Inktober 2019 – Prompt #1 – Ring

Inktober 2019 – Prompt #1 – Ring

Hi everyone. It’s me, Krysta.
Welcome back to my channel if you’ve been here before. If not, welcome for the
very first time to my little art corner here on YouTube. As you could tell by the
title. today. it’s gonna be the very first Inktober video for 2019. Not only is it
my first Inktober video, it’s my first project ever trying to do Inktober. So
this year is gonna be pretty fun, and this is a fun start. The very first
prompt was ring. I thought about it for a minute, and I mean just a minute because
the immediate thing I thought of was the ring films. No, not a diamond ring. Not a
wedding band. The ring movies. There’s something wrong with me. First I thought
about the original book and where the ring comes from with that, where
basically Sadako’s psychic-ness combines with smallpox virus to make super Sadako
ghost-i-ness. Somehow she uses the way the virus spreads to replicate herself.
That’s why when you copy the tape and you continue the replication ,the curse
is gone. I decided that idea was little
complicated. Like maybe too complicated to properly be able to put on the paper, at
least for me. Instead, I decided to think of the movies and the film within the
movies and why there is a ring in those movies. She comes out of well she may or
may not have been pushed down a well. Spoiler alert: she did. So I was thinking
of the video within the movie, the videotape with creepy images and stuff.
And I remembered that there is an image of a face, a man’s face, looking down into
a circle. And I went, “That’s it. That’s what I need to do. It’s perfect. Circle,
ring, ring movie. Makes sense, to me at least. Then I thought of my anthology
DVD set that I have of the Ringu movies and the cover art… like a lot of the poster
art and all that stuff has a staticky circle on it… and I went, “Oh man. I can put
that around the well circle thing.” Whatever.
Thus the idea for this first prompt was born. I started by placing some plumb
lines on the drawing, which you’ve already seen in this video. My narration
of what I’m actually doing in the video is gonna be completely behind. We’re both
gonna have to deal with it. For some reason, I had to go on for like 20
minutes discussing why I decided to draw this in the first place. You’re welcome ??? I started with doing lines, plumb
lines to figure out the mid-line of this piece of paper, this 4 by 6 piece of
paper, which is in blue tone. All the information about what items are being
used during this project are at the beginning of the video and they will be
in the description box for you. After getting my lines in for guidance
and then tracing my beautiful circle. I had to trace it. Leave me alone. I can’t
draw. Next, I sketched out the little dude and little clouds, the happy little
clouds, and such a happy little painting about a terrifying thing that happens in
a horror story. Bob Ross would be so proud. I got my sketching in. I also
shaded with my sketching pencil, which is really just a cheap mechanical pencil,
just a Bic one. Don’t need anything fancy for that sketch. The next step after my
sketch was me adding some whiteness to this drawing. I used the white ink mixed
with water to get various shades in between. I cheated by using that blue
paper so I could automatically have some mid-tones. Great way to have it added in
and save yourself some extra work. Side note: I’m actually very happy about my
happy little clouds. I never paint clouds, especially not
happy ones. I Feel I did okay. After I got in my highlights, I started
going in with the black ink. Once again with various levels of water. For the
most part, I tried to keep the black ink and the white ink as separate as possible. I allowed them to dry in between which is partially why there are a couple of
jump cuts in this video. It’s because I had to walk away and let it dry. I learned my
lesson after watercolor stuff, finally. Except I’ll mess it up again later, which
you’ll see. We’ll just pretend like it’s a lifelong lesson. I might not have
messed it up today, but there will only be a point where I do because I get
impatient. Since this is for Inktober, I wanted to use some stark blacks, stark
whites, have a lot of high contrast with minimal blending in between.
I still have mid-tones because, once again, that paper did it, but I wanted
that graphic, comic book feel to it. And since the rules say I can’t really use a
lot of color, which is a bummer, I wanted to still be able to get some high impact,
high contrast, look at me, kind of effects going on. I did intentionally try to
leave the clouds as soft as possible, especially compared to the figure and
then some of that texturing around the well to insinuate that there is a little
bit of texture there going on. I also wanted that deep black and a kind of
void around the well to help imply that sense of unease and terror,
but also to help pop against the whites that I do end up bringing in.
At this point I have only been applying the black ink and the white ink over
that blue paper with a water brush. And obviously, adjusting the amount of water.
I’ll keep saying adjusting the amount of water multiple times in this video.
Because that’s how you use ink. And that’s how you use watercolor, at least
if you’re using liquid ink, and not markers or pens. Yeah. I chose to use the
water brush because I love this water brush. I like the amount of control I can
get with it and I like the fact that I can get super watery, loose effects with
it if I want to, but I can still get precise lines at the same time just
depending on how I use it. It’s honestly the most versatile water brush I’ve ever
used. It’s kind of awesome. Just saying. Being
able to do most of this with just one brush, and not having to use like 20. It
was nice. Very nice. Side note: I don’t know why I use the
number 20 to indicate a lot. It’s really not a lot in the grand perspective of
things. But apparently 20 is like the highest number I can count to or
something. Or the greatest exaggeration I can go to.
Good job, Krysta. Good job. For the black negative space background, I did layer up
the liquid ink a couple of times in order just to deepen it up a tiny bit. I
do end up pulling in markers later to help with that as well.
And to help define things a little bit more. I also layered the white ink a couple of
times to get just a tiny bit more brightness. Here, I start going in with
that black Kuretake marker that has a fine tip. I don’t know which Kuretake
marker is cuz it’s all in Japanese and I know a tiny bit of Japanese, reading wise,
but not enough to accurately be able to tell you shit about this marker. I do
know I like it and that it has a fine tip and I was
able to get a lot of really cool textures with the hair and I was able to
definitely further define and sharpen up these shadows of that face. I wanted that
to be as black as my soul. That noise you heard when I was saying black as my soul
is literally me punching my hand while saying it. You’re welcome for the
visualization and the explanation that you really probably didn’t care about to
begin with. On the black void background I do also use that Kuretake marker
to once again deepen up the black, but also to give a little bit of insinuated
line texture, a little bit more. It’s really subtle, but I think it adds
something nice to the overall piece and feeling
of the piece. Piece. It always amazes me what a difference bringing in a black
marker can make when you already have some ink laid down. Just adding that
little bit of extra definition makes such a large difference, and it’s such an
easy small step to do and it just brought his face out more. And made him
look angrier and creepier, which I’m all about. Another interesting thing about
his face in this, is there’s very little detail to his face. There’s just some
shadows and a couple of lines. Your brain automatically makes it feel more like a
face then it actually looks like. Isn’t that cool?
How our brains betray us like that? Isn’t that amazing? Since I’ve got my blacks
all deepened up, now I’m using a white gel pen to brighten up my whites. I say a
white gel pen, but I actually switched between two of them, because they are
both dying, and they both hate me. They’re running out of ink so I had to kind of
mess around with them to get them to work. That’s where it got a little
strugglebus-y on this project. There were certain points where I had to go
really slow to try to get a little bit more ink coming out. Because, like I said,
they’re dying so the ink flow is just not very consistent at all.
It did work out for those circular, squiggly, line dealies that I got. Such
technical terms. But the fact that the Pens were dying helped with those shapes
because it makes them look a little grainier, a little bit more textured, which
considering the inspiration it works really well. At least to me it does. You
might disagree. That’s completely fine. You don’t have to like my art. Nobody has
to like anything about me. That’s how the world works. Now that I’m thinking about this
kind of grainy effect, I almost wish that I would have drawn this in more of a
style of an old VHS cassette video and how grainy those get. I have to use that
idea for something else later. I can say I see why people like Inktober. I think
it helps stretch creative muscles and it helps get in a lot of practice. Doing
anything daily will help you become a lot better, in general. So far, so good.
Enjoying it. Not a bad first project. So this video is pretty much done. If you
liked it please hit that like button. If you want to see more videos like this,
especially during the month of October, subscribe. If you have any comments,
questions, feelings, or concerns let me know in that comment section down below.
Right now, I just showed my patrons and it’s gonna show a bunch of social media
links. Hopefully I hear from you guys soon. Bye! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Inktober 2019 – Prompt #1 – Ring

  1. Your interpretation of the first prompt is gorgeous and eerie. I was hoping to have the first prompt sketched last night, but battling with my foe, anatomy. Well there’s always tonight. Happy Inktober. Can’t wait to see what you do with the other prompts! 😀

  2. Wooohh! Just found your channel after seeking some inspo for inktober and your amazing!
    Your art itself is great but how down to earth and sweet you seem in the vid is really nice. Keep up the good work! 😀
    also p.s what is dark white..? gray? 6:29 ish 😛

  3. Oh, I love how it came out. I vaguely remember the movie but it was awesome to learn the reasoning behind her powers. 🙂

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