Episode 150 Letters

Episode 150 Letters

you know Tangella that dog of yours as an
issue with this tongue it’s always hanging out like you welcome back to the
show it’s time to do letters because Jake had something important to do
things to do stranger things stranger things to do but that means we can read
our mail from you right right yes right all right well give me some mail
Livingston there’s one from Castro Valley Castro Valley this is close to us
right I wonder if it’s named after Fidel I rather doubt it Fidel Castro oh
it’s nice station it oh my goodness look at this looks quite fancy old English
all right how do you like my old English I think English actors playwrights and
poets are simply smashing you know I should say that more often my
grandfather used to say that all the time I love English accents like yours
and Livingston’s he’s actually got a German accent although you went to
school in England right I did what God’s name is your accent International
International cosmopolitanism they call it like a mid-atlantic maybe it’s like a
mid European that’s what it is I coined that phrase all right I can’t speak for
Tangella and she can’t speak for you either but I agree with her that any
movie starring Vincent Price is well worth watching we hope to see more of
Price in future films we watch Creature Features as often as possible and enjoy
your guests cheers oh no cheerio that’s another one my
grandfather used to say Carl and Nancy what is that last name Ladel Ladel in
Castro Valley all right so a Vincent Price you know we’re gonna have Victoria
Price on soon that’s the daughter of Vincent Price she’s gonna be here like
soon a couple of weeks so watch for that one you’ll like it
thanks for writing and what do we got next
this is an interesting one oh what is this dear Creature Feature this done by a
child oh this is so it would appear the little
girls at the convention right all right so dear Creature Features your episodes
are ok but they are not great I hope that you can get scarier movies you are
great I skull you Maura
hello Maura and say hello to your sister as well we see them at conventions all
the time alright this one from what is this he cannot handle the mail today Tucson
Arizona oh this is nice look at this it’s a fancy envelope
somebody put some work into this there’s like scrolling going on all right what
do we got gross oh look at this oh my goodness dinosaur stickers
I think you might utilize these alright and then portraits but these are
hand-drawn portraits is that there’s a letter right I hope there’s a letter there’s no letter must be a letter ah ha ha ha alright this is from hav to read from the
envelope Eric Nielsen in Tucson Arizona I love Tucson hey Vincent Livingston and
Tangella my wife and I love your show it brings back memories from watching it
back in the day with Bob Wilkins and with John Stanley my wife Tory drew
these portraits I’ll show you those in a moment of all you we hope you like them
and keep America strong and watch horror films sincerely Erik very nice P.S. if
possible can you show Attack of the Mushroom People that was the first film
showed by Bob Wilkins but still one of our favorites P.S.S you guys rock keep it
up well thank you you guys rock as well
wait till you see this you’ve seen these already haven’t you
unfortunately no this is nice Livingston spin and he’s got he’s got a rest in
peace tombstone doesn’t that look like him
his wife made these Tory did make these yours I like yours look at this you’ve
got dark spooky eyes and bats very nicely done but I think my favorite is
the one she did of me look at me she made me young and attractive mmm
you know that’s I I pay artists extra money to make an attractive again we
will hang these in a place of honor thank you so much all right
still more mail one more one more email oh is this a bad one this does not
look too bad however can I say this word on the air oh dear no all right I shall
replace it with something else all right this comes from Gavan Carr
in Eugene OR and he goes hey Vincent Gavin from Eugene here I like
the show I watch it on my Roku sometimes I watch it on YouTube too and I think
it’s on a local station too are you guys going to be at any Comic
Con soon in my area maybe Portland I hope so I can come dressed up as a
handyman and I’ll let Tangella beat the living poop out of me seriously I’ll
sign a waiver she can thrash me within inches of my life does she have a whip do you have a
whip hmm tell her to bring it she should bring her hatchet to she can sink it
into my skull it will be awesome we’ll do selfies a Gavin um no don’t you
promote this this is poor behavior this man needs psychological help he needs
you know we must have a number for like the Eugene county I shall hid the ax no all
right get some help Gavin this is no good and get a hobby is that it that would
be it that is it for letters if you would like to send us a letter send it
to email here or if you’d like to send a beautiful portrait like our friends in Tucson Arizona send it to the address you
see here all of it will get to us and we will read it eventually right
eventually we’ve got a big pile to do but we’re gonna try to knock it out soon so
we’re gonna be right back with Jake Busey soon but first let’s get back to
Frozen Alive

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  1. I love the feeling of nostalgia I experience when I watch your show. I was 13 when it first started with Bob Wilkins and times were much simpler (at least for me) and happy. Keep it up and thank you.

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