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guys it is time for fall before we know
it it’s gonna be Thanksgiving and Christmas
welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of
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it is time to give thanks so I told you guys in a previous video that I went to
this awesome chalk lettering class with local saint-petersburg artist Leo Gomez
I will link him below and some supplies that he told us about during the class I
had a great time and I’ve been practicing some of my techniques I’ve
been practicing hand lettering and also practicing using some of these really
cool supplies we got like this chalk paper the chalk marker and just doing
different phrases so I wanted to show you from start to finish the process for
doing like a hand lettering design this is just one I kind of worked up but I’m
using all of Leo’s techniques he also uses like chalk pencils you can use
regular chalk you can use the markers you also need a ruler to make grid lines
on whatever surface you’re working on so here is a look at me making this
chalkboard sign alright time to bust out those
chalkboards I am working on a 12 by 16 inch chalkboard that I got in the class
and the first thing I’m gonna do is mark out some gridlines I’m spacing mine two
inches apart there’s a little bit of trial and error with this at first I was
gonna do my design vertically and yes that is my reflection
and no I’m not wearing makeup and I’ve got crazy hair so you’re welcome so I’m experimenting with the placement
of the letters and I quickly realized that the thanks and give thanks was
probably not gonna fit with that layout so I decided to flip it horizontally
because the thanks would fit on there so I drew out the design first with the
chalk pencil and I’m using a paper towel to wipe away any mistakes and and you
can see I’ve got some mistakes and things I want to do over so then I’m
figuring out the placement of my letters finally I got that second line down so then I’m going over with the chalk
marker so just doing this initial writing and then I’m kind of doing that
faux brush pen effect where I am thickening all of my quote unquote down
strokes and that’s something we learned in the class there’s a lot more that we
learned in the class so I would recommend taking one if there is one
near you I know not everybody has a Leo but maybe in some bigger cities there
are if you’re in the Tampa Bay area though I would highly recommend the
class he has them every once in a while and I’m gonna link to his website so
check out his stuff his lettering is so much better than mine I can’t even begin
to tell you but my gift thanks starting to take shape here so I’m doing again
the faux downstrokes to make it look like I’m using a brush
pen wouldn’t it be cool there was like a huge brush pen that was chalk marker
that’d be pretty awesome you you almost done there I do like how my s
turned out this definitely isn’t perfect but I’m
not shooting for perfect I’m just shooting for practicing having fun I
also got some inspiration to add some other fall themed items like leaves so
I’m drawing it out first with the chalk pencil and then I’m gonna go over it
with the chalk marker again I’m not the best doodler but I do what I can
it’s been a long time since I was in art class now comes the fun part I’m adding a
little bit of an aero accent as well all right here comes the tedious part
taking q-tips and erasing all of the chalk pencil lines you can use a dry
q-tip or you can dip it in water if you’re getting a bit of a stubborn line
so I did dip the q-tip in water and it really helped with eliminating those
lives you you now the chalk marker does come off with
water but you have to wait a while before it dries completely which is why
I’m using the q-tip so I’m careful not to disturb any area that the writing is
on I ended up smudging aligns so I fixed it
so it’s pretty forgiving you just have to keep playing with it and we’re almost
done here and here we go we are all ready for the
Thanksgiving season now isn’t that fun if you’ve made it
this far I really appreciate you sticking around to the end this was a
lot of fun to make and I might do another phrase for the holidays let me
know if you have any suggestions or phrases that you’d like to see me write
out on this chalkboard that I got for free in class or included with the price
of the class and I might do that leave it below and this was awesome I really
enjoy doing this and I also like that you only need this board and you can
keep wiping it away and try new designs and I kind of want to get more
chalkboards I was never really a chalkboard person either before I took
this class but I’m having a lot of fun and if your handwriting sucks or you
don’t feel like you’re very good at hand lettering I would just tell you to keep
practicing I’ve been watching lots of videos I’ve watched a few blueprint
classes and I’ve just been doing it over and over following fonts that I find
online that I like so that is my suggestion to you if you want to get
better at it if you’d like to see more videos like this also let me know
because you know I do all kinds of content in this channel and I want to do
content you like also stuff that I like too let’s be honest here anyways I hope
you enjoyed this video if you did hit the like button let me know what you
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