Hot Dad – Just Tell Me What Font to Pick (When I’m Making Websites for Kids)

100 thoughts on “Hot Dad – Just Tell Me What Font to Pick (When I’m Making Websites for Kids)

  1. we're gonna be adding new stuff regularly over at neon grizzly, so bookmark it or memorize the link really well or whatever makes you feel really good. i love y'all big time!

    p.s. if you can't make out the v cute line at the end, turn on CC! 👍👍👍

  2. H͚͚̰͑̄̏́̇ͬ̃͑͜ḁͤ̊̾ṿ̵͚̻̮̼̅͊̚͡ê̖̞̻ͨ̔ͣͧ͑̋̆͛ ̵̶͖̠̫͔̥̮͌̂͡ä̛͍̺̘͎̱̩͈́ͯ̒̾͢͝ ̡͙̯͖͓̔̐̂ͦͩ̉̂͜g̨̜̩̩͚̭̖͉̮̓ͣ̍̈͋ͮ̌ͥr̴̬̤͉̙̈̄͑̐ͮ̂ͫḛ̪̰̹̘̮͔̈́ͯ͒́̆͞͞a̬͚͌̈́͆́̚t̪̺̟͖̟̺ͯͦ̄ ̷͕͔͎̼̖̬̑̎̈̔ͮ̾ͯ́l̨̙̣̞̼̱͔̼̠̾ͪͩ̓͌ͣi͙ͭf̤̦̻̥̰̝̱͆ͪ̑ͮ͌ͭͦ̎͊ë̸͊͋͊҉̝͍̟͔͔̰̬͉

  3. This is fuckin great! I seriously love this song and it’s also hilarious/relatable.

    “Courier is shit” caught me so off guard, laughed so hard.

  4. Tell me, hot dad. Would you consider this your magnum opus? Because I had to replay this at least 4 more times after the first listen.

  5. I mean, you act all ironic like this is supposed to be shit
    But in a way this is a genuinely great song

  6. I don't think you understand how much better quality this is than usual parody stuff haha.
    Do you mind if I share this with some friends who might like it?
    It's OK if not.

  7. I had to come back just to see/hear that second pre chorus again today, it's so funny/addictive haha

  8. goddamn you just crank out catchy tunes, that chorus hooked my brain WANNA GET THE CLICKS, MAKE A SITE THAT APPEALS 2 KIDS

  9. Neil Cicierega beat him to this with "It's the World Wide Web!" in 2009. Hot Dad may wear his influences on his sleeves, but he seems to learn from the best.

  10. This should be shown in schools! So everyone would be aware of the danger not to know which font to use!

  11. This came up on my Spotify Weekly Discoveries playlist, and I’m so glad that it did. Damn this is amazing

  12. I was super curious what the snack was because I didn't see quickly enough and now disappointed that it was a rice waffle because they aren't nice at all. Not a great snack.

  13. When your friends just think it's a meme video but you're trying to figure out how to start a band with this dude.

  14. like most white, suburban children, I too was conditioned to only ever use Times New Roman, size 12, no exceptions. so thanks for the validation!

  15. look the fact that I haven't said anything about this one, says pretty much everything necessary, that this is a perfect song and does everything it should with regards to comedy and everything else – great awareness, focus of concept, twist-comedy-writ, and everything else 🙂

  16. If you pay attention to the lyrics and imagery, this song really is a commentary on how technology has made it much easier for pedophiles to lure in children.

  17. This song has given me a new appreciation for Times new Roman, I always hated it for the simple fact that I had to use it for my English papers and essays, but now I see that the only reason that they let us use the perfect font because it is so good.

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