How to Do Calligraphy with a Pencil Tutorial

How to Do Calligraphy with a Pencil Tutorial

Hello everyone glad you could make it. Richard here with another Calligrascape tutorial,
and today’s video will be the first of 2 quick tips on how to make your own tools and simulate
Blackletter calligraphy. This video is for the people that want to
try out calligraphy for themselves without spending any money or for people who don’t have access
to to get a Pilot Parallel which I heavily recommend (link in the description). Now the first thing you want to do is gather
2 sharp pencils. The only reason this is here is to sharpen. Then you want to gather something that will
bond these 2 together, elastics, tape can work but it’s a pain. Because these do get dull and you’ll have to sharpen
it, so it’s a pain undoing it. So elastics are my recommendation, and just
like a cooking show, we have prepared one earlier in the day and that’s basically what
it should look like. Now I’m gonna demonstrate briefly on how some
of it works. First thing you want to do if you have never done Blackletter calligraphy is hold it at 45. So if you wonder what that is 45 degrees is right there so you can see on the camera. And then hold that consistently at that angle,
don’t move it, don’t move it, that makes it look dumb. You just have to hold that and then go straight
up and down, keep it nice, like railroad tracks. And the first thing you’ll notice if you’ve
seen Blackletter calligraphy, is that it kind of looks like a skeleton. And that’s fine, that’s kinda the point. It’s supposed to show you how the letters
are made up and give you a little taste of what… oo that’s not straight at all, but
you know, we’re doing it live. How the letters are made up and if you were
doing it with ink, you wouldn’t see this, this would be covered actually the best example
is like, you colour it all in and oops you obviously you can’t do it with two. You colour it all in and then you can clearly
see what it would look like if it was in ink. So I suggest if you don’t want to waste any
ink or you don’t have access to it, is to practice with this method to see if this is
the kind of thing for you. It has some things that the Pilot Parallel
can’t do very well, for instance, like flourishes. It’s a lot more smooth to do this, which you
could not do with a Pilot Parallel, unless, or maybe for people much better than I. But, for something like that, it’s not really
doable because the second you go in this direction, it will catch and like bend your, bend your
tip. So, I really suggest that, you can do it with
this but don’t get used to it because it doesn’t work the same if you ever want to get a Pilot
Parallel (Link in the description) But seriously though, it’s not the only pen out there, but
it is the one that I used, that’s how I learned. And it’s the, I think, the best bang for your buck. It’s like $10 CAN and you… If you are anything like me you will not regret
purchasing that. However, this is a perfectly viable option
if you just wanna figure out how to do.. make make some black letters or Blackletter
letters. Then this is perfectly acceptable for like
a school project or whatnot or just to learn the alphabet if you may. So that’s basically how it goes, I’m going
to cut here and make a little montage if you will, of some of the things you can do. Okay, so that was writing Blackletter calligraphy
with this makeshift tool. If you ever want to learn how I just did that
there is a link in the description down below of a tutorial teaching you step by step how
to do it, with free practice sheets too, so go check it out. Right now in this video I’m going to show
you a couple things you can do with the calligraphy that was just written. All I did was roughly colour it in but you
can add colours, textures, shades once you learn how to do it, you can do a ton of stuff. So, in the end this is obviously a makeshift
tool but it’s cheap, it works on a budget. I still suggest the pilot parallel if you
have any luck with this. Try it out down there. But that’s all for this tutorial, there will
be another one soon. Subscribe for more tutorials and thanks for
watching. Take care.

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  1. ATTENTION: Use headphones or watch on a PC if you want to hear the Audio. Weird bug I know, I have fixed this in newer vids though! 🙂

  2. The great thing about this is that when you do Calligraphy this way, it's also a great way to teach yourself how to use the Parallel Pen,, Great Video

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