Flourishing for Beginners: 25 Ways to Flourish “y”

In this video we are going to create 25
variations of the descending stem loop by systematically changing variables
about the shape. So our first simple flourish for the descending stem loop
we’re going to use the letter Y as an example, and we just bring this
descending stem loop down like usual and then come back up and finish over here
on the right hand side, so this right hand curve right here is like a C shape
so it’s like we’re adding a C shape to the end or to the tail of this
descending stem loop. So that is our base flourish and now we’re going to look at
how we can change variables to come up with 25 different variations. First
let’s look at just the loop part of this and we’re going to make changes to the
loop. So number one we’re going to make the loop bigger, so the loop is going to
extend further to the left so here the width of this loop is wider than the
width of this loop and it gives it a different look
Similarly you can make the loop smaller so you can make it more narrow and that also changes the look and feel
of the letter. And the third change we’ll make to the loop is the angle. So this
angle of this loop right now is going in the same direction as our slant, so this
is kind of like the axis of the loop let’s make it with the axis horizontally
instead of slanted. So I’m going to come out to the left and think about making a
horizontal loop right here and as you are making these, you want to make sure
that the curves are nice and smooth and anytime you cross over another line
you’re crossing at a 90 degree angle so this cross right here is that about 90
degrees and this one gets a little bit shallow because we’re making the loop so
narrow so at the top you want to think about turning to the right so that this
cross becomes as perpendicular as you can get it Next we’re going to look at the C shape curve so we just varied the loop part of
it now we’re going to make some changes to the tail part. So the first one
is going to be making the tail much longer, so extending the length of the
C shape so I’m going to try to keep this loop our typical size and then make this
C shape much larger and extend it so it comes down farther okay and then next we will do the
opposite we will make the C shape shorter. The loop stays the same size
actually this loop ended up being a little bit shorter and I’m also going to
make the C shape a lot shorter so rather than continuing this down like we did
over here we just stopped it sooner but you still want the end of it to have a
slight curve you don’t want them to just be flat or straight The next couple loops that
we’re going to make are going to intersect again so right now with this
loop and with all of these loops we’ve drawn we have one intersection point
where the loop comes around and crosses over the stem, now we’re going to make it
intersect two or three times, so starting the same way so here’s the first
intersection and then I’m going to continue this C shape around and
intersect it again so this one has an intersection here and here. That’s number
six, and now the next one we’re going to intersect three times so this loop is
going to continue even further and then cross over this part so that’s the first second and third
intersection and again we’re trying to keep these at as close to a 90-degree
angle as you can get it so as you’re going through and aiming for where to
cross try to come in perpendicular to the line that’s already there.
The next one we are going to do the same intersection but we’re going to continue
it through instead of coming out to the left and going out of the shape we’re
going to continue and intersect again over the stem so this one will still
have three intersections but it will look a little bit different so if that
was the first one this is the second one and that’s the third one so you can
think of this also kind of as being a spiral spiraling inwards let’s go back to the loop part and now
we’re gonna add some things to the loop so first we’re going to add a smaller
loop inside of the bigger loop so that loop is going to be we’re going to come
down and make this part and then at this point right here on the loop we’re gonna
add a small loop that comes downward and then back around so start the same way
I’m going to come out a little wider to give myself enough room and now here I’m
coming down and making a little loop in the middle and then finishing through so
normally we would just go straight over and then through but here we’re adding a
little loop in the middle number nine number ten will be similar except except
instead of a loop it’s going to be what’s called a cusp which is just like
the same kind of shape except it doesn’t actually have a loop it’s just like a
two curves meeting together at a point number ten okay so far every C shape we’ve
drawn has been on the right side of the stem so we have made the loop and then
the C shape tail is always to the right of the stem whether or not we cross back
through it always extends to the right now we’re going to keep it to the
left so the first example of that looks like this coming down and then instead
of crossing back over the line I’m just going to make my C shape on the inside
or on the left side of the stem the next one I’m going to keep it on the
left side but then I’m going to do what we did up here and intersect it one time so I’m coming around and then this is my
intersection so crossing the line that was already there with the C shape
and then we’ll do another intersection point so following number 12 like we
just did except continuing even around again and intersecting again so this one
has two intersection points now we’re gonna do like this one except
we’re going to add a small inner loop at this point so I’m going to follow this
same shape actually we’re going to add it at this point so we’re gonna come up
around make a little loop and then continue outward and I can see that this loop looks
kind of small right here it’s not taking up that much space I’m gonna try again
and make it just a little bit bigger so that I have room for all of these curves
and everything so come down out to the left a little farther swing around so
at this point it’s just spiraling inward now I’m adding a little
loop and then finishing with a c-shape out to the left so this one is pretty
involved we have the spiral like we saw here we have the inner loop like we saw
here and then we come out and intersect like we saw in this one so these two are
the same this one’s just a little bit larger and you can see the impact of
increasing the size compared to the rest of the letter and how it makes it look a
lot different so everything we’ve done so far has had this C shape curving in
the downward direction now we are going to go to the next type of flourish which
the C shape will be going in the upward direction so now we’re going to make
changes to this shape so we still have our descending down loop but instead of
coming down we’re gonna bring the C upward and we’re going to think about
the same kind of things that we changed in our first set of descending stem
loops so first we’re gonna look at the size of the loop itself and we’ll
make the loop larger on the left side and then still come up then we will make the loop smaller on
the left side so it’ll be narrower but still come up with our C shape that
curves upward and if you go above the baseline like I just did right here this
works well if it’s at the end of a word okay then the next one we’re going to
change the angle of the loop so like we did here we made the angle more
horizontal so now this loop is going more in the
horizontal direction rather than angled okay now let’s change the C shape on the
right side so first we will make it larger and then we’ll make it smaller so
I’m going to make my loop about the same size but first I’m making this C shape
larger on the right, much larger and then we will make it smaller so just curving up just a small amount after we changed up the sizes of things
we started making intersections so let’s do that so this first one I’m going to
come around make my loop make my C shape going upward and then continue this around and cross over
so that is a lot to do in one motion we’re making this S
shape and then this C shape and it crosses over this line so that’s one
intersection or I guess it’s two one two and then we’ll do one with three
intersections so here’s one and then two and three okay after we did some intersections we
looked at this little inner loop and cusp and those will be in the same
positions so we’ll come around make this little loop and then come back out and
finish going upwards and then same thing except a cusp instead of a loop okay so we’re gonna come around and make
our C shape a little lower and then this one curving upward and now we’re
actually going to bring the tail of this and cross over and intersect on this
side so we’re going to continue cross over the stem again and come through
here so you can stop there or you can continue it down even more and then the
last one for this set is going to be similar except we’re going to continue
this up and cross over again so this one right here has crossed over itself one
two three four times the next one is going to have five intersection points
and this time I’m going to try to keep my loop more horizontal the whole way so
that I have room to make all those intersection okay so I followed the same
kind of shape is this one but then I continued the tail to intersect the line
fifth the time so we had 14 different ways to make the Y based off of the C
shape going downward changing things like the size and shape of the loop and
C shape and adding intersections and loops and then eleven different ways to
make this version of the of the descending some loop where the C curve
goes upward so in total that is 25 ways to vary the descending stem loop

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