I want to print on translucent vellum. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

I want to print on translucent vellum. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

Hi, Iím Barry. Today Iím here to talk about
the vellum and translucent papers that we offer here at LCI Paper. What Iíve found
is that the vellums are probably one of the most challenging sheets that we represent
in terms of printability and what makes them challenging is that we canít really say with
a concrete or bold statement that these sheets will print on specific printers or specific
environments. We have done a lot of testing internally with both laser and inkjet printers
and weíve gotten some varied results. What we have found is on specific printers that
weíve used internally, we get much better results than on some of the other printers
that weíve used. For instance, with most of the Glama and Color Contact vellum sheets
that we sell, I have personally found that on the Canon inkjet which is a model i9900
that Iíve gotten perfect results with each one of the sheets that we offer, from the
17 pound sheet all the way up to the 48 pound cover stock that we sell in the Glama. One
of the printers that we have is an Epson R1900 and weíve taken the same set of sample sheets
that we produced on the Canon and have done essentially the same thing with the Epson.
Again, weíve gotten good results. Are they comparative results to the Canon? Thatís
a personal opinion. I havenít found that to be the case. On the laser printing side
of things, we have found that the sheets themselves are not really as conducive to that toner
technology environment as they are to inkjet. The toner has a tendency to break off in most
cases and for that reason alone we canít really say with assurance that one sheet will
work perfectly with a laser printer versus another. The best thing that we can offer
to our customers is test these sheets out on your own printer technology. There are
too many varied results. If we are to make a recommendation, itís probably going to
be, use inkjet where that case presents itself to you. If you are going to be printing on
laser technology, than by all means, buy some samples, test them out, and youíll know for
sure whether the result meets your satisfaction or not. If you have any more questions regarding
vellums or color contact sheets that we represent on the site, please feel free to give us a
call, send us an e-mail, weíll be glad to help you out any way we can.

5 thoughts on “I want to print on translucent vellum. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

  1. …. just wondering…. when you printed vellum on the laser printer, did you change the media type and weight setting to accomodate the thicker material? Toner not fusing on media is usually because of settings.

  2. Wow. If you, the manufacturer, are unable to provide ANY recommendation with certainty then a sample should be free.

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