How to Plant Dianthus Barbatus (Sweet William): Winter/Spring Guide

How to Plant Dianthus Barbatus (Sweet William): Winter/Spring Guide

Well we’re deep into autumn it’s a
miserable day well it looks like it’s going to pick up so we’ve still got the
autumn color which is beautiful not this pot are planted with higher since a few
weeks ago and it’s sir you can’t leave it like this it’s awful bare now to
cover this up biennials now biennials a plants that you plant this year to
flower next year and these are beautiful sweet Williams now Sweet William is
an old-fashioned plant was actually named after a son of King George the
second in the 1700s why he was called Sweet William I don’t know because the Scots
used to call him stinking Billy. So but I don’t think we’re going to further into
that but biennials are beautiful very very easy now if you want to buy these
66 in a pack covered with a blister pack that’s how you get them and they’re the
best on the market 7 centimetres root to tip and that is
boosting my life ready to go don’t think the weather is turning bad because the
soil temperature is probably two months behind the air temperature so these will
grow the roots will form quite happily and it make the top look more attractive
but next year Sweet William nice sweet scent old-fashioned plant beautiful
thing it’s very very simple to do but 66 in the packet can’t go wrong with them
now you can buy yourself a very expensive tool to plant all of these a
nice little dipper made out a silver with a hallmark if you want or you can
use the magic dimmer which is this one and all you do is pop your finger in put
that beautiful plug. These maxi plugs really are nice, they’re
lovely lovely plants place them about two inches apart because they’re going
to grow into about 15 centimetres and have lovely heads of flowers now I’m
doing these in a pot you can do them in the border just as easily because they
are lovely big maxi plugs the Kohli’s which are 7 centimeters and they’re all
bursting with health ready to go. You really can’t you really can’t do better
than these and they’ll look attractive too
Sweet William’s a lovely nostalgic plant for all the people because
sweet Williams, wallflowers all of these type of plants over that all it used to
be around in the old day so they’re very very well established. So there you go
as planted up simple, there’s about 15 plants in there but this 66 in a tray I’ve got
a little border over there that these are going to look magnificent. So for me
Sweet Williams, forget stinking Billy, Sweet Williams these are beautiful

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  1. Oh my Lord! Plant Sweet William from seed! Easiest plant you could ever grow. Available in seed from everywhere. One of my favorites and a no brainer plant. Scatter them on bare soil and leave 'em be. They'll be beautiful and multiply and you can harvest the seeds easily.

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