How to Connect Cursive S – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter s to other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. This is s, and now I will write several s’s together. Okay,
this is pretty easy because I just go up to the next one, just go up and curve around, okay? Now I will show you s
connected to other letters. Here’s s-a, s-b, s-c, s-d, s-e, s-f, s-g, s-h, s-i, s-j,
s-k, s-l, s-m, s-n, s-o, s-p, s-q, s-r. S-s is up here. s-t, s-u, s-v, s-w, s-x, s-y,
s-z. And I’ll write a few words beginning with s. This is swim, s-w-i-m, stop, s-t-o-p, shoe,
s-h-o-e, slip, s-l-i-p. The letter s is usually not connected to the next letter, but it can
be. The letter s looks like this and it ends right here. So usually we’ll see it like
this where it is not connected, but some people might choose to make a connection by continuing
this. So it’s usually not, but it can be connected. So that’s the letter s. Thanks
for watching. Please watch my other videos and please visit Thanks. Bye.

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