Holiday Card Series 2013 – Day 19

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Day 19 of the Holiday
Card Series for 2013. I am starting out with some Desert Storm Environmental card stock
from Neenah. It is the same color that I used in yesterday’s video. I’m going to score it
at 5.5, so that it is a top folding card. I’m not going to fold it in half quite yet
because I am going to do some embossing. I’m using this really tiny dot embossing folder
from Lifestyle Crafts. This is from the set that had the larger dots in it too. I’m going to get this centered on my card front. I love these Lifestyle Crafts folders but unfortunately
they don’t cover the entire front of your card. So if you want to have it be kind of
like a background on your card you’re going to kind of center it. Like what I am doing
here. So, it really embossed. It’s a really deep emboss. These fun dots. So here is my
card front. I’m going to go ahead and grease that so it stays relatively flat. It did kind
of emboss it quite a bit so it did kind of warp it a little bit and it really softened
the paper. But I think it looks really really cool. I’m going to set that a side. Now I
have some Simon Says Stamp watercolor paper. I’m going to be using this stamp set from
Newton’s Nook. This is called Newton’s Holiday Mischief. Adorable! These are brand new stamps
for the Simon Says Stamp store and I saw these online, on someone’s blog, so I recommended
that they take this line of stamps. They are so cute. Apparently, the illustrator who creates
these stamps, Newton is her cat. So adorable! It’s kind of like a whole, like I do Mannie
stamps, she does Newton stamps. I think it’s so cute. I’m going to use this one with the
cat like hanging from the Christmas wreath. I’m stamping him in Archival Jet Black ink. Making sure that I press all areas of the stamp so I get a really good impression. He’s
adorable! I love him so much! And of course you know I’m going to color him like Mannie, because all cats
are black and white, right? So I am going to use some Distress Markers today I think.
I’m also going to zoom in and turn on some music so you can listen to the music while
I color. Okay, so I finished coloring him and he’s
just like Mannie. White feet, white hands and white belly. I’m going to go head and
dry this with my heat tool to make sure that it’s completely dry before I cut him out.
Also before I use scissors I’m going to use an X-Acto knife and cut out this interior
area of the wreath. I’m going to have to work really carefully, because there’s a lot of
curved lines. Okay, I got that cut out. And any of those
edges that look white and don’t look quite right. I can go over it with a brush tip marker
like I usually do. Now, I’m going to go head and cut this out. In fact, before I do that
I think I might cut around his tail Just to make it a little bit easier on my when I go
to cut him out. That’s a really tight area too. Okay, perfect! Now I’m going to cut him
out. Okay, so now that I have him cut out I’m going
to take a brush tip marker. I’m just using a Copic Multiliner. I’m sort of painting the
cut edges. It’s going to make it look more finished. I got a little bit of my marker right there. Oh well! I have a friend that likes to go this direction
because then if she accidently colors it then it colors the back. So that’s always an option. See like right
there. I just colored the back. You can just flip it over and make sure that
you got all the edges. Alright so there’s my little kitty all cut out. I want to add something behind the card, but
I don’t want it to disguise all of this cool textured background. So I am going to take
some Vellum and I am going to cut a circle. I’m using Sizzix Circle Framelits. I’m thinking about this size would be perfect. Yeah, I think that would work. I’m going to
use my Stampin’ Up! Pierce Mat. You can just use like a mouse pad or something too. This is just what I happen to have. I’ll use the piercer and I am going to go around and pierce
holes in the circle. So, I have a circle that has all the holes
punched. I’m almost ready to start assembling. I’m going to take this Meowy Christmas down
on the bottom. I’m going to stamp this on some white card
stock. I have some Neenah Solar white card stock here. I’m going to stamp this is in
VersaFine Black Onyx. I’m going to cut this out so it’s kind of
like a little tag shape. I’m just going to pull this out of the bag
long enough far enough that I can punch a hole right there. Now, I am going to take a little piece of white thread. First I am going to put it through this hole. Hopefully I can get that through without any
trouble. Lookin’ good. Okay, so I put that through.
I’m going to cut off one end. And I’m going to go ahead and start gluing
everything together. Because the cat is going to go right over the top right there, I’m
okay to put adhesive on the Vellum right there in the center. I’m going to use some Tombow
Mono Multi Glue and just put quite a bit of adhesive right there, because it’s going to
have to kind of seep down in between those embossed dots. Alright we want that to adhere down all the way. Then I’ll take a foam square and I’m going to put one behind his head and behind his body. Then I’m going
to cut up a foam square into some really tiny pieces. And start putting it on places around the
wreath and on the tail. I’m not going to put it on the tip of the tail first, because I
am going to tie that tag on. Let’s adhere the little kitty. Actually I wanted him about right there. Kind of hanging. Then I’m going to take the Meowy Christmas
and that’s going to be hanging from his tail. Hopefully. It might be a little bit too big. In fact, I think I’m going to re-stamp this
and have it be two word on top of each other. So, I am going
to cut the stamp in half. Once again I’ll thread that through. Lovely. That’s just going to dangle off his
tail. I’m going to go head and put some foam behind it just so it holds it in place, while
I tie that bow. Just have it dangle right there. Then I’ll have this string wrapped around
his tail. I’m tying that into an itty bitty bow. I’m going to round these bottom corners. It looks like it needs something. So, I’m going to, let’s see here.
Using a punch. I think it’s the Scalloped Scallops punch from EK Success. I’m just going to cut off that end, so that
it’s a little strip. Alright and I’m going to have this go. I’m going to have to lift up the Meowing Christmas
for a minute. I will re-position that. I’m going to glue this down. Just right at
the bottom. Once again I’ll use some Tombow Mono Multi Glue. Now I’ll bring that Meowy Christmas down and… right there. Now, I think that looks a little
bit more finished. So, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s card. Please check back on Friday
for Day 20. That means we are getting closer to Christmas. So I hope you guys are getting
all of your Holiday shopping done and you’re enjoying time with the family and friends.
I will check you guys next time. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching until the end of the video
guys. I have three videos for you to check out. They are the three previous years of
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you enjoy him. Thanks for watching. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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