You just need to pick a font. Like the same
font, the same font, and use it everywhere. All the platforms, your website, social media,
your business cards, flyers. There’s a lot to learn about fonts and unless you’re trying
to be a graphic designer, I probably would just focus on the fundamentals and you’re
probably like, what is this chick that’s going to teach me, right? I’m bloggin Brandi, and
this is BLABoss where I teach you all about how to build and Brand a business, like a
boss so that people want to blab about it. Before I forget, be sure to stay tuned until
the end of this video because fonts, finding your fonts. It’s just one part of building
your brand. I’m going to show you how to get all of this stuff in one place in just a few
easy steps. Now you’re probably thinking, oh my gosh, Brandi, this is like too much. Like how do I pick these fonts out? Well don’t
you worry, you’re talking to the branding boss over here, so I’m going to teach you
how to do it in the easiest, simplest way. If you haven’t picked up my book, how to brand
like a boss. I talk about some really cool tools that I use and one of my favorite ones
is Canva. I’ll put a link to that in the description below or you can go to my website how to brand
like a boss and pick it up. So I’m sure my tools and Canva has this awesome thing is
a font finder. So essentially they’ll help you pick out instead of what you would normally
think of Like the Color Palette is going to be a font pallet and they help you combine
and contrast fonts and there’s tons of fonts that you can use. you don’t want to have really
crazy fonts that don’t go together. C A N V A dot com is where I design. You can
use one of the fonts that CANVA has in their font finder and help pair and contract font
combinations. You can also go to DaFont dot Com d a f o n t dot com and download fonts
and use them and upload them to Canva. They can both work together. You can use both.
Okay, so now you go how to find the perfect font or find a font that fits your brand.
But do you know how to design the rest of your Brand? Well, don’t you worry, I got you
covered because there is things like your logo and your name and where are you going
to use this font? You’re going to use it in your logo, maybe your tagline or on your website
and you’re going to need to know where to get all of the other parts of your brand to
build it. All of this into an amazing checklist or essentially what I like to call my boss
branding guide and I help you get all of these things set up. If you want to pick up this
amazing guide that I have, you can hit up the description below this video or you can
visit BLABossInc dot com and B l a B o s s I n c dot com. I’m Blogging Brandi, this is BLABoss where
I teach you how to brand like boss. If You liked this video, Hit the like button below.
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and you don’t want to miss them. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.
Ugggghhhhhh, brrddddaaa was that a good intro? I’ll hope so, I forgot what I was saying.
So you can pick that up in the description and I forgot to turn the light on. Hopefully,
that’s better. [Music]


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