How To Install & Use Illustrator Scripts (MADE EASY)

How To Install & Use Illustrator Scripts (MADE EASY)

today a quick and a very easy tutorial on how to install and how to use scripts within Adobe Illustrator what is that people welcome back to tutorial graphics the home graphic design content right here on YouTube so I briefly spoke about illustrated scripts in a graphic design freebies video and you guys wanted to see a tutorial on how to install and how to use scripts so today that is exactly what we’re going to do very quickly a script is an add-on to the coding of a debut straighter that allows you to perform specific functions and operations that a default program does not offer I do have links down below for a whole host of scripts for you to check out the script that I’m going to demonstrate today tutorial with is one the hotel generates vector trees which could be handy for certain designs but again you have to remember there are many different scripts available to you online so go ahead and download your script and it should simply be either a text document or like mine here javascript file on windows I think need unzip most of the script folders Apple Maps already have that done for you automatically to install the script is best to close to this traitor first and then we need to locate the scripts folder within the adobe illustrator catalog of files on a mac you can just head into applications then go into Adobe and find your version of Illustrator so for me that’s going to be CC 2018 then head into the presets folder and locate the language folder of your program which mine is going to be us English and then finally go into the scripts folder on Windows you can probably navigate around the Program Files but I personally don’t know the exact route all you need to do now is to open up the scripts folder and then go ahead and copy the download scripts for your choice come back to the scripts folder and then paste it right in there now we can run a doob illustrator because the script is now installed onto your program so once illustrators up and running go into file and locate your scripts menu this is where all your scripts going to be once you’ve installed them onto your program so with this tree script I can generate random event for three designs and they will have different shapes and forms with each generation which is pretty neat but like I said check out the description below this video to find a list of sites for scripts that you can download for free and some of the price tags if you want to keep boosting your skills as a graphic designer subscribe to tutorial graphics for weekly graph design content also if you want to help out my channel just go ahead and share my content on social media make sure to have a great day everybody and until next time there’s only future today peace

23 thoughts on “How To Install & Use Illustrator Scripts (MADE EASY)

  1. Woohoo…another one really great Satori bro😁. Can you please exactly tell me where the scripts can be used?
    I would really love to use them in Future.πŸ‘


  2. Thanks for this video Sir Tom. I have never used scripts in illustrator before, but after seeing this I will check it out more. As always, have a great day.

  3. Would it be difficult? if I try to learn JAVA to code by myself? Can someone share an opinion with me? I know the fact that, nothing is hard if I intend to do. But just want to know from your experience. Thank you.


  5. I have trouble with nearly all scripts I've downloaded giving error messages. Some like CharSizeChangeFromFirst2LastInProportion open the windows properly but nothing happens. But some work if I click and object and then the script file directly without using File>Scrips. Is there some software that interferes with scripts?

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