How to Use Vellum with Scrapbooking

How to Use Vellum with Scrapbooking

How to Use Vellum with Scrapbooking. A translucent, specialty paper often seen
on wedding invitations, vellum can transform the look of your scrapbook pages. You will need Computer Printer Vellum paper
Scrapbook Brads, ribbons, or string Decorative paper punches Vellum adhesive Stencils Crystals
or pearl beads and crafting paper. Step 1. Print titles, names, or song lyrics onto a
piece of vellum and layer it on top of a page with an image. Since it’s mostly transparent, the image will
lightly show through. Attach at the top with brads, ribbon, or string
so that the vellum paper can be lifted up to see the image underneath more clearly. Allow the vellum to dry thoroughly after printing
on it. Step 2. Use punches to cut out different shapes in
vellum, like flowers or a floral border, and accent the borders of your photos and album
pages with the vellum flowers. Use only vellum glue on the vellum as regular
glue will show through. Step 3. Tear sheets of vellum paper into strips so
the edges will be rough and layer them so that they slightly overlap with one another. Adhere them together with vellum adhesive
and use for titles or unique borders. Step 4. Stencil your vellum or use vellum with a floral
or geometric print already on it for use over a photo. You could also punch out part of the vellum
so that one piece of photo underneath stands out. Step 5. Use pastel colored vellum and adorn it with
crystal or pearl beads. Layer it on top a poem, song lyrics, or handwritten
wedding vows so you can lift it up and read them. Step 6. Mat photos on a single colored piece of paper. Then mat that onto vellum, leaving a wide
border for an extra dash of style and sophistication. Step 7. Use vellum in your scrapbook for a regular
glass “window” effect or to mimic stained glass. Did you know There are 25 million scrapbookers
in the United States.

17 thoughts on “How to Use Vellum with Scrapbooking

  1. what a fucking waste of paper and plastic, just stick the fucking thing in an album and call it a day! no one fucking cares if you decorate the pages, i dont want to have to lift up a piece of half opaque card to see whats clearly under it!, what a waste of time… money… brain cells… and materials!

  2. Scrapbooking is more about being crafty than anything else. Its actually fun to do. I've done it once before with photos from my graduation, but to each their own. Some call it a "waste" others call it fun! 🙂 I'm really tired of people complaining about the videos Howcast does. Not ever single video they make is going to apply to everyone so stop complaining! When they make something you don't think is useful to you, just don't watch it. Its not that hard.

  3. @cuzwereacool2 dude…this is obviously a how-to video for scrapbookers…since you obviously don't seem to dislike scrapbooking don;t click on a video that clearly states "how to use vellum with scrapbooking"

  4. @cuzwereacool2 personally, the only scrapbooking ive ever done is for school… but frankly, why would you buy vellum anyway if you didnt want to use it for a craft project, its kind of like, you might think its being wasteful, but to others its the best way to use a certain material.

  5. @LuckyNote64 no im talking about the waste of materials, for something so materialistic and wastefull!, SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD jeebus

  6. These aren't "steps". They are ideas. A step is a progression of the same thing. Like in a recipe, or directions.

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