Flosstube 30 Cross Stitch Haul Creative Upcycling Containers Spoon Rack Mail Call

Flosstube 30 Cross Stitch Haul Creative Upcycling Containers Spoon Rack Mail Call

Hi friends it’s Amanda Mae with Ardith
Design. welcome back to my channel where we celebrate all things counted cross
stitch, embroidery, save the stitches, and sustainable stitching. I am so excited to
be here today. I have some really fun finds, a lot of haul, a little mail call,
and you’re gonna open my package with me. I am filming today is Sunday February
10th 2019. This video won’t post probably until after we have our snowstorm.
We’re expecting three to five inches, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen.
Better to be safe than sorry. Got our cooking done, crafting done– well
crafts are never really done, right? I am really excited to be here today. I am
wearing my granny square sweater complete with shoulder pads, and you know Melanie Griffith did not have linebacker shoulders like I do, so I am sporting
these shoulder pads and they are fierce. I’m just really happy to be here I’m
happy to spend another week with all of my stitching friends. This is Flosstube number 30. oh my goodness and on top of it being my 30th episode, I am
approaching 500 subscribers holy guacamole. I am so excited! so I think
next week we should do like a giveaway, like a big giveaway, right? because my
birthday is coming up and I don’t know what better way to celebrate 500
subscribers, my birthday, counted cross stitch… I don’t know what better way to
celebrate it than to do it celebration then to give some stuff away. so hang on to your
needles my friends because next week we’re gonna do a birthday blowout
bonanza. but for the time being we’re gonna have
fun here I like I said I’ve got some save two stiches finds, I have my
sustainability station this week and it is sustainable container solutions.
creative crafting containers is really what it’s gonna be. I have some really
fun little finds and some stuff that I have been inspired by other floss tubers
so we’re gonna do some flosstuber shoutouts, some little crafty stuff, some
haul, and you know all the crafty things! yay! [laughs] You know I love crafts. I love
stitching. I love it, I love it, I love it! I love it so we are going to get started,
and I’m gonna do just a blanket shout out really fast to all of my designer
friends and LNS owners, and staff, employees, and family members who are
getting prepped and ready to venture down to Nashville for the needlework
market. I am living vicariously through all of you in your social media posts. I
wish you all the best in these final kind of couple weeks counting down to
the big day. I love seeing the sneak peeks, and it’s just exciting, and I’m
hoping to have something that I’m gonna release in March, and it’s hard because
you know not being at market it but you just keep moving forward and I know all
of you understand right? I also want to give a big happy Valentine’s Day to all
of you that are watching, and just know that you are loved and appreciated, and
I’m so grateful that you tuned in to my channel, and that you’re spending time
with me, and you are a gift. and on that note let’s get started with
the main body of this episode. alright we are gonna do the up cycling stitching
solutions first, and I want to give a huge shout out to Mischievous stitches
Lori and I also want to give a shout out to Beth Twist of Heartstrings
Samplery. They both talked about spoon racks and using spoon racks in order to
display your scissors. what is a spoon rack you might ask? well it just so
happens I have one to show you. as I start knocking down all the things. this
is a spoon rack. a spoon rack and for anybody who doesn’t know, a lot of
souvenirs and tourist destinations would have commemorative spoons. They also had thimbles, magnets, magnets are still really popular, keychains, shot glasses.
you name it, if you went to a town or an attraction typically they had it and
many many many people collected the spoons. I may or may not have a few
spoons, but I really loved mischievous stitches Lori and Beth Twist of
Heartstrings Samplery both showcased how you use these spoon racks to display
your scissors. and in the vein of creative cat crafting containers, I have this
little tin and I put my scissors in it. If it’s a tin and it’s properly shaped, I
like to use it, right? so I have my scissors I I only have two pairs of
scissors and this is my one pair but as they say in Field of Dreams with Kevin
Costner, “if you build it they will come.” if I get scissors storage maybe one of
these days I’ll have more scissors but I thought I was so cool. Look at that!
so if you have a collection of scissors and scissor fobs what a beautiful way to
display it it made me think of mama Joan of the Joan and Kelly show she has a
huge collection of scissor fobs and scissors and she’s the joke is, “Oh look
just another pair of gingham scissors!” so here’s another way to maybe display your
scissors. you could paint this you. could do the Teresa Kogut painting method
maybe prim it up or the priscilla and chelsea method and do like a chalk paint
and distress it so there’s just another idea. again on Pinterest is where I found
Beth Twist’s blog article back in 2014 2015 showing this. and you can always
follow me on Pinterest. I’m at One Lucky Pug. P-U-G. one lucky pug if you want to
follow me on Pinterest. so I pinned Beth’s I pinned Beth Twist’s blog article,
and I found this week I found some hankies out and about and one of the
other fun things that they said was you could always display your hankies or
your cloth fabric on these you don’t just have to do your scissors. so maybe
if you had big decorative fabrics that you wanted to display. this is another
good way to do it. I got look at this little one it it’s got a little dolly
and it’s dolly washing and I loved the colors and her she’s like washing her
little doll clothes and I have my lingerie I’m just holding up everything
this is talked about putting my Amish wash save the stitches on, but now I’m
reading my choice. I don’t know what to do! But the cool thing about these are they’re magnetic, so you could put your needle
minder display. again another creative crafting solution [laughs]. again that one is
magnetic. They have some washboards that are not magnetic, so you know play around
see what see what you find. so in my adventures I got two of these racks and
I am just thrilled. okay I got two of them what are you gonna do
with me? I am just dropping stuff all over the place. Comment below.
how should I finish these? should I paint them white? should i what should I do?
Anywho spoon racks. Thank You Beth Thank You Lori. My next fun find is a-la
Michelle Garrett Bendy Stitchy and again I found this this week are you
ready for this we are on the hashtag “buy all the trivets,” so I got this cute
little watering can trivet. I love it and now I got to get a spring design
stitched and get it in this little trivet. I have one trivet actually
finished and I’ve shown it before, and it is my Joy ornament, and I put the magnet
on the metal it’s got like the little wood a little deer and stuff, and it’s
fun. I mean why not? and I get to display this and again I put this on a magnet
and it it all just it all just clips on. another fun creative crafting solution.
those trivets and as Michelle says, “buy them all.” Another creative
crafting solution is you go to your second-hand shops or whatever and find
the little containers to make your own little pin pillows a little pin cushions.
so I picked up this week and it’s so cute. I don’t know if I’m gonna turn it
into a pincushion, but for Easter, it’s the “made in Japan” ceramic. so I’m excited! I don’t know.
maybe I’ll just put it down and like throw my little my orts in. I don’t know.
or just look at it. I also have this and before I was– you know what Pretty
Southern Linda Jo’s favorite candy and I took off the label. like what do I do
with this? so this I think is gonna become some sort of creative container
receptacle my little plastic candy thing. I got these. They’re little tins. Little tiny tins, and I wanted to do a comparison to see if like a needle and
stuff would fit in it and it will so this these are like the little 3-pack of
Altoid smalls, and it has three opportunities for crafty containers. and
my final kind of thing I saw this in the free toy bin and it’s one of those like
restaurant kid things and it’s like a trivia game great and it’s got the
little cards, but I’m like, “what can I carry in there? what crafty thing can I
put in?” It’s just fun. Well some people see garbage I see opportunity. Alright,
moving on to some more fun finds. I got this week. look at what I found! I found
another one, so this makes number two and, I love it. again I don’t have a only have
two pairs of scissors but I am getting ready. I’m getting prepared, right to make
all those scissor fobs, and I also found this really pretty milk glass one
and I loved the idea of making it with circular finish and I know Theresa
KittenStitcher was talking about on your side tables everything can be kind
of low on your side table and it’s nice to have either like a candle holder or
something up high that you can put your PIN cushions or something in so you have
things at varying heights and I really liked that idea. in the past I would have
looked at this and then like I don’t need this but looking at this now in a
new light going wow Theresa is right you can you can have depth to your side
table or your crafting station we’re not everything is one height and
so I also was toying with the idea of putting this in here. we’ll see I got and
inspired by Theresa of course who isn’t inspired by Theresa right? I
found the springerle molds. I’ll link it below with the
correct spelling because clearly I don’t have the correct pronunciation, and these
you can make the bees wax thread keep ideas. So now this is in my stash for
the you know “make all the things.” my husband’s like, “We’ve never heard about
these molds before. you watch Flosstube and now you have three of them.” I’m
like, “Yep!” What can I say? I am constantly inspired that’s that’s all I can say. and
speaking of inspiration, I have an iron. I got a cast iron iron. Cast iron iron.
You know what I mean so yeah I love it. Again I have a newfound appreciation for
ironing after watching the FlossTube episode on how to iron and shaker boxes. Carol Saltbox Stitcher was
talking about how her husband is now making the shaker boxes. then seeing
everyones’ shaker boxes and I’m going, “Oh those are so pretty!” I’ve never come
across those in real life. I’ve only ever seen them on TV, or if I’ve seen them in
antique shops or something I’ve never it never I never like made the connection
about their historical significance and their artisanal beauty. Well thank you
Flosstube for enlightening me, and bringing me into the fold as it were of [singing],
“little boxes on a hillside, little boxes in my craft room, little boxes, little
boxes, little boxes just for me. there’s little ones, and big ones, and I’m ready
to fill them.” Can you tell I cannot sing? [giggles] my kids are screaming in the other room.
we just taught the grandparents about Google Hangouts. it only took them three
years and here we are. I got three boxes! The number three is big for me today. and
look at this! I just love them, and there’s no makers mark, but I am so
excited that I officially have my own set of shaker boxes. I mean look at what
you all do to me. I love it and I’m grateful and I appreciate all of you
that is not a complaint. I hope you know that. look at this! it’s a set of three
and I love them so much. they’re not my colors. I don’t I don’t have primitive
colors in my home or the prim colors, but I will make an exception for this
beautiful craftsmanship and artistry stuff. I love it. should we move onto–
what should we move onto? I think we should move on to mail call! I’m so excited. I have a package I pulled
off the label, but I have a package from Brandy Goebel, Every Home Needs a Gnome. She posted in her last Flosstube to that she made some gnomes that were available in
her Etsy store and I said yes please. I paused her video and promptly went and
purchased one. well and I think about two and a half minutes later she had it
shipped and I’m like, “Girl that was instant!” So here it is and I’m excited. should we
open it together? I haven’t seen it yet. it literally made it to me from the west
coast to East Coast in 48 hours. I am stoked. it’s like better shipping than–.
No I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that at all. I didn’t say that out loud.
oh all right what do we got? what do we got? okay
invoice. It’s got a little “M” on it. Oh how cute is that? How did she know I like wood slices? so now I have a Maryland would slice and a West Coast wood slice.
Nice! okay let’s see what we got. I love gnomes.
I love gnome! all right here we go. oh my gosh. look at this little doll baby! yeah
do you see that? it’s got it’s got a little bell. it’s got hand stitching. his
little nose is a wooden bead. oh he’s got felt and he’s hand-stitched around
and oh my gosh she’s so cute. I love him. Brandy thank you!
and I have a little M. awesome thank you. so much I love it.
I’ll link her shop below. thank you thank you. okay
so that concludes mail call, and I think we should move on to save the stitches.
I’m gonna get something to drink here. mmm again my huge Bubba cup. It’s so
ostentatious, and it’s so large that you can’t take it with you in your
vehicle because it doesn’t fit in a cup holder, so but I guess that’s for the
best because it’s like a Big Gulp cup but it’s called a Bubba, so what are you
gonna do? alright I’m moving my iron out of the way so I don’t accidentally kick
myself. alright we are going to do save the stitches, and I am excited I found a
couple things this week. I went out–I had a really stressful day and I had decided
this was earlier this week and I decided to just do it just a little bit of
retail therapy, and I just happened to stumble upon one of it one of my stores
and there was this piece that has been and this is the heavy thing that almost
felt like four times while I’m videoing. um there is this piece that has been
there for I want to say it’s been hanging up for six months maybe a year.
and I’ve seen it, I photographed it, I’ve thought about buying it. I’ve thought
about bringing it home with me, but it’s not it’s not my aesthetic even though I
really I I think it’s really lovely, and I gave it I gave it ample
opportunity for someone else to take it home. and it languished and I watched it
languish there and I what I’ve said before is that I can’t save all the
stitches. I am NOT financially able to. I don’t have the space, I don’t have–I’m not financially able to save them all, so I I ultimately do hope that they
make it to a good home. unfortunately for several reasons a lot
of things do not make it to a home and they end up in the dumpster and then in
a landfill. well here’s an example of a perfectly good piece of cross-stitch
that was about to go in the garbage, and this is why. so this was sitting on the
showroom floor like I said at least at least six months. could have been like a
year I don’t remember. they couldn’t sell it, and they marked it
down 75% off and it still wasn’t selling. so in order to make up floor space, a lot
of times the thrift stores, charity shops, op shops will just throw stuff out.
they’ve marked at bottom basement prices, it still isn’t moving, they have to make
room for more stuff, so it will get thrown in the dumpster.
well this was on its way out to the dumpster and I happened to be there, and I
bought it. So I got this piece and it came home with me, and I want to say JavaGirl Stitcher she also maybe stitched this back in the 90s. I could be wrong. I
could be mistaken, but it was professionally framed–as I hit my
glasses–it’s professionally framed and mounted. it’s on a double matte. my critique of the piece is that they did not stretch it, so I don’t know if you can
see that there the line here is not even it’s because the Aida was not stretched.
my goal is to remove this from the frame. the frame is dirty and like dusty
because it’s been sitting for months and months, but I would like to reuse this
frame for myself for one of my projects, and then I might turn this into a pillow
or try to rehome it. so that is one of my save the stitches and again super happy
to bring it home with me and keep it out of the landfill. I also got this week a
kit a Dimensions Gold kit, the Wreath of Roses, and I’m super super stoked about
that. so that came home with me. and the find
of the week are you hanging on? are you are you sitting still? are you ready to
see this? alright well first off there was a nice note of masking tape wrapped
around it. it had a price and a date and it said June of 1990 and do you see that
right there? 100% linen! and I when I first saw it say I thought it said “flax.”
F-L-A-X. No it says, “Flaw.” F-L-A-W. Now I’ve been following my channel for any
length of time you know that I like the irregular, the flawed, the little bit of
dirty, the little bit wonky, that’s just what. I do I even have a produce like
weekly box that comes to my house from Hungry Harvest and they sell literally
sell me wonky fruits and vegetables that stores will not take or carry because
they’re either too big, too small, and they don’t fit “industry standard,” so and
they to keep food from going in you guessed it the landfill it gets diverted
and I buy it, and other people around me buy it, and you like I had wonky carrots
this week and but beautiful small plums like so stuff that is not you know
“normal” is the stuff that I gravitate towards. I like to see the beauty and the
unusual. so at first glance I’m like oh that says
flax and my heart is like oh no it says flaw, and I didn’t have a price on it. well I spoke with the ladies, we
negotiated, and I came home with a vintage bolt of irregular navy blue 100%
linen fabric. this is my first ever bolt. y’all I’ve never purchased a bolt before,
but I bought a wonky bolt. hashtag wonky bolt. No, that doesn’t sound right.
oh no no scratch that. we’re not gonna do that hashtag. anyway, I got and it’s literally
from the masking tape on there that’s masking tape residue, but I got a bolt of
fabric and some of it’s cut kind of weird and odd, so it’s not a full bolt by
any means it’s not a full bolt, but I am so excited. I am like over the moon! I
have linen, so much linen, I love my linen linen. so here’s a piece. It
just fell off the bolt. I didn’t cut it off, so I like held it up to the light
and I’m trying to do the count per the thread count per inch, so I’m sitting
there and I’m just like trying to count it out and see if it’s an uneven weave
linen or a regular linen. well in the midst of trying to count it out with two
small children that didn’t work, so instead of counting I ended up making
those little knots and I ended up making a little embroidery piece, so I still
don’t know what count of linen this is but I got a bouquet of red roses for
Valentine’s Day whoa so I used colonial knots and I tried to do the cross
stitches but I had it was – two strands of fabric so it it looks a little bulky but in honor of
Beth Twist and her fancy little fobs, I because I watched her tutorial on using
the silver dollars to make the little fobs so I made this freehand design and
I thought well I’ll make a little make a little scissor fob right? and I’m really
excited, but I had so I had gone through my stash of silver dollars. oh my gosh, so
I love silver dollars in two-dollar bills. two-dollar bills were my jam.
anyway so and then I also have the American–it’s engraved though–
the silver dollar the full silver dollar. those are the half dollars so and I
ended up after watching Beth’s tutorial I want to say was like four or five
months ago I was like I don’t know where my silver dollar collection is it
probably burned down in the fire my mother’s home because I lost everything
else so I thought well what about poker chips? if you can, so a poker chip is
about the size of an American silver dollar and they’re bigger than they’re
bigger than the half-dollar but what about using poker chips because they
have some weight to them depending on what you use and I like I picked up this
whole set of poker chips for a couple bucks and then I even went so far before
finding the poker chips when I’m looking and trying to find something as a fob
alternative besides a silver dollar because silver dollars and half dollars.
they’re expensive! like the value of them is more than 50 cents. unlike the
American penny, which it actually costs more to manufacture an American penny
than the value of the penny itself. anywho so I went to the dollar store and
I picked up a checkerboard for a dollar and it had the checkerboard pieces and I
thought well what about cutting out here it
nice and round cutting out a piece of felt and then using that to make a
little fob. again it’s larger, but it’s round, it’s universal, and you could have
several shapes of the same thing. so again thinking outside the box of making
your little fobs: poker chips, checker board chips, all the game stuff. another
creative crafting container idea and again so this is my little stitching
this week. I’m hoping next week I can tell you what count of linen this is I’m
so excited. that’s my save the stitches this week!
awesome! what else? oh well what am i working on well I am stitching stitching
a bunch of model stuff because I’m gonna have some patterns coming out for the
spring and summer. I am so excited! I don’t have any model stitchers, so I am
feverishly stitching. stitching my little fingers I’m wearing them out. You
got to do your stretches but for fun I have been doing a couple projects. I have
not worked on got like seven projects going and I haven’t worked on any of
them so I didn’t pull them out to show you, but I am working on Briar Rabbit
because I would love to get this done in time for spring, and I still just have to
“BC,” but I decided I made my executive decision to just go ahead and stitch all
the flowers in purple and it is the Purple Iris from Gentle Arts. Yeah, so I decided to stitch it gentle art and then the rabbit
is stitched with a purple iris gentle art and isn’t this fun? this is my hole
punch and it’s shaped like a cross stitch. I grabbed it that’s my Suzy Reno side bar thing and
then this is I perpetually look disheveled. Excuse me,
the Victorian Model Sampler Shoppe Parchment and it’s really pretty,
and that’s what the bunny is and I just love it alright like I said I am so
excited. I want to get this done for spring. I love with
a daffodils bloom, my forsythia blooms. forsythia has–they’re really pretty it’s
the bush and it’s got the yellow flowers and I love it all my bulbs. and yeah so
that’s what I’m working on that I can show you. I’ve got some spring stuff like
I said that I’m so excited to release. and show you and I hope that it doesn’t
get buried in the deluge of market releases that y’all are about to see. I
did make these little stitches and stuff so I’ve got some stuff done. I got oh! I
got a shipment in the mail. I did not I have not received my shipment of “My
Stitching Friends” yet. this is my author proof copy because they take my
publisher is funny. they…we’re on the bottom of the barrel that authors are
and getting their shipments on time, so thank you all who have purchased “My
Stitching Friends” address book thank you so much thank you thank you. I also
um you know because who doesn’t love chickens in chalk? [laughs] I have just a just a plain notebook my “Pumpkin Rooster” from last year that I did I just think he’s
so fun. I published that under my “Ardith Journals,” so it’s not a specifically
cross stitch, but um I I made this and I was inspired by Pam and Steph of Just
KeepStitchin’ and Pam said how much she loves game boards. well I love cribbage,
and I had a quite an extensive cribbage board vintage cribbage cribbage board
collection at my mom’s house and it’s gone now
due to the fire it it’s no longer exists, but I do now have a published book with
a cribbage with my cribbage art and it’s just my it’s just my “Sketch and Stitch”
graph paper, but I it was fun cribbage boards, and I am
thinking about developing a cribbage board cross stitch pattern. so let me
know below what you think about that, and is anybody interested in that? does
anybody know what cribbage is? I haven’t played in a couple years because
I haven’t found anyone to play with me. Play cribbage with me [laughs], and I have anyway, and then I also have my “Springtime Sketch and Stitch,” which is again the same
graph paper with a different cover and this is in celebration of Easter. I
premiered this book last year around this time of year and I just loved it
this is all my original art. so thank you all again. I have so much fun making
things. and it makes me feel so good that you all enjoy my work. I want to wish you
all a beautiful week. thank you for tuning in. I would love it if you want to
like, and subscribe, and hit the little bell button to get notified. I put a
video out every Wednesday, and I just love it and I’d love for you to come and
hang out with me, stitch with me, giggle with me, all the things, make all the
things with me. I’m grateful for everything. you can buy–bad plug–but you
you can always purchase a book from me, or purchase a pattern from me, or make a
donation on my my page. every penny every penny helps. I really do appreciate it
and thank you for tuning in. have a great stitching week and I’ll see you next
week. take care.

16 thoughts on “Flosstube 30 Cross Stitch Haul Creative Upcycling Containers Spoon Rack Mail Call

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