Forever Evergreen Project Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Forever Evergreen Project Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Hi everyone! I’m Carrie from Stampin’ Up! and
I’m delighted that you have joined me to learn a little bit more about the
Forever Evergreen Project Kit. These trees make such a darling display and look how
tall they are; they could almost substitute for a real Christmas tree in
someone’s apartment or small home–and they really are fun to put together! I want to show you a couple of quick
tips and tricks to make it even easier as you assemble your project kit. So let’s start with the contents of the
kit. Your kit will come with instructions, a beautiful colored photo, and then step-by-step how to assemble the tree and the ornaments and then several more photos
so you can get a closer look at the smaller steps. You also get all of the cardstock that
you need to create the trees and the ornaments and little accents. There’s some special gold foil cardstock to create some ornaments and banners that we’ll get to in a little
bit; there’s these wood accents, which make a
fun embellishment for the Christmas trees; there’s the supplies to make beautiful
star toppers for your Christmas trees; lots of ribbons and trim to make your
trees beautiful; these cute little honeycomb ornaments and ornament hangers for all of the ornaments that we are going to make. Your kit will come with three plastic dowels that will kind of help hold your
trees up and make them sturdy. So now let’s get started assembling the tree. Your kit comes with enough cardstock to make three trees: one larger tree and
then two trees that are just a bit smaller. These are the pieces for the large tree,
and you actually need eight sheets of cardstock or eight die-cut trees. I’ve already punched out six, but I
wanted to show you how to punch out these last two. The edges of the trees
are detailed, but I’ve found that if I’m gentle I can punch out two at the same time. So just punch around the edges to pop
that tree shape out. One great thing about this kit is that
it is made with our quality Stampin’ Up! cardstock so you can expect the same quality you
are used to with all of our cardstocks. Keep going around; I want to make sure that I’m careful
because I just want it– I don’t want to tear any of those little
branches off. After they’re punched out, you’re left with this negative piece
that I think would be a cute stencil or something, so I’m going to save this and
put it aside for another project. Now for these inside pieces: just pop them out
with your finger. One thing to point out as I am punching
these is that the tree is not symmetrical; you’ll see this half looks different from this half and
that makes it a little bit tricky to put together but it gives it that realistic
look of the full bushy Christmas tree. So now I have all eight tree die cuts
punched out and now kind of think in sets of two. We’re going to make four branches each
with two trees so I’m going to kind of lay these out in sets of two. There’s one, two, three, four. Now the way to assemble each of the four
branches is to line up the tree–and remember, it’s not symmetrical, so if this
one was facing this way it wouldn’t line up. So make sure that they are lined up–look at all of the little windows and branches lined up perfectly; and then keep
track of which side you want to glue together. I’m going to glue this side together so
there’s a score line in the center, and I’ll fold this side back this way and then back that way so that the side
that I want to glue together is right there. Now I’m going to use the Multipurpose
Liquid Glue to glue this together. Just add a little bit of glue to the
edges. Go easy on the glue because you don’t
want it to seep through the branches or the edges. It gets kind of messy, but I do
want to make sure I’m going to the tips so that they are adhered well. And then I
found the best way to do this is just to leave it like this and bring those two
sides together. One of the benefits of using the liquid adhesive is that it gives you a minute to play before it dries, so if
it’s not lined up perfectly you have time to kind of slide it into place–so
you get it just where you want it to go. There’s my first branch; I will
repeat that process with the remaining four branches. So now I have my four
branches, and now we need to adhere these all together. To do that I’m going to
just take the sides and just put them together like so…you kind of get the idea.
I’ll show you how these first two go together: just one side at a time, so leave that
backside open and, again, use Multipurpose Glue, kind of the same way, but in this step
you want to make sure that you don’t apply adhesive down the center because
we want to leave a space for that plastic dowel to go. Just that little bit of adhesive, and
just kind of like before making sure that your branches are lined up, and if
they aren’t quite where you want them to go, slide them into place. So now I have my first two branches
together, and I will repeat that process with the second two, so all four branches
are adhered together. And I’ve done that ahead of time, so let me show you what
that looks like. My tree is together and you can see all eight branches and it
gives you just that fun dimensional look. Now it’s together well, but to make
it even more sturdy we’re going to place the plastic dowel
down through the center and that just gives it a little bit more support. Just like that. And that also creates a
place for us to make the star topper. So now that we have our tree together,
now comes the fun part! We get to make all the ornaments and trim the tree, so
let me show you a couple tricks for that step. Let’s start our tree trimming with the
star topper that goes on top of the tree. To make the star, you’ll need two of the
die-cut stars, and I’ve punched these out and have already folded them on the
score lines. Then you’ll need a wooden accent snowflake and a cardstock
snowflake and about 12-1/2″ of Linen Thread. Now we’ll start with the
Linen Thread; we’re going to make kind of a fun little loop. So you just wrap this around two of your
fingers… maybe twice and then tie it off in the center. And that
creates that fun little loop of Linen Thread. The easiest way to assemble your
star is to use a little bit of hot glue. You’ll sandwich your two die cuts over
the dowel down in the tree, and then glue the cardstock snowflake, your loop of
Linen Thread, and your wooden element on top, and that’s gives you a really cute
star! Here’s one that’s done. I didn’t put it
down it through the tree yet because I just wanted you to be able to see, and
that’s the cute star that goes on top. Now let me walk you through a few of the
ornaments. For the honeycomb ornaments, you’ll need two halves of the honeycomb
pieces and just a little length of Linen Thread (maybe 1″ to 1-1/2″). And then on one of the halves, I’m going to peel off the backing and
then kind of loop the thread around to create a loop hanger for the ornament.
Stick half of it on one side and half on the other side. And then I’ll take the
backing off of this and sandwich it together. It’s so fun to open these up and see that
honeycomb pop open! So there’s the little honeycomb ornament. Let’s do the gold foil ornament next. To
create this one, you’ll need three of the gold foil die-cut pieces, and they are
already scored. You just need to fold them in half on the score line. And then
adhere them together like that, so you get that fun dimensional look. Here’s one
that’s done and then you can put one of your ornament hangers at the top. For the
stamp ornaments, you simply punch out the ornaments and then stamp them with the
coordinating stamp set. Here’s some that I did ahead of time: Crumb Cake ink on the
Kraft and Cherry Cobbler ink on the Very Vanilla, with the little ornament hangers
on top so they are ready to hang on the tree. For these cute ornaments, just punch out the cardstock pieces and
then stamp them with the coordinating Forever Evergreen Stamp Set. I’ve used Crumb Cake ink on the Kraft
ornament and Cherry Cobbler ink on the Very Vanilla ornament, and then threaded
them with the ornament hanger so they’re ready to go on the tree. For the cute
pinecone ornament, punch and stamp the pinecone, Soft Suede pinecone, and then
there’s an Early Espresso die-cut pinecone, and the Cherry Cobbler berries and
then topped with some of that Cherry Cobbler 1/4″ Natural Trim and that ornament
is ready to go on the tree. There’s a fun cardstock banner. You’ll
want to stamp each of the banner pieces and then overlap one of the pieces to
adhere them together and make one long banner to wrap around your tree. And last
but not least, look at this beautiful gold foil banner! Simply stamp your greeting and
then thread your gold ribbon up through the center so it’s ready to hang over
the top of the tree as well. So let’s take a closer look at the decorated
trees one more time. You can see the Seasons Greeting banner
looped over the top of the tree there, and the fun Pompom Trim and the Gold 1/8″ Ribbon.
On this one we have our honeycomb ornaments and the gold foil ornaments,
some of the stamped ornaments, and that faceted sequin trim. And on this one we
have our pinecone ornaments and that fun banner that we stamped and put together.
These trees would make such a festive and beautiful display in your home at
Christmas time, and as you can see, they’re fun and easy to put together. So
contact your demonstrator or visit our store ( purchase your own Forever Evergreen Project Kit today!

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  1. I am ordering 8 kits in October to send to 8 of our kids/families as their gift this year to make as a family

  2. Beautiful! I don't understand why it's not available to buy now. Although that might be good, it gives me time to talk myself out of buying it.☺

  3. Fun kit not sure if I would purchase this but I do like the other elements in the kit as I have lots of great ideas for them.Was also wondering if you could lay it flat for storage purposes or posting Once trees and ornaments were assembled so that recipients could do the decorating

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