How to execut Lua Scripts in FiveM (CHECK NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION)

How to execut Lua Scripts in FiveM (CHECK NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION)

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hi guys Kirtle here and today i will be
showing you how to inject Lua scripts into FiveM so to start with you need to get
the latest version of FiveM and to do so you need to locate your citizen
and FX file edit and simply add this line of code to the bottom of it and
save it now if you try to run five M you’ll see it will download some shit okay just
let it load and in the meantime let’s open extreme injector and let’s throw
this DLL dammit okay this DLL in here and the settings
will be manual map, stealth inject, Erase PE hide module press ok and select the Five M
task pretty easy ok and you must press inject in this menu ok it was injected
successfully ok and you can see it has some lines of code, ok, if you see
this select FiveM script executed just press enter and you should be fine next
let’s join a server i’ma join ok let’s join the high life roleplay server to connect and now in
the meantime let’s go to the server here as you can see and this is all the
plugins they use on their servers so if you okay the (STRUGLEEE) esx_society there you
go they have it so if you search for it on
github exactly you can actually see what they’re
up to and what scripts they use okay so you can see this trigger client events
trigger client events there are ten of them and this is what what we want to
explore show notification… okay
you have laundry this is basically to wash money let’s get to the clients trigger
server event okay there are three of them but what you want to do is actually
get trigger event copy this line of code and we’re gonna have to edit as this is
not the proper code you can see that it’s gonna get shared object it’s going
to get a function and it’s gonna get a new object so to start with okay we’re
at the server first of all we need to open the common problem and throw the
code here then we need to select in here the ESX Society and what we want to do
is open the boss menu okay next we’re gonna define which company we will be
opening so let’s try the police okay
comma and the function will be something like data menu and let’s make
the many close afterwards so this will… I’ll try to open the bus menu with this
so you can see it actually opened the menu right there so as you can see I’m
unemployed at the moment so if I go to the employee management and recruit I
can actually put myself there government LSPD
I don’t know if I can yeah I can’t access the employee at least oh yes I
can so here I am Sun Frost and I can make
myself achieve if I want to let’s keep it low and be a commander why not okay
so I’m the highest one online at the moment
I am okay next we can’t explore Marvin or booties here let’s search for another
common one which is slot machines there you are now if you come here treeger server
event you can see these line of code all right you just don’t need to use these
line cherry lemon other because all I want to do is copy T’s let’s move back
to the server as you can see I have 10 K in my hand and I’m gonna select the
amount of money now which will be 100 thousand why not and just simply call it
because as you can see it’s the money you receive and any tense okay
so just press execute and I just earned myself a hundred thousand dollars pretty
easy buddy now this isn’t a hint here imagine uh you wanna I don’t know get
get yourself Mike some HP you just you can notice my HP just win Oh ports I
don’t know if I can try to I can’t okay but there’s a lot of
things you can do to get an example if the server has a trucker job any job you
actually you can just trigger server event and at the with the plug-in ESX
trucker job we can actually check if they have it they do have this truck or
job it would work as well for the PISA taxi job lawyer ambulance job any job
actually they’re all the same and you would want to trigger the part when you
get receive you’ll receive the payday so you can choose the quantity let’s get
more a hundred thousand dollars you close it and if you execute it okay
notice one goes to my bank account but I still got it
if I increase one zero there you go okay
and this is basically it guys you can do anything
I can instead of being a police this time let’s go to the mechanics I can
recruit myself that’s my bad yep okay so I’m not at McKenna and if I open my new
game I’ll manage me okay there’s the boss here I think is
online but I can make myself qualified okay I could even be the boss okay try
an empty bus just gonna find myself because I don’t really need this but
let’s try them EMS services there you go okay this is actually a book because
probably it’s ambulance yeah okay
and I might want to get a little bit higher interacts so there’s this chief
here my my I could be eluted later okay lieutenants Here I am shot for us and that is basically it guys there’s no
possibility of watch canoe videos you basically have to look into the
plugins and explore your own exploits you can do like I don’t know if the
server has food service yeah it has hungry and thirsty if you manage to find
which plug-in controls that which will be like I don’t know food health okay I
actually have no idea but if you find it and you can trigger the event to make
your I have co-op that would work doesn’t really matter so see you guys
and I hope you enjoyed Gotenks de cerdo as he is the developer of this thing see

68 thoughts on “How to execut Lua Scripts in FiveM (CHECK NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION)

  1. Sir could you please give me the dll it wants me to make it myself but I really do not know how lol.

  2. Also everything what you did on those servers that are running those scripts, i tried aswell but nothing happend

  3. can its work to inject a mod menu on fivem when yes how i try it but dosent open pls help and whats the best mod menu for fivem i have bypass

  4. Everythings seems to be working, but when I enter a command into the command prompt, nothing happens?! I added you on discord, hope you can help 🙂

  5. (state was invalid, are you in a game?)

    error i get when trying to enter command….

    (EDIT) I Fixed it IT WORKS >,< 😀

  6. i put TriggerEvent('esx_society:openBossMenu', 'police', function(data,menu) menu.close() end) and nothing happens help pls

  7. The leaked version doesn't work anymore so we're charging 15 dollars for lifetime.


    Add me on discord for any further questions: Kirtle#0498

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