How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exam Tips For Students | LetsTute

How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exam Tips For Students | LetsTute

Hello guys, welcome to this session. Wondering what I am doing? What is today�s topic all about? The topic that we are going to address today
is the most demanded topic. How to write fast? Many students complain that their handwriting
is good, they have proper subject knowledge but they fail to finish their exams on time. Does this have something to do with our writing
speed or style? Yes, so what are the ways to increase our
speed�what should be done to write fast? The first important thing is the tool used-Pen/
Pencil Try using a lightweight pen which will help
you to write effortlessly. Use the same pen for practice and even during
your exam. Try not to put the cap at the end we dont
want additional weight of anything. Friends, we have to train our fingers and
hand muscles to write fast. How can we do that? Ok tell me, how does any athlete achieve their
running speed? Yes, it is by practice that they train their
body and build their stamina to run fast. The same logic applies here as well. Practice is the answer. Try to copy a written part from any of your
reference material and write them but time yourself. Suppose that you take 5 minutes to fill that
page at your normal speed. Next time write the same thing again and increase
your speed. Check whether you are able to finish that
in a lesser time. Each time try reducing the time until you
get a constant timing. That will give you your speed. With that speed, you have to practice for
long hours. You may take small breaks in between but make
it a habit to continuously write for 2-3 hours because thats normally our exam duration. But friends, during exams we cant simply
copy and write. You have to be thorough with your content
knowledge so that you dont waste time thinking. So first plan the flow of the answer in your
mind and start writing it. For free writing, practice or solve some previous
year question paper or any answer or topic which you have studied. You may even ask someone to dictate certain
parts and try to match up to their speed. While writing, take care of the grip and pressure. If you are holding it too tight and applying
excess pressure you are wasting your energy there. Use a soft grip and normal pressure as it
will help us write longer reduce fatigue and muscle cramp. Friends, I would suggest to initially focus
on achieving the speed and then improve the presentation and handwriting part. But dont spoil your handwriting for the
speed try to create a legible handwriting. Also, check the size of your letters; dont
make it too big because it will take additional time to finish those letters. Normal sizing would be preferable. Apart from these tips, you may even try out
these warm-up exercises: 1) We get those smiley faced balls made of
foam in the market, squeeze it and relax, try it 4-5 times. 2) Place 4-5 coins on a table, pick it and
place it, pick it place it and repeat. Use tripod fingers. 3) Tear small bits of paper and make paper
balls. Here again, using your tripod fingers. 4) Hold a pencil like you are about to write
and using those fingers try to walk it towards the end. Walk it back and repeat. 5) Place a rubber band around the fingers
and thumb, stretch it and relax. Repeat the same. By doing these exercises we are training our
hand and finger muscles and this will help us write longer without any fatigue. So, I hope you found this session useful. Meet you in our next session with another
interesting topic. Till then stay tuned and subscribe to our
channel. Letstute make it easy.

100 thoughts on “How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting | Exam Tips For Students | LetsTute

  1. Thanqu so much mam i really need this for my 12th board exam because my handwriting is not so much fast when I see this video my handwriting is becoming improve 🙏🙏🙏😘thanqu mam

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  3. My Pinky hurts while writing south Indian languages during tests! I use the same grip as yours except for I leave my middle finger loose. I don't give a lot pressure, but still i give quite a bit of pressure. I'm unable to write more than 2 hours without pain. It's really annoying. How can I improve my Pinky??
    Don't say to practise, I write handwriting 3 pages a day!

  4. My handwrittin is bad, but whn i compare with my school principal…. his headwrittin is worse thn mine 😂

  5. In my school they don’t let us even touch the black pen .. I feel so incredibly comfortable by writing with a dot black pen… many people say dot pen makes our handwriting bad but it makes my so good…. but my school doesn’t let any student even touch black pen or dot pen or we may have to return home early for a punishment…..

  6. Didi meri nails mujhe bhot parai ah but exams time they disturb but they are artificial and am I so stupid and I am broke in putting on and it will minimum take lot time how to write with nails

  7. I am very good at cursive writing but not at speed so i am now changing my style to compete the speed as i couldn't able to finish exams properly 😬😬😔😔

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