Is What Umi Is Saying About Natureboy A Script❓❓❓🤔 Is He Playing  A Fake Role🤔

Is What Umi Is Saying About Natureboy A Script❓❓❓🤔 Is He Playing A Fake Role🤔

guys back with another video but before
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comment on this video so today I wanted to discuss a few things that I haven’t
really seen a lot of people discuss in the community and it’s very important
that we understand what’s going on and we always have our own opinions but at
least our opinions in the community are shared amongst the group and we can then
decide as individuals what we want to take from that message so I wanted to
get on a video that I had seen on the carbonation TV page because I still look
at nature boys videos from beginning to end and then do my commentary because
there’s a lot of things that the community does miss from these videos
because it’s easier to go to my channel to the T channel or to Angel channel you
know to name a few channel holders that cover Nature Boy and carbonation it’s
easier just to go to their channels and find what we pull and share with you
guys but what I find to be very disturbing and this is just my opinion
these are not the facts these are my opinions um is that he’s portraying
himself now to be the Messiah now this brings me back to something that Amy had
said in the interview with Z X about Nature Boy writing and playing out
scripts now I want you guys to please listen to this video and listen clearly
so we can start to see things for what they are and not what we think that they
are she said that he writes and plays
scripts for the camera and when the cameras go off which I already
knew that that’s in everyone’s life it’s different what is concerning to me is
that this is going to draw in more people over the in carbonation let me
just say this you I’m not a channel holder that I do commentary and
discussions because my ultimate goal is to stop people from going to carbonation
that is not what the case is and it’ll never be that nature boy is a very
colorful character he’s a social-media influencer and
he/she is his public with the world so I discuss it on my channel with my
community that is all that I’m doing harmless but what concerns me as a
viewer just like you is that he is portraying himself to be now the Messiah
he’s showing roles of people who have issues in their current life that want
to live like this be controlled and everything else be taken away like jobs
family life any kind of responsibilities and if they have to subject themselves
to obeying to this kind of treatment which I’m not saying that what he’s
doing is is bad practice but I think that it’s a ploy it’s a script and if
you get someone who’s vulnerable right now they’re going through life changes
and they see this script and they don’t know what they’re getting themselves
into and they go over to carbonation they’re going to end up like another Umi
and the reason why I’m saying that is because they’re going to get over there
it’s not going to be what they see on the big screen they’re going to end up
staying over there because they’re not gonna know or have they’re not gonna be
equipped enough to leave because they’re gonna be over there just long enough to
listen to the message and get stuck Oh me didn’t get stuck that’s a good
thing she’s still not stuck she’s over in the states trying to come up off this
whole fiasco but I’m worried about the ones that will get stuck and we’ll find
out sooner or later that this isn’t where they need to be and if they’re
trying to get themselves right they’re personal right this is not where they’re
going to get it right and then they get stuck in the situation like raw like
ayah like true like Sheba where they’re stuck they started to believe some
things that made them roll their eyes up in their head and-and-and itch their
foreheads and say this is not right what he’s saying and his behavior is sporadic
and I know this is not normal this is not a peaceful person that lives in
nature what am I doing here but they ignore that now because when you keep
listening to someone say the same thing over and over again you tend to stop
believing it and that’s the same way with people in relationships whether
you’re married in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or a girlfriend boyfriend
relationship or vice versa whatever the situation might be we start
to see people for who they are and we still subject ourselves to the BS
because we love them or because we don’t want change so we just sit in that
relationship until that person decides to want to get rid of us so it just
really concerns me how a man can go to now having peace in his life in a matter
of a week to a week before he was full of rage and whatever his mindset is at
the time his attitude is at the time he displaces on
daily basis on public media sites he does not hide that and the reason I
think his behavior is so sporadic it’s because no matter what he says that he
is followers go for it his followers go for it
and even if they don’t go for it he knows ultimately just like me mentioning
his name is free promotion it’s entertainment it brings in the views
people don’t want to live in the truth he knowses they want to live in the lies
so it doesn’t matter if he said he was Barney up here if he said he was Papa
Smurf people would translate that and make excuses up for them because they’re
making excuses up in their own life he knows that those are the people that he
wants to have over the in carbonation the ones that are not gonna question
anything the ones that are gonna go with the things that he says out of his own
mouth that he doesn’t even believe in but he can get you to believe it and you
spread the message of what he just conjured up or took from somebody else’s
teachings that’s what he’ll do that’s how he knows that he has someone um that
could become a member of carbonation and he can control everything about that
person because ultimately that’s all he wants to do is have control if you’re
someone that comes over there he sees that it’s not working out because you
question everything that’s a threat to nature boy it has always been you’re not
gonna last long there but always understand that Nature Boy and
carbonation doesn’t stand for nature living a holistic natural lifestyle you
can do that over here in the states you can live the same kind of life and you
don’t have to run from your problems and you can still keep your job and your
family and your cars and every that you work hard for and still live a
holistic life and have no drama and it can be a private peaceful tranquil
tranquil place to live in and you don’t have to be subjected to someone having
you on camera and making you talk about things that you know people are gonna
judge you on because we all know people judges when we’re saying things right so
imagine when you’re telling them your deep dark secrets how people are going
to judge you but that is the key to being in carbonation
it’s not about tranquility it’s not about holistic lifestyle it’s not about
living in nature it’s a script you’re playing in it and you’re doing something
that only Nature Boy and his mind knows that you’re doing and it’s for his gain
and not yours so be mindful of that whoever joins carbonate

24 thoughts on “Is What Umi Is Saying About Natureboy A Script❓❓❓🤔 Is He Playing A Fake Role🤔

  1. Unlike other false profits, NB will always have damaging videos online that display contradiction. Plus these characters that he displays only last a couple of weeks then he has anther melt down because he is to arrogant to address his inner demons. He is forever trapped in that cyclical hell.

  2. Everything about this is truly disturbing. Looking at the pictures appearing in the background all of a sudden, the costume gear, and now this "I AM THE MESSIAH" crap. He's becoming more and more unstable over there. Smh

  3. Absolutely Agree 💯👌🏿

  4. Thanks, sis! Your right people will go down there ending up like all the rest that left and your right he wants total control!.

  5. I can’t even get through watching the entire videos anymore so I watch you guys commentary to stay caught up. I refuse to listen to his entire scripts of foolishness.

  6. Smh its sooooo sad tht the black community is soooooo lost in the sauce an so selfish thts why our ppl cant never come together an make things better its just sad

  7. IT'S NOT….Who Bishop claims to be or what Bishop forces other people to call him. – It's the degenerate quality of influence people like Bishop have on the minds of their gullible prey.

  8. 👄 You hit the nail on the head 😂😂 😂😂 😂 but.. I'm entertained by 😹✌🏾 Y'ALL DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON & SUB IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💞

  9. I think her going over there was just to have an experience in the come back and get a pay started I mean it was a good idea she had to start from the beginning trying to get views trying to get subs just to jump on the bandwagon getting that bag real quick

  10. Charles Manson said he was Jesus Christ in the flesh and that is why NB is using the term Messiah so people who never heard of Charles Manson would be blinded. He is also using the term Messiah which will open a broader following of people who follow different religions! His marketing strategies are really good! He knows how to aim at not just a target market but a variety of different types of people at the same time! But we all know his main target is gullible, weak, desperate, mentally unstable, submissive types.

  11. He is actually trying to portray like he has mastered his lower self like the young man smartguy confronting him on. Smartguy said that NB couldn't be qualified as a leader because he has not learned to master his own behavior; so now he is playing this role as if he has done the work of mastering himself, which we all know that this is all a lie, deception and manipulation from Satan himself.

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