how to install and change font on samsung -no root- 2019! 100% WORKS!!

Hello good afternoon So guys, i’m gonna show you how change a font for samsung device it works 100% on my phone by the way, this is my mom’s phone, so This is only for SAMSUNG device who already have Nougat or Oreo version on it Okay First, I’m gonna show you It doesn’t work because Samsung didn’t support the other font for example.. I’ve just downloaded a helveticaNeue font. But it turns out like this “This font is not supported. Contact the font provider. Uninstall this font?” What am i going to do is.. Open the internet browser. I’ll give you the link on the description box below Ups, Sorry I’ll give you 2 links for the apk file and the font um… This is actually The “San Francisco Font” that i have downloaded before. (This is only the example for the font that i’m going to apply) If you want this font, I’m going to share it but if you want the other fonts its up to you any fonts will work on this. The important thing is the Font should have a .ttf format.. Ok, on this website you will see the name of app “AFONTS”. and this Afonts is actually available on the playstore Right? Its actually available. But we need to pay for this one and this has 3.9 version and you need to pay for about 41.000 rupiah ($2.92) So, We just looking for the free version. Why not? Let’s check the Previous Versions, As you can see there are some versions of this app from 1.1.3 to 3.7 and the newest is 3.9 version but it doesnt work (i’ve tried it all but only one worked) because we still need to pay for making the font So, I download the 2.1.2 version okay just click on it and it’ll automatically downloading. Click download Doownload It starts downloading… Ok, done Open it. and install it. Okay, after that, Click open It shows that the version of the afonts is 2.1.2 and luckily, we dont need to root our phone i’ve tried so many apps that provide to change the fonts. But this one is the only app that worked on my phone. Because Hifont, Flipfont, or the other apps werent work. Because samsung has its own provider/support for their fonts except for the other android devices such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Hitech, they’re usually work well only with “Ifont Donate” app But samsung cannot. So, we just download this “Afont ” And what you need to do is go to the english version Okay you need to download for only one font out of all of this For example, this font. (Because we need to make a file in the internal storage) confirm allow all the access then download for Oreo version. Because my moms has an Oreo software Font successfully downloaded But DO NOT INSTALL IT after that, we go to the “Files” / “My Files” Open the internal storage Then, go to download So guys if you want to download any fonts, its okay its all up to you But in this one im going to show the example of my favorite font “San Francisco” Font a.k.a IOS font because its so simple and small Open the file that already downloaded on the download folder Okay for example, this font. Move it to — the “Afonts” Folder Done. Okay this is the important part. you need to rename it to anything but need to be short. dont make it long. dont use the number or symbol but you need to rename it but only for the short name for example, i’m going to name it to umm.. Cute okay So next, open the Afonts then Klik the green + symbol and click create a new font Ok right here you’ll see the 2 options. first option is buy or the second is see ad to activate it So, if you dont want to buy it, we choose the 2nd options which is see the advertisement to activate the font the ads is probably take 30seconds just click it and click continue after that, just close it and then you’ll see the “name font” and “name package” what you need to do is name it for both the font and package and again, it needs to be short. because it will error if you named it too long. for example love and cute (i was wrong actually the result will named “love” instead of “cute” XD i did the reversed) then you’ll see the compatibillity font. Again, it depends on your software. My mom’s is Oreo so i choose oreo click continue. click the cute file (or file that you named it before) and doneee okay next, you just install it. But after that you NEED to RESTART your device. click continue Klik setting click allow the source then install it app installed! after that, you need to restart your device after i restart it, go to setting then, display go the the font and screen zoom you will see the font that you’ve been installed earlier Love! click done voila! fyi, if you want to download the other fonts that you like, you just browse it / google it and you’ll find a bunch of fonts. the important thing is the format of the font should .ttf and all done thank you for watching sorry if the explanation wasn’t clear. this is actually my first time making this tutorial hope it will work on you too! bye~

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