How To Write A Video Script – Video Script Tutorial

How To Write A Video Script – Video Script Tutorial

alright guys let’s pull up a glass of wine or a cup of coffee whatever you need right now let’s talk about how to write a successful script for your video content i’m gonna break it down into five different sections so stay tuned to find out how you can grab this template hey guys welcome back to another episode of Just the tips with Trena if you’re new here make sure you go ahead and subscribe down below I am a video content strategist and I help online entrepreneurs figure out a video content strategy that works for them and their business like I said today we are going to talk about writing a video script so I know sometimes it can be hard to get on the camera and know what exactly to say or how to say it so i have a script template that I’m going to break down into five different sections to really make sure your content is successful and that people watch it the whole way through now you may be thinking I really need a script template i know where i’m going to talk about that’s great awesome but i really suggest that you have a plan going into your video now whether that bullet points are full-on script you want to have your thoughts down on paper before you jump on video because you don’t want to look rambly you don’t want to keep talking and not really have a point to your content until like 10 minutes down the road we’ve already lost all your viewers so this template just really helps you stay focused get your content across and really keep your audience engaged so they’re not dropping off the first thing I want you to create at the beginning is your hook this will be how you’re going to get people to watch so for me the beginning of my video was me holding my glass align tell you what you’re going to learn in this video you want to find a way that’s really going to track people whether it’s asking a question are telling them what you’re going to talk about its really how you’re going to draw people in to watch your video after that you have a quick little buffer section where you put you know your logo to some music or some graphic with music or something like that so i really suggest having this buffer this graphic after your hook you really want people when they click on your video to see you first you want to connect with you instantly you don’t want to have like that graphic at the beginning because they’re like oh this isn’t who i thought it was there it possibly click off of it so allow them the opportunity to connect with you instantly and then put in your buffer or graphic whatever you’re going to do next is your intro so my intro is telling you who I am and what I do the train and the video content strategist going to keep this short like 10 to 15 seconds because it’s really going to be important to get right to the content people don’t want you rambling on about who you are what you do they want their question answered that they click on your video so just explain who you are what you do what you do like your elevator pitch in like 15 seconds and then you jump right on into the content the best way to really deliver your content is haven’t broken down into pieces like 3.43 tips today I’m giving you five sections to a video script so just really have your content organized and easy to follow throughout the video when you’re done with your content you want to call to action you’re not creating this video just for fun right you want people to convert whether that’s your email with or whether it to you know email you whatever your called action is going to be put this right at the end of your content so I typically tell people that I have a free download at the end of this video I’m going to tell you i have a free script template for you to download this not only gives you some free content but it also gives me your email address so this is a great way to build your email list and to start growing your audience on a different platform then you want to ask a question to your audience so your video is going to get ranked higher on youtube more engagement it has the more comments at your video has get right higher so ask a question get people talking then you can answer their questions and you can be seen more of authority and start to build those relationships with people in the comments section down below so go ahead leave me a comment down below I would love to hear what you are up to and then the last section that you’re going to have is your outro so say goodbye thank them for watching tell them to follow you on social media have a cute little sign off that you come up with whatever you decide is right for you 25 main part of the video script template if you really want to focus on when you start creating video content if you want this template in a worksheet format make sure you go ahead and download the template right up here after the car here in down in the description box below like I said before I would love for you to comment down below let me know what you’re struggling with when it comes to video content is with the equipment and the uploading what are you struggling with when it comes to video content for your business as always thank you so much for watching if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up share it on social media down below and the Pinterest button or the twitter button whatever hit subscribe and I will see you next week bye

34 thoughts on “How To Write A Video Script – Video Script Tutorial

  1. This is great! I definitely get off the track when I'm not prepared before a video. Writing a script beforehand has been super helpful.

  2. Scripts, always! It helps me keep my thoughts on track and and tricks me into believing that I have a clue about my topic 😀 [Also, shorter editing time…'nuff said.]

  3. I am not native English speaker and therefore its harder for me fo talk freely to the camera. I've found your tips very helpful. Thank you.

  4. hi trena, i have just found you on youtube and a quite interesting topic explained. i have a question : see i have gained a pretty profound knowledge on Amazon, i am planning to lead a dedicated youtube channel, about tricks, tips , strategies. The thing is I am not english native speaker, i am quite ok, but you clearly understand english is not my first language. What is your opinion about that? Do you think that a non-native speaker could create content in english as well? How this is perceived in your opinion?

  5. Accessibility issues such as closed captioning, looks like you are using you tubes built in, any low cost useable solutions out there? Also any good training vids on descriptive narration, is is best to include in the dialogue or have a separate voice over? Thanks

  6. Aloha !! I'm a new beginner on Web design and write my own Scripts ,Thanks for tips and strategies.

  7. Awesome video, just making a simple bullet list can work wonders, that alone was worth a watch and a like, a lot of people wing it and it can look amateurish and like you said all mumbly but a simple bullet list can end this. Great video!

  8. Thanks a lot Trena, your video was helpful to me. Im kinda struggling with the editing/recording my videos, could u please tell me what kind of software do u use to record everything? Im also having trouble collecting all the pieces of the audio/video together and uploading 🙁

  9. I have a boring subject that needs life in it. I am making a video for a chemical distributor.How do you spice that up??Stop Corrosion (which would include the Rust Remover, Marine and Hull Coat and Metal Coat), and the Anti-Microbial Additive. What do you suggest for a hook.bullet points??question at the end??all suggestions welcome

  10. Excellent video Trena thank you! I’ve downloaded your template and I have found it invaluable in helping me to learn how to script videos the right way! I look for to seeing more of your videos!

  11. Hello, I'm having trouble with equipment. I have gear for my smartphones (LG V30s) and my DSLR- Canon EOS T7i. I'm torn between which one to use to start/ run my channel. I'm planning on traveling, do I take both types of camera or one or the other along with my drone?

  12. this is awesome structure ,really,,,im always struggling in writing short video scripts..when my clients need short around 30-60 seconds video…its a real struggle

  13. This is so on point. I immediately go off a person's video when the scramble on and on for like 4 minutes before going into the "why" of the video. Plus I love that your videos are to the point regardless of time. Love these tips. I literally will incorporate this strategy.

  14. Cheers much from Cairns. You're so spot on & I totally agree with getting ideas, plus plans down on paper which is scientifically proven, to turn them into success. PS you're gorgeous as:)

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