Sun light You’re holding the book upside down! You’re welcome Got milk?! Are you crazy? You told me you want milk Since when did I say so? Last night message Hey what are you doing?… I want!!! What do you want?… It’s midnight??? I want milk! I wasn’t talking about this “Precipitation” Precipitation is the action or process of precipitating a substance from a solution. For example, when silver nitrate has a reaction with sodium chloride The product will be silver chloride (AgCl) is a salt that is insoluble in water, which precipitates after reaction in a white curd-like sediment You get it? It’s too much how could I remember it all Silver chloride (AgCl) React with sodium chloride (NaCl) And this is the catalyst create the reaction And this one is the white precipitation Now you get it? Sweetness, Bitterness What are you drinking? Black Coffee with no sugar How could you drink that bitter coffee all the time? I have you, my sweetnessWhat is the relationship between you two?– Colleagues
– Friends We are both colleagues and friends Frienleague (Friend+Colleague) It’s colleagues and friends It’s frienleague Oh well, we were filming this short-film for about a month So we spent a lot of time together, well…. We… discussing about our role… You dare me? So you want to challenge me? What are you doing? Are you nut, let go of me Wake up quick! Let go – Wake up
– Let go So you admit you’re lost right? I give up What’s that? – I lost
– Lost, right? Ouch We spent a lot of time together To build up emotion and feeling for the movie so the audience can feel it too What can you tell us about your partner? So I’m first huh Kai Bie is a very sweet and ambitious person Becasue Kai doesn’t have a good memory Happy memory Yeah it was happy time Kai is the person who always understands the direction from the director but he failed to connect everything together *reading writting on the walls* To live in the city but the heart is longing for a country life
*reading writting on the walls* What does it mean? I should be like this one here, “We only live once” So it’s easy to understand? That’s right, unlike this one I sense that this has a deeper meaning that makes us think more It’s just a simple writting dear Why longing for just “a country life”? Why not a specific place? Because that way it will rhyme Care to elaborate more? How about you Kai, what do you think about Tài? Please be kind to me Well he has all kind of bad habits He wears a lot of make-up during filming and he’s sweating all the time Which cost us a lot of money to buy tissue Me, I bought my tissue. My tissue so I can use it when I need But then I didn’t have to use even one tissue cause he used it all Oh and that is a bad habit? Of course, a very bad one I think it’s cute, right everyone? Very harmful to other people surround Hey Tài, look at me Make a cool face Cooler, cooler, ok! Oh that’s right Don’t forget “Hey! Tình đầu”‘s air-time will be at 7 p.m. on every Saturday on Viva Network Viva Network which means you can search for the series via Viva official youtube and facebook Just type “Viva Network” and you can see us, Kai and Tài Or type “Hey! Tình đầu” Hữu Tài – Kai Bie I am always ready to answer all of you guys’s question and queries Careful bro, this is not date searching channel Also, these are many cute pictures to introduce to everyone Which have been taken during the series’s poster selection with Tài and Kai Bie We did have the chance to try on many many cute couple outfits together Can you guys tell that we are totally connect to each other? – Well, goodbye everyone
– Goodbye everyone Goodbye everyone Cut! I thought I was cast for the main role but now I am just a side chick Bông hoa xinh ngoài vườn nhà giờ cũng đã xác xơ bông hoa lụi tàn – Singing Thật nhiều… – stil singing Thật nhiều đắng cay – stil singing Thật nhiều đớn đau – and stil singing… Who’s singing? Him Silver nitrate Again again agin, camera still rolling What the hell is this? It’s a formula Bất đẳng thức là hai vế được nối với nhau bằng dấu bằng, bằng bất đẳng thức – *Explaining the formula* I’m not finished Are you having caffeine nausea? Yeah we’re being tortured Kai, why are you laughing all the time Let me breath How many kiss scenes do you guys think we still have to film? So many Too many How many drink have you had? About 10 or so, this bastard keep laughing! – All the time
– You want to murder Ms.An right? Not at all, her character is the best everyone!
Just wait and see! Yeah right! Are we done?


  1. Úi tr có ai giống tui k nhìn a Tài giống giống Pete(Saint) trong Love By Chance .Hủ chính hiệu chắc biết phim này

  2. Phim rất dễ thương a~~~ Diễn xuất tự nhiên, đáng yêu. Màu sắc của phim tươi sáng. Ấn tượng tốt ngay từ tập 1 nha 😘

  3. Hi everyone, just a friendly notice, Eng sub for episode 1 is now available. From now on, we will update Eng sub on our youtube channel. Your support to the series is a motivation for our team to keep up our work. Love you guys all.
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  4. Xin lôi nhé. May bạn diễn k có cảm xúc. Diễn y như kiểu bị gượng ép k nhập tâm vào nhân vật

  5. haha!!! "You're holding the book upside down."

    When you want to do sweet stuff but ended get misunderstood, The smack in the head haha I died 😂😂 😅

  6. Chời ôi phim hay quá lần đầu tiến thấy phim đam mỹ việt nam hay đến vậy công với thụ đẹp đôi quá trời😊😊💓💓💓

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