Ippadai Vellum Tamil Full Movie

Ippadai Vellum Tamil Full Movie

THE CHAMPIONS No matter what happens, we are the
champions; we will win for sure! Step up dear youngsters;
time to show your worth. To all the honest hearts
out there; step up. Join hands with these youth,
for they are the champions. Sky is not far away; it’s
time we attained our goal. No matter the distance, join hands
and let’s reach our destination. Step up dear youngsters, break
the hurdles and step up. It’s time to win the
gold; so step up! This is an army full of brave
hearts; it’s our time to win. This is an army of the
fearless, so come join us. It’s time you reached
heights and attained peaks! No matter what happens… we are the champions;
we will win for sure! No matter what happens… we are the champions;
believe that! We are the champions! Naini Central Jail, Uttar Pradesh. – Greetings officer.
– Greetings officer. Greetings officer. – Everything fine?
– Yes sir. Did the doctor treat
Chotta’s stomach ache? Not yet. – Ok. You carry on.
– Ok sir. Chotta. A bomb expert. It was his brains behind the last
year’s Mumbai and Delhi blasts, triggering four explosions at
a time in different places. Indian Mujahideen claimed
responsibility for the Mumbai blast… and ISIS claimed responsibility
for the blasts in Delhi. That’s when National Intelligence
Agency got a small breakthrough. The bombs that went off in both cities
and the materials used were the same. Propane, Methane
and Red mercury. Though the terrorist
organizations are different… the person who prepared the bombs and triggered
them was the same guy and hunt was on for him. It wasn’t so easy to nab Chotta. It took six months. Because Chotta isn’t a muslim. His name… Raj! Chotta Raj! Get up. The doctor’s here. He is here to treat your stomach ache.
Come on. Your tablets. Has the security
arrived at gate #5? Yes sir. – Does he have the walkie talkie?
– Yes sir. Fine. Carry on. Yes sir. All of them are being
taken to the hospital. Greetings. Today’s headlines. Terrorist Chotta escapes
from the Naini prison. The whole of Uttar Pradesh
is mulling over… how the bomb was smuggled
into the prison? See that? That’s
an insult to us. What am I gonna answer to the
Home Minister and the media? How could you allow a C section
criminal into the kitchen? Sir, he requested us to let
him work in the kitchen. And you obliged? He ain’t an ordinary criminal! Do you have any idea about how many lives
he claimed in the Mumbai and Delhi blasts? Ma’am, fax all details about Chotta to all
the police headquarters throughout India. ( Police headquarters,
Hyderabad) Forward this photo to all the
control rooms and check posts. (Chennai) Tighten the security in the
airport, bus stand and railway station. ( Police headquarters, Bangalore) Tell me something, what are the CBI, RAW and the
intelligence agencies doing about this? Don’t you know very well what the CBI,
RAW and NIA are doing about this? Mobile phones, email,
satellite phones etc; they have been tracking all the
communication methods of the terrorists. It was NIA who confirmed us that
Chotta doesn’t use a mobile phone… and his call record is nil! How did Indian Mujahideen and ISIS communicate
with his team without making phone calls? That’s the million
dollar question! ( Same time in
Libya, North Africa) He was quiet for six months and… now he has escaped after
bombing the prison. This means he must have
definitely got his next assignment. His next target city? (November 14th. Time: 5:15 AM) (November 14th. Time: 7 AM. Nagpur,
still 549 kms to Hyderabad) (Time: 7:45 AM. Tiruvannamalai, Tamizh Nadu) (Kanmani, Tamizh Nadu’s
first female bus driver) Likes: My son and two
daughters are my world. Dislikes: I don’t like children
choosing their own life partners. You work with the bricks
and you handle the sand. Hey Sarasu! Had your food? Yes, Salman Khan. Are we taking a break? No. Only the driver. So be seated oldie. Mom, brother had asked for these
original certificates. Hand it over. Here. Place it there. Hey Sarasu, do you wanna go
out with me for a movie? – Right away. Let’s go.
– Right away? Ask the mason to stop flirting
and concentrate on the work. Don’t yell. He might just hear you. It’s easy to find engineers these days… but finding a mason
is a tough ask! I’ll monitor the work. You carry on. Phew! Move! I said, move! Stop using up space like
it’s your own vehicle! – You, oldie! Move.
– What is it? Well, you have no worries. Your
son is a software engineer, sitting in an air-conditioned
room and working on his computer. Money flows in your home. And you have started
building a bigger house. And me? I earn a mere 15,000 bucks and
for what? To be squashed inside the bus! If a salary of 15,000 to manage this
crowd makes you whine so much… then imagine the plight of my
son who earns 75,000 bucks. Just imagine about the
problems chasing him! Neither a superman nor a
batman and so not the hulk! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Neither daring nor a
wrestler but he fears none! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Not even the so called
thugs can bring him down. No way! Not even the so called
sprinters can near him. No way! Neither is he a raging fire nor
he is as ferocious as the tiger. But he is definitely the
one who can raise hell! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Neither he rushes on to anything
nor does he explode in rage. Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Neither does he have any back
up nor does he prefer violence. But yes, he is fearless! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! He is one of those who
wouldn’t want to hurt others. That’s him! He is one of those who wanna
spread love than fear. That’s him! Neither he is a hero
nor a villain… but he is an achiever! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Neither a superman nor a
batman and so not the hulk! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Catch him if you can! Did you guys have a
heavy breakfast? Did you guys follow it
up with a hot beverage? Then, why in the hell haven’t
you nabbed him yet? Boss… order us to catch an Anaconda from
the Amazon and we shall do it! We shall even catch a dinosaur
from the Jurassic Park for you. But this guy? He is invincible, boss!
We can’t catch him. He is quite witty. It’s so confusing to chase him. This is why we advise you to interview
the person before lending money. You just don’t pay heed to us! See that? That’s a sign
that I am correct! I’ll deal with you once
I’m done with this call. Hello! Please be on the line. Mind your work! Why is he calling up
and spitting at me? Chief… I’ve sent you a photo in What’s up. Please help me catch him. It’s not “What’s up” It’s Whatsapp! Well, I’m good in
Tamizh but not English. That’s how I call it. Now, do me a favor
and catch him. That chameleon took money
from me and escaped. Fine. Send it. Boss, let’s interview everyone
from tomorrow… and then lend the money! Not tomorrow. We will
start it right away. How many have turned
up in need of finance? Whoa! She looks hot! Ok sir. Priya, you may go upstairs. Whoa! Quite an ‘open-type’ girl. Good morning sir. Good morning. Good, good, good morning. Why is it getting hot in here? When you can expose yourself
to get money… then how can I be sure that you won’t
expose me after getting the money? Sir, you are wrong! I’m absolutely right! I am an expert in
‘Interest’ rates and… expert in dealing with people
having wrong interests. No money for you! Get out! Get lost you pothead! Call in the next person. Poor soul! Guess God was upset
when he made him. We can trust him and lend money. He can’t escape and run. Even if he runs away, we
can catch him easily. Boss, see that? He isn’t
exposing himself. Please have a seat. Hello you baldie. Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Tell me. Here are my complete details. I want to start a tea shop. I need 0.1 million. Every month, I shall show
no interest to pay on time. I mean I shall pay the
interest on time. You can’t even sit properly, yet you wanna make
it on your own! Yes sir. This stand of yours… has got you a place here! But I am here. Sitting
right opposite to you. So tell me how will you make
the tea with such a condition? Enough. That’s enough. You might just spill the tea. You better hire someone. Thank you sir. – Boss.
– Boss! Give Kozhandai
whatever he demands. I shall myself sign in
as guarantee for him! Look here. He runs as fast as
P.T. Usha’s grandson! Show me. Here. Isn’t this Kozhandai? Thank you actor ‘Thala’ Ajith. Catch him! No one can catch me! I am the terrorist
of terrorists! Cut. One more. What the hell? But why? He laughs only thrice.
Sync the laughter to that. Sir, notice keenly;
he laughs five times. Who is the engineer here?
You or me? Yeah right! He says it like he is
the engineer who built Eiffel Tower! What? Err..well.. I said I’ll dub
again with proper sync. Ok. Take. No one can catch me! I am the terrorist
of terrorists! Take ok. Kozhandaivelu, the dubbing will
extend till early morning 2 AM. Is the food here? Sambar. He serves it like he is
serving it to some animal. Tell me darling. I am at the hospital
for the final scan. It’s crowded in here. I guess it’ll take
couple of hours. So, you will be late? Fine, you finish the scan,
collect the report and go home. I shall call you around
5:30 PM, during the break. Fine? Take care. By the way, you will reach
here tomorrow morning right? I’ll catch the first bus early
in the morning and come. Koyambedu, the last stop, is here.
Everyone get down. You oldie… wake up now. Get down; or do you wanna
head back home in the same bus? I’ll get down, wait. You
run your mouth too much! Have you been waiting for long? No mom. I just arrived. Did Aishu hand over the file? Velmuruga, get that file. In a minute. The bank manager called up.
Didn’t you pay the home loan due? – I shall pay within 2 days.
– Ok. What’s up Madhu? All fine? Here. See you mom. – Had your food?
– Yet to. Work is important but health
is even more important. – Have food on time.
– Ok, mom. See you. Your son earns a handful… and yet you spare him a mere 200 bucks. He accepts it with a
smile and leaves. The modesty exhibited by both mom and
son seems to be a little too much. No matter how much he earns… his happiness lies in me
sparing him a little money. He accepted it
without any reasoning. That’s the happiness
he gives me. I have to worry about four
lives, including mine. My heart will be satisfied only
if all four are healthy and safe. You will never understand that. It’s better I don’t
understand it. Spare me 200 bucks. I shall eat my heart
out at “Motel Highway” Uh-oh! There’s the
devil staring at me! Let me handle this. Here are the original
certificates you asked for. Traffic, Baru. Traffic? You are the first person to get stuck
in a traffic jam while walking. I swear, Baru. There
was heavy traffic. Barghavi! It’s a beautiful name in Tamizh. Bar, Baru sounds yuck! Next you will call me ‘pub.’ Now, wait. Even my name is Madhusudhanan. Don’t you call me Madhu? Do I get upset? Guys and girls these days, who are lovers… would want their
match to be kickass. But us? Even our names
are a kickass match! Bar and… Madhu ( also means Liquor) – What a kickass combination!
– Hands off me! I’m furious! Fine. I’m late by half an hour. But why so furious? Do you even have any idea how
embarrassing it was for me? Madam, what would
you like to have? Give me 10 minutes. I’ll order
as soon as my friend arrives. Is the 10 minutes over already? He will be here soon. Give
me another 10 minutes. Madam, you have been occupying
a space for half an hour. You just keep telling your friend will
come but he is nowhere to be seen. This is peak hours. The more customers I attend
the more I can make on tips. I see! Is he the one who
will bring the wallet? This is too much! Let him come. Only if the sponsor arrives,
the sponsee can eat. Isn’t it? Wow! “If the sponsor arrives,
the sponsee can eat” That’s an awesome dialogue. This waiter sounds
to be quite a writer. I am the sponsor here! And you are the one who eats! Who will advertise all this? Here, check if the
certificates are fine. Bearer, 2 cups of tea, please. After all the long wait was
for just 2 cups of tea? Uh-oh! You are very lucky, madam. You came in a shirt…. and now it’s a Tea-shirt! He is definitely a writer. I’m gonna teach him a…. – Excuse me. Get me the cheque.
– Ok. He must be given a real good thrashing. Good thrashing? Let’s do it. Who? You? Are you
going to fight him? He is a beast and you are
an insect in comparison. He will squash you! Is it so? Wanna challenge? Give me two hundreds bucks. Here. Sir, just a minute…. why are you paying 200
instead of 40 bucks? Sir both of us had 2 coffee,
2 Pooris and 2 Idlis. The total bill is
worth 190 bucks. But your bearer just made
a bill for 40 bucks and… he told me that he will pay me 50%
and take the remainder. He says he has been doing it for 2 years. But I couldn’t do it… because I’ve been a gentleman since birth.
See you, sir. Come on. Let’s go. Summon Kundalankesi! Please no! Don’t thrash me! No! Baru… In order to bust up such beasts… one doesn’t have
to be well built. All you need is 1400 gms of brain. Use it cleverly
and that would do. Baru happy? You have got an awesome
criminal brain! You are putting it
to real good use. Thank you. Thank you. Move! Go! Why is he here? (2 months ago) Crying or yelling isn’t
gonna make your case. I understand your situations. This recession time. I’m helpless. Terminating us all of
a sudden isn’t fair. There is a clause in
your offer letter. What happened? Didn’t you check your email? It’s recession time it seems. The company hasn’t
got any projects. Half of them are
terminated from their job. Termination letter! Don’t you threaten us sir. Even your name is in it. – Mom…
– I’m not gonna tell her. If she finds out that
I lost my job… she will feel very bad. The only problem is I’ve taken a
loan using this job security. I’ll have to pay monthly
65,000 as the EMI! On top of that, I have some debts. I have no idea how to handle this. Monthly 65,000/- Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. Come on. I’ll take care of it. Who is it? It’s my brother. Tell me. Where are you? At office. In a meeting with
my project manager. Why do you ask? Really? Because… I am at the same office as well. Turn around. So, this is your office? Is he your project manager? Sir, I… Madhusudhanan. We are in love. He is the one I’m gonna marry. Now what? Heroism? Humanism. As far as I’m concerned, any man
who raises hands on a woman… is not a real man. Even if it is her husband
or her brother. How dare you? I’ll
break your nose! Stop threatening. Both of us are adults. No one can stop us
from getting married. Well, I want to put
that statement to test! According to the special
marriage act procedure, we will put up both of your
photos on the notice board. If we don’t receive any
objection within 30 days… then you can get married. Inform me of the marriage
date in advance. Produce your original certificates
while coming on that day. November 15th! Marriage date confirmed. – Baru, are you sure?
– I have given it a good thought. Why don’t we try
convincing your brother? You? You mean you
will convince him? You don’t know my brother. He will go to any
extent to separate us. Where is the EC counter? Ask anyone inside. Don’t call me during
these 30 days. If it’s urgent then convey it to Divya.
I’ll call you once I get her message. Disconnect this number and get a new
SIM registered in a girl’s name. Why? Because my brother will
trace my call for sure. Fine. I shall inform my
mom about our marriage.. Try to understand! My brother is already a problem. Now, I don’t want your
mom to be an issue too. As promised, this marriage
must take place on Nov 15th… or else… Come on! Nov 15th our marriage
will take place, for sure!!! (Today, November 14th) Could it be that
he is following us? Let’s leave. As per the plan, I’ll be at the
registrar’s office at 10 in the morning. You also be there. Suppose… if my brother interrupts
the wedding… then next day both of us shall
go to the commissioner office. We will get married under the
supervision of the commissioner. Let me see what will he do then! Let me see! What’s going on in your mind? Well, it’s either registrar office
or the commissioner office. The wedding will
happen for sure. So what about the wedding
night and our honeymoon? Pervert! Look what
he is thinking? Why shouldn’t I talk about it? If the wedding matters to you then
the wedding night matters to me! If you can discuss that then
why can’t I discuss this? This is too much. What’s with the
double standards? There is the smile! Now that you have smiled. Tell me… where are we gonna arrange
our wedding night? I am ok with any place. Even the car sounds good. Come, let’s make a world of our
own and spend our life there. I’m lost in a forest full of fragrance;
so save me, oh my dear love. One kiss, that’s all that we
need to kick-start the romance. Let the romance then flourish
with showers of kisses. A kiss to punish; a
kiss to appreciate. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. I am living a dream. I see
the stars at my doorstep. Even the clouds are below me. I don’t wish for us to be
a part of this galaxy. All I want is a
world of our own. You are the moon that shines on me.
I need you. Your face is my sun. I need you. Let’s fly like the light and
land on the world of our own. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. Every noise that your hair makes
is a music to me. Call me crazy. Every time you laugh, I hear sonnets.
Call me crazy. Your life will be filled with
love, if it’s in my hands. There is no safer place
for you than my heart. You are my world and I
want to make you mine. I don’t need much time but
just stay with me forever. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. So come to me, my dear.
You are love. So come to me, my dear.
My heart’s filled with love. Hello? Hello, Barghavi? Dheena. It’s me, Divya. Can
I talk to Barghavi? Tell me. Madhu wants to talk. It’s urgent. – Call him.
– Ah ok. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the
office at 9:30. – Bye.
– Ok. Tell me. Divya said it’s urgent.
What is it? Baru… I’m still in a dilemma.
If you agree then… shall I convince my mom… and bring her tomorrow
for the wedding? I am already disturbed. Try to understand me. Once the wedding is over, we
shall head to Tiruvannamalai. There we will convince your mom.
Do you understand? Until then, please be quiet. Fine. Shall I hang up? – Listen.
– Tell me. Tomorrow morning… are you sure the wedding
will happen as planned? I hope no problems will arise. Don’t confuse yourself. There will be no
problems at all. There shouldn’t be. – The wedding must go on as planned.
– It will. You don’t have to pick
me tomorrow morning. I’ll directly reach the registrar’s
office in my friend’s car. Ok? Bye. What is it, dear? Is the final scan done? What did the doctor say? They say that the umbilical chord
has made a noose around the child. Looks like operation
is the only way out. I am scared. Don’t you worry. Nothing
wrong will happen. All the beautiful girls will
go around with my son… and here you are worried about
the chord around his neck. Wipe your tears. Don’t cry. I had sent 0.1 million through Balan.
Did you get it? Yes, I got it. After I arrive there
tomorrow morning… I shall get you admitted in the
best hospital in Tindivanam. You will have a
smooth delivery and… we will introduce our
little hero to the world. Got it? Tell me, our son
will be safe right? I am really worried about him. He is our son! He will arrive in style. There will be no problems at all. I’m here for you. Don’t worry. Be brave. Don’t confuse yourself.
Pray to your deity. We won’t face any
problems, dear. (Hyderabad) (November 14th. Time: 5:15 PM) Sir! Hello? What? Sir, it hasn’t been triggered. These photos are from Allahabad
police headquarters. Not only that, sir… here is the forensic
bomb report. The bomb materials found in the
truck and the train are same. Propane, Methane
and Red mercury. It’s confirmed sir. Chotta is in Hyderabad. Issue a red alert immediately. Cancel the red alert. We got the confirmation that
Chotta is in Hyderabad. Thank god. Chennai
city is safe now. (Chennai – 24 Kms) Excuse me. Don’t mistake me.
I’m kinda broke. Do you have 200 bucks on you? It’s for fueling the bike. I shall deliver you
anywhere in the city. Please, 200 bucks change. Thank you. Happy journey. Thank you. I appreciate you. Here, please fill the
tank for 200 bucks. For 200 bucks? Fill it up and if there is
extra, I shall collect it in a can. Tell me, Chotta? Address? Ramanujam Apartment. Flat 4-D, Ponamallee Highway. Ok. File a draft mentioning I reached
Chennai. I’ll tell you the email ID. Ok. Mail ID: [email protected] Password… Brother! Usually, there won’t be any
police checking on this freeway. Why are there so
many of them today? Mr. Hoodie, any idea? Brother, save your wallet.
Put it inside your boxers. Stop the bike. Blow into this. Sir, both of us are sober. Both of you? I see only you! Here this Mr. Hoodie…err..where
did he go? First, blow into this. Was he a ghost? I said, blow into this. Please blow. Sir, the red alert
has been canceled. – Sir, I don’t drink.
– Ok. – You may leave
– Ok. Leave. Have the people changed for good? Why aren’t we getting
any scapegoats? Sir, ask the inspector to blow
and you will get your scapegoat! – Hello?
– Sorry buddy. I was at a police checkpoint,
hence I couldn’t attend. I need the car tomorrow
afternoon by 2. I told you I need the car
only for the morning. I shall return the car
by afternoon 2 for sure. – Confirm?
– Confirm! Now hang up! Sir! Sir? Sir?! Excuse me! Make it fast.
It’s an accident case. – Any doctor present right now?
– Yes, the duty doctor. Excuse me sir. Is the patient a
friend of yours? Doctor, I hope there is
no risk to his life. 5-6 stitches on his head, bruises on his hands and legs. There is nothing
much to worry about. Pay this bill in the O.P counter. You can discharge
him in 2-3 hours. 4000 bucks? The accident case that came
with a wound on his head; did his friend pay the bill? No doctor. He didn’t pay the bill? Is it safe here? Yes, 100%. While you were in Naini prison and
knew the next target was Chennai.. I moved to Chennai. Since then, four months… I have been staying here,
as a Brahmin girl. Even after we leave
once our work is done, the police won’t find out
that we stayed here. Boys? Vinay, Pavan, Arun and Veera. All four of them have
reached Chennai. Each one in east, west,
north and south of Chennai. None of them has a cell phone. The method of communication
is our usual email method. A single email ID and password. All four of them know it. Everyday at 11 AM, they check
the draft addressed to them. Then they reply to me
and delete the draft. Ask our boys to find the crowded
places in their locality, like…. temples, bus stand, restaurant, malls,
theaters. Ask them to send their photos. The email ID and password I
told you over the phone… update them with those details. Because… until the Chennai
operation is complete, that email ID is the only communication
between them and us. Got it? The bomb materials; I need double the quantity.
So, arrange it. (November 15th) Feeling better? The guys have sent
us the photos. The breakfast is ready. Have it. I shall take the house keys. The kids here will ring the bell
often, do not open. Take care. – See you, mom.
– Barghavi… – aren’t you having your breakfast?
– It’s ok. Mom, now this is new. Why is she wearing
Saree to work? Looks like there is some
cultural event in her office. And Saree is the dress code. I’m off to Bangalore for
a painting exhibition. I’ll be back only
after three days. My apartment will be free. Then that’s where the wedding
night will take place. How much rent are you gonna charge? Give us some concession. Thank god! Me and my
boyfriend got a place. Hello? Have you started? I am getting ready.
What about you? I picked up Hema from Poonamallee and now
I am on my way to the registrar’s office. You get started with the formalities there.
I’ll be late by half an hour. Gayathri. We spoke over the call. The material list. It’s urgent. This is Anitha for News7. I’ll collect the material and
give you a call by evening. Special force set up in
Hyderabad to hunt down Chotta. The chief minister of Telengana has
issued a state-wide ‘Red alert’ Hyderabad? Sir, this is the guy who claimed
to be his friend and admitted him. Any contact details,
address or anything? Usually, all the details for O.P are
collected while the bill is paid. But this guy escaped
without paying the bill. Play the footage from
the exterior CCTV. Rewind that. Zoom to that car’s
registration number. – Sathish, trace down the car with this number.
– Ok sir. Do a thorough checking on all the footage
from the CCTV in Poonamallee freeway. – We might get some clue.
– Yes sir. I hope all the
certificates are there. Yes sir. – The groom?
– He is on his way. What does your dad do? My dad passed away. I live
with my mom and brother. What does your brother do? Assistant Commissioner of Police! Sir! Tell me. What have you got? We have identified Chotta in the
footage that we got from the CCTV here. But he is with another guy. – Another guy?
– Yes sir. Freeze it right there! Zoom in on the bike’s
registration number. Sathish is already at the RTO. Ask him
to trace down this bike’s owner too. Yes sir! TN 09 BS 4478 Don’t you be so happy to
have stopped this wedding. We plan to get married under the police
commissioner’s supervision if you stop this! What can you do then? Tell me! Break that boy’s nose, I say! Sir, please no! Please! My friend borrowed my bike. He
was rushing to work last night. He promised to fuel it and
that is why I let him borrow. I don’t know anything else. What’s his name? Do you have his photo? This is him. He borrowed the car saying he
has an important commitment. He is yet to return it. What’s his address? Hey Kumar! Pass me
the brush and paint. Excuse me. Oh! It’s Kozhandaivelu. Kozhandaivelu! Someone’s here for you. It’s indeed him, sir! Come on! 2nd floor, corner flat. Catch him! Go! Now! That way! Uh-oh! Must be Financier
Murugan’s men. How did they find
out my address? If I get caught, I won’t make
it home to meet my wife. Escape Kozhandai! Escape! Must be Financier
Murugan’s men. How did they find
out my address? If I get caught, then my
wedding will be ruined. Think Madhu! Think! Guess people are just
waiting to tell on me! Each and every one of
them looks like a beast! Stop! I’ll be a goner
if they catch me! Hey! Not the paint! – Sir, he’s climbing down!
– Catch him! Catch him! Don’t let him escape. Stop! I said, stop! Don’t you run! No my dear slippers!
Don’t be faster than me. You go right! You, to the left! I shall go straight. Don’t you run! Stop! Then why are you guys running?
You stop and I shall stop! It ain’t a pleasure for me either.
The roads are bad! There! I’m caught! You can’t escape,
so better stop! – Stop!
– Don’t you run! Tell me. Why did you run away
on seeing the police? Sir, you all were in mufti. How would I recognize? I tried to escape, taking you all
for Financier Murugan’s men. What? Whom did you think we were? Repeat that! I took you all for
Financier Murugan’s men. You all were in mufti… hence I couldn’t recognize. Do you expect me to
believe in your stories? I know you won’t believe. I know who is behind all this. You guys succeeded this
time but next time… Next time? Sir, I am not interested in
talking to you or the ACP. We both already predicted
this could happen. In which case we had decided
to meet the commissioner. Take me to the commissioner.
I wanna talk to him. Are you done with the
interrogation, Tamizh? What’s their response? Its confirmed. Both of
them are Chotta’s men. They seem to be well trained by
some terrorist organization. They followed similar techniques during the
chase and even have the same answers. Both of them say that they took us
for some Financier Murugan’s men. Not only that, on of them says that we
succeeded this time… but next time we won’t. He doesn’t want to talk to us. He wants to talk to
the commissioner. They appear fearless. Escort both of them to the
commissioner’s office. I shall take care of this. Ok sir. Let’s go. Come on. Inspector Tamizh reporting sir! We are on our way to commissioner’s
office with the convicts. Over! What? What? What? Sir! How did the accident occur? There isn’t a clear-cut
break-through on that. But the guy in the Qualis
died on the spot. And our men? Inspector Tamizh and both the accused
are admitted in a hospital nearby. Any details about the deceased? We are still tracing it out. Open. I’ll collect the material and
give you a call by evening. Lift! Lift. Sir, bomb materials! That’s a lot! Which hospital are the
convicts admitted in? – Don’t let the press inside.
– Sir! Guys, control them! – Sir please. Sir!
– Hold on. Wait. – Sir, what’s happening?
– Please wait. Sir, both the convicts are
in the emergency ward. And inspector Tamizh? Sir, I’m sure this ain’t an accident. It’s a well-planned execution. Both of them are surely
aware of Chotta’s plan. The amount of bomb materials, that means the plan
would be to plant bombs in many areas around the city. Correct. If both of them
open their mouths then… I’ll ensure it! Nurse, hand me the TT. Here. Have patience. The injection will alleviate the pain. It pains. Sir, your sister’s… Just shut up! Oh my god. Where’s Chotta? Where are you planning
to plant the bombs? Answer me! – Well, that…
– Tell me. Tell me! Now! Where are you
planning to plant the bombs? Sir… now that was a different
kind of bomb attack by him. Sir, there you go. He did it again. Did I ask you for a running commentary? Mind your business! Sir, he has passed out. Uh-oh! He is also
touching his stomach. Sir… What is it? Don’t question him about bombs. Shut up! Eww! It still stinking here! Where is Chotta? What’s the plan? Answer me! Answer me! What have you guys planned? Answer me or else I’ll finish
both of you in an Encounter. Answer me! Come on! Sir, he’s gone unconscious. What’s that noise? Does the emergency ward look like
an entertainment park to you all? What is this? Nice perfume. Different smell. – Whose is it?
– Patient’s. Good. Why are you slapping the
unconscious patient? Doctor, both of them are
dangerous terrorists. They are Chotta’s
right and left hand. They staged an escape while being escorted to the
commissioner’s office and met with an accident. That is why we admitted them here. At any cost, we must
interrogate them today. But with your cooperation. I am ready to cooperate… but what about them? Actually, in such cases there are high
chances of a patient losing his memory. Let them wake up and talk. Only then I can confirm if they have lost
their complete memory or part of it. When do you think
they will wake up? No idea. What if they have lost
their memory power? Hypnotherapy or else
shock treatment. But the shock treatment is risky. – Power cut issue?
– No. No. Chances of complete memory loss. Hypnotherapy? We can perform that but then I
will require their case history. All details about them like
their name, native, job… – Do you have the details?
– Yes, doctor. Then ok. Let them wake up. Then we shall perform
Hypnotherapy on them. Until then… do not disturb the patients as well as us. Please wait outside. Terrorist Chotta is
not in Hyderabad. He is here, in Chennai. Madhu and Kozhandaivelu
who are admitted here… are Chotta’s right and
left hand respectively. With the information
collected from them… we will nab Chotta
within couple of days. Today’s Monday. On Wednesday morning, you can expect the news that says
“Chotta arrested.” It could be either dead or alive. Manipulating an incident and
portraying it as an accident. An usual police game. Let’s not get confused. We have good news. What’s the good news? Police knows that I am here in Chennai. They gave it away to us by
conveying it in the news. What’s our next step? Shall we postpone the December 6th plan? Let us fulfill Deputy Commissioner’s wish. Exactly on Wednesday… all the channels and papers… will carry the headlines of Chennai’s
destruction in a bomb blast. True that! It must be the headlines! I want to meet the
boys in the morning. Send them the message
in email draft. Bomb materials? I have arranged for it. Your boyfriend, Madhu, is he a genuine fellow? Where is he from? What
are his parents doing? Why do you ask? If they are genuine then I
thought, ‘why not talk to them?’ They are indeed very genuine. They are from Tiruvannamalai. His
mom is a government bus driver. Madhu was working in
IGS software company. He lost his job. But soon he will find another one. Fine, ask Madhu to meet
me tomorrow morning. Let me talk to him. If I like him… You will like him, for sure! You will definitely
love him and his family. Fine. Ask him to meet me. Sure. Thank you dear brother. Jerk! His phone’s switched off!
I wonder where he is. Thank god! I played unconscious
at the right time. This terrorist fellow seems
to be calm and relaxed! Ouch! Boss. Mr. Terrorist Boss. Mr. Terrorist Boss. Boss, it was unintentional. It slipped out of my hand.
Please don’t mind. Sorry boss. I’m sorry. I underestimated you to be a petty
thief who looks like a swollen lizard. Only when DC explained
about you to the doctor… I found out how big a terrorist
you are and your background. Oh! Wondering who I am? I am Madhu. I belong to
a middle class family. I fell in love with a girl
whose brother is a police. And so he arrested me. That’s where I met you. Just because both of us
traveled together in the van… the whole department
thinks I am one of you. Boss, I ain’t that worthy. You guys are big shots
and have greater life motto. You will even put your
life on the line for it. But all I want is to build a
home my mother wished for… and marry the girl I love. That is all I have as a motto. Look here, we are strangers… and we both know it. But the police doesn’t. So if the police asks you, please tell them that we are strangers
and I am not involved with you. Please don’t forget. What is it, boss? What’s stopping
you from accepting the truth? Boss… my life depends on your words. Please don’t ruin it. Everything sounds good. But I have a small doubt. What’s your doubt? Who am I? Why am I here?
What happened? Whoa! What the…. You don’t remember anything?! Have you completely
lost your memory? Don’t you remember anything? Whoa! Oh. My. God! I played unconscious thinking I
would sort this out with you! Is it this room? Yes sir. They shifted them here. It’s the police.
Back to sleep mode! Sir, what if after waking up he blabbers about his
affair with your sister and their wedding? It will become an issue. Yes sir, the department will surely drag you
and your sister into this inquiry. That will happen only if he is alive.
Isn’t it? – Sir?
– Sir! Ask our night duty officers… Here, go take a break. Then… An Encounter? Sir, what if it
becomes an issue? After all, they are terrorists. Their
death won’t bring up much issues. Instead we will be promoted. I’ll handle it. While shooting… make sure… the bullet passes through
their spinal area. Through their spinal area? Call me once you are done. He will do it, sir. I shall do the
‘calling you’ part. What else can I do? I wonder where it’s all gonna end up! Boss, what’s an Encounter? Letting the victim escape and
then shooting them down. What if we don’t escape? They will shoot us down and
say that we tried to escape. So, today at 2 am… Do you hear the death bell? I do hear it? Not only bread and butter… even the bullet that kills, has an
individual’s name written on it. And these bullets… have these terrorists’ name
written all over it. Let’s go. Boss, I’m here. If they ask for me… tell them I left home. You chicken! – Come out! Don’t call yourself a terrorist!
– Shut up! Do I look like a
terrorist to you? Look at me again, you’ll see a person
who is terrified of terrorist! Everything’s over! I don’t even remember my name… yet he says that my name
is written on the bullet. Boss! Let me go steal
their guns and… And? erase our names off from
those bullets in them? You lazy boss! You don’t seem too keen
on saving yourself. Bad boy! Boss, come on, let’s go erase our
names off from those bullets. Wait. Good night. What’s going on? Sir… I want to pee. Sir, I want to feel free. I mean if I can defecate
and pee, I will feel free. Come on, let’s escape! What do you mean? What do you mean? Careful. Come on. The subscriber you’re trying to call
is switched off or not reachable. Why did you flick the
security guard’s wallet? How else do we pay
for our travel? Where are we going? (Chennai to Tiruvannamalai) How can you be so
careless, Dheena? The commissioner is pissed off
for letting the convicts escape! I’m unable to answer him. What are you guys ashamed of? Whoa! What happened
to your nose? I threatened him that
I’ll break his nose. He did it. He turned my face
into a monkey face! You! Aren’t you ashamed to say so? Why do you have a gun? You could have shot them! That was the plan and
he took his gun out… but that farting terrorist… attacked him with a blade. He turned SI Ravi Kumar’s
forehand into a barcode Look at this. Shut up! We can do one thing Dheena. Let’s inform the media
that they escaped. The headlines about those guys turning
themselves in will feature only in the morning. It won’t sound good if we follow
it up saying they escaped. Everyone will start
judging our department. Sir, they haven’t escaped. They are here. Let’s maintain that. I shall arrest them before evening. But how Dheena? Where will you look for them? That too without any information. Correct! Let’s forget it. Wait. Yesterday morning
Tamizh told me that… both these criminals had mentioned
a name of the exact same financier. That financier’s name
goes something like… Murugan, sir. Financier Murugan. Are you the financier
for those terrorists? Financier for the terrorists? Sir, I finance a lot of
people on a daily basis. Sir, I lend them money
on an interest rate.. but if I knew I would see this day
I would have never lent them money! Instead of catching those fraudsters… why are you torturing
the innocent financier? Sir! Do one thing, give me time till today evening. I shall nab both of them
and bring them to you. I shall prove you that I
have no links with them. Listen you Joker face! You say you have no
links with them, then how will you find them? Good question sir. Please don’t mind what
I’m about to say. Sir, what’s the link
between you and me? Yet you traced me down. Isn’t it? I shall trace them the
same way you traced me. Please stop questioning me about logic. I am unable to bear the pain.
Back me up here! – Yes sir.
– Indeed. Fine. You have time
till today evening. They must be here by then. And if they are not here then I’ll press
charges against you as the main culprit. You will be in prison for life. Get lost! What’s wrong boss? Don’t ask me like
you don’t know. The cops broke your bones… but me? They broke my everything!
That’s all I can say. Open that Whatsapp! Let’s not share our photos
like this on Whatsapp. Stop making me mad and
give me the phone. Get lost you Madhu! Get lost you Kozhandaivelu! What happened? I shared their photos to
all our men out there. We must hand their corpses over
to the DC by tomorrow evening. Send this photo to
Tiruvannamalai SP office. Ask them to match the photo
ID and find the address. Then ask them to arrest whosoever
lives in that address. Ask them to search and check a
match for this photo too. Yes sir. Without you, I would have never
made my way into this world. Without you, I would have
never known happiness. Without you, I would have
never known inner peace. Without you, there won’t
be sunshine in my life. Without you….. If your son was a bit elder… we could have offered
him his dad’s job. Please offer it to me. How can you drive a bus? It’s after all a bus. For the sake of my children, I shall do anything. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. You are my world. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. You are my life. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. I love you. It’s Valentine’s Day. Why should only girlfriends
be the Valentines? I want my mother to
be my Valentine. You are like a healing
flower that keeps me alive. Like an island, I am surrounded
by your love and affection. You were the God that I saw when
I opened my eyes for the first time. You made my path an easy
one; a path full of flowers. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. You are my world. Your wish has come true. The
house loan is sanctioned. Oh my dear guardian angel. Oh my dear guardian angel. You are my life. Did you speak to Madhu? When is he gonna meet me? He will come by today
afternoon to meet you. By today afternoon? Did you read the headlines? “Terrorist Chotta arrested and couple
of his men turned themselves in” Did you read that one? Yes. Out of those two who
turned themselves in… one is Kozhandaivelu. And the other one is… Madhu! Madhusudhanan! Your lover! Can’t believe it? The cops arrested him
at Chengalpattu. Which is why he couldn’t make
to the registrar’s office. Well, not only that, both of them attacked the officers
who were guarding them and escaped. Wonder where Chotta and these guys have
planned to plant bombs in Chennai. The whole department is upset. But as your brother… I am very very happy. Guess why? Because you didn’t
get married to him. You are an educated girl, I thought you would know
what’s good for you. At least learn from this. He didn’t come to the
registrar’s office at all. His phone is switched off. I guess you made a hasty decision. Looks like he chickened
out of the marriage. (Tiruvannamalai to Tindivanam) – Hello?
– Hello! It’s me, Madhu. Where are you? At home. And you? Anyone around you? I
hope you are alone. No one’s around. Tell me. I’m now at Tindivanam bus stand. Immediately come to the Sastha quarry
located at 10 kms away from Chengalpattu. I need to explain
you what happened. Your brother, that nigga, remember you said that he will
go to any extent to separate us? You were right. When I was admitted in a hospital
after I met with an accident… – do you know what he planned on doing?
– Cut the call! Madhu, let’s talk in
person not over the phone. I will take it from here. Is the gun loaded? Yes sir. – There he goes.
– Get in the jeep. – Sir…
– Sir… – Let’s put a word to DC…
– No need! Thank god, I made her hang up that call
before she heard about our Encounter plan. Only if I finish him off… my job and my sister
will be safe. – Go to the station.
– Ok. Ravi Kumar! Do you want
another barcode on your hand? Stop acting sincere! Hello? Five minutes ago, a guy named Madhu
had called me from this number. Can you please see if he is
around and put him on call. This booth is run by
the blind people. Hundreds of them come here. How can I find him? – You just don’t obey me at all!
– Mom… he promised to be home
yesterday but he didn’t. His phone is switched
off since morning. I am worried. Let’s
go and check on him. Come on. Fine, careful. Careful. Where are we going now? I’ll tell you. Poor lady. She is pregnant and has no place to sit.
She is standing behind you. No one’s offering her a seat.
How sad! How about we offer her a seat? You talk as if we are sitting. Shut up! Oh my god! It’s the police. Turn around. Stupid beast! Can’t he pass
without bumping against me? Move! Move! Let’s get out! That way! Aren’t you Kozhandaivelu’s wife? Boss, please don’t
mind me asking this. – What is it?
– Are you in love with me? Then why are you dragging
me everywhere you go? I can’t run anymore. If you think I can be
of any use to you… then forget it. You will definitely
be of some use to me. Who? Me? My dear god! Save me! Who am I? Oops, dear lord! Thanks to this outburst, I
could feel my bladder is about to burst… I shall continue my prayers
after I’m done peeing. Who’s that? Stop playing hide
and seek when I’m peeing! You better get lost or else
I’ll pee on your face! Run! It’s the police! Run in a zig-zag manner! Do I look like a snake to you;
to run in a zig-zag manner! – Run!
– Stop! I am sorry! I spoke too early. I promise not to
pee on your faces. Shoot him! Don’t let them escape! At this pace, they must
have crossed a 100 kms by now. Phew! What’s the sin in peeing? Time to feel free! Now, who’s that? Oh drat! Here they are. Both the guns are pointing at each eye. I promise to never pee again. Please don’t pull the trigger out of
dedication towards your profession. Save me, oh Lord!
Save me, oh God! – Come on.
– Did they leave already? I am dead! Get in the car. Quick! You didn’t die. Come on now! Let go of me, I need to pee. – Get in the car.
– Please let me pee. – I shall drive.
– I can’t control it! I mentioned the meeting point
only to you. How did your brother
reach here before you did? He must be tracking your
calls and eavesdropping. He wasn’t eavesdropping. I put the call on speaker. You put the call on speaker? Whoa! So you ratted us out? What’s that? Something’s leaking
inside the car. Boss, it must be the outlet
from AC that’s leaking. You fool! Do you have any sense? If I was one of Chotta’s men… I would have escaped from the hospital.
Why would I call you? Look here, as far as I’m concerned, only
you and my family matters to me. And I am faithful to you guys. I have explained everything to you. It’s up to you to
believe me or not. Your call. Sorry. I shouldn’t have judged you. I am a fool. That’s what I said. Fine. Tell me what
should I do now? My vision is blurred. I need a new pair of glasses,
new dress and a safe hide out. Sir! What’s the update? Madhu’s family has been handed over to
us from SP office in Tiruvannamalai. Kozhandaivelu is from Tindivanam. His wife has been identified
at the Tindivanam bus stand. Sreeman is bringing her here. I already inquired. They say
they aren’t aware of anything. He hasn’t called them yesterday. They tried reaching him but
his phone is switched off. It continues to be switched off. I’m sure my son is innocent. I’m sure that your accusations are false
about him having links with Chotta. Then why is his phone
switched off since yesterday? He must be held up
with some office work. That is why he must have
switched off his phone. Busy with office work? It’s been 2 months
since he lost his job. I have the complete details. – Don’t lie!
– Lost his job? I don’t know anything about
him losing his job. So you don’t even know
that he lost his job? Aren’t you building a new house? For past two months, how do you think
your son is paying the EMI of 65,000? Tell me, where did he
get all that money from? Shall I tell you where
he got all that money from? From the terrorist Chotta. Now do you realize
who your son… He lost his job… and he kept that from me
so that I don’t feel sad. I am sure he will never embarrass me and
never indulge in any criminal activities. Parents must trust
their children. I believe my son! I believe
him to the fullest! I work in a job where I safely transport
thousands of lives everyday. And my son will never be someone who
would take thousands of innocent lives. Sir, I am also a government servant. I know the rules and regulations. What will you do now? Tell me? Are you
gonna file an FIR? Go ahead press charges. I
shall handle it legally. An FIR? Do you think I’ll press charges
and put your son behind the bars? I have got a ‘shoot at sight’ order. It’s for your son! He must know what happens if
you raise hands on a cop! He will soon find out. Before today evening… no matter where he is. I will find him
and finish him. And if I don’t… I will! I will show everyone
the power of police! Ask everyone to gather! Yes sir? I don’t care what
you guys will do. I want him before today evening. I want to shoot him myself! Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. – Yes sir.
– Search! Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Nothing’s gonna happen. There is no place in the
city where he can be safe. You will be safe here. This is my friend’s apartment. She
has gone to Bangalore. Have a seat. Restroom? Excuse me! Eat and then go. I shall eat as I go. Aren’t you hungry? You are still thinking… but I already have a plan. Let’s all three of us head to commissioner’s
office and meet the commissioner. We’ll tell you have no
links with Chotta… and that my brother and this
fellow is behind everything. Then what? You think he will believe
us and relieve me? Evidence! The police needs evidence! Like they have the hospital footage as an
evidence proving that I have links with Chotta… similarly I need an evidence
or a more powerful one… to prove that I have no
connections with Chotta. On top of that we both escaped from the
hospital by attacking the officers… and now I busted up your brother. As far as the department is concerned… I am the most-wanted
criminal than Chotta. All of them must be
waiting to kill me! If Chotta does anything now… I will also be
considered a part of it. Now my life, your life… and the lives of my
mom and sisters.. is in Chotta’s hand. Have the guys read
the draft in email? Not yet. They do it usually
at 11 O clock. I understand your point but
we don’t have any evidence. We do have. Right now, my only trump card is… Do you wanna use
the restroom too? Go ahead. Do you think I’m a fool to
risk my life to save his? The only evidence… This fellow? But didn’t you say he lost his memory? Then how can he be an evidence? We must make him
regain his memory. The fact that I have no
connections with Chotta… and their plan… is what we must make him
speak and record it. That’s the evidence. Make him speak? Impossible! Possible! Hypnotherapy. But then I will require
their case history. All details about them like
their name, native, job… Do you have the details? Where will we get
details about him? The way my details were collected to
arrest my family for interrogation. I’m sure your brother would
have collected his details too. You help me to get those
details from your brother. I’ll take care of the rest. Both of them escaped! What? They escaped? The other guy? Did you get
any details about him? Kozhandaivelu is from Tindivanam.
He is a dubbing artist. A dubbing artist? Did you get any details
about his family? Where in Chennai? The boys have read the draft in email.
Lets start. I got the details. Lets start. – Lets go.
– Where? – To the doctor.
– Why? I’ll tell you. Come with me. Guess the lift is out of order. Lets take the stairs. Your phone’s ringing. Attend it. Drats! Chotta! Who’s that? – Chotta!
– Chotta? Drive! Now! Quick! Go! Stop honking! My vehicle
isn’t starting. Hold on. Where did he go? Let’s go to the doctor. We
are running short on time. Why are you getting
upset unnecessarily? Unnecessarily? Who? Me? The guy who ran over me and the guy who
gave me a lift were in the same car. What’s happening?
What’s going on? I guess we are being followed. Could they be police informers? Even if they are police… I don’t care. The plan is still on. It is on! You will receive the
bombs by tonight. The location to plant it… will be in the email
draft by morning 8. Suppose… if the email draft doesn’t
have the location… then assume something
has happened to me. In that case, you know what to do. The bombs should go off
sharp at 9 am tomorrow! Either at the locations I
mention in the email draft. or else at your place. Let’s
see what they can do! Let’s see who can stop us. – Good morning, doctor.
– Good morning. Boss, she took me
for a real doctor. Where did he go? Boss! Arrgh! Dilemma time again! Who is it? Newly appointed? Why is she locking the door? Whoa! It’s you guys! Why are you guys coming
back again to torture me? Doctor, please… Don’t you talk! Shut up! I named this hospital as
Santhosh(Happy) to spread happiness. This hospital was fine until
you guys got admitted here. Fearing the cops, I keep stepping
into an empty ICU every now and then… I act like I’m
treating a patient. It’s all so pathetic. I doubt if I’m a
doctor or an actor. Why are you here now? Are you planning to
blast this place? I swear we are not
here for that. A doctor’s duty
is to save lives. We are here believing that
you will save our lives. Please doctor. Please hear me
out for couple of minutes. Whatever I told
you is the truth. But I don’t have any
evidence to prove it. You are not just going to
save me and my family… but the thousand innocent
lives in the city. You must perform hypnotherapy
on him to find out the truth. We must report it to the police. Please help us doctor. Please. Here are his details. Please doctor. What my boy? Feeling
comfortable? After seeing this set up, I don’t
know if my memory will be back… but I feel I won’t
make it back for sure. You are Tindivanam
from Kozhandaivelu. Name is Kozhandaivelu and
place is Tindivanam! Success! I gave wrong details
and he rectified it. We can bring him back. Kozhandaivelu from
Tindivanam, see my fingers. Why are you massaging the
air in front of my face? Shut up! You are now under my control. You are about to sleep. You are about to sleep. You are about to sleep. You are sleeping. You are asleep. Listen to my words. Now travel back
to 14th November. 14th of November… What happened on the
night of 14th November? What conversation did you have? What conversation did
you have with Chotta? Answer me. Come on. Come on! Speak out. Answer me. No one can catch me! I am the terrorist
of terrorists! Repeat that. Say it once again! No one can catch me! I am the terrorist
of terrorists! Yes! Why would you do that?! – Doctor, he is getting electrocuted!
– Save him! Do something doctor! Save him! I told you I won’t make it back! Why didn’t you pay heed to me? Pull it out! Doctor, mind your words! I didn’t mean anything wrong. – Pull the plug out!
– Oh! You meant the plug? Doctor? Doctor? I’m here. What about him? He is alive. – Grandpa.
– Grandpa? – What’s the time?
– Why? I have to go for my
dubbing session. I won’t get my wages
if I go late. No one can catch me! I am the terrorist
of terrorists! I am here to destroy the evil! Nothing will happen
to me or my people. I won’t let anything
happen to us. There. That’s my world. Everyday millions of kids… enjoy watching Chota Bheem. To put a
smile on their faces with my voice… brings happiness to me. It is all for this happiness… I have been doing this for the past two
years, even though I earn peanuts. My wife is pregnant… and I swear on her… I have connections with
Chota Bheem cartoon… but terrorist Chotta? I have no connections with him. On 14th night, when I was on my way
back to my room after dubbing… I didn’t have money
to fuel my bike. Hence for just 200 bucks I
dragged the devil on to my back. I gave him a lift and in
turn he gave me money. I used it to fill petrol. He
spoke to someone over the phone. I again continued the journey with him. At the police check
post he went missing. Except that travel of
10 minutes with him… I have no other
connection with him. The way you are trying to prove
your innocence to the police… is similar to the situation I am in. Just that I am first trying
to prove my innocence to you. You said he called up someone.
Did he use your phone or his? From the G TEL booth
at the fuel station. Which fuel station?
Around what time? Indian Oil petrol bunk
on the Poonamallee freeway. It was late night, around
1:45 – 2 AM. Whom did he speak to and about what?
Any idea? I don’t know whom he spoke to. But he said something like… gmail.com gmail? Think harder. We
might get some clue. a1 b2 she thought. c3 d4 @gmail.com Password? Brother! He turned around while
saying out the password. Give me the phone. – Hello?
– Kishore, Madhu here. Whose number are you calling from? – I need a favor, buddy.
– Tell me. On 14th November around 1:45 – 2 AM… an outgoing call was made from the G TEL booth
from the Indian Oil bunk at Poonamallee freeway. I want the number to which the call was made,
whom does it belong to, the address, and the frequent outgoing and
incoming call details of that number. It’s urgent. You sound like a police.
What’s going on? Buddy, it’s very urgent.
Please help me. Stay on the line. Madhu… an outgoing call was
made exactly at 1:53 AM. The call duration was 27 seconds. Phone number: 9444080345 Number is registered in the name of a Elango. Address is
#149, Perumal Koil Street, 1st Avenue, Pallavaram Extension. Last recharge amount was for
500 bucks done 4 months ago. Except for that incoming
call on 14th, no incoming or outgoing calls have
been made in the past 4 months. Ok. Thanks dude. You said only I know this number. Then who’s calling? There was not a single incoming
call in the past four months Could it be a telemarketing call? Do not attend. He isn’t answering the call. Let’s go to that address. Name and address are correct. But Elango died six months ago. His wife too passed away
couple of weeks ago. Their son claims that they
aren’t using that number. Hello sir. Yes sir? How will the other vehicles
move if you park like this? – I’m nearby. I’ll be there in some time.
– Why have you parked here? I was looking for an address.
I’ll move right away. Make it fast Uh-oh! He is calling someone! I guess he recognized us. Baru, to the apartment. Good evening ma’am. You had ordered
for a courier pickup at 4? Please wait. The courier boys are here. Careful! – Call me after delivering the boxes.
– Ok ma’am. Make it fast. I wanna pee! Look, this plant has dried up. What’s wrong in it? I
thought I’ll water it. I can’t control my bladder and on top of
that, these guys move in slow motion! Move! Make it fast! That’s the wash basin. Peeing on this is the latest fashion! Don’t you ruin the wash basin like
you ruined the car. Use the toilet! Elango died six months ago. His wife too passed away
couple of weeks ago. Their son claims that they
aren’t using that number. A call from the same number again. Attend it. Put it
on speaker mode. Hello? Madam, this is Manimaran calling from
HDFC Bank. Can I speak to Elango? This is his wife speaking.
Tell me. Madam, is this your address: #149, Perumal
Koil Street, Pallavaram Extension. Please confirm it. It’s correct. Madam, a personal loan has
been sanctioned for you… can you visit our office? ‘Please open the door’ ‘Please open the door’ ‘Please open the door’ Go, check. You get inside. Which bank has a doorbell? They are trying to trace us! This number is being traced. It is being traced! No chance at all. No
one knows this number. Definitely Chotta is
using this number. As soon as he heard the
doorbell he hung up the call! A doubt must be
cleared right away. Find out the address of
that incoming number. We will know if it’s
the bank or the police. Since he attended the call… definitely it would have used the
signal from a tower in the city. If we find out which tower it is
then that’s the locality of Chotta. Crime branch police can help us. How? Some 5-6 months ago, a guy
was abusing me over calls. I complained about it to my brother’s
friend in the crime branch. He asked me to call
up that number… as soon as he received the call,
they tracked him down in an hour. Fine. Then you go to the
crime branch at once. – Call me from this if there is any emergency.
– Ok. We can trace the tower location.
Tell me the number. “9444080345” It’s Guindy. That number was last used
in Poonamallee freeway. Poonamallee freeway? Is it possible to find out
from which apartment? Call that number. If he attends the call, we can zero in
on him based on the signal strength. He won’t pick calls from my number.
Can I use your phone? He isn’t answering the call. Haven’t you nabbed them both yet?
Make it fast! Find them! Madam, that number
is receiving a call. If he attends it then we can
find his exact location. Tell me. You were right. The call was from Assistant
Commissioner’s house. There are a lot of
policemen in his house. They seem to have a serious discussion. Return at once! We shouldn’t be here anymore.
We must move to a safer place. Quick. Come back. Ramanujam Apartment? In this very apartment? 4 floors and 40 houses. How do we find the one
in which he stays? – How about we all play a game?
– Ok uncle! Bye uncle baldie! Stop you little
mischievous boy! Escape! Run! Now! These kids are so mischievous! Everyone opened their
doors on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, 2B and
2F didn’t open. Fool! Both uncle and his wife who
live in 2F are at work. They return only by night 8 o’clock. 3rd floor? Flat #3D didn’t open the door. What about the 4th floor? 4D didn’t open the door. I found it! The terrorist is in flat #3D.
Yes! That’s where we are staying. Who lives in 4D? A lady named Gayathri. She is a bit dark and
sports a ponytail. She doesn’t talk
or mingle with us. Come on. Make it fast. Tie his legs. Cross over. Jump! Quick. Get something. Make it fast. Tie his legs. – Fool! Those are my legs!
– Uh-oh! Sorry. Show me your legs. Make it fast. Yes Madhu? Record this call! Now! Quick! Drive! Go! Go! They are police informers!
For sure! Those two guys who featured in the
headlines are police informers. They have rounded us up. Location details for the boys? I saved the location
in the email draft. Once they read the draft
tomorrow morning at 8… all the four of them will
plant the bombs and leave! The explosions at 9 am tomorrow
in the city will happen! No one can stop it! First, both of us must escape from
this city without getting caught. Just 2 – 3 hours. We can
enter Andhra via Tiruttani. Ok. Make it fast. I hope there
are no police check posts. Why should he save it in drafts
without sending the email? Once an email is sent, the cyber police
can track it using the IP address. But when saved as draft, the
police cannot track it. A communication without
any communication. What a brainy fellow?! What’s our next plan? We have got a powerful evidence
than what we expected. But no matter what, we
must not let them escape. Call your brother up. Inform him that I and he are
escaping in a Gold Santro with registration number 5050
to Andhra via Tiruttani. Why lie that it’s you both? Only on hearing our names will
your brother act like the Flash. He loves us. That nigga! Call him. I will take care. Hello, control room? – Control room?
– Yes sir? Gold colored Santro.
Registration number 5050. Two criminals are escaping
in it via Tiruttani. Madhusudhanan and Kozhandaivelu. No matter what, do not let
them cross Tiruttani. I’m on the way. Over. Turn on that switch. Document all this in a video. What’s the police
doing at a toll gate? Find out. What are they checking? They have couple of photos.
They are being a pain the head! Stop. Stop. Turn. It must be our photos. Go back in the same
route we came. Police! Police! Drive the car in a
zig-zag manner. Faster! Faster! Chotta?! Who….who are you? (Wednesday. Time: 7:50 AM) There’s the bus to Koyambedu. – Freeze! Don’t move!
– Freeze! Don’t move! Who….who are you? Chief, we got the guy
you were looking for. He is at Ramanujam Apartment. Come here. Make it fast. You are caught! Take them to the
commissioner’s office! That is where we
were heading to! You fool! Sir, we know the email
ID Chotta mentioned. But we don’t know the password. No problem. You have the email id, right? Sir, let’s ask the cyber crime to detect the IP and… Sorry sir. Chotta knows that you will
trace him using the IP address. That is why he communicates
in drafts and not in emails. We need the password! Tell me. You mean Chotta? Answer me! What have
you guys planned? – Sir!
– Sir! Sir! – Sir, the reason behind all this…
– It was him. He is the reason we are alive. The moment we found out Chotta is
escaping to Andhra, we informed him. He asked us to take the evidence
and leave to commissioner’s office. He said he will take care of
Chotta and so he safeguarded us. He saved us. – Good job, Dheena.
– Thank you, sir. This is my best operation. What? Don’t you get it?
I’m at your office. I’m sitting right
in front of you. Yet I have planted 4
bombs in your city. It will explode at 9 AM sharp
and I dare you to stop it. My best work, isn’t it? Sir, we are running short on time.
We need the password from him. Give your best shot. I won’t utter a word. Ask your best hackers
to crack the password. Sir, we don’t need hackers. Narcotic serum. He will himself reveal the
password within 20 minutes. What’s the password? Answer me! What’s the password. Chennai… That didn’t work. The password! Now! What’s the password? Answer me! Vadapalani. What’s the password?
Just say it! Tell us the password!
Just say it! Come on! Give us the password! password… password. password. That’s what we are asking!
Tell us! – Sir, may I?
– Answer me, now! So the password is ‘password’ He has planned to plant
bomb in 4 bus stands! 8 – 9 AM is the peak hour, sir! Thousands of them will be present
in each of these bus stands. How can we alert the public without knowing
the 4 guys who will plant the bombs? No chance, sir. This is a huge risk. Sir, there is no need to alert the public. I shall bring those 4
boys to a common point. How? Message has been conveyed to all 4 of them. Bus #16E in Perambur bus stand. Sir, my mom often says that… if we got to bury… then don’t bury a human,
instead bury a seed so that it grows into a
tree and blesses us. That proverb goes well
for innocent humans. Not for an animal like Chotta. What’s the use of arresting him, putting
him behind the bars and pressing charges? Waste of time. Stop the vehicle. (5 Months later)

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