How to Dispute Late Payments || Good Will Letters || Fix Your Credit Fast

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  1. Was wondering if you offer one on one help besides the 609 website You offer. I'm interested. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  2. Hey Brandon it's me again., is there a letter to dispute reinserted items on my report, transunion removed all my credit inquiries last week and reinserted them back, I called them today and demanded to remove those inquiries and they said they had glitch and trying to fix it and nothing they can do right now and try to call in a couple of days.

  3. Brandon , I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your assistance!!! I am so grateful i found your VIDEO i sent out my 1st round of letters on 01/25/2017 and got a response today from 2 of the credit bureau . 1.Trans union they Deleted 4 items off my report.. 4!!!! 2. Experian they deleted 5…. OMG 5 items completely deleted . My credit score went from 518 to 570 in 1 month.THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP.I am preparing to send out round 2. People this works but you gotta have patience.

  4. Thanks for the great info you are putting out there for us to stop the bullying from the financial institutions. I need your assistance on improving my credit. How to get this e-book 609 fcra ?

  5. You make a good point. I think you should also include a letter to get all the late fees you incurred waived. I use to harass company's writing them letters about getting all the lates fees waived and credited back to my account and after enough letters… They will do it.

  6. Hay Brandon question who am I contacting because I had a credit card with a bank and I was late for two months because I was out of work but when I call the bank that granted me the card they referred me back to the credit bureaus and when I call them they refer me back to them so I'm not sure who the letters are going to .

  7. Thanks Brandon and team. I did my boyfriend credit and he score is 667! He started with 509 in 4 months it went up to 667!

  8. I have no collections only one bank card and car payment but my credit score is 564 I have over 24 paid off account all on time a good why is my score low

  9. Hey Brandon wanted to see can you dispute a credit account that you no longer have due to turning in the merchandise.

  10. So far with learning all this disputing stuff, the most difficult ones to dispute are late/missed payment(s) and school loans.

  11. Good afternoon, Brandon

    How to do I found out your prices for credit help? I bought your book 📚, but I may still need your assistance. Please advise, turning my life around and getting baton track finally 🖐🏾.

  12. I have gone to buy a car on a couple of occasions and they told me that I must pay off some of my collection accounts first. Some of those collections were old and paying them off would hurt my credit score because it would show as, "new activity" but I did as they asked because I wanted the car. One of the collections I paid was 5 1/2 years old. I usually will pay off collections as soon as I am able even if it won't help your score because it could end up hurting you later. I have had collections turn into judgement accounts bc I have been sued by them. And then I had a collection AND a judgment. The collection isn't removed when a judgment is put on. The judgement will stay on 7 to 10 years. So if the collection is already a few years old, then it eventually falls off after 7 years + 180 days, but the judgment has its own clock and will remain 7 to 10 years from the date it appeared. Plus you'll have interest and court costs and late fees. And oftentimes the interest will continue to increase. And with a judgement, they can garnish wages. I had a $200 collection which they sued me for and it ended up being $1800 because of all the extra charges. It is just better to be safe then sorry. Check your state to find out the SOL (statue of limitations) for suing on a collection.

  13. if i had a lawyer consolidate all my loans which were years past due. I still havent made a payment, can the 609 letters work?

  14. i just called my energy company and spent some time on the phone with them but they waived 2 late payments for me….i called 1 of my cc companies and they would not and said it was against the law

  15. Hi Brandon you said in the video to send good will letters and dispute letters but do I send it to the creditor or the credit bureaus because its paid off already.

  16. I love your channel bro!

    The one approach I took was get a lawyer before I let my cards go. They sent dispute letters and all I have done is ignored phone calls and not answered the door to strangers. It has been a couple years and I have yet to talk with the original creditors or the collection firms. Not sure if this is the right approach but it seems to be working only 4 more years then SOL is up.

  17. Brandon!!!!! Thank you so much. The hubs and I have been watching you for 6 months. I finally requested from one of my credit card accounts to remove one late payment that is showing on my credit report from the big three credit reporting agencies. The rep wasn't going to do it because the late payment was a year ago, but I played the sympathy card and she sent the request while I was on hold. She said it will take 60-90 days to get a response from each of the big 3. I check for updates all the time and she said I can call them back to see if they got a response. Thanks again!

  18. Hi Brandon, thanks for sending me this youtube video and I must say that I used your advice, did my "do it yourself" dispute letter on April 26 and received an update less than a month dated on May 16 from the bureaus that a couple of my disputed items were verified and deleted. Trust me, it works!!!! Thanks Brandon!!!! You rock!! Although one of my late creditors responded to me saying they had proof i was late one time. ok here comes round 2 good will letters. 🙂

  19. Got a 3mth late charge bcz d mortgage company switch to another mortgage company with out letting me knowing. I kept paying to d first mortgage holder for 4mths on time. I was told too bad..nothing can b done its to far gone its been 3mths of late payment😒Even tho lik I said I had paid on time to d original mortgage holder..What to do😩

  20. Hey Brandon question which package of do-it-yourself has a fix name and addresses and Goodwill letter and late payments like my mortgage?

  21. I know this is an old video, and you probably don't check old video's comments because you have a lot of videos. I just wanted to say thank you though. I had ONE late payment on my capital one account from February 2017 and an otherwise perfect payment history with them. After watching some of your videos about goodwill calls and letters. I decided to suck up my pride and call Capital one today. I explained that in February 2017 I had some major car repairs to pay for and that this was my only late payment and that this was highly effecting my credit score. She asked for the details of the car trouble and then put me on hold. You see, 02/18/2017 a dump truck turned sharply into my lane and almost hit me, instead of getting crushed in my smart car, I drove into the median and ended up busting two driver's side tires and bending a rim. My car, having specialty sized tires and rims, had to go to Mercedes to be repaired causing my late payment because I was so financially tight. When the customer service representative came back to me on the phone, she told me that they would be sending out letters to the 4 reporting bureaus that they work with to have this changed to a positive status and i will see it on my report in 60-90 days.

    Thank you. Without these videos, I would never have gotten up the guts to call them and ask them to change what I considered a fair report (since I was truly late). It only took one call that lasted a whole 10-15 minutes and now I will be seeing that removed from my report.

    I appreciate you. Thank you!

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