Hogwarts Letter Purse – A DIY Envelope Clutch | @laurenfairwx

Hogwarts Letter Purse – A DIY Envelope Clutch | @laurenfairwx

Earlier this week, my YouTube channel turned
eleven years old. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan – and give
this video a thumbs up if you are – you’d know that if my channel were a wizard in the
UK, she would be expecting an invitation letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
pretty soon. So to celebrate eleven years of making nerdy
videos over here, I’m going to show you how to make a Hogwarts letter wristlet which
you can use to carry anything you want. It’s made of vinyl and it has a cute
Hogwarts seal made out of felt. I also added a cotton lining to keep the inside
looking nice so of course, I picked the most magical fabric I could find. Check the video description box for a link
to the free pattern PDF as well as a list of materials you’ll need and where you can
find them. And if you’re new here, don’t forget to
subscribe to my YouTube channel – it’s only its first year at Hogwarts and I’m brewing
up lots more videos that you’ll want to stick around for. Okay! Here’s how to make your very own Hogwarts
letter wristlet. Print out the template PDF and cut out the
pieces. After you cut out the Hogwarts seal, carefully
use a craft knife and a cutting mat to remove the H from the main shape. This is what that piece should look like. To make the envelope pattern, grab an extra
sheet of paper and line up the rounder triangle shape at the top of that. Then, measure out a 10 and a half inch by
7 and a quarter inch rectangle and tape the shorter rectangle side to the longest triangle
side. Like this, so you can fold the shape into
your envelope later! The other triangle with the flattened top
is actually going to be a template for some decorative stitching, so keep that piece aside. Now, grab some off-white vinyl or faux leather. Mine looks like this on the right side! Flip it over and trace the envelope template
onto the wrong side, then cut out the shape. I chose to use this sparkly blue galaxy cotton
fabric for the lining, but you could use any pattern or color you’d like. Lay out this fabric with the wrong side up,
then place the vinyl shape on top of it with the right side of that one facing up! Pin them together using clothespins and cut
a matching shape out of the cotton. I’m using clothespins instead of sewing
pins for this project so there aren’t any extra holes poked in the vinyl but you could
use any kind of clips you have around, really. So that gives you the right side of the vinyl,
then when you flip, there’s the right side of the cotton lining. Got it? Now, on the vinyl, trace and cut out a long
12 by 1 inch rectangle to use as a strap. Fold it in half lengthwise with the right
side of the vinyl facing out and use clothespins to hold it shut. Then, sew through both layers close to the
open edge to close it up! I like to sew backwards and forwards a few
stitches at each end to secure it. When you’ve done that, your strap should
look something like this and you can trim off the extra threads. Next, we’ll add a bit of decorative stitching
to the envelope. If you fold up the bottom edge and fold down
the triangle at the top, you’ll get an idea of how the envelope will eventually look and
when we line up the remaining triangle template with the bottom edge, you can see where we’re
going to put a line of stitching. So hold the template in that spot on the good
side of the vinyl while you carefully unfold the envelope. Mine ended up being 2 and a quarter inches
down from the end of the square edge. Make sure the template is even on both sides
and clip it in place. I’m going to sew along this edge around
the template rather than tracing it, since this is the front side of the vinyl and I
don’t want to mark it up. Pull out the pins as you go. As you probably noticed, I’m using a sewing
machine for this project, but you could definitely hand sew it with a sharp needle and a thimble
using backstitch. I’ll link to more detailed hand sewing tutorials
in the video description if you want to learn how to do that. It’s okay if you accidentally sew into the
paper template because you can just pull it off at the end. And that will give you a line of stitching
that suggests there are more flaps and pieces than there actually are! Yay for keeping things simple. Next, grab your two envelope pieces and place
them wrong sides together, right sides out so the back sides of the fabric are hidden
inside. Clip them together so they don’t move, then
sew them together just along the short edge. I’m using around an eighth of an inch seam
allowance and again, sewing backwards a few stitches at the beginning and end to keep
it secure. In general for this project, the lining tends
to slip around until you sew it down so I trimmed down the bit of cotton fabric that
was sticking out behind the vinyl. Then, take the strap and loop it around so
the unfinished ends are together, facing the same direction. I decided to attach mine to the top right
corner of the inside of the purse, so I pinned the lining to the vinyl around that spot. The first time I tried attaching the strap,
the two ends slid around in my sewing machine so I hand sewed them together really quickly
to keep that from happening. It can be kind of tough to hand sew vinyl
since it’s so thick, so you could try using a thimble to push it through! I didn’t have one, so I pulled the needle
through with some pliers and I’ve used other objects I had around whenever I’ve needed
to push it. Then, stick that in your sewing machine and
sew back and forth across the ends of the strap. Trim the extra threads when they’re totally
secure! So now we’ve got the bottom edge sewn and
the strap is attached, and before we sew the rest of it together it’s time to add a magnetic
clasp I got from the purse-making section of a fabric store. There are two sections and first, we’ll
need the bottom section which is thicker and has a hole cut into it where the top section
will sit. Remove this little metal disc for now. Fold up the bottom of the envelope piece and
fold down the triangle at the top to see where you’ll need to place it. The clasp will be going under the rounded
point of the triangle, so hold the bottom section right there, move the top flap out
of the way, and press the prongs of the clasp into the vinyl to make two little marks near
the top of your decorative stitching. Open it up and move the lining out of the
way, then carefully use your scissors to snip into those marks, just through the vinyl. Then, push the prongs of the magnetic clasp
into place from the front side! Slide the extra metal piece on top of that
on the back side, then use your pliers to bend the prongs down flat. Pull the lining back over it, and that’s
what it should look like! Now, for the main assembly step! Fold the bottom back up, lining it up with
the base of the triangle section. I clipped the folded edge with two big clothespins
so I wouldn’t have to hold it down. We’re going to start in one corner and sew
up the side, around the edge of the triangle to attach the rest of the lining to the vinyl,
then down the other side, stopping at the other corner. As you’re pinning it in place, I found it
helpful to fold down the triangle before clipping the lining to that part. It’s okay that the lining isn’t totally
aligned with the edge of the vinyl because we can trim it later. Pop it back into your sewing machine and with
around an eighth inch seam allowance, sew along that line I showed you. Try to keep it as even as you can since the
stitches will be visible. Stop sewing and lift your presser foot to
go around the corners and tight curves. Be careful as you go around the triangle section
because, like I showed you earlier, the lining might have slipped out past the edge of the
vinyl. Periodically check that you’re sewing through
both layers because it may be tough for you see the vinyl underneath. Pull the clothespins out as you go and keep
going until you reach the other corner! When you’re done, trim off the extra threads
and the edges of the lining that were sticking out. It’s okay to see a little bit of the lining,
but that’s just something I did to make it look cleaner. Now, we need to add the top part of the magnetic
closure to the underside of the point of the triangle. Press the top piece of the clasp down so the
prongs push into the point of the triangle where the two clasps will line up, then make
two little cuts through both the vinyl and the lining along each of the marks it left. Keep in mind that you’ll actually be attaching
it from the inside, but it’s much easier to see the marks in the vinyl than trying
to mark it from the cotton side. Then, open the envelope and push that piece
of the clasp up so the prongs poke through those holes. To secure it, place the little metal disc
it came with onto the prongs on the front side, then bend these metal pieces down flat
like we did with the first half of the clasp. So now, the clasp should be totally functional
and the magnets should click together when you close the purse. Yay! If you’d like, apply some fray check along
the edges of the cotton lining fabric to keep it from fraying and let that dry while you
work on the next step. All that’s left is to make a felt Hogwarts
seal to cover up the back of that top clasp. Using some stiff red felt, cut out the seal
shape using the template we cut out earlier. To remove the H from that piece, I carefully
used a craft knife to trace the H using the template like a stencil. Once I could see the marks, I removed the
template and then I had an easier time cutting those pieces out. This was probably the toughest part of the
whole project, mostly because I should’ve changed to a new blade to make sure it was
sharp enough. But I think the effect was worth the trouble! Now, the small circle template is actually
the shape of a hole that you’ll need to cut into the next piece of felt. The seal will fit right into it so press it
down, leaving a little room around it, and cut around the circle with your craft knife. Once you’ve kind of traced it, you can push
your scissors in there and cut it out like this. Then, cut loosely around it to make this next
step easier and cut around the circle in a wavy line like this. We’re making the kind of random, organic
section outside of the seal where the wax would have dripped! I decided not to make a template for this
part so every one will be different. Grab your extra felt again – we’ll need
one more piece for the background! Glue the ring shape down to the felt, then
glue the Hogwarts seal down in the center of the hole. Let that dry, then cut down the background
so it lines up with the outside of the wavy circle. And that’s our little mock wax seal! So that’s going to go right here, hanging
over the edge of the triangle shape. Thread a needle with some red thread and tie
a knot at the end. Hold the seal in place, start the needle underneath
so the knot is hidden between the seal and the envelope, then start carefully hand sewing
it to the vinyl around the edges of the seal. I’m using whipstitch for this, and if you’re
new to sewing and want to see a more detailed tutorial for that, I’ll link to one in the
video description. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty difficult
to sew through vinyl by hand so I’m using a combination of pliers and this spool of
thread to push and pull the needle through when I need them. Maaybe I’ll get a thimble next time. When you get to the edge of the envelope on
the other side, flip it over! Now, keep whipstitching, this time attaching
the tip of the envelope to the underside of the seal. You don’t have to push the needle all the
way through the layers of felt, just make sure you’ve grabbed enough to secure that
piece to the purse. Once you reach the spot closest to where you
started, hook your needle under a stitch to anchor it and pull it through this loop to
make a knot, pull it tight, repeat it for good luck, then push your needle in so it
comes out an inch away and trim it to hide the excess on the inside. And that is it! You can close and open it using the magnetic
clasp, use it to carry a few small things you need, and take it with you on your adventures! One thing that I especially love about projects
like this is that they suit people like me who want to find ways to fit their nerdier
interests into their existing style. The average person might not recognize this
as a Harry Potter inspired item, but anyone who loves the books as much as I do will spot
it right away. When you’re done making this project, I
would absolutely love to see it! Share a photo on social media and don’t
forget to tag me! I’m @laurenfairwx on twitter, Facebook,
and instagram. I go to a lot of Harry Potter conferences
and Yule Ball events and wizard rock shows, so this little envelope will be perfect for when I need a smaller
purse. There are also lots of ways that you can adjust
this to work better for you – you could leave out the strap if you want to make it into a clutch and you could even change the size and add some padding if you wanted to use it as an iPad or laptop sleeve! If you’re as much of a Harry Potter fan
as I am, share this video with anyone you know who might love it! I know that I grew up wishing I could receive
a Hogwarts letter like Harry did, but I’ll just have to settle for a cute purse that
looks like one as a little reminder of how much these books have changed my life. In the comments below, I’d love if you would
tell me what your Hogwarts house is! I’m a Hufflepuff. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon!

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