Expresii with Microsoft Surface Pen

Expresii with Microsoft Surface Pen

  09 Oct 2019   , , ,

In Eastern artwork, we try to portray
something with less strokes than what we normally do in Western art. So, in
watercolor painting the artist would do one part and then the water actually
completes the overall picture. The artists can even tilt their Surface Pro
and watch the watercolor flow down to paper as it were
in real life. With Expresii it really feels like you’re holding a brush pen.
What the new pen does is that it has mastered the natural ink flow that
calligraphers are used to. Artists choose their own unique blends of colors by
adjusting how lightly they press on color wheel. I can experiment and iterate until
I get the color just right. When I make strokes, it’s so incredibly rhythmic and

7 thoughts on “Expresii with Microsoft Surface Pen

  1. I knew Expresii few months ago.  It is very useful program to express water-based painting. but It doesn't easy to handle. No one is able to use well in korea. Is there anyone to teach me how to use this more easier?ㅜㅜ

  2. This is very cool but isn't it very hard on the GPU? What kind of graphics card would you need to run it without lag?

  3. Try draw straight line with out waves ! Oh you can't? You don't like hold metal slippery pipe in your hands? Sad… You want 2 side bottons? Sorry we have only one.

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