How To Write a Movie Script : How to Establish Conflict in a Movie Script

How To Write a Movie Script : How to Establish Conflict in a Movie Script

Next what you want to do is introduce the
challenge or another way of saying that is, ask the question in the movie that will be
answered at the end. What is the main problem that they are going to be faced. Ask the question.
In the end you are going to answer whatever that question was. All movies start with the main character having
to face a problem. Another way of saying that is asking the question of life of whatever
the circumstance is. And in Act 3 you are going to answer the question. Show the problem
is what asking the question is. So I’ll just write that here, just to clarify it, show
the problem. And of course in Act 3, you’re way ahead of me I know that, answer the problem.
It doesn’t matter if it’s comedy or drama, they are both the same, there is no difference.
As an example there’s a door, a man want to get out of the door. If he’s in danger and
he can’t get the door opened, there is drama. Same door. Man is on the other side of the
door and he can’t get out and there is a skunk in the room and he can’t open the door, it
becomes comedy. The door remains the same. We talked about asking the question, showing
the problem, answering the question or the problem. In Act 2 what you want to do to give
it tension, which I said before, sometimes Act 2 being half the script is a little bit
slow and boring. You want to make the problems seem unsolvable. You want to give it an urgency
of time. There’s 24 hours before the bomb goes off or a doctor has to decide a mother’s
birth to save the child or the mother and they have seconds to decide. This is all making
the problem seem unsolvable and of course and of course, here you start to solve whatever
the problem is.

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  1. @Shadowgod707 Not horror, His voice is very calming and relaxing…I'm quite relaxed and calm just listening to it.

  2. Thanks….again for the vid. 5*s and favs
    I have multiple plots. Is that possible and still able to make a good script or movie?
    or maybe it's just dif. major scenarios of others lifes…intermingled with the main character.

  3. Where is Ron Becks channel? Youtube is a…err…or was a personal thing. What is this channel expertvillage?I'm not able to leave a comment on the channel.Anyhow, I'll subscribe to Ron Becks…not to a company.Youtube used to be fun untill corporate destroyed it.I hope Ron Becks knows you are using his vids.If not,you suck!

  4. Very well done. There is a glare on the board.Some mobile devices and computers show the glare more so on others. 5 stars!

  5. I very well might write a movie about a man in the same room as a skunk, trying to open the door. It could be the next Godfather!

  6. order of videos
    1) Writing Your First Movie Script 2) How to Get started 3) 3 Act Structure 4) Characters 5) Movie Script Length 6) Conflict 7) Protagonist 8) Supporting Characters 9) Story Turns 10) Fire Point 11) Plot and Subplot 12) Dialogue 13) Format Action 14) Format Narrative 15) Format Heading 16) Theme Patterns

  7. i need help! What do you name the MAIN CHARACTER if he does not have a name throughout the story. (This character is very mystique and searching for who he is).

    So what would I name him, throghout the script and in the dialogue?

  8. I know what I want my story to be about and I feel like I'm doing great! these videos are really helping! thanks! 😀

  9. @placebo4yo You can always name the character "Narrator" if he is the narrator, or give him a throwaway name, something simple such as Jack or Joe.

  10. There goes your chance to EVER working with Tarantino. He's not only the worst speller in the world but can't put a sentence together either. What he can do is to imagine it, write down and then have a IVY LEAGUE GRADUATE spell check it. 🙂

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