How to change the default font in LibreOffice Writer and Calc

How to change the default font in LibreOffice Writer and Calc

One of the questions I hear a lot about LibreOffice
is how to change the default font. Today I’m gonna show you how you can do that in both
Libreoffice Writer and LibreOffice Calc. Now just for reference, the version of LibreOffice
that I’m using is the latest at the time of this recording which is version Now
in Writer there is actually two methods of changing the default font, and so I’m going
to show you both of them. The first and simplest method is to click on Tools, click on Options,
expand LibreOffice Writer, click on Basic Fonts, and then change the default setting
right here. So you can select a font and also select a size. In this case I’m just gonna
choose something large so we can recognize it. We can see the font has changed. And so
we’ll close LibreOffice Writer and we’ll go back in to see if it retains that. And we
can see that it does. Now the second method to do this is to create a default template,
and this method is better in some ways because you can also do other things such as set the
default margins. The other thing to remember about this second method is that it will override
the first one so if you change the font the way I just told you and then you also specify
a font in the default template, the one that is specified in the default template will
take precedence. So to do this I,m gonna go ahead and wipe out the text here so I can
start with a blank document then I’m gonna change the font to something that we’ll recognize.
Now I’m gonna click on File, and Templates, Save as Template, and then click the Save
button and give it a name. Click OK. Now you have to go right back there by going to Templates
and Manage. And here you’ll click on the template that you just created and then click “Set
as Default”. Now we’ll close the window, we’ll close LibreOffice Writer, and then we’ll go
back in and see if that preference sticks. And it does. Now I’m gonna show how to do
this in LibreOffice Calc and it’s a very similar process to the second method that we just
looked at. In this case we’re going to click in the upper left so the whole spreadsheet
is highlighted. Then we’re gonna change the font to one of our choosing. Then we’re gonna
go to File, Template, Save as Template. Again we’ll click the save button, we’ll give it
a name, and say OK. And then finally File, Templates, Manage. And we’re gonna have to
click on Spreadsheets, click on “My Templates”. Here’s the one we just created so we’ll click
on that, and say “Set as Default”. Once again we can verify this by closing everything.
We don’t have to save the changes. And we’ll go back in and make sure that that selection
was honored. So if you like this tip, be sure to press that like button or leave me a comment.
I’m also interested in knowing if this works the same in OpenOffice, or whether the process
is different. So if you have OpenOffice installed you can let me know in the comments below.
As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

23 thoughts on “How to change the default font in LibreOffice Writer and Calc

  1. Is there an Algerian font in libreoffice cause whenever I do a presentation with Microsoft powerpoint and then open it with libre office the font changes.

  2. Hi, thank you for the video.
    I am converting an xlsx file into pdf on command line client with libreoffice and try to avoid that libre office changes the font.
    I tried with setting arial default template as described in this video but unfortunately it doesn't work for cli based transforms.
    Any suggestens where I have to look to change whatever default is used for cli based funtions?

  3. Despite being an old posting, this pronunciation is more than likely incorrect,: the word libre is French for book, and is pronounced correctly thusly, leebra ….phonetically….

  4. correction on my earlier post…. the word in French is livre (for book)… libre is, in fact the word for FREE as indicated….apologies….

  5. Still good for Libre Office Calc in a Mint-17.2 (not the newest Mint).
    There is one difference, though. There's no File->Template ! You will have to go through
    (bottom of list of text, sheet, presentation … Templates at the bottom.) A windowpane with document-types appear.
    Then again click on Spreadsheets->Manage and the menu-bar comes out like in the video.

  6. But if I open a new sheet, it doesn't keep my created template. Is there a way to make it works for every single new sheet I create?


  8. That thing you did for Calc does not make your chosen font the default so libration sans is still LibreOffice's chosen default in other situations like when you click plus to add a sheet.

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