How To Send Letters To Basic Training

There’s nothing like getting a picture. Mail in mail call was then, and still is today,
the most important single moral factor for isolated service members. While you’re at boot camp the only mode
of communication is physical mail. It’s a tough experience when your reach
in your pocket and your phone’s not there. You are disconnected from your friends and
family. I sent pictures of everything. Important events, graduations, weddings, birthdays,
and I began to see the importance of every single moment that he wasn’t there because,
you know, I felt it. The two most important pictures in my life
I still have in this old album. The first two pictures that I received of
my son who was born while I was in Vietnam. Kids grow so fast, without pictures you lose
that because you’re gone. I love taking the pictures, but having to
go out and print them and then put them in an envelope and send them off becomes quite
the task in a busy mom’s schedule. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for
friends and family to send letters and pictures to those who are off the grid in boot camp
or deployed. Sandboxx continues that modern day ease. You see something. You want to take a picture of it. You take it. You upload it on the Sandboxx app, and you
send it, and it’s done. The Sandboxx team will then convert it into
a letter, mail it, and include with it a return envelope for your son, daughter, whoever it
is you send it to, to write you back. That outside connection brings you back to
earth. It’s really important to.

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