law enforcement. What about the 4 BILLION dollars worth of "surplus" millitary grade weaponry, armor, and ammunition that has been "granted" to federal agencies like the FDA, USDA, DHHS, DOE, etc. & local police by the Federal Government in the last administrations. For what exactly does a meat inspector or DHHS administrator need a M16, kevlar vest, and armor piercing shells? Why are military grade weapons being distributed to civillian GS schedule workers while the Democrats are trying to disarm american citizens. Why don't gun control advocates focus on the fact almost 4 times as many unarmed civillians are killed each year by law enforcement than have been killed in 20 years in mass shoitings by whackjob civillians (not counting the number killed with firearms while "in custody", huge numbers which the government refuses to disclose and publish and must be found through civillian investigative reporting). Maybe if gun control efforts were focused on the buildup of the police state in America their outrage and their energy would be rewarded with a massive reduction in the deaths by gun violencce. Just because a policeman shooting an unarmed and in many cases innocent civillian is highly underreported by media, but does figure into the gun violence causing death totals (because it is gun violence,) doesnt change the fact it makes up a substantial percentage of the non-suicide gun fatalities recorded annually. Obviously putting millitary grade weaponry in the hands of federal employees and law enforcement is not stopping mass shootings by deranged people. But more accoubtability and oversight of gun violence against unarmed civillians caused by law enfircement could eliminate more deaths by gun violence than any of the legislation and ordinances that Democrats are passing nationwide that penalize non-violent law abiding gun owning citizens and violate their constitutional rights and bring us closer and closer to a police state that has an unarmed populace they can oppress with ease without fear of reprisal – the exact reason why we have a protection, the second amnendment acknowledging our Gid given right to keep and bear arms for protection of self from such abuses, in the bill of rights of our nation's great constitution.

  33. "It will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don't happen". He IS the devil and good things never happened, in fact, Turkey has used nuclear weapons in its offensive against the Kurds, The UN is accusing Turkey of having used chemical weapons known as white phosphorus. Many children have died, those who survived has been documented, a Kurdish 13-year-old Mohammed Hamid is one of the victims of this massacre, he has strange burn marks on his skin. It's an ethnic cleansing going on against the Kurds right now and Donald Trump is acting like he woke up yesterday. In fact, many Americans do not agree with Trump's decision to abandoning the Kurds!

  34. Abandoning the Kurds is a betrayal, over 11 000 Kurds died fighting Isis, the Kurds played a key role in defeating isis. While Erdogan was convincing Trump to leave Syria so that the way could be open for him to slaughter Kurds, that was just the wrong thing to do, as many Americans themselves say that "Kurds are our closest ally in the Middle East, they stood with us, they fought with us" Donald Trump was indirectly giving Turkey the green light to slaughter Kurds and that is a betrayal from the US side which has confused the people of the US, many aren't happy about this decision at all.

  35. For as stupid as this letter is, we all know trump didnt himself write this. He doesn't understand basic grammar or syntax. So to think someone had to clean up what he actually dictated and put it on paper.

  36. 🎶You know I’m dishonest,
    You know I’m not brave,
    You know I wear my tie long,
    You know burger’s my fave.

    Lindsey’s mad with me now,
    Even Melania, my wife,
    My golf game’s gone south,
    Even when I cheat with my drive.

    So don’t be a tough guy,
    Don’t be a fool,
    I’ve nobody left to love me,
    I only have YOU!🎶

    Call you later, Sweetie 🙂

  37. So you commie bastards steal something that wasn't given to you or you faked this letter saying it's his the problem with this administration.is you socialistic bastard hate Trump to the core and will make up a bunch of lies or have an insider steal property for you damn hate news Trump will win in 2020 and he will beat that old drug pushing murder.again yeah I'm talking about hag hillary

  38. Pompeo,as ex head of CIA should be sending such letters.Trump would never
    have the brains to work for the CIA, so how come he is allowed to be President?

  39. We will not survive this; if impeachment gets real enough he will nuke something and everything go up. He is an insane moron, anyone should be able to see that. No use trying to escape, our weapons go everywhere.

  40. We can all laugh about it (and it is epicly hilarious), but it is precisely Trump's unconventional personality which allows him to speak so bluntly.

    We may not take it seriously but Erdogan sure as hell does. Trump has proven that he is capable of anything and even CNN viewers are out for Turkish blood.

  41. What is wrong with this man??? This is not the vocabulary you use when writing a letter to a head state. Someone needs to give Trump business letter writing classes.

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