Expert Analyzes President Donald Trump’s Handwriting

78 thoughts on “Expert Analyzes President Donald Trump’s Handwriting

  1. You mean his hard on for Everybody has finally been satisfied? Too many choices and not enough time to enjoy …. LOL

  2. Graphology has been shown to be absolutely B.S. as has Astrology and Tarot Card reading HOWEVER to my astonishment the one hoodoo-voodoo con that actually came up with useful information was PALMISTRY. That would've been the last thing I'd have predicted.

  3. Graphology has been shown to be absolutely B.S. as has Astrology and Tarot Card reading HOWEVER to my astonishment the one hoodoo-voodoo con that actually came up with useful information was PALMISTRY. That would've been the last thing I'd have predicted…no pun intended.

  4. This sounds idiotic, and this woman is too confident and uppity for her own good. I'd like to see a double blind type study on this "science"

  5. I also do handwriting analysis, and medical handwriting analysis, and the guys handwriting indicates a prostate issue, no joke

  6. First of all when a person says that they can tell almost everything about someone they have never met by looking at one word they have written, you know rìght away you're dealing with a nut.

  7. Could be that he has signed sooooooooo many books, that his 70 year old hand is tired. Could be he had a long day, or a mood he may be in? Good or Bad? She cannot tell everything about a person by their handwriting……….No Way!

  8. Lets be careful here. This woman says she can tell everything about a person by just looking at the way a person writes a single word. Its OK to be proud of ones skills, but be reasonable.

  9. I’ve heard it all, now they gone by after him on his handwriting, she sounds like she’s into weird sex, fucking nut

  10. Bull fuckin shit, just tryin' to sell a bullshit book!
    Handwriting analysis is total bullshit! Everything it claims my handwriting discloses is so far from accurate it's perpendicular!

  11. The sad thing is that they do not teach handwriting any more. Everyone has a keyboard or speak and spell. I talk to my phone and it types my text messages and then I send, ( no need to even type text messages) . A 20 year old man working in an office asked the people who were training him what language the text was. They had to explain to him that it was cursive english handwriting. He thought it was a foreign language and said that he had never seen it before. That will mess with the handwriting analyzing people.

  12. This is such bs. You can tell everythinh about a person by how they write a particular letter. My handwriting varies so i must b like multiple miggs? See how i typed this – – > H. I must be a homo. Fuck off.

  13. My bullshit detector is going off. As we get older our signatures change due to breakdowns in our manual dexterity. My signature looks a little different each time I do it. And it looks worse and worse each year, even though my life is cruising along just fine. No detectable changes in my temperament. So why is my handwriting changing? Cause my hands are getting older and we, as a people, almost never write anything anymore.

  14. I do body analysis for a living and have done so for 32 years.
    My assessment of Trump is his is a big dickhead.

  15. Good at graphology, bad at choosing cosmetic surgeons. Shame on me for saying that. Maybe it was a recent cheek implant that hadn't healed yet.

  16. What would be much more interesting is doing billy and hillary along with bernie……….lets compare everyone nooooooooo too chicken shit CBS THE COCKROACH BULLSHIT NETWORK

  17. I’m studying Graphology and it takes at least a page of writing document in order to get an accurate read. Whew! One word? She’s either exaggerating or really talented.

  18. The P T L text on the screen , at 0:52 says "Sex Lives and Handwriting", ….the book title is
    "Sex, Lies, and Handwriting" do we know who she is interviewing , and on what?

  19. the statement that she can tell everything about a person with as little as one word is outrageous. the review requires at least 100 letters, and ideally different samples, that were not specifically done for the analysis. you can tell a little bit from one word, but very little overall in the big picture

  20. I daresay ANY president's handwriting would become more angular AFTER election and UPON being clued in to the FILTH, DISHONEST and WASTE occurring in DC…silly woman who drank the Feud Kool-aid about everything being about phallic symbols.

  21. I studied handwriting analysis years ago and then changed my handwriting / signature to match the person I wanted to be. Funny but true. I think it worked! LOL.

  22. I dont see letters in any of those signatures, just looks like a child scribbling crayons outside the lines of a coloring book.

  23. She wants to bone Trump…she sees a phallic? ,,and if you want the black dude and your gay his writing is an Anus…and the News Chic is a ham sammich.

  24. Graphology is so interesting, people have had me look at their friends handwriting and describe them. And i was accurate. Makes you feel like a psychic lmao

  25. it's appears most young attractive women are lusting after the alpha male president trump👠🇺🇸!

  26. The shakey handwriting is symptomatic of his advancing dementia. Ataxia is one of his symptoms, d'oh.

  27. "You like to think about things inside your head…" wow what a genius she is….how could she have figured that out? She is so amazing! To think she could tell he thinks about things in his head from his handwriting…we have arrived at the age of enlightenment.

  28. If you analyse the brain of Trump you will find to the left there is nothing right and to the right there is nothing left.

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