Episode 155 Letters

Episode 155 Letters

and welcome back to the show miss Eliza
had to step away for a moment I think she had to take a call from her husband
he’s I think he’s famous could be no possibly possibly all right well we’re
gonna do our mail from you to us right right what do you got go mail for me
for us how are you Tangella they see you brought that thing back you know one day
I’d be most pleased if you would bury that bloody thing all right first note
it’s a postcard right maybe we’ll do a close-up on this it says it’s from Vito
and it says Creature Features hi kids happy Halloween oh we’re a little bit
late on our mail but you know it takes a while for us to go through this stuff
now it’s not his fault we get too much we only do three a week that’s what 15 a
month and do and when we go to the mail we get like 15 each time we go 12 a
month so he goes hi kids happy Halloween I do mail are a lot do you know of it at
all I have a great idea for the show let’s keep in touch all right well
you’ve made the first move by writing to us but all I’ve got is a mail so I
suppose we could pen you a letter back we’ll see
Thanks for writing Vito next up we’ve got another letter
how are you sir I’m well well you know you know he he gets into trouble
sometimes he’d never admit it at the pub because the pub I’m not responsible for
those people with the pipe all right this one is from Bryce Luckman in Newark
New Jersey I’ve been in Newark it’s nice place yeah they call it the
Garden State huh you know why I have no idea because there’s Gardens there of course
right oh this for tangella dear Tangella do you like long romantic walks on the
beach dinner in a cozy restaurant with the refined gentlemen being greeted with
flowers by a man that knows to treat a lady right if so get back to
me soon and let’s make magic Brice Luckman Newark New Jersey
no Tangela says if she ever goes to New Jersey
she’ll look you up but she’s going to remove your head empty your brain out
and use your skull as a vase Thanks for writing Brent Brice I was close last one
Tim Foley again my goodness Tim Foley you you need to
find something better to do with your life instead of writing to us all the
time all right he goes oh it’s for you hey Livingston please check out movie
track of the moon beasts 1976 and then another one mountain of cannibal God
1978 starring Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach and since last movie was Vincent
prices shock checkout conquer worm conquer conquer worm is the correct
title conquer what Conqueror worm I think that’s the ER right right other
title and Braden was Witchfinder general keep up the great work well Thanks for
writing Tim and you know we should hire Tim as a movie guy all right please
anyways that is it for mail if you’d like to send us an email use the address
you see appearing under my shoe and if you’d like to send us something in the
post like Vito did use the postal address appearing down here we’ll be
right back with miss Eliza but first we’re gonna get back to dementia 13

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  1. We just recently found your channel, and love your content. Looks like we got a serious back catalogue to catch up on

  2. Where is the Pool of Fire? What caused such sacrilege to a wonderful film? I call for all children to read and pool themselves together and give the BBC a d good kick in the pants!

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