First Love Letter Full Movie | Manisha Koirala Hindi Romantic Movie | Vivek Mushran |Bollywood Movie

First Love Letter Full Movie | Manisha Koirala Hindi Romantic Movie | Vivek Mushran |Bollywood Movie

Good morning, Radha. What’s so good in this morning? Same as usual day. Each
moment of which is.. ..decided well before
about what I must do. Good morning, mummy!
– Good morning! How are you, my child?
– Fine. What’s this? Again milk? Mummy, how many times I’ve
told you I don’t like milk. I hate milk. I’m not a kid.
– Tell this to your papa. This is his order and you’re a kid. Good! Sometime you say, you
must not do this because..’ve grown up now.
And sometime you say.. ..that this is not your
age to do all this. Because you’re a kid. That when
he wish I should grow.. ..up and when he wish
I should become a kid. You’re raising your voice because.. ..your papa is not at home. Idiots!
– Yes, sir. Greeting, sir!
– Greeting Ratan Singh. Who are they? – Sir, they are
my daughter and son in law. They have come to
take your blessing. Long live! Your daughter got
married and I’m unaware of it? You’re my manager. I’ve
so much right on you. I didn’t fix this marriage, sir.
Both were college friends.. ..they liked each other and
got married in the court. Court marriage? Is she your
daughter or of the court? And your daughter didn’t even
take your permission? She was afraid of my refusal.
– Why? Because the boy is talented.. ..but he’s not Thakur (a community). Thakurs always marry a Thakur,
Ratan Singh. Then how dare you accept
this marriage and come.. me?
– The generation have changed, sir. Nothing has changed, Ratan Singh. Nothing has changed. A lizard can change its colour.
But not a lion. Thakur’s prestige and prosperity
never changes. Never. You may go now. And don’t take pain
to come here again. You were unnecessarily
getting angry. Now take this tea. It’s
his personal problem. Where were you concerned?
– You just shut up. Relation is always made
with equal status person. And yes! I’ve decided to marry
Radha with Amar Singh. Tomorrow his mother is coming
to see our daughter. Uma Devi?
– Yes. It’d be better if you’d have
consulted Radha about this. Did your father consult
you before marriage? No! – Then I too, don’t need
to consult my daughter. I can better understand what’s
good and bad for her. Wow! Your daughter is so beautiful. She’ll make a nice
pair with my Amar. Perhaps she felt shy. So, shall I consider it your yes? I’ve joined relation with
your family, sir. I came to see Radha
to keep your respect. Your daughter is very
fortunate that she’s.. ..going from one mansion
to the other. Mummy, I won’t get married now.
I’ve yet not seen life. I’ve yet not known how
and what the world is.. ..outside this mansion? We didn’t lack anywhere, my child. Everything that you need is
available in this mansion. Mummy, I want to see the world. I want to search for it in my ways. I want to think with my brain. I too, have my own world, mummy. Not just you and papa have. What do you wish exactly? I want to go out of this mansion. When your papa didn’t agree
to send you to the college. How did you think that he’d
permit you to go out? You please try and ask
him once. Please. Women have no right to give
opinion in this mansion. They just have to listen to others. Ok, then..
– Where are you going? There’s only one in this house
who cares for my wish. Uncle! Uncle!
– What’s the matter, my child? What have you made to your room? My life and room, both are
in the same condition. I live with my loneliness. Who
will take care of this room? You used to love Kasturi so much? My soul has gone with her.
Only this body is left now. To which I wake up and make sleep. Anyway, let go off all these. Tell me why this sadness
on my daughter’s face? Uncle, I want to go out of
this mansion for some days. To the cottage we’ve
at the hill station. And your strict father is not
permitting you to go, right? That’s why I’ve come to you.
– My child. I’ve stayed here only because
of you. Otherwise.. Otherwise, my life didn’t have.. ..any reason of living
after Kasturi’s death. I got little support from liquor.. ..and little from Kastiuri’s
memories. And rest was the desire to see
your happiness growing up. Uncle, that means you’ll
speak with papa, right? Speak? My child, if necessary
I’ll fight for you. – Uncle! I never entertain drinkers.
No matter.. ..if he’s my younger brother. If you want money you can go
to the manager and take it. My happiness does not.. ..depend on your obligation,
brother. I had come here for
Radha’s happiness. She wants to go to the cottage at
the hill station for few days. I’ve always made everything
available.. ..for my daughter’s happiness. Handcuffs always remains
a handcuff.. ..even if it’s made of gold. Over here, she has to take your
permission for breathing. Her health will recover
in the open air there.. ..and it won’t reduce
your prestige and name. And she’s going to our cottage only. Ok, but only for few days. And also send few men with
her for her protection. Salutation, madam! Salutation,
brother. Come down, madam. Ouch! – What happened?
– I’ll slap you one.. I don’t understand why papa
sent these idiots with me. To take care of you.
– Shut up! You’ve made an accident on the way.. Moreover, you pushed Radha here. Where’s your attention actually? Attention? We made an
accident only because.. ..our attention was somewhere else. And then we arrange for this car. And we only made you
reach here safely. And we only will be with
you all the time. Idiots!
– Thank you! Stupid! Over there.. Shit! – Nothing will happen
by getting angry. Did you see? Papa sent them
here to keep watch on me. And you had told me
you’d tackle them. I was locked even there
and now even here. Yes, I had said I’d tackle
them. Why do you worry? Why you’ve come here? To live a free life
for few days, right? So, you’d spend it that way. Radha! Trust me. Oh! You’re here again? Baby, sir has told us to follow
you like a shadow. – Yes. But I’m at home now. Actually, these windows
do not have grills. So what? This is not a city.
This is a hill station. The people over here are very
kind and open hearted. You please go from here. “Where shall we go now?”
– To the hell. What happened, Radha?
– Did you hear something? What? The flute..
– Flute? You can’t hear anything?
– Yes, I can. It seems.. it seems these
tunes are inviting me. Yes, baby. Do you want anything? You want to go out,
don’t you? Listen! Every time you think of
Bindiya and only Bindiya. But I had just taken
away milk for her. Today you had taken away
milk for her. Tomorrow.. Bindiya! Where are you going? It’s not Bindiya. It’s me.
– Baby, you and in this dress? Why? Do you mind?
– No! But Bindiya is not accompanying you? She’s not feeling well. And as it is, you’re with
me, aren’t you? – Yes. I forgot my kerchief. – Oh, sure.
– Shall I go and bring it? Sure!
– We’re there with you. – Yes. She was trying to fool us. She was trying to escape
in Bindiya’s dress. We too have sharp eyes. Baby!
– Ok. Listen, you please follow Baby.
I’ll take care of Bindiya. Shut up! We’re sent here.. take care of Baby and not
Bindiya. C’mon. – Bindu. You unmannerly! How
dare you misbehave.. ..with a girl finding alone? Thank you. I never knew this
could be the reward.. ..of saving somebody’s life.
– What do you mean? Look at there.
– My god! – With one step ahead.. You’d have reached
to the other world. Come.. Listen! I hope I didn’t
slap you strongly. You please slap on this cheek, too. Otherwise, it’ll always complaint
that it didn’t get it. I’m sorry. Actually, listening
to the flute I was.. You were playing this flute? I hope you won’t slap me. You’re embarrassing me now.
– Yes, I was playing it. Do you like flute? Your tunes were so touching
as if a river is.. ..flowing slowly in the moonlight. And as if the banks of river
were calling Radha! Radha! That’s why I wanted to
know that who’s he.. ..who doesn’t know me
but still inviting me? Don’t praise me. Praise these
valleys, these flowers.. ..these trees, this wind. By incorporating with
it’s sweet tunes.. flute snatched you till here. You really talk very sweet. I really mean it. Close your eyes.. Do you hear something?
– Yes. What? Tunes of your flute. Radha! C’mon, hurry up. How are you, Ganga? I
got late. I’m sorry. Mummy! Mummy, brother Shyam has arrived. Brother Shyam has arrived.
– Have you come? – Oh, mummy. I was so worried. What are you doing? Leave me! I’m very happy today.
– But.. I wish to hug everything
around and dance. What are you doing? Leave me. Where were you till now? You never returned
so late till date. Oh, mummy. Consider that
I was lost somewhere. Lost?
– Mummy, where’s Munna? He has gone to search for you.
– Mummy! Mummy, I didn’t find brother
Shyam anywhere. I searched for him everywhere but..
Brother Shyam had lost. – What? Brother Shyam had lost. Oh! Brother Shyam you?
– Yes.. No! What are you doing?
Please leave me. Mummy, please tell him to leave me. Now it’s my turn. My turn. Yes, my parrot. Now it’s
your turn. Come. C’mon..
– Brother Shyam! Parrot, you, too, meet him. Why are you sitting there now? C’mon, fresh up and
take the dinner now. Munna is also waiting for you.
– I’m not hungry, mummy. Munna, you please have it. What’s happening today? As it is you’ve returned
very late today. And now you say, I’m not hungry. It seems he had something outside. Yes, I had. ‘Close your eyes for a while.
Did you hear something?’ ‘Yes.’
– ‘What?’ – ‘Tunes of your flute.’ O mother, please let me take
out milk. Stop, mother. Look, I’ll make your horn golden. I’ll bring silver necklace for you. But let me take out milk.
Mother, relax. Please.. Where are you going, Mother? It’s her daily drama. Till
it won’t listen to.. ..Shyam’s flute, it won’t give milk. Brother Shyam! Brother Shyam! He’s still sleeping? Brother,
get up. Fast. Get up, brother. – What’s this?
You’ve spoiled my sleep. What’s happening here?
What’s all this? You’re sleeping here. And our cow is not letting
me take out milk. Look, brother. Tempo will
go to the city with milk. But today, we’ve to send the milk
to Thakur’s cottage, too. Since he has some guests there. He might get angry if
we’ll become late. Please, take some pain
and play this flute. So that our cow will hear
your tunes and.. – Enough!.. Enough! You please go. I’m coming. Mother cow! Brother
Shyam is coming.. play flute for you. “Like a thirsty..” “Fish in the water..” “That is my state..” “It has made..” “Me crazy..” “The melody of..” “Your flute..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” “Getting a glimpse of you..” “I was a stranger to myself..” “Once again by a flute..” “Radha was floored..” “Getting a glimpse of you..” “I was a stranger to myself..” “Once again by a flute..” “Radha was floored..” “This relation of ours
has been since lifetimes..” “I am crazy about you,
you are my beloved..” “Make me the flute and
put me to your lips..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” “From across the mountain..” “When you call me..” “I go crazy..” “My heart looks for you..” “From across the mountain..” “When you call me..” “I go crazy..” “My heart looks for you..” “You are in my eyes all the time..” “My heart is restless for you..” “I stand waiting for
you with open arms..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” “Ever since our eyes met..” “Ever since our eyes met you..” “The days were spent craving,
the nights in waking..” Help!
– Gauri! Stop, Gauri! Gauri, stop! Help!
– Stop, Gauri! I hope you’re not injured.
– No. I’m fine. This Gauri, cow of mine
always does this.. ..with the new people. It seems not just me,
but these animals.. ..are also crazy after
your flute tunes. Your flute really has magic. Magic is in your voice. Listening to your song I felt
my flute has got a new tune.. ..a new life.
– You’ve given me a life. This is the second time
you’ve saved my life. It was God’s plan to
let us meet again. Actually, I know your name. Radha! But I forgot to ask you about.. ..from where have you come
and where have you stayed? I don’t even know your name. Ok, then let me tell my
name and address both. I’ve a small house below this
hill. I’m cowherd by cast. My name is Shyam. – Shyam? – It’s
little old type. But I like it. Your name is also Radha.
Radha, Shyam! Entire night I was seeing your
face in front of my eyes.. know? I was thinking that.. ..if you won’t meet me then.. You still didn’t tell me about
where you’ve taken halt? In Thakur Ajeet Singh’s bungalow. In Thakur Ajeet Singh’s bungalow? Why? What happened? As per my mother’s opinion..’s better to keep
away from that house. Rich people are always heartless. But what about you?
– I.. I.. Do you work there? Yes.. You’re really a daring girl that..’re working at
that demon’s house. You need to work for income
source. I can understand. It’s our helplessness. My god! I just forgot. I’ve
to go to the city. I’ve to clear milk’s
account with Munna. See you again.. Will you come to my bungalow
tomorrow to give milk? Milk and at that bungalow?
It’s impossible. But since you’re there I
just can’t stop myself. Ok, then I’ll wait for
you tomorrow morning. Bindiya!
– Radha! Bindiya!
– Tell me what happened? What happens when Radha
and Shyam meet? Oh! So his name is Shyam? -Yes. O god!
– What do you mean? Look, Radha, It was God Shyam. And this Shyam is an
ordinary village boy. And you’re not that Radha. You’re Thakur Ajeet
Singh’s daughter. Their love resulted into temples. But I’m afraid of thinking about
what will happen to your love? Heart never thinks it just does. God knows when it’ll be morning. These cocks have become idle. They sleep till morning. Thank you, cock. Thank you. What’s all this, brother
Shyam? What’s wrong? Yesterday you wake up late.
And today cock just.. ..gave doodle-do and you got up? You’re deaf. Cock gave
doodle-do long back. Cock gave doodle-do at midnight? It was I. I gave that doodle-do. How was it, brother Shyam?
– Parrot. Why Sun is delaying to rise today? Radha, why have you wake
up so early today? Today I’ll collect milk.
– Milk? And you’d collect? Yes. You please go to sleep now. Do you know? I didn’t sleep
the entire night.. waiting for the morning.
– I see. Now I got it. Is he coming with milk today?
– Oh, Bindiya! This is called love.
– Oh, c’mon. He has come. You don’t get
up. I’m warning you. go to sleep.
– Ok, I won’t get up. You only make the tea for all.
After all you’re the madam. Greeting!
– Why are you so late? I didn’t come late. Actually
sun didn’t rise on time. I.. entire night I was waiting
for the morning. Really?
– Yes. ‘I was also facing the
same situation.’ ‘I also couldn’t sleep
the entire night.’ Will you take the milk?
– Yes. Give it. Is it enough?
– No. Give more. Is it enough?
– No. Give more. Madam! Greeting!
– What’s all this? Both the pots are empty
and milk is flowing. Actually it’s my fault and not her. But how will I have
a cup of tea now? I’ll bring tea for you. No, milk.. Look, you please don’t rebuke her. Ok, now go and bring milk.
– Yes, I’m just coming. Radha, this milk is not wasted. This milk told me how
deep your love is. Cat drank the entire milk?
– Yes. What’s all this? What’s
happening, my god? How can the cat drink
so much of milk? It was a fat and big cat. This big. Yes. And she was also hungry. I hope you didn’t pity her
and gave her all the milk? Are you going or will
keep enquiring here? I’ve to reach there
early with the milk. Otherwise, they will annoy with me. Ok, this time I’ll go
with the milk. – But.. Let me see, who’s that cat? And which type of cat is she
that she dared to drink milk. No! I’ll take it away. My fingers pain while
milking the cow. What will be your loss? You
just keep playing flute.. ..and keep attracting girls. I just can’t tolerate
that cat will drink.. ..the milk I had taken
out by hard efforts. I only will take it away now. Let me see how you take
it away. Give! I’ll go. You won’t go.
– Why? Why can’t I go, mummy? I have already told you before
that you need not go there. And Ganga is also not feeling well. Her due date is over. This
is the first child. She might suffer more. You must
take her to the doctor. But I can take her after
I return from there. I told you that you
wouldn’t go there. I’ll go. I’ll go. – Shut up!
I’ll go. Munna will go. – Ok. Let me see that cat today, brother. You can go tomorrow. Radha, you’re here? I’m waiting for you since from when. Yesterday, why didn’t you
come to give the milk? Actually, mummy sent me
for some important work. Your eyes are so red. Actually, yesterday I didn’t
sleep the entire night. ‘He’s also passing through
the same situation.’ Milk? Pay attention towards milk.
Don’t let it flow today. Your pot is filled. Ok, I’m going.
– Are you in a hurry today? Today I must reach home early. My Ganga is expecting a child.
– Child? Yes. Yesterday night she
had a stomach pain. That’s why I couldn’t sleep
the entire night. – What? This happens when it’s
the first child. Does that mean he’s married?
– Ok, I’m going. Take care. If you spoil the milk.. ..your madam will rebuke you. What happened? Did Shyam
return early today? Don’t take his name. Radha! Radha! Radha! Radha! You’re here? I searched
for you everywhere. Why have you come here now? I came to give you these sweets. Do you know Ganga has
delivered a child. I’m very happy today. – Yes, it
feels so nice to be a father. Now Ganga’s child is my child, too. Now please have this sweet.
– I don’t want. When you used to love Ganga.. ..why did you keep me in dark? Not only Ganga, I love
Yashoda, Tulsi.. ..Janki, Jamna and everybody. And you know they are also
crazy after my flute.. ..just like you. – Now I won’t
let this flute remain with you. So that you won’t be able to.. it again ditch anybody else. What are you doing? If I
won’t play the flute.. ..Yashoda, Tulsi, Janki..
nobody will give milk. Milk? Whom are you talking about? About my cows. What did you think? I thought.. I thought.. Oh! Shyam! Shyam! Shyam! “Beloved..” “Beloved..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “Ever since you entered
the heart..” “Ever since you entered the heart..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “She has come into your arms..” “She has come into your arms..” “Beloved..” “Beloved..” “Ever since you met me..” “Apart from you..” “I don’t remember anything..” “Ever since you met me..” “Apart from you..” “I don’t remember anything..” “In your words..” “In your memories..” “The days and nights are spent..” “You are my love,
my peace, my fate..” “Since lifetimes, the dreams which
I had, you are that dream..” “Beloved..” “Beloved..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “She has come into your arms..” “Ever since you entered the heart..” “The melody of the flute..” “Has written the name
of love on my breaths..” “The melody of the flute..” “Has written the name..” “Of love on my breaths..” “I feel as if..” “You are the same Radha..” “And I am the same Shyam..” “You are my Krishna, I’m your Radha,
my life is in your name..” “I have come to this world for you,
what have I got to do in this world..” “Beloved..” “Beloved..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “O crazy one, the crazy
one has become yours..” “Ever since you entered the heart..” “She has come into your arms..” “Ever since you entered the heart..” “She has come into your arms..” Didn’t I tell you to keep
away from that cottage? But, mummy, I love her.
– Love? What have you seen in life till now? Do you think love is flower?
I’ve seen it. Love is a sword. It’s a death.
You’ll bleed. You’ll destroy. Forget her.
– But she’s my life, mummy. You’re mad. Whenever mansion’s
ladder comes.. ..down to the hut, it destroys
them completely. Mansions have never given
anything to anybody.. ..other than the kicks. Mummy, she stays there but
she is not one of them. Then who’s she?
– She’s like us, mummy. A poor maid. She’s working there. She has nobody
in this world, mummy. Nobody. Nobody?
– Yes, mummy. She’s my smile, my happiness. Everything of mine.
– If she’s everything to you.. ..then why do you meet her secretly? Bring her here. Let me see
who’s my son’s life? Mummy? Oh, mummy! Why did you stop? Please play it. I wasn’t playing. Actually,
I was calling you. Now that you’ve come.
Now no need to play it. Shyam, whenever you play flute.. ..I feel your flute’s tunes
are writing me a love letter. And each word of it is snatching
me towards it..’s giving me call. As if it was telling me
to go and meet my Shyam. Radha!
– Papa?! You, a poor man! I never
let anybody alive who.. ..dares to stare at my daughter. It seems, Shyam was waiting
for me and went away. Bindiya!
– What happened, Radha? Did you wake up now?
– Yes, I saw a terrible dream today. Dream?
– Yes. And I slept for long today. And he came and went away.
– Oh! Why do you worry, my dear? Meeting him at the evening
will bring much happiness.. ..when you’d pine for him,
the entire day. Bindiya? – She’s not Bindiya.
She’s Radha baby. Oh, Radha baby. That
day you fooled us. But today you can’t.
– Shut up! Shut your mouth first.
– Yes, we’ll. But our eyes will remain open.
Am I right? – Yes. I’ll go out and that too alone.
– Baby, you can’t go out alone. Because we’ll always follow
you everywhere you go. Am I right?
– Yes, of course. What should I do now? Ok, then. I’ll go in my bedroom now. Baby, do not try to escape
from the back door of.. ..your bedroom.
– Because we’ve already locked it. I know.
– Is it? You fooled us once. But you
won’t succeed every time. Because nobody has yet born
to fool us for long. Am I right?
– Yes. Help! Ah!
– Bindiya! Bindu, what happened?
– Ouch! Take care! Take care!
Sit here. C’mon! Ouch!
– What happened? Sprain!
– Where? – Here? Not here.. here..
– Oh, here? You just don’t worry. I know to massage at the right
place. I’ll massage it now. What are waiting for here?
Go and call the doctor. Go! Just a minute! Where it’s
paining? Over here? Here? – What are you doing?
Take off your hand. You’re still here? Go and
call the doctor! Go! Quick! Just a minute! Just a minute! Is it paining here?
– No. Little above? Little above? Little above? Little above?
– Stop there. You’re still here? You didn’t
go to call the doctor? I thought why to go so far?
So I called up the doctor. Leave her leg now. Doctor is coming. You please go out and
receive the doctor. It’s your turn. You
go and receive. Go! You go and receive him.
– You go. I said you go. – It’s your turn.
– Nothing doing. You go. You go!
– You go. – You go. – You go. You go!
– You go! Shut up! Now nobody needs to go anywhere. Look at this. I’m perfectly fine.
– Wow! She has recovered. Did you see? Didn’t I tell
you I knew to massage? That’s why she recovered faster. Shut up! We’re sent here to
keep watch on Radha baby.. ..and not to take care
of Bindiya. C’mon. My god! Shyam!
– Don’t touch me. Are you disappointed?
But how do you know.. ..about my helplessness? I was also helpless. Mummy
had strictly told me.. ..not to go towards that bungalow. But I was crazy for your sight
that I daily came with milk. And today.. today when
I promised mummy.. introduce you
with her then you.. Please forgive me now.
– Let go off it. If you don’t care about me.. ..then I too, don’t care about you. Is that so?
– Of course. Run! Otherwise honeybees
will bite you. Run! Hide in this blanket. What did you do this? What if honeybees would
have bitten you? You said you don’t care for me.
– Oh! “We both are in the blanket..” “..and honeybees waiting outside.” “How long we’ll hide and save
ourselves in this blanket?” “Don’t take off the blanket.
I’m scared.” “How long we’ll hide and save
ourselves in this blanket?” “Don’t take off the blanket.
I’m scared.” “How long we’ll hide and save
ourselves in this blanket?” “How do we know about the effect..” “..of this poison from the bite?” “No! Please, do something..” “..either shout or use some trick.” “Something might not happen today.” “Something might not happen today.” “Don’t take off the blanket.
I’m scared.” “How long we’ll hide and save
ourselves in this blanket?” “What if I leave you and
go across that side?” “I’ll write love letter
and call you back.” “What if I leave you and
go across that side?” “I’ll write love letter
and call you back.” “What if I still won’t return?” “I’ll cross all the hurdles
and come that side.” “If anything will happen
to you while doing so.. “..I’ll die without you.” “No, don’t say that.” “Now I’m not scared of anybody..” “..when I’m in your hug.” I’ll peel off your skin. Tell
me where’s my daughter? We don’t know, sir. Why I had sent you with her?
C’mon, answer me. And you! Is this the way
you take care of her? Actually, I..
– What? Tell me where’s Radha? If my daughter won’t return safely.. ..then nobody from you
will be pardoned. Now what are you waiting for?
Go and search for her. Ok, sir. Why are you staring at me? You look like this statue of ‘Bhil’
(a forest living community) woman.. Bhilni (Bhil’s wife)? She’s
not a Bhilni. She’s Parvati. How do you know?
– Lord Shankar is with her. Oh!
– Do you know why Parvati.. ..took up this Bhilni’s disguise? Both must have drenched
in the rain like us.. ..and would have taken
shelter in this cave. No! They did it for love.
– Love? God Shankar was a freely
living personality. And Parvati was Parvatraj’s
daughter. His father wasn’t ready
for their marriage. And.. and he insulted God Shiva.
– Then? Parvati thought that
Shiva might turn.. ..her into ashes if she’d
go to him in her real form. That’s why she changed
her appearance. She lied to one she loved?
This is cheating. Bahadur Singh! You go inside.
– No, you go first. I said you go inside.
– No, you go inside. Put out the fire. Hurry up!
– Why? Ok, both will go at once.
– Ok. Alert! – How come this fire
has been put out? – Radha! Radha! – Because this is the
abode of ghosts and witches. Are you threatening me? No, I wasn’t threatening
you.. I was.. Please bring the torch. Fast.
– C’mon. Nothing to be afraid.
Come inside. Hurry up. You please come with me.
– Ok. No! Why should I go alone? Because your name is Sher Singh. And even your name is
Bahadur Singh. – Ok. You please go that side.
– Take this. And we’ll check this side. Sher Singh!
– Yes. Look at there Mahadev’s
(God Shiva) statue. Yes. And that’s why snakes
must be residing here. Take care! Shiva, please protect us. Snake, my god, once I had fed
milk to one of your relative. So please pardon me. But he had mixed some water
in it. Don’t forget that. Remember it.
– Why do you speak all this? It won’t spare us. Let’s
run from here. C’mon, friends.
– Wait! – Run! – Wait! Thank you, God. What’s this drama? Why didn’t you tell them
that you’re here? If they would have seen
you with me today.. ..we’d not be able to meet tomorrow. Did you get it? That’s why I hate rich people. They think servants are
their private property. Today I was going to
take you to my home.. ..and this problem arose.
Now it’ll be too late. And you’ll unnecessarily be rebuked. You do something. Go and change. I’ll drop you. Papa! ‘Anyhow, I must
send Shyam from here.’ ‘Otherwise he’ll come
to know the truth.’ Shyam! Now you please go. Why? Are you scared of anybody?
– Scare? That’s not the matter. What
if somebody will see? What will they think? That a
maid had gone to meet a boy? A servant do not have
right to fall in love? Shyam!
– Servicing for somebody.. ..doesn’t mean that
they own your heart. Sir! Sir, baby is here.
– Now you please go. Ok? But, Radha! Papa! Papa! If you’d have come little late..’d have seen dead bodies here. Where had you gone?
– Papa, I had gone out for a change. Alone? Have you forgot our
tradition and manners? And what have you made to yourself? What is this style of dressing? Freedom doesn’t mean disobedience. Who’s he? Papa! Papa! I’d not
have reached home.. ..if he weren’t there. He has
saved me using blanket. – Blanket?
– Yes, actually, honeybees were.. ..about to bite me.
– Honeybees? I hope it didn’t bite you. Honeybees are not so poisonous.. the human beings are. They attracts people being sweet.. ..and then bite them. Good! You’ve gained much
experience in short life. But my daughter hasn’t
seen the outside world. I’ve brought her up like
a delicate flower. She doesn’t know that thorns
pierce by stepping on it. But whatever you’ve done today. You’re really eligible
for reward. Take this. No, sir! Even the stones at
our place are so mannerly.. ..that they will tolerate your kick. But still they would
surely satisfy.. ..your thirst by giving water. But if the same stone
becomes the hurdle of.. ..our way, we must kick
it off to make way. Anyway, I don’t want to
take your obligation. Please keep this money.
– I didn’t oblige you, sir. I just showed my humanity. And I never charge for humanity. But yes, do buy a blanket
for her from this money. So that it might be useful in case.. ..if honeybees trouble
her once again. Brother Shyam!
– Shyam! Shyam! What’s wrong with you? Why
don’t you say anything? Please tell me. You were
so happy in the morning. You said you’ll bring Radha
to introduce her with me. And what happened suddenly? Is Radha alright?
– Don’t take her name, mummy. What happened? Till today, my love’s
name was Radha. But from today onwards my
hatred’s name is Radha. Then what should I do, Bindiya? What should I do? I know
what he must be.. ..passing through right now. His every single tear is
firing me from inside. Wait till tomorrow, Radha!
Only till tomorrow. Sir is going to go out tomorrow. After that you can go to meet Shyam. And do come back before he returns. Tomorrow’s time is
very long, Bindiya. For me.. every single
moment is like an era. God knows how many eras
will pass by tomorrow. And my Shyam.. my Shyam
might go so far from me.. ..that I might not obtain him. No, Radha! if your Love
is really true.. ..then your Shyam can
never go away from you. Radha, please come soon. Till you won’t come. I’ll
be restless here. And if sir will come to know
he’ll peel off my skin. You don’t worry, Bindiya.
I’ll just come back soon. Ok.
– Bye! – Radha.. Who are you?
– Bhima! A pot breaker. I’m a third grade person.
But I’m useful some time. Lord Krishna used to break pots. But I break skulls. On contract.
Did you get it? I’ll break your skull, too.
Without taking contract. From long time I didn’t
eat lioness’s flesh. You bloody swine.
– But today I’ll have it. Leave me!
– Shut up! Leave me! Let go off her. – It’s not good
to grab other’s hunt, Thakur. Get lost from here. – Till now
I’ve hunted terrifying animals. But still your dirty head
has no place between.. ..the animal heads hanging
on my palace’s wall. Thakur, you don’t know with
whom you’re creating enmity. I’m Bhima. Alert!
– No, Sher Singh, he is my hunt. Arrest him! Thank you
Thakur Ambar Singh. You’ve made our job easier. Otherwise he wouldn’t have
come into our hand. Many murders is charged on him. Correct yourself. I’ve
done 12 murders. By taking contract. And
you’ll be 13th, Thakur. I’ll come to attend your rituals.
– Take him away. I won’t spare you, Thakur.
I won’t spare you. You’ve done a biggest mistake.. creating enmity with me. If you hadn’t come on time today.. ..God knows what could
have happened. Thanks for saving my life. Where were you going at late night? Actually, my friend
wasn’t feeling well. So I was going to meet her. Please come, I’ll drop you.
– Listen! There’s no roadway till her house. As it is you’ve obliged
me a lot. Ok! Thakur sir! Till today I never
saw you staring at a girl. And you’d never even see me staring
at any girl henceforth. What such happened, sir? Did you see the brightness
on his face, Sher Singh? Like a shaped diamond.
Today my eyes have.. ..selected a diamond, Sher Singh. Now my eyes have become
blind for any other face. If you really like
that girl so much.. ..then shall we kidnap her for you?
– Sher Singh. Thakur Ambar Singh never
snatch anything.. ..his habit is to win. Shyam!
– Poor people’s door.. never destined for rich guests. Munna, ask her what does she wants.
– Shyam! Yes, tell me. If anymore lie is left
then tell it now. If there’s any weapon you’ve
to used then use it. I can still resist shocks.
– Don’t say that, Shyam. Please.. It hurts. Look into my eyes. Do you see lie and cheating there? Look into my tears, Shyam.
– Don’t take my name. Otherwise, it’ll be spoiled so
much that I won’t be able.. use it anymore.
– Shyam. Shyam is dead.
– So, you’re Radha? Now it’s better for you that
you leave him alone.. ..and go away from his life. Because he has nothing other
than hatred for you. Don’t say that, mummy. Don’t call me mummy. You’ve
no right to call me mummy.. ..when you’ve ruined my son’s
life. Get lost from here. I won’t go. I’ll die but
won’t go from here. Did you find only my
son to play with? What was his fault? Why
did you ditch him? Because I love Shyam. When I
realized that Shyam hates.. people I was
afraid about my love. I didn’t wish to loose Shyam.
Not at any cost. I lied to obtain him. Even Parvati had lied
to obtain Lord Shiva. I never knew that this
lie would snatch him.. ..away from me that I had
spoken to obtain him. Brother Shyam! Brother Shyam! Brother Shyam! Radha’s
love is true, Brother. Mummy! Mummy, accept Radha. Mummy, accept Radha. Even I see love in her eyes. But.. But, how can I forget that.. ..she’s Thakur Ajeet
Singh’s daughter? Is it my fault that
I’m his daughter? It’s not your fault. But you’re
surely unfortunate. Because he’ll never
accept this relation. I’ll convince him, mummy. I’ll
definitely marry Shyam. It’s not so simple. Your
papa is very powerful. I’ve my love’s power. Shyam’s love has given
me that power. When you’ve decided to
accept the storms.. ..what I can say? But, I’ll pray to God for
the success of your love. Radha!
– Shyam! Radhe Shyam! Radhe Shyam! Thank you, Parrot. You’ve
given my Shyam to me. I’ll take you along with
me. Will you come? Ask mummy. Ask mummy. Mummy, shall I take it away with me? Why not? Please, take away. Radhe Shyam! Papa?! You? Tomorrow morning you’re
going back with me. Tomorrow?
– Yes. Tomorrow. But I’ve just come here. I want
to spend few more days here. I didn’t ask your opinion.
Get ready. We’ll have to leave
early in the morning. Greeting, uncle.
– Greeting! Where are you going? To give milk.
– Now no need of it. – Why? They left for the city. “Where have you hid by giving
this pain to me?” “Where have you lost showing
me colorful dreams?” “Where have you hid by giving
this pain to me?” “Where have you lost showing
me colorful dreams?” “When you’re not with me
my life is so upset.” “Even today the desire of
meeting is unfulfilled.” “My eyes search for
you every moment.” “From the day my eyes
have met with you..” “ days pass restlessly
and night sleeplessly.” “My beloved! My beloved!” “My beloved! My beloved!” Where are you going?
– To meet Radha. How long will you pine
for her, my child? Have you seen yourself
in the mirror? Radha’s eyes were my mirrors. Possible that somebody else
is seeing himself in.. ..those eyes. Or those
eyes may be waiting.. ..for somebody else to come
from a big mansion? No, mummy, don’t say that.
It’s impossible. You also had seen in her eyes
that day. Didn’t you? A son’s eye may get cheated.
But not a mothers. Tell me frankly, what had you
seen in her eyes that day? Tell me the truth. By
swear of me, mummy. Let me go, mummy.
– No, my child. I’m very much scared, my child. You don’t know Ajeet Singh. He can do anything. He might.. Thakur Ajeet Singh won’t
let me live with Radha. And I don’t wish to
live without Radha. I’ve to die in any ways. You were right. Love is death.
Love is an edge of sword. But Radha is in front of me. And when Radha is with me. Even the sword seems flower to me. Now I’ll return with
Radha. I promise. Brother Shyam!
– Munna, take care of mummy. Radha, why are you so restless? There’s no news about
Shyam, Bindiya. I’m very much scared.
– Silly girl. What have you made to yourself? I’m under watch. But at least
he could have written me.. ..a letter.
– Brother Shyam. Brother Shyam. Brother Shyam has come!
Brother Shyam has come! My Shyam has come. My Shyam. Shyam, I’m coming. I’m coming. Radha!
– I’m coming, Shyam. Shyam! – Radha! Shyam!
– My Radha! Radha! I love you, Shyam. I love you. Shyam! I’m very much scared.
– Whose? My Papa’s. He’ll never
allow us to unite. You please take me so far away..
where he can’t reach. Papa!
– I had a doubt on the same day.. ..when you came to drop my daughter. Leave her hand.
– No, Thakur sir. Now nobody can release this hand. Arrest him!
– No! Shyam! No! Shyam!
– Radha! Don’t hit my Shyam. No!
– C’mon, ride the horse now. Papa, if anything will
happen to my Shyam.. won’t find me alive again.
– Stupid! If you dare to raise hand at Radha.. ..I might not control myself. You, idiot! You dare to
hold my daughter’s hand.. ..and trying to threaten me?
– Shyam. Till now I was just
holding her hand. Now I’ve also filled her partition. Shyam!
– Beat him till he dies. C’mon. You’ll see only Radha in each
and every drop of my blood. C’mon.
– You’ll see only Radha. – No! C’mon. If you dare to
come out of this room.. ..I’ll bury you right here.
I’ll bury that Shyam alive. No, Papa. Don’t do
anything to Shyam. Don’t do anything to my Shyam. Are you still alive? – Open the
door. I want to meet Radha. Better go away if you
want to remain alive. Sir has ordered to shoot
at your sight. I said open the door.
– Go away otherwise.. Go! I said go! Wants to meet Radha. He’s scared.
– A crazy fellow. Radha! Radha! I’ve come.
– My Shyam has come. Where are you, Radha? Radha!
– Shyam! Radha! I spared your life thinking
that you’ll realize. But now your craziness
has crossed the limit. Radha is my life, Thakur sir. When she’s safe, how can I die? Shyam!
– Radha! Radha is my wife, Thakur sir. And I’ve come to take
her along with me. Won’t you bless us?
– Stop your nonsense. Look at it. I had filled her
partition in your presence. Dissipate! Low profiled!
– Leave me. – Radha! Leave me! Leave! I said leave me. Lock this man, inspector.
And mind it. He shouldn’t come out from
the jail alive. – No! You can’t overcome our feeling
by sending me to jail. You can’t overcome my love. You’ve no right to come in between. You’ve no right. Thakur sir! Give me the key.
– Here.. Mummy!
– Come, my child. Oh, mummy! How are you? My child, he’s Thakur Ajeet Singh. He’s my son Ambar.
Take his blessing. Long live, my child. I’m also
a hunter. And you, too. This is the pride of Thakurs. I’ll be back in a moment.
– Ok. I liked your son. Now I’d like to take your leave.
– Ok. Mummy, why he had come here? To fix a marriage date.
– Oh, mummy.. ..I’ve already refused
you so many times. Will you keep wandering in the
forest in your entire life? No, mummy. This time I found
a diamond in the forest. And it has fitted in my heart. Is she a girl? Her name?
Family? Address? I don’t know about all this.
I only know that for the.. ..first time in my life I found
something very dear to me. Thakur Ajeet Singh’s daughter
is also not any less. Look at her photo. Mummy, I told you that
I’ve selected somebody. Now, I can’t see any other
faces except that one. At least have a glance
on this photo. No, mummy. Now I don’t
want to see anything. Now how will I face
Thakur Ajeet Singh? Being his relative.
– What? Being a mother in law
of his daughter. Ambar! – Yes, mummy. This
is the same diamond. No, mummy. It’s impossible.
It’s impossible. I can’t think of anybody
else except Shyam. What should I do? What should I do? Can’t you beg for my happiness.. ..from papa being my mother? If I could get it at the
stack of my life.. ..I’d have surely asked for it. But your papa, keeping
the prestige.. ..and dignity of this mansion.. ..he has also become hard like
the stones of this mansion. We can break our head
by crashing with it. But we can’t obtain anything. Why are you rushing in? I
said you couldn’t meet sir. What’s the matter?
– Sir, she forcibly entered inside. We tried to stop her but she
didn’t listen to us. C’mon. It’s ok. You may go.
– Ok. You?
– Yes, it’s me. Kasturi’s sister. Why have you come here? I didn’t come here to dig the past. I’ve come to beg for my son’s life. About whom you’re talking?
– My Shyam! My son Shyam Thakur sir. Release
him from the jail. I beg of you. I’ll go somewhere
very far with him. You please release him from
jail. I beg of you. Please release him. If it’s possible for me.
I’ll hang him to noose. Killing anybody is birthright
of Thakurs, right? You had also killed
my sister Kasturi. Because she was in love with
your brother Shrikant. Your wealth, power and threat.. ..had shut entire village’s mouth. Dirt of the society has no
right to wish for the moon. Thakur! Moon spreads its moonlight.. ..equally even at the dirty places. Love sees the deepness of heart.. ..and not the height
of your mansions. You’ve already seen the result.. ..of trying to reach the
height of this mansion. .. Even after that you
didn’t warn your son. I did, Thakur sir. I tried a lot.. I told him that it’s difficult
to breathe in the.. ..air coming from this mansion. I also explained him that
whenever mansion’s ladder.. ..has come down to the huts it
has always destroyed the huts. .. I have always sheltered
him under my drape.. ..and kept him away from the world. But his luck dragged him to here.. ..for which I was always scared. Thakur sir. Even the emperor
becomes beggar for his children. .. And I’m a mother. I’ve kept aside my self-respect
for my son and come to you. You very well know that
anybody coming.. Thakur Ajeet Singh’s path,
is always destroyed. – No, sir! Get lost from here.
– Thakur Sir? – Bnahadur Singh. Driver her away from this mansion. No! Thakur sir! Leave me. Mind it, Thakur sir! My
tears will flow from.. ..your eyes one day. Let go off me. Well done, Thakur Ajeet
Singh! Well done! Till now I was under impression
that Kasturi.. ..had committed suicide. Because you had refused
for our marriage. Today I came to know that.. brother had killed
her for my happiness. At one side, is your wealth,
power and threat.. ..and on the other
side poor Kasturi. Thin and delicate. Like a flower. I hope you didn’t have to take
struggle much to kill her. Mind your language, Shrikant.
You’re not in your sense. You’ve made me senseless, brother. I thought my brother is
obstinate and proudly. He’s living with his prestige. But I had never dreamt that my
brother is also a murderer. Shrikant! You were about to
take away our family’s.. ..prestige to huts. I was
just trying to save it. Only trying to save. And if I declare to
the police today.. ..that you had murdered Kasturi. What prestige you’ll have then? No, brother-in-law!
You won’t do that. You won’t defame our
family’s prestige.. ..and my husband in public. You’re like my mother,
sister-in-law. You can order me. But.. but he has already
spoiled my life. Now, he wants to spoil
his daughter’s life. And I’d never let that happen. Please forgive him. I beg for
your pardon on his behalf. Please forgive him. I can forgive him on one condition. That he’ll permit Radha
and Shyam’s marriage. Perhaps I’ll forget my sorrows
in their happiness. If this is your wish
then I’ll arrange.. ..for Radha and Shyam’s
marriage with great pomp. Really, brother?
– Yes, Shrikant. But I wish to accomplish this
marriage as early as possible. And I need your help for that. Today itself you must go
to Delhi for shopping. As you wish, brother. But.. But, I’d like to give this
good news to Radha first. Shyam!
– Radha! Radha! Radha!
– Shyam! Shyam!
– Don’t say anything, Radha! Don’t say anything.
Let me see you first. I was so eager to see you, you know? You’ve your entire life to see me. Life? I don’t know
with whose grace.. ..I’ve got this moment in my life. Shyam, now my life will
be yours forever. What are you saying?
– I came to give you this good news. Papa has agreed for our marriage.
– Really? – Yes. Really, Radha?
– Yes. I hope I’m not dreaming.
– No, Shyam. Papa is arranging for our marriage. I liked this design of the card.
Send it for printing. And this is the list of the guests. Send it to all of them.
– Ok. Papa!
– Come, my child. – Papa! Papa, please forgive me. You just look strict. Otherwise
you’re the same old papa. I’m your father, my child. I always think of your betterment. Where had you gone in
the early morning? To meet Shyam. To tell him that
you’ve accepted our marriage. ..- You should have asked
me once before going. At least you’d have known
that it’s a lie. – What? Did you lie to uncle?
– Yes. I had to lie to send
Shrikant to Delhi. Because if he’d be here.. ..he’d have surely created
some hurdle. Before he returns..’d be married to
Thakur Ambar Sing. No, papa. You can’t do that.
No, you can’t. I can’t put my name and fame
and prestige at risk.. ..for my daughter’s obstinacy
and brother’s request. You’ll marry Thakur Ambar Singh. I’ll die but won’t get married. My decision is final. – But it
can’t decide my future, papa. I’m also a Thakur’s daughter. Don’t forget that I’m also Thakur. I have Thakur’s blood in me.
Don’t forget that. Yes, I’m unmannerly. Because
I’ve challenged your order. And you.. you’re mannerly.
Because you’ve always.. ..awarded me tears and slaps
on every step of life. These tears and slaps should
be hanged to Thakur’s walls. So that it could be the witness
of a father’s love and bravery. Pack all these.
– Ok. Look at this Thakur sir. It’s the best pair of
bangles of our shop. It’s very beautiful. Pack this too.
– Ok. And yes, show me that necklace. Sir, this is made from an order. If you want we’ll make
another one for you. It seems Thakur sir is celebrating.. ..this marriage with great pomp. We’ve only one daughter Radha. We must marry her with great pomp. What happened? You’ve
still not adorned.. ..Radha with this bridal dress? This is not a bridal dress, it’s
a shroud of our daughter. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. Radha! Open the door, Radha! Take this, my child. Put
on this bridal dress. I won’t put it on. Why not?
– I’m married, papa. How can I remarry in my
husband’s presence? What rubbish is this? Shyam had filled my partition.. ..with his blood in your presence. Shyam’s blood is cheaper
than the vermilion.. ..that’s expected from Ambar Singh? Look, my child! Filling a dirty
blood in your partition.. ..doesn’t mean a marriage. For that you need to
take fire rounds. And you very well know that
I’ve promised Ambar Singh. You’ll marry him.
– I can’t marry him. I can’t. If this is your decision
then it’s ok.. Go and shoot that Shyam in the jail. And put his house into fire.
– No, papa! You can’t do this. You can’t. Then you decide. Whether you want Shyam’s
life or death. Radha!
– Shyam! If you won’t remain alive,
Shyam also won’t. If you won’t remain alive,
Shyam also won’t. Yes, you’re right. Radha
is Shyam’s life. If I’ll die then Shyam too, will. What should I do now?
What should I do? I can’t go to him. I can’t tell
him about my condition. What should I do? “Parrot, tell this to my beloved.” “Parrot, give this message to him.” “Parrot, tell this to my beloved.” “Parrot, give this message to him.” “Tell him it’s difficult
to live without you now.” “Parrot, tell this to my beloved.” “Parrot, give this message to him.” “Now I’ve to spend my entire
life pinning for him.” “Whether I wish or not..
but I have to suffer.” “It’s impossible to endure this
pain of separation now.” “Parrot, tell this to my beloved.” “Parrot, give this message to him.” “Tell him it’s difficult
to live without you now.” “Parrot, tell this to my beloved.” “Parrot, give this message to him.” “If I have my way, in your love..” “I can cross the limits of love..” “If I can’t obtain your love
I’d die for your love.” “If I have my way, in your love..” “I can cross the limits of death..” “If I can’t obtain your love
I’d die for your love.” “It’s easy to die but it’s
difficult to live without you.” “Parrot, tell this
to my sweetheart.” “Parrot, give this message to her.” “Tell her it’s difficult
to live without you now.” “Parrot, tell this
to my sweetheart.” “Parrot, give this message to her.” “I’ve to cover your
path with flowers..” “..picking up all the thorns.” “We’ve to keep the prestige
of our love..” “..leaving all the customs
of the society.” “We’ll surely meet one day.” “In these paths of love..” “If we’ll have to die, we’d
die in each other’s arm.” “Whether it’s a happiness
or sorrow..” “..we’ve to endure it together.” “Come, my beloved. Please come..” “Come, my beloved. Please come..” “Come, my beloved. Please come..” “Come, my beloved. Please come..” What’s this noise? Stupid! You’ve spoiled my sleep
with your flute. Idiot! Neither you’re sleeping
nor are you letting me sleep. I wish to kill you right here. Where have I stuck up
with this crazy lover? O lover boy, if I’d
be crazy like you.. ..I’d have escaped from
here long before. I’d have killed her father and
would have eloped with her. I’d not have kept sending
letters like you. And this parrot of yours.
He’s also useless like you. O lover boy’s friend, instead
of bringing love letters.. ..bring the keys from jailer
so that I too can escape.. ..from here along with your
lover boy. Did you get it? He really brought
the key, lover boy. I’ve to take many revenges. Greeting! Please come..
– Please, welcome the bride. Sit down, my child!
Please, sit down. Radha! Please, sit down. It’s time for the fire rounds.
Please, get up for it. C’mon, lover boy! C’mon. Radha, my child!
– Radha! What happened to Radha?
– Radha! What happened?
– Nothing to worry. She must be tired and got faint.
You please, don’t worry. Radha, my child! Get up! He was escaping for life and
has lost it permanently. My child! My child, if possible
forgive your papa. What’s to forgive in this, mummy? You didn’t lack anywhere
to adorn this corpse. The only difference is
that it’s funeral.. ..will take place after years. Radha! These are my dreams
and not flowers.. ..with which this bed is decorated. Won’t you make it fortunate
by stepping on it? Or, if these flowers have
misbehaved, then tell me. I’ll definitely punish them. These flowers didn’t
misbehave Thakur sir. But you might be guilty for
it if you dare to touch me. If it’s called misbehaving
to touch you.. ..then it’ll be a crime to
enjoy this night. – Yes. It’ll be a crime.
– Now, also tell me about.. ..the punishment of this crime. I’ve got the punishment, Thakur Sir. What are you saying? I was compelled to
get marry with you. I don’t consider you my husband.
– No! No! If this is joke then it’s too bad. And I just can’t tolerate
such jokes any time. This is not a joke, Thakur sir. I love somebody else from
the bottom of my heart. But in witness of god,
you’ve married to me. Those fire rounds were incomplete. This fire is the witness.. ..we never completed the ceremony. How you’re testing me?
– This is a test for you. But for me.. for me it’s
a death sentence. This is not a bed. It’s a funeral
pyre for me. – Enough! Enough! I had found you
after years of searching. And after seeing you I realised.. ..what I was exactly searching for. And today when I felt
I’ve got everything.. ..everything of me is snatched away. You’re a man. You’re powerful. You can snatch anything
claiming your right. But remember, you won’t find.. ..anything other than my corpse. Ambar Singh never snatch anything
his habit is to win. And I’ll win your love. I’ll take
off his love from your heart.. ..that’s being the
hurdle of our way. No! No! This is impossible. Radha is mine. She’ll
always remain mine. Control yourself, Shyam.
You’re still very weak. It’s good that I reached
there on time. Otherwise, after the
bullet hit you.. were very less chances
of your survival. Why did you save my life? Why? To tell me that Radha
is not mine now? No, Bindiya! Till Shyam is alive.. ..nobody can own Radha. Ambar, my child. Ambar! Ambar, my child.
– Mummy! What’s the matter, mummy? Have you forgotten? Both of
you have to go to the temple. You please go and take a bath. Daughter-in-law, you, too, please. Mummy! Do we have to go
today itself? – Yes. You must go and take the blessings
of our Family god.. ..after the first night.
This is our tradition. Actually, today I’ve to go on a.. tour. It’s
very important. Now stop your tour and everything. After many struggle I could
convince you to get married. Now daughter in law
is your business. You must take care of her.
– But, mummy.. No arguments. I’ve many
works pending. I’m going. Goddess, I’m Bhima. A
professional killer. Today itself I’ll kill
Thakur Ambar Singh. And his wife.. that girl because
of which I had gone to jail.. As in offering I’ll eat her up. It seems they have come. All of you hide here. And
pick up this Priest. He might not run away
finding us here. Mother goddess! With Radha baby’s marriage
our life is spoiled. Bindiya also left after her. Now look at our condition.
What we’ve made to.. ..ourselves while searching
for Bindiya. Mother, we just don’t
like without her. This life has become hell. Mother, please arrange
to meet her once. Let us have her sight. This time she’ll surely
marry one of us. Mother! We’ve come to your shelter. Please tell her where to find her? At the graveyard.
– Mother in the Godly voice? Shut up! Mother gave
us Bindiya’s address. Let’s go to graveyard.
Hail! Hail mother! How come these two came
instead of Ambar? Is the news correct? Yes, Bhima, they will be on the way. Ambar Singh has come. Please come.. – It’ll be sinful
to worship with a strange man. Would you still take me
to the temple forcibly? Let’s go home. Today you’ve saved, Ambar Singh. But I’ll kill you one day. Did you finish worshipping?
– Yes, mummy. Here’s the offering. Till today you never lied to me. But this is the second lie. What are you saying,
mummy? What lie? The first lie was about
the first night. Which is never celebrated. And the second one
is this offering.. ..when you didn’t even worship. I had a doubt from the beginning. Which is that secret that
you’re hiding from me? And why you want to hide it? When you married her and came home.. ..your face was so fresh. And suddenly what happened
in one night? Nothing. – You must tell me.
Did she do anything? I said nothing has happened. If nothing has happened then
why your voice raised? Mummy, you just take any
meaning of anything. Jungle is much better
than this house. Ambar! C’mon, tell me. My son is
not your husband? – No. No? Dissipate! Worthless! C’mon, tell me. My son is
not your husband? – No. No?
– No. C’mon. No? Madam! Daughter in law’s
uncle has come. Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!
– Daughter-in-law! Stop! Uncle! Radha! Radha! My doll! My child, are you alright?
– Uncle. What is this? Radha? Which is this custom
of your family.. which you give such gifts
to a newly wed bride? And which is this custom
of your family.. which a newly wed bride
refuse to accept her husband? By which face you’ve come
here after giving.. ..this disobedient
girl to our family? If Radha is disobedient then
even Ganga is not pure. And don’t misunderstand that
we’ll tolerate anything.. say because we’re
from girl’s party. We didn’t even let the flower
pinch her by any ways. Daughter-in-law, you go inside. Radha won’t go anywhere. Have you come here to insult me? I’ve come here to take away Radha. Once the daughter in law
enters our house.. ..her dead body only
goes out from here. Dead body will surely
go out from here.. But it’ll be many. This is
Thakur Shrikant’s promise. What’s the matter, mummy? Daughter in law’s uncle has
come to take her away. Thakur sir, I didn’t get chance to
take your blessings after marriage. – Long live, My child. Why do you want to take away Radha? Your mother has given the
reason on Radha’s body. See this. Have a look. Did you see?
– Mummy! – Let’s go, my child. Where will you take me, uncle? At the same place from where
my dead body was sent? If you don’t like to stay there,
we’ll go somewhere else. Your uncle is capable enough
to feed you two meals. No, uncle. Now Radha will.. ..go from here to get
lost in her Shyam. Shyam, I’m scared to think about.. ..where this craziness
will take you? Now Shyam has only one destination,
Bindiya. Either death or Radha. How many times will
you apologies to me? How long will you lie and save me? You won’t get anything apart
from sorrows from me. I think changing the place
might solve the problem. What if we go somewhere far
from here for few days? I’ve a cottage at the
Palanpur hill station. Palanpur! – Where I had seen
you for the first time. Yes! Where I had heard something
for the first time. What?
– Tunes of your flute. He really plays the flute so well. If Radha would be here..
she’d have come running. Radha is not here? Then
tell me where’s she? You’re taking Radha’s name.
Look at your status. Today Radha is Thakur
Ambar Singh’s wife. Do you know the result of
challenging his prestige? You’re fortunate that
Thakur Ambar Singh.. out of station with his
wife. if he’d be here.. ..he’d have buried you right here. Now get lost from here. Radha! Where are you, Radha? Now where should I search for you? He’s so crazy after Radha. If he’d have prayed to god
with so much of faith.. ..he’d have definitely obtained him. How will you know this?
I’m searching for my god. Actually, the truth is that
I love her more than god. My Radha! Where are you?
– What? We both are here in this room.
But it seems nobody is here. If your nervousness is collected.. can bring the night
at this white day. Whether it’s a day or night.
Both are same for me. I thought changing a place
would change my luck. But I’m still not destined
for this moon. Three days have passed
that we came here. But you’ve still not stepped
out from this cottage. When the heart is lonely.
Everything becomes lonely. I’m calling you from so close. But still your heart can’t hear me. And that flute’s tune reached
to you from distance? My heart is not with me, Thakur sir. You’re knocking at the empty place. Patience is always fruitful.
But today I’ve realised.. difficult it is
to keep patience.. ..when the fruit is in front of you. You had decided to wait. I
didn’t keep any condition. You know my decision. I’m afraid I might not
loose my control. Radha! What are you doing? Don’t touch me. You had promised me.
– Yes, I had. A Thakur had promised you.. ..but Amber Singh has loved you. Ambar Singh who’s waiting with
his desire and dreams.. a short distance
from his destination. A Thakur can’t break his promise. And Ambar Singh can’t
keep his promise. Only you can release me from
this promise. I beg of you. I beg of you. You had given the promise.
I never asked for it. So, it’ll be your decision
to keep it.. ..or to break it. What did you do this?
What did you do? O god! Hariram! Call the doctor! Radha! Radha! Radha! Radha! “I cut my finger and
make it a pen..” “And write with the
blood of my heart..” “In your name.. Love letter..” “Love letter.. Love letter..” “I cut my finger and
make it a pen..” “And write with the
blood of my heart..” “In your name.. Love letter..” “Love letter.. Love letter..” “Seasons comes and passes..” “..without bringing
any news of yours.” “I always pray for one
sight of yours.” “Neither I can live nor can I die.” “I might not go mad.” “I cut my finger and
make it a pen..” “And write with the
blood of my heart..” “In your name.. Love letter..” “Love letter.. Love letter..” Get up, man! Why are
you sleeping here? Get up! He seems to
be a crazy fellow. God knows from where they come? He’s Durga’s son. Shyam. His mother died because
of his craziness. He was also dead I suppose. No, he survived from Police. But how will he survive
from Thakur’s threat? Are you giving me the contract
to kill Shyam.. ..who had helped me escape
from jail once? Why? Do you object? I can even kill my father for money. But I didn’t understand
something, Thakur. Why do you want to kill him? Because his craziness is
bringing defame to me. And my daughter Radha is Thakur
Ambar Singh’s wife. I don’t wish her love
story to reach to him. Today my daughter wants to die.. ..because of that rascal Shyam. That rascal Shyam is the
root cause of all this. I wish you to remove that
root permanently. You don’t worry, sir. I’ll
definitely kill Shyam. And now I’ll enjoy it. No! I won’t let Shyam die. Shyam! Shyam! My Shyam has come back. My Shyam has come back. My Shyam! Shyam, I’m coming! I’m coming Shyam. I’m coming. Where’s she going? Shyam! Radha!
– My Shyam! Radha!
– My Shyam! – My Radha! Shyam!
– Radha! Radha, finally I found you, Radha. Take me so far.. Take me so far where no one
can separate us. – Radha! Where no one can separate us. Sir!
– Yes. – Madam jumped into river. In the river? – Yes, someone was
playing the flute across the river. On hearing it, madam said “Shyam”
and jumped into the river. Shyam!
– Radhe Shyam! Shyam! What did you do this, Shyam? I had cut my finger and
wrote your name, Radha. I had sent a message for
you with my blood. Each drop of my blood
was taking your name. It was calling you. Each drop of your blood
used to become.. ..the henna of my hand first. Every single tears of yours
was creating hopes in my eyes. ..Yes. I survived
because of this hope. Otherwise Radha had become
corpse long before. And now.. now I don’t
mind even if I die. Don’t talk about death, Radha! Now we must start with a new life. We must start a new life. Don’t say anything to him, Thakur.
He didn’t do anything. Why do you lie? We’ve
loved each other. Shut up! I’m talking with
my wife and not with you. Shyam! I beg of you! Please, let
go off him. Let go off him. I beg of you. – I lied for you.
I’ve forgiven you every time. I covered all your mistakes.
And you.. At the stake of the family
prestige, you left from there? I let go off my right
of being your husband.. ..but didn’t gave a spot
to your chastity. And you.. you kicked off
your husband’s prestige? And today.. even today you doesn’t
care of this husband.. ..whose love kept waiting
for you at every moment. Even today you worry about him. Ok, then. Till today you’ve
seen a patience of this Thakur. .. Today you
see his revenge. – No. No! Let your Shyam remain with
these fire for few moment.. which I’ve burned till now. Let him experience it today. No, Thakur. Let go off my Shyam. No, Radha! Love never begs for
the mercy. Love is a rebel. And this is not a fire.
It’s our flag. Ambar Singh. Don’t consider.. ..that you’ll put out
this fire by firing me. This fire will take place.. every Shyam and Radha’s heart.
It’ll keep burning. Moth is impatient to catch fire. Put on the fire.
– No! – Stop! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle,
please save my Shyam. Save my Shyam.
– Thakur Ambar Singh! Till Thakur Shrikant is alive. He won’t let his daughter’s
happiness catch fire. No! Tie him. So that he, too, can
see the reality being past. Ambar Singh! You’ve gone mad. You won’t get a place even
in hell. Ambar Singh. My hell was here on the ground. Each and every moment
of my life was hell. What are you waiting for?
Put on the fire. No, Thakur! Don’t do this
injustice. Please, don’t. And if you really want to do this.. ..then fire me too, with Shyam. If love is a crime, then both
of us should be punished. Please do the justice. If I’ll fire you then
who will see the drama. Thakur Ambar Singh, don’t forget.. ..that you’re answerable
to somebody. If I’m. Then call him.
Call upon him. Let me see, who comes for your help. “My love of lifetimes shouldn’t..” “Burn in the fire..” “Shower becoming the
Ganges and the Yamuna..” listen to my call.” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “Take the tears from my
eyes and drizzle today.” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “O rain, shower today..” “O rain, shower today..” “I’m incomplete without
my sweetheart.” “My life is incomplete without him.” “Radha is Radha with Shyam.” “What’s the use of this
Radha without Shyam?” “We may not separate
or break up today.” “We’ve promised to accompany
for many births.” Arrange for this separated
heart’s meeting today. “Shower today.. O rain,
shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “Take the tears from my
eyes and drizzle today.” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “O rain, shower today..” “O rain, shower today..” “You’re Ghanshyam. Shyam
is my beloved.” “Maintain the dignity
of your name today.” “By swear o clouds.. today
you save my love.” “Make these fire flames a flower..” “Gather the dark clouds
and rain with force..” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “Take the tears from my
eyes and drizzle today.” “O rain, shower today..” “Shower in this odd season.” “O rain, shower today..” “O rain, shower today..” “O rain, shower today..” No! Shyam!
– Radha! Are you alright?
– Yes, Radha. Are you alright? Are
you alright, Shyam? Our love doesn’t depend
on our body, Radha. Death can snatch away our
body but not our love. I had forgotten. That being a wall between Radha
and Shyam is like that.. ..between moon and moonlight. Like that between the
sea and the wave. Being a wall between
body and shadow. You love could burst the sky. Whereas I’m just a human. Ambar Singh, you’ve proved
that you’re a real Thakur. It’ll be proved only
when I’ll arrange.. ..Radha and Shyam’s marriage. Good! Lovers have gathered here. This lover boy had helped
me escape from jail. But what to do? I’ve
taken contract from.. ..Thakur Ajeet Singh to kill him. And once if I take the contract,
I definitely kill the person. You can ask this to Thakur Shrikant. I only had killed his
Kasturi on contract. You rascal! Thakur Ambar Singh.
You had sent me.. jail for this girl, right? I’ll kill you without
taking contract. And will take the charge from this
girl. – Bhima! You rascal. That day you could survive.
But today you won’t. Bhima! No! Leave him. Let go off me! Thakur sir! No!
– Don’t worry about me, Shyam. No, Thakur sir.
– Save your Radha! Shyam!
– Radha! – Shyam! – Radha! Bhima! Shyam! Shyam! Kill this rascal.
– No! Shyam!
– No! Shyam! Shyam! Shyam! Shyam! I’ll eat you up today. No! No! No! No! Come! Come to me. Shyam! Shyam! Shyam! My Shyam! Shyam!
– Radha! Radha! Your tunes gave a new
life to me, Shyam. No, Shyam. No, Shyam! You can’t leave
me alone, Shyam. You can’t leave me alone, Shyam. Radha! Radha, my child. Have you come, papa? I knew you’d definitely
come to shoulder me. Shyam! Shyam! Shyam!
– You’ve defeated, papa. No, my child. I didn’t
come to separate you. Shyam, my child. your love
has opened my eyes. Your love letters, which I
considered a piece of paper.. ..are the love epics, my child. This is the love epic that
Shyam had written.. ..for his Radha with his blood. Open your eyes, my child. Thakur Ajeet Singh
begs for your life. Open your eyes, Shyam.
Open your eyes. For the sake of your Radha,
you must open your eyes. Shyam!
– Radha! Papa! “I’ve gone crazy for you..” “I’ve gone crazy for you..” “..from the day you’ve
resided in my heart.” “..I’ve come in your hug.” “..from the day you’ve
resided in my heart.” “..I’ve come in your hug.”

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