How to Connect Cursive W – American Handwriting

How to Connect Cursive W – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter w with other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. Here’s w. The w finishes at the top just like the o and the
v so all of the connections to other letters are going to be made from the top position
not from down here. Okay? First I will connect several w’s. There’s one, two. There’s
a third one. You can see where the new one starts because it’s always where this high
piece is. So, this is one w and then it finished right here. The second one started at that
point. Here’s the second one. It finished right here. The third one starts there. It
finishes up here. The fourth one is here, fifth, sixth. Okay? Now I’ll connect w to
other letters. w-a, w-b, w-c, w-d, w-e, w-f, w-g, w-h, w-i, w-j, w-k, w-l, w-m, w-n, w-o,
w-p, w-q, w-r, w-s, w-t, w-u, w-v. W-w is up here. w-x, w-y, w-z. And I’ll write some
words beginning with w. Water, w-a-t-e-r. Wet, w-e-t. Work, w-o-r-k. What, w-h-a-t. The capital W does not connect to the next letter.
The capital w ends up here at the top and this is not a good place to make a connection
to the next letter. To make a nice connection, we need to be down here in the bottom area.
So the w does not connect to the next letter. So, that’s the letter w. Thanks for watching.
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  1. Thank you! We were specifically looking for how to connect lowercase w to lowercase s for my 10yo, and we finally found it in your wonderful video! Thank you!

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