Inktober Ideas, for Fun and Success!

Speaker 1: Today, I’m going to share with
you ideas on how to have fun and be successful in completing Inktober. I’m so glad you’re visiting my channel. I have upload videos about creating art, art
hacks, tips and tricks, demonstration and so much more. Be sure to subscribe and hit the little bell
icon to get notified when I post new videos. I’m Robin Moulyn and I’ve been creating art
my whole arty little life. I have completed Jake Parker Zinc Cobra challenge
three years in a row. This is a challenge to create an ink drawing
every day for the month of October. I had a blast doing it and reconnected with
drawing with ink. I also learned a few things about art challenges
and about me as an artist, so if you’re paralyzed when you see a blank paper or look at a prompt
or look at your art supplies with love but are intimidated or they’re so pretty, you
don’t want to use them. Speaker 1: This video is for you. By the end of this video, you’ll have many
ideas and help to have fun, challenge yourself and grow as an artist. I want to share these ideas with you so you
can be successful too. So let’s begin. By the way, if you want to have help working
with the prompts, look at my video Inktober Prompts. There are great tips in there on how to play
with Inktober prompts, especially when you get stuck. Speaker 1: Number one, decide what paper you’ll
be using. Usually a thicker paper is best to handle
water and ink as it tends to buckle less, whether loose leaf or sketchbook, colored
paper or white. Choose what’s inspiring and fun. Maybe something that will make you stretch
your skills a little. Speaker 1: Number two, I like smaller paper
so I can keep the work smaller, simpler and more travel-able. Working small also helps to keep things manageable
and achievable. Number three, drawing tools. You can use ballpoints pens or brand new expensive
fountain pens. You can use pencils, water brushes, gel pens
or whatever. It’s your challenge and unique to you, but
please remember it’s not about the money you spend, it’s more about your unique perspective
that makes art art. Speaker 1: Number four, inks and or colors
you might use. A limited palette tends to work best. The limited palette helps you to hone your
skills and give this challenge defined boundaries. Number five, I like to put all these supplies
together as a compact kit. This makes it easy for me to travel about
with them. If I can’t give myself a scheduled time, I
can take my stuff with me for when I can do it. Having it with me will remind me to complete
the day and give myself my artist date. Comment below if you have used any of these
ideas already or have ideas that have helped you create Inktober so we can share them with
others. Speaker 1: Number six, I like to use vellum
the size of the paper. This is a tough semi-transparent paper that
is easy to erase and trace with. I draw my experiments there first. I do this because I can’t easily get special
papers where I live. I have found that if I have paper that is
expensive or designated as a finished piece of art, I get too precious with it and I get
inhibited. The vellum frees me of that. Speaker 1: Number seven. Let yourself have fun and don’t take yourself
too seriously. Number eight, change the word from challenge
to art date. This is a play date or time for you to spend
with your art itself. Make it a routine where you can spend time
creating over coffee, over wine, whatever. This is a time to play with your skills and
toys and see what they can do. Number nine, give yourself an award for each
page completed. Speaker 1: Celebrate your accomplishments. Number 10. Make your art achievable. You don’t always have to create great works
of art. Leave your personal art critic at the door. I call mine Fred. He’s not invited to my art dates. Number 11. Make your own rules like have fun, be sad
or cranky or no pencils or no color or only color, whatever works for you. This is your art challenge. 12. If you have to skip a day, it’s okay. You can have catch-up days. I know other people get cranky about this. However, this is about you, not them. Life doesn’t care that you are doing Inktober. I know, right? Rude. Life is like that. Be kind to yourself. 13. Pace yourself. You don’t want to burn out in the first couple
of days. Knowing this, take time and be gentle with
yourself. Again, this is supposed to be fun, so relax,
enjoy and play. Speaker 1: Number 14. Amuse yourself with your art. Laugh, play, cry. It’s all good. This is a challenge about you and your relationship
with yourself, so enjoy being you and enjoy your skills. Number 15. Share online and/or comment. You’re not alone. You can find Inktober on Instagram, Facebook,
YouTube, and most every social platform. You can get inspiration and support from them. You might even make friends for life. Now you know these Inktober success ideas. Speaker 1: I’ve written them down on a downloadable
list so that you can bring them with you on your Inktober art date. You can find the link in the description below. You can find me on Facebook, YouTube, and
Instagram for art, fun suggestions, insights, art hacks, and so much more. You can also go to Lulu publishing to find
my art book, our homemade art supplies, art survival guide for more ideas for creating
art supplies that fits you best and solutions to your art problem. If you liked this video, please let me know
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